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 "Rosie? I need to talk to you! Actually you too Scorpy. But separately. Or together actually."

"Oooh! Goody! Let's do it separate, Scor's already heard about Nana. Don't want to bore him!" Rose explained, visibly excited.

"Yeah and I already know about the you know what, with you know who" Scor revealed.

"What with who?" Rose demanded

"Nothing... You'll find out very soon!" I teased

"Don't keep me out of the loop!" Rose stropped

"Would you like to know now? It's my common room, so you can leave. But Al will be here anytime. I won't be on my own for long!" Scor asked, clearly wanting Rose's strop to be over very soon.

"Yes. Yes. Yes! Come on Livy! Thanks Scor, see you in a bit!" Rose squealed dragging me out of the room.

"Okay Rose, I'm coming. I'm coming!
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Rose! Did you see what I just did?
Sorry, I really am" I apologised, stopping to help up the poor person I just accidentally pushed onto the floor up.

"No worries. Merlin Rose! Why would you do that?" Once up I found that it was Al.

"Oh! It's you! I'm not as sorry anymore! But Rose, calm down I'm coming, don't stand there like that. Wait a minute woman!" I reminded Rose, who was now stood with her arms crossed, tapping her foot impatiently.

"Nice to see how much you care! Wait. Where are you going? Where's Scorp?" Al questioned.

"I honestly have no idea where this woman is taking me but I do know Scorp is waiting for you in his common room" I managed to reply as I was dragged away once more.

I was pulled up stairs until we reached the Ravenclaw common room, I didn't see how this was any different to the Slytherin common room, but I was not going to argue with her. She answered the question with ease and pulled me up into her dorm, allowing me to only throw a quick wave to Lucy who was busy with some sort of homework.

Rose sat me down on one side of her bed and cast the muffliato charm, so even if they wanted to, her dorm mates wouldn't be able to hear a thing. She sat down opposite me and declared, "Well, you probably know what happened with Nana Molly, you spoke to Lily, but I'll tell you later what she said to me. Now, we need to talk about 'you know who and the you know what', care to explain what that means?"

"Oh. That. That's just nothing. Well, something. Okay. Like a huge something. Just you know. Don't freak out or shout or squeal or anything like that okay?"

"Okay. Sure. Whatever. Just bloody tell me already!"

"Me and Al sort of kissed. And I broke up with Joe. He didn’t really seem to care actually. So, you know." I said, looking away and bracing myself for whatever Rose was about to do. Although when nothing happened I looked back.

Only to find Rose welling up, "You did? When? How? Oh my Merlin, this is so perfect"

"Yeah. We did. Monday. After Herbology, before he got the letter about Nana Molly. Well, we were talking over everything, about us. And one thing led to another really."

"And then he left for a week? You haven't talked to him yet have you? I DO NOT want to hear complete details because this is my cousin we are talking about. But tell me something"

"Yeah, he did. No, I haven't, not yet anyway. He's next on the list after a quick word with Scorp I think. Rose, it was perfect, I felt lighter than air. I think I may have felt the spark as well"

Rose then began to cry, quietly and peacefully but none the less, she was crying, "I knew it! I knew there was something there, that one day you'd realise you were perfect for each other. I knew there'd be fireworks. I just knew. I'm so happy for you Livy, honestly I am. These are tears of joy I promise"

"Rose I love you, you know that right? I'm so so glad you feel like this, I think this could be it, I really do."

"I know, I love you too" we then proceeded to hug it out for a while before Rose started talking about Nana Molly, another sensitive issue, but this time we conjured tissues just in case,

"Lily must have told you she spoke to us separately, so, I'll tell you what she told me. She explained how in her life time she's experience a lot.”

‘"My little Rosie. I'm so incredibly proud of you, you're so much like your mother, she was always so studious and polite when she was young, in fact nothing's changed. But you have qualities of your fathers that make me want to squeeze those cheeks of yours. He cared so much about his family, still does, and he always will. One more thing, Ron has the most amazing friends, so caring, thoughtful, something that will help you through your entire life, Hogwarts creates the most beautiful friendships and makes you realise that your soul mate has been with you since you were 11. That's a wonderful thing you to have in common with him, it's great that you have people to look after you, to look out for you and to be there for you. You never know Rose, like me and your Grandad, Ron and Hermione, Ginny and Harry, George and Angela just to name a few, you may even find your soul mate. You know, whatever Ron says or does to poor Scorpius, he really is a lovely, polite, young man who would do nothing but treat you well, I'm sure of it. So, don't worry about bringing him home as more than a friend, your dad will understand. Even if it is only eventually.”

“Nana Molly! Thank you so much, you know I love my family loads, and to be compared to the best parts of my parents is just so nice to hear. You’re right; I have the most fantastic friends in the world. But I’m not sure what you mean. Scorpius and I are just friends.”’

“OH MY MERLIN! YOU WHAT? YOU? YOU? YOU WHAT?” I practically screamed, good job no one could hear us really!

“Why are you shouting? What happened?”

“You said that to your Nana. I thought there was something there. You said so, that there was something. Even if it was only little there was something”

“Well, there is. I’m pretty sure I’m hiding it okay though, aren’t I?”


“I didn’t! You haven’t let me finish! You interrupted remember?”

“Don’t bother Rosie. I know, it’s written all over the way you look at him. And in fact through the way he looks at you.”

“I’m sorry Nana. Are you sure? I’ve never noticed that he looks at me any different to anyone else”

“That’s because he only ever does it when you’re looking the other way. But my piece of advice to you is never be afraid to go against your family when you feel it is right. You’ve got a big family darling, there will always be someone who disagrees with your judgements or heart’s desire, so don’t let them stop you. I also don’t want you to be afraid to admit what your heart wants. I want you to promise that you will do both of those things for me”

“I promise. I’ll never be afraid of what my family says and one day, soon, hopefully, I’ll bring him home as more than a friend.”

“Thank Merlin! I was worried for a moment there!” I exclaimed

“See, I’m not a horrible human being! But I do need your help, what am I going to do about this!”

“Leave it to me! What are best friends for! I’ll figure it out, Al and I will sort it out. Easy. You won’t even know it is happening. I’ll be your wing woman and Al can be your wing man! It’ll be great!”

“Hey! Speaking of young Albus. I’ve told you everything you need to know, and you’ve even got a plan! You need to talk to him, like now! Actually, now is good. I’m done, we can talk more tomorrow! Go and find him!”

“Okay, okay. I’m going! See you in the morning when Operation Best Friend Get Together comes into action!”

“See you then, I can’t wait!”

I wondered out of her dorm and down into her common room, where I found a half asleep Lucy reading. I convinced her she still had time tomorrow to work and it’d be okay if she went to sleep early. Having taken her up to her dorm, I left the Ravenclaws and headed to the Slytherins.

“Liv, you alright? I was just coming up to see if I could find you. We need to talk about, well, us” Al somewhat awkwardly said, as I found him halfway up a staircase.

“Ally, I’m great! I was about to come and find you. Great minds think alike right? Anyway, where’d you want to go and chat?” I beamed

“The kitchens? I don’t mind”

“To the kitchens then Ally Wally!” I giggled, pointing down the stairs; he laughed a grabbed hold on said hand once I’d returned it back to my side.

For a split second, I thought this as strange, that this was Al. My best friend. But found it was so comfortable, almost as if my hand was meant to sit in his, I carried on. I squeezed his hand slightly as a reassurance that this was a good thing. We reached the entrance to the kitchens, tickled the pear and found fewer elves than usual. Dinner had finished so it made sense that there was less busy, but Squeak was still there,

“Hiya Squeak, we’d like a big bowl each of cookies and cream ice cream please, with toffee sauce and...”

“A can of whipped cream please” Al smiled, having finished my sentence.

“Certainly Miss Adams, Master Potter, anything at all” Squeak replied, disappearing to set up this request.

“Thanks Squeak” Al said, accepting his ice cream, while he sat in our usual place. We really did visit that place way too often.

“Okay before we start talking about this (I gestured the air between us), I was just talking to Rose, and this is one of the reasons I’m in such a good mood. She says she wants to go out with Scorp!” I revealed, not wanting to start THAT conversation just yet.

“I was just doing the same, well, reversed, but still”

“You were? So he does?”

“And she does?”

“Yay! This makes life so much easier!”

“Yep. Ready to be a wing woman?”

“Only if you’re ready to be a wing man”

“Oh. I am!”

“Good! Well, all we have to do is convince them that they are perfect for each other. Then you can get Scorp to ask Rose out. All of this without them realising properly, simple enough right?”

“Not that simple. Scorp is sure that Rose will reject him”

“No way. She’d never do that. Okay, so we have to get them to catch each other, mid way through those glances they give each other. Show them that both of the fail at arguing with each other. It’s bound to make them understand!”

“You’re right. Operation More Than Friends is a go”

“Really? I went for Operation Best Friend Get Together”

“Oh. Well, how about we change it completely, Operation Scorose?”

“Yes! Operation Scorose is officially a go, put into action tomorrow morning!”

“Great! So, Liv. Um, have you been to Hufflepuff today?”

“No, I spent most of the day in Slytherin, then we all went to the great hall, and after that I went to the room of requirement with your sister, back to Slytherin, to be dragged to Ravenclaw, to here. I’ve been around a lot today, but not in my own common room since I woke up. Why?”

“Damn. You don’t already know.”

“Know what?” I asked, helping myself to a particularly large spoonful of ice cream.

“I broke up with Louise earlier”

“You did?”I spluttered, choking on my own ice cream.

“Merlin Liv! You were meant to take that well!” he joked, tapping me on the back.

“I am. I really am. Just I didn’t realise you’d do it so soon”

“Well, neither did I. That’s what James advised me to do; he told me it was for the best. So, I took a leap of faith and followed his advice. He basically told me not to mess you about, and if I wanted to be with you. To make it possible I could.”

“When did James get so smart? I mean he’s right”

“I know, it’s strange. I think it’s got something to do with Annabelle, she’s amazing. He’s still going out with her; we all love her, even Mum. I reckon she’s got some sort of influence on him, it’s for the better really”

“Awwww, that’s great. Wait, does that mean that you broke up with Lou because you wanted to be with me?”

“Only if that’s what you want”

“Of course it is!” I announced, getting up and full on kissing him on the lips, my hands on either side of his face. He seemed shocked for a moment, but accepted it quickly enough, deepening the kiss, his hands reaching my waist, pulling me closer. We only stopped when we needed to breathe.

“Liv?” he asked, making space between us, looking me directly in the eyes.

“Yeah” I managed to speak, becoming lost in his eyes.

“I need to ask you something before I bottle it. Will you please go on an official date with me?”

“Did you just ask me out?” I asked, being caught off guard and in complete shock

“Yes. Was that not clear?” he answered, incredibly confused

“Well, yes it was. I’m just in a state of disbelief”

“Don’t be” he smiled, getting closer and kissing me once more, this time, gently, reassuring me this was all real.

This time when we broke apart, it was my turn to smile, “I would be honoured”

“Are you sure? Those looks we got earlier, they’ll just get worse and you’ll be followed everywhere.”

“Are you trying to talk me out of this?”

“No! Merlin no. Please don’t let this stop”

“Then I can handle anything with you.”

“Thank Merlin. I’ll meet you in the entrance hall, 6 o’ clock on Tuesday”

“Oooh! What are we going to do?”

“It’s a surprise. Now, please don’t take offence to this, but, I’m really tired. I’m going to bed”

“Fine. You had some late nights? I had to put Lucy to bed before I found you. I’ll see you in the morning”

“See you then” he smiled, kissing me on the cheek before disappearing from the kitchen. Now, please don’t judge me, but I may have done a very small victory dance before bidding the house elves goodnight, and retiring to my dorm.

A/N- Hey Guys! How we doing? What you thinking of Al and Livy? And Scorp and Rose? Please, Please, Please leave me a review and tell me what you think! Thanks for reading! ScoroseOTP xxx

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