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Once we'd figured it all out, times became easier. Al and I became centre of the media for a bit, we were their favourite hot new couple. It was great... (Notice a lot of sarcasm). It was annoying, incredibly annoying, people followed us everywhere we went, asking us questions, taking our pictures in unflattering lights. But you know what? We were happy! So stuff them! We became out done by Scorose though, after they finally got together on New Years, it was beautiful, fireworks physically went off. They did it all on their own as well, operation Scorose pretty much died on its arse because they just didn't listen to us, well they did but were too stubborn to listen properly at the start.

We went on dates, it turns out that Al and Scor never needed our advice at all, they planned the most perfect dates and treated us like princesses. But it was never that different between us, we were still the same us when it came down to it, it was mostly the same as every other year was, the four of us. Studying a lot (Scor got one point less than Rose, Al did really well and I got the best scores I'd ever had in OWLs. Turns out Al is a great influence on me), relaxing and having fun doing it.
When the going got tough with them, or us, or anyone in the family really. We all got tougher, dealing with it all together. It was all fine until the wedding, well, after the wedding.
But first of course, other things got in the way... mostly my own big mouth.

Sixth year- March- 1yr 6months (18months after Aliv had begun)
"Guess who?" Al put his hands over my eyes.

"Hum, now who would be sneaking up on me, without scaring me at breakfast on a Saturday morning?"

"It's a difficult one I know, but guess"


"Nope, she's sat next to you"


"No, he's opposite you"

"I don't know anyone else! Oh, wait. Is it my Ally?" I joked, turning round to face him, receiving a small peck as a hello.

"You are an awful guesser, you know that right?"

"Oi you! I'm just an extremely amazing actress"

"Of course you are darling" he smiled kissing me on the cheek as reassurance and to make sure he didn't get a telling off.

"You got to be nicer to your girlfriend Al, you'll be on rocky ground if you keep making comments like that!" Scorp warned.

"Oh yeah, sorry Liv. So you are aware of this special day Liv? I know you're a bad guesser but you're good with dates. Dom's birthday is?"

"30th of Feb. And yes, I will have you know, the date is the 15th of March, a very special day"

"Yes, I do believe it's been one year and 6 months since we started to go out"

"Indeed it is! So?"

"So what?"

"So, what have you got planned?"

"Not a lot really, was just going to take you for a walk and see what happened"

"Oh. Okay, now or?"

"Now is good"

"Okay, well, see you guys later"

"Bye" they said, not looking away from each other (they are so damn cute!)



"So so"

"So so" (it returns! And I have it too? The repetition of words return)

"So so so"

"So so so"

"Okay. No more of that. Where we heading then?"

"Towards the black lake?"

"Oh, yeah, sure"

We journeyed on towards the black lake pretty much it silence, just with my hand in his, swinging as
we walked. We reached the black lake and decided this was a good as place as any to take a short break.

"Liv?" He asked turning towards me

"Ally?" I smiled, turning to face him, seeing a sincere look of admiration in his eyes that has always made me blush.

"You make me so happy. You know they right?"

"Only because you tell me all the time! But you know, you make me feel better than good, you're such a good influence on me, I'm a better person now"

"You were always a good person. You've never changed. You're still the same Liv to me!"

"You keep telling yourself that!"

"Honestly though, the past year and a half gave been amazing and I owe that to you"

”I owe you the same thing, so we’ll call it even?”

“Sure, sounds like a plan. Now would you like me to take you to your actual planned out present?”

“Yes!” I squealed, jumping up from my seat and grabbing hold of his hand

“Hold your horses Liv! I’m sorry but I’m going to have to blindfold you though”

“Really? Ooh this is so exciting!” I laughed, allowing Al to place a blindfold over my eyes

Al took hold of my hand and moved in very close to me, allowing me to feel his breathing pattern, making mine match. We walked this way for a very long time, up and down a hill, over many different obstacles, eventually stopping.


“Yes” I suddenly was squeezed through the fabric of the world, disapprating, leaving with a faint pop.

“That was horrific, when you said are you ready, this isn’t what I expected”
“You really need to warn a girl specifically”
“Albus? Are you even there, I’m taking the blindfold off. You’re frightening me”

I took the blindfold off carefully and slowly, hesitant of what could be around me, of what could happen when it came off. The blindfold revealed the most beautiful place, it looked almost like paradise. In fact, I’m pretty sure it was paradise, in front of me. I wasn’t sure where I was, but I knew I was truly memorised.

“Albus Potter”

“Olivia Adams”

“Thank you” I beamed, without even looking at him.

“You are more than welcome beautiful” he moved so he was in front of me. “We’re in the forbidden forest by the way. The nice bit, Teddy found it when he was in his fifth year; this is the exact place where he proposed to Torie. Only my family know about it, just us kids though, no adults know about it. It’s our place.”

“It’s beautiful, the little lake, the trees, the perfect picnic patch on the grass. It’s perfect”

“I thought so”

We sat around for a while, had a chat. Took in the scenery, it was a really lovely day, so we went for a little dip in the lake, it was very cute. We spent all day there, well, until we got disturbed.

“Al? Is that a...?”

“Yeah it is”

“Is that from Rose? Or Scor? It’s so difficult to tell, why did they have to be soul mates?!” I joked

“Rose I think”

“CICE- Petal. ASAP. Mr. L and Sandy” the African Elephant spoke in Rose’s voice.

“Oh crap. Crappy crap.” Al frantically started to pack everything up.

“What? What does that even mean?”

“Teddy and Torie, they’ve come down to go through wedding stuff, they have some sort of news”

“Oh, Merlin. We better get a wiggle on then. We need to be fast though. Accio broomsticks” I smiled, seriously surprised that I’d come up with this and catching the brooms as they came to me.

“You are my saviour” Al exclaimed

“A genius you might say?!”

“My perfect girlfriend, brains and all” he had finished packing up and kissed me, making me blush incredibly. He took the broomstick from me and mounted it saying “I might be a while, you’re welcome to come, but don’t worry about rushing. See you”

“Love you” it blurted out of me before I could even stop it, he was already in flight, and I don’t think he heard me.

Although how couldn’t he, I basically shouted it at him. But he hasn’t stopped. Crap. What does that mean? What does that even mean? If he heard me but ignored me, that would mean I just ruined this relationship, saying it too early. But if he didn’t hear me then its okay, nothing’s changed. How the hell do I know whether he did or not. He’s not going to confront me about it. Getting onto my broomstick, rising high to able to see my way back. I reached the Quidditch pitch figuring I may as well put my broom back to its home in my locker. I stopped, thinking where I could go from here. I need to talk to someone. Who won’t be busy, all Wotters are out of the question. Do I bother Scor? Yes, I need to, now.

“Mr Lightbulb. I need you. Quidditch pitch. Now please. Olive” I send a patronus out to Scorp, my Giant Panda Bear waddled off, slow but steady.

“Livy? Are you okay? I’m on my way” Scorp’s Asian Elephant appeared in no time, his voice sounding panicked.

“LIVY? Where are you?” Scorp screeched at the top of his lungs from the edge of the pitch

Having moved myself to the middle of the pitch I shouted back “I’m right here. Calm down you big lug”

He practically ran as fast as a broom would have taken him to me, he got to me realising I was neither crying nor hurt and began to relax, “So, what’s up? I was so worried, what was so important you had to send me a patronus and not come to get me? Even though you seem in no state of pain or upset or anguish. Expect the fact you’re sat in the middle of the pitch, which is not something you do normally”

He sat down next to me and I answered him, “First off, I send code names to stop attention, the patronus already sparks suspicion, why use my name? Second off, I couldn’t be bothered to come and find you, but I do need some advice, and I guess Rose is busy, so here you are”

“Sorry, I was worried, don’t use it again unless you’re in some sort of major emergency! Thanks for the fact I’m second best by the way. But since I’m here and I’ve got nothing better to do, what is the reason you need someone?”

“I may or may not have just told Al that I love him”

“How did you manage to be unsure?”

“Well, I sort of blurted it out when he left for a Torie/Teddy wedding thing. He was in the air and leaving when I said it”

“Oh. Well why is this a problem? I’m just not seeing the issue here”

“He didn’t say anything”

“He didn’t? Well then he didn’t hear you”

“But Scor, how can you be so sure?”

“I just am. Please don’t ask me anything else. I may be a good liar but never have I been able to get anything past the three most important girls in my life, my Mum, Rose and you. So, please don’t make me ruin this”

“Ruin what? Wait. Scor, I love you, you know that right? And I know you can’t lie to me but why can’t you tell me?”

“Livy, honestly, you don’t want to hear it from me. It’s not my thing to tell”

“Scor. Please, do I have to beg? Because you know when it comes to it I will”

“Please don’t. I’m not going to tell you”

“Fine. Actually how about this, if we play a bit of one on one Quidditch, and I win, you tell me”

“And if I win?”

“That’s your call”

“Ooh, well this could be interesting. Tell you what, if I win, you will be my personal helper, whatever I need, whenever, for an entire month”

“Oh, It’s on my friend”

“It’s on my sister from another mister”

“Okay, never say that again, my brother from another mother”

“Yeah, this does not suit us well. You are on, let’s play. I’m ready to win this thing!” we both broke into hysterics, heading back to the lockers, getting our gear on, and getting ready to play.

A/N- Hey Guys! What do you think of this chapter. Do we like the fact the wedding is getting closer? Because I'm super excited! How about that bet? Do you reckon they'll go through with it? Who'll win? Please let me know what you think, leave me a review! I promise I'll reply! Thanks for reading! ScoroseOTP xxx

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