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I woke up the next morning with a huge grin on my face and a brother in my face. “Why hello Albus!” he smiled down at me.

“James! I did it!” I beamed, sitting straight up and banging my head on his.

Rubbing his head James smirked, “Which one little bro?”


“You did? You finally did?”

“I did”

“How did it go?” he asked, sitting down on my bed.

“Louise didn’t take it too well. She cried quite a bit. But I managed to smooth it all out and we’re going to be ‘friends’”

“Good going kid! How about Livy?”

“It went more than well.”

“Congrats Al! I’m so happy for you; I always thought Livy was something special. From the moment I saw you two together”

“When you get so soft James? Is it Annabelle? What’s she done to my big brother!”

“You know what Al, I think it is her. Anna is so good for me, I swear she’s made me a better person, just from spending more time with her. But I’m still your annoying, tough big brother, that’s never going to end!”

“I’m glad. Annabelle is great. We all love her. It’s great to see you like this.”

“You look as if your life just got a little brighter as well. Just make sure you don’t mess this up. And maybe ease her in. The Potter fan clubs can be brutal. Although, she has been your friend for a long time, I bet half of them have been pairing you together for years!”

“It did, it really did. I won’t. Well, I’ll try my best not to muck this up. I want this. She’ll be fine, my Liv is head strong, she can do this”

“I don’t doubt you. Not one bit. Right, I’ll leave you alone now, I just thought I’d see how you did, because I do care you know”

“Bye Jamesy. Thank you so much big brother!”

“See you Alby!”

He left and I got up, got ready, and then left for the Great Hall. I reached the entrance and saw my early bird sat eating breakfast with Scorp and Rose.

“Liv!” I screeched across the room.

Her face completely lit up, she laughed and joined in, “Ally!”

I practically leapt over to her, reaching her, I sat next to her and planted a kiss on her cheek, resulting in a gasp,

“Are you two?” Rose gawped

“Yes” we confessed, exchanging looks with each other and answering at the same time.

“Are you actually?” Scorp sought after.

“No. We’re just joking” Liv remarked

“Yeah, completely joking” I smirked

“Don’t go all sarcastic on us!” Scorp joked

“Oh we are sorry. But please don’t make a big deal” I asked nicely.

“We won’t. Don’t worry about us. Maybe worry about everyone else...” Rose promised

We looked around to find people talking behind their hands, newspapers or books, indeed all looking at us. I quickly turned round to face Rose and Scorp once more, I found there face was quite sad, almost upset for us; I turned toward Liv who looked quite white. I became quite protective then, and really worried about Liv, I put one arm around her waist and slid her closer to me.

She snuggled in close and whispered into my chest, “I’m not sure if I can do this, the constant stares. I’m so sorry. You know I really thought this was going to work” and with that she got up and left.

“I’ll go. You stay, have breakfast.” Rose half smiled

“Right. Okay. Come and tell me as soon as. We’ll probably be in my common room” I answered.

I left the hall quickly, avoiding everyone’s gaze, running to the black lake; I sat under our favourite tree and summoned a coat and pillow. It didn’t take Rose very long to catch up with me, I never thought it would really, she did the same as me and sat down next to me.

“I know it’s difficult. But honey, you’re going to have to deal with this. You know exactly what your heart wants, you need to follow it” Rose reminded

“You’re right. I know you’re right. Why are you so right?” I admitted

“I’m sorry we happen to be related to the most famous man in the wizarding world. If I could change it, get Uncle Harry to be just Uncle Harry, you know I would”

“I know. But I thought I’d never notice. I even said last night that I’d be able to do it. But I thought about it. A lot. And now I’m seriously not so sure.”

“But Livy, you have dealt with us for 5 years. Why is it different now?” she spoke softly, now moving in front of me and looking into my eyes, testing my eyes for the truth.

“It’s different because I’m involved in a proper way now. It’s different now because I’m sort of kind of possibly in love with the guy and I’m scared!”

“You are?”

“I think so. Like I said, I thought about it a lot last night. Everyone went to bed so early! I had a lot of time to think!”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure Mum slipped something into our drinks to make sure we had a nice night sleep.”

“Yeah, she must have done. I put Luce to sleep last night and all!”

“Livy? Do you want to know what I think?”

“I really do”

“I think that you are just afraid of everything. I think that you will be absolutely fine because you are so strong. I think that you are simply just panicking and when you finally go out with the idiot I call my cousin, it will be perfect and everything you want it to be. Therefore making you overreacting right now, but that’s okay because I love you anyway and I know that Al is probably incredibly worried about you right now. You should have seen his face”

“You do?”

“I do indeed Livy. I think you just need to calm down and everything will be fine. And I tell you what, if you need some help or advice I know a choice of six people who would be happy to drop everything and talk to you about it”

“I can’t think of anyone who would do that for me”

“Who would possibly do that for you? My Mum and Dad love you to pieces and are Harry Potter’s best friends. My Aunt Ginny is Harry Potter’s wife, and also loves you to bits. Astoria would be happy to come to talk to you; her marriage choice caused a lot of confrontation. But if you don’t want to talk to adults, I have two more choices, one is in the same situation as you and the other gives the best advice in the world and is the most intelligent person I have met. Annabelle, James’ girlfriend is a sweetheart and I’m sure will talk to you and Torie would come over in a flash if we need her”

“Do you really reckon Torie would come down? I would talk to Annabelle but I don’t know her well enough, it’d be weird. I also would talk to an adult but they’re all busy people”

“Yes. I’m sure she would. We could pop into Hogsmeade and have a chat with Roxy and ask her to get Torie, she could spend her a patronus, that’d be quickest”

“Yes! Rose, you really were put in Ravenclaw for a reason!”

“I know honey! Let’s go do it!”

“What, right now?”

“Better now than never right?”

We left our comfy positions outside and left back up to the castle, escaping behind the statue for Gunhilda of Gorsemoor on the third floor, creating a new and improved corridor to Hogsmeade (apparently Severus Snape had to destroy all of the exits during the wizarding war). We took this all the way to WWW, poke our heads up at the top to be greeted by the staff who were sorting boxes in the cellar. We walked up to the main store and found Roxy not doing much in the staff room,

“Roxy! How are you?” Rose asked entering the room

“I’m good Rosie, Livy, how are you two?” she replied

“We’re okay thanks” I answered her, smiling slightly.

“Livy is having Al issues... She’s not sure if she can deal with our life in the limelight” Rose revealed

“Ah. And you need to speak to Torie, am I right? You defiantly didn’t come to see me, I give crap advice. But I will say this, the light may be blinding in Hogwarts, but sweetcheeks in the real world, people have better things to do with their lives than talk about you 24/7. Actually that’s not even mine, Torie told me that. So sorry if you get that again later” Roxy observed

“Could you please send her a CICE (Cousin in case of emergency) message please?” Rose pleaded

“Of course I will little Rosie!” Roxy laughed, and with that she drew her wand and out of this came a strong and glistening cheetah that leapt out of the room at an alarming speed just like you’d imagine a real cheetah to do.(The cheetah said "CICE- Petal and Olive”)

In that moment a chinstrap penguin swam into the room saying "CICE- Sandy 30, thanks Fiery Heart"

"She'll be here in 30 minutes, you don't mind if we crash here for a bit Roxy?" Rose asked

"Nah. Make yourselves a home, I got to get to work, I'll get someone to bring you a hot chocolate" Roxy answered, leaving us alone.

I sat, thinking of what just happened, burning with questions, until one popped out, "You guys have code names?" I blurted out.

"Yeah. I'm Agent Petal, Roxy is Agent Fiery Heart and Torie is Agent Sandy. Torie, Roxy and Dom made them up when Dom and Roxy were 8 and Torie was 10. They decided instead of talking about us and letting everyone else know, they'd make up names, of course a couple have changed since then, theirs for example, Roxy was Agent Princess Rox and Dom was Agent Dolly D, not as cool at their age but Torie kept hers. Although, now it's like a code, so the people around us don't know what we're on about if we send important messages to each other"

"That's clever! So, I have one too?"

"Yeah, anyone deemed important enough has one. Annabelle has one too; it's Agent Banana, like Anna, Banana. See what we did there?"

"Yes... It's ingenious! I love it! So, what's everyone else's?"

"Teddy is Mr. L
Louis is. Mr. Smarty Pants
James is Mr. Bedhead
Freddy is Mr. Trouble Maker
Al is. Mr. Little P
Hugo is Mr Little W
Dom is Strong Eyes
Lily is Pad
Luce is Thing 1
And Moll is Ben
Actually, even Scorp has one, it's Mr. Light bulb"

"Why is Moll Ben? Wait, Luce is Thing 1? Is that a Cat in the Hat reference?"

"Yeah. We loved the Cat in the Hat when we were little, hence Molly, the second twin was not labelled Thing 2 but Ben"

"Ah. Even more intelligent. I tell you what a 10 year old with two 8 year old coming up with that is bloody brilliant!"

"I was put in Ravenclaw for a reason!" A voice appeared behind us, we turned to find Torie, "I'm early. Don't panic. I didn't need to do much at work, so my lunch break is early and longer!" She smiled as she caught Rose look at the clock.

“Sounds good to me!” Rose laughed, giving her older cousin a big hug.

“It does indeed. Thank you so much for coming to see us!” I smiled also giving her a hug

“Scorpius is Mr Light bulb because of his hair. I know you’re wondering” Torie simple stated,

“How’d you know that?” I gasped

“I have powers you should fear Agent Olive. I’m a trained bad-ass! Okay, well, why am I here? No offence but I’m thinking this may or may not take time to explain and I’m not prepared to take a chance. Who wants to go to The Three Broomsticks for a butter beer on me?” she justified.

“Yes!” we simultaneously exclaimed.

We left shouting a goodbye to the staff and Roxy, making our way out of the shop, leaving to The Three Broomsticks, and got into a booth ordering the drinks as we walked into the almost empty pub.

“So, do divulge my dears, I’m all ears!” Torie invited us to explain, getting comfortable in her seat.

“Livy, this is you. I’m just her for support really, and the fact I’m related to the advice giver” Rose encouraged

“Okay. Well, basically, I think I might, kind of, completely, and utterly, be falling in love with Al, you know that right?”

“No! I knew you liked him and that he liked you, but I didn’t know it was this much!” Torie shrieked

“Oh, well. Yeah, that. And basically, I need to talk to you. I thought I’d be able to deal with the attention that comes with being with one of you people. I mean, you guys are Wotters; seriously being friends with you guys gets me attention. But going out with Al, that’d get me hate mail from the A.S.P fan club! I promised him that I’d work through it; I don’t know why it’s freaking me out so much. It’s not as if I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.”

"You feel all concuss of the eyes staring into the back of your head?"

I nodded

"You feel like people are judging you?"

I nodded again

"You feel scared about the feelings you have towards Al don't you?"

I nodded once more.

"You're afraid of this all being real right?"

"Absolutely, completely, I didn't expect this at all"

"So, it's the change, you're worried it might damage what you have already?"

"Of course, I love everything right now. I practically love Al but I don't want to mess things up"


"Wait. Where'd that all come from?" I asked bewildered about what had just happened.

"You Livy, have just been influenced by my powers in being a bad-ass. It's a gift really. You just told us exactly what's bothering you. It's not the people, it's the change. And I tell you what, that's a common thing. Most people hate change, but without change, we'd never move on in life, experience new things, enjoy life at all. So, what you have to do is pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back into the game."

"Woah! Do they teach you speech making as well?"

"Nope! That's all me"

"Well, everyone was right. You are the one to come to with a problem. I'm just scared. But that's something I can deal with. Easy. We'll figure this out"

"Together" Rose added

"She's right, when you're with one of us. You're with all of us. We have to look out for each other Livy, it's important to have a good family support around here, or all hell breaks loose!"

"I know. That's why you're all so close. I envy that; I do"

"Why would you envy it? You're part of it. Only special people get agent names Livy. That's a big step, we all vote on it and everything it's a big process. Of course, for you it was easy, we did it last year, we had to make sure, that's why it wasn't earlier, but you were on the list for a while!"

"Really? You know, I never realised quite how much you guys care about each other until this weekend. You really are like a support system and there is always someone there to help you out if you need it"

"We know. We're pretty blessed. To be honest though, it was Aunt Ginny's idea to have a little gang sort of thing with all of us. She always said she was close to her brothers, but wished us to be
even closer, even if there were loads of us. She planted the agent thing into our heads!"

"Well, then she's a genius, I'll have to tell her!"

"Yep. So this means that we are all here for you. We all care, and we all want this to work for you. Have chats with everyone else if need be. Just I want you to focus on getting what you want and being happy doing it. We are all here to give you support, not just Rose, not just me, not just Al, not just Lils, everyone. Just ask"

"I will. Don't worry. I will."

"That was simple enough! Now go and make a little boy happy!" She laughed, getting up
I followed suite, giving her a hug and saying "thank you so much"

She gave me a small wave indicating how it was nothing.

"Cheers, Torie, I don't know what we'd do without you!" Rose

"You'd be fine. I have faith in you. Now, I must be off, see you guys soon" she turned, disappearing with a pop.

“Are we happy now?” Rose smiled, asking me the question, even though she knew the answer

“Very. Thank you Rose. I really don’t know what I’d do without you!”

“You’d probably of drowned in the black lake. Only joking, you’d be fine!”

“I said that to Al only last year. I remember that was when he started to go out with Louise”

“Speaking of the devil, you want to go and sort all this out?”

“Yeah. I do”

“Great, I’ll go and get Roxy so we can go and say goodbye”

She wondered out, and moments later I saw a turtle patronus glide past me. It turns out, this was James’, telling Roxy and Rose a message.

“CICE- Fiery Heart, Done, Mr Bedhead”

“What’s that mean?” I asked Roxy

“Just James, saying he’s had a word with Al. It’s all good, you can go back now!” she answered

“Well, then we will! We’ll come and visit soon, okay? Lots of love!” Rose laughed, giving her older cousin a hug

“Yeah, thanks Roxy, you’re a life saver! And by the way, Torie didn’t say it. So great advice! See you soon” I added also giving her a hug. Then leaving back through the basement into Hogwarts.

I left breakfast but long after Rose and Liv, having been completely shocked and bewildered about the whole situation that had just unfolded in front of my eyes. Scorp said he had work to do so he went to the library, so I decided to go and bother James.

"James! I need to talk to you now." I shouted bursting into my common room and seeing him on the other side with Annabelle.

"I know. Want to go up to the astronomy tower to chat?" He screamed back, making his way through everyone with Annabelle at his wake being dragged along by the hand, smiling at him.

"Yes. But how did you know?"

We began walking, saying nothing until we reached the deserted tower and sat down near the edge, where he answered my question, "I got a CICE from Rox, it seems Torie was rained in for some advice with Livy and Rose via Rox only moments ago actually"


"What happened Al?" James gave a weak smile to me for assurance.

"She got afraid. The attention got to her. In one day. I thought we could do this, I really did."

"She did? I'm slightly surprised”

“Yeah, I know. Me too” I said solemnly

“It’ll be okay little bro. She’s a goodun’, Mum and Dad seem to think so, everyone approves. You know if our family thought for one moment she would hurt you, they would think otherwise. Or even if they thought she wasn’t worth, no one would have ever wasted their time on her. But they did, you did. Mum, Dad, Lily and I love her. As well as you, you know that. Focus on it.”

“Yeah, you’re right. You are, I know you are. But...”

“...Would you like my opinion?” Anna asked, genuinely concerned and wanting to help

“Yes. I’m so confused” I sighed exasperatedly

“Okay. Well it sounds as if she’s just scared of what’s to come. I was just the same, obviously not as dramatic” she justified, shooting a reassuring look to James who seemed to have panicked a bit, squeezing her hand a little tighter. Not to sound soppy, but, I think those two are meant for each other, they are so in sync with each other.

“She probably just needs to calm down and realise that no matter what she thinks now, everything will be fine, and get better, because if this is what she really wants, it will work. I promise Al, it will be okay, she knows what she wants” she then came closer to me and gave me a hug, whispering into my ear, “and that’s you”

“Thank you Annabelle, thank you so much” I muffled into her hair. She withdrew, sliding back into James, who was sat next to her.

“Please Al, don’t call me Annabelle, that’s way too formal. Call me Anna, just like everyone else”

“Okay, thank you Anna. I really appreciate it.”

“Don’t mention it. Now are we happy? I should really go and do my homework.”

“I’m very happy”

“Great! See you in a bit Jay” she exclaimed, kissing him on the cheek. He blushed and envy ran through me, as she left the room,

“Is it wrong that I am incredibly jealous?” I commented

“No. I’d be jealous too” he admitted

“Don’t lose her. She’s perfect for you. You know that, we all love her”

“Yeah, I won’t try. I would never try”

“Good. James because you need her, you are significantly nicer when she’s around”

“Hey! I was always nice. But enough about me, go to the WWW entrance to Hogwarts, I’ll send the word to Rox”

“Okay. Thanks a million Jamesy”

A/N- Hey Guys! What'd do you think? Do we like Annabelle? And how about the CICE's? Please leave me a review, I need to know whether I should continue! Help me out please!
Thanks so much for reading! ScoroseOTP xxx

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