Who: Draco When: September 6th Where: Hogwarts I woke up this morning to the smell of coffee from the kitchen below in the common room. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom, I decided to take a shower which only took me around five minutes considering all I had to do was put soap in my hair and then down my body, rinse, and then get out. I put on my robes and then put my shoes on. I went down to the common room to find Hermione standing there with Fred Weasley and they were standing in the kitchen making out. I watched them for a moment stunned that she went from me to him in such a short amount of time. I finally got sick of watching them make out and I walked into the kitchen and said, “If you don’t mind, I would like to get some coffee without you two making out over top of it.” Hermione gave me a look of total satisfaction and said, “Come on Fred, we can find somewhere better to do this. Like.. my bedroom.” They then disappeared up the staircase to her bedroom and didn’t show back up until I left for my first lesson. I went through the day with the vision of Hermione making out with Fred burning in my mind. Every time I shut my eyes I saw it. I felt like I could just kill him. I loved her so much that seeing her with anyone else is like thinking of having cookies and crème without the cookies. It just wasn’t right. I needed her and she didn’t understand it. I asked her to marry me because I needed her in my life. She was the only thing that has mattered to me in a long time. I never told her what I had to deal with. I don’t think she understood how it felt to have her there to love me. Suddenly I found myself extremely pissed off at everyone and everything. Pansy tried asking me what was wrong and I told her to get a life and stay out of mine. I must say she was very bitchy to me the rest of the day. Then of course came the dreaded class of the day, Potions. I got to the dungeon and I sat down on my bench and Snape had decided to make the partners from the other house our permanent partners for the rest of the year. I must say I wasn’t too thrilled with this piece of information. Hermione walked in and sat down next to me and to my surprise passed me a piece of parchment that said, “Read Me” on the front of it. I did so willingly. The letter read as follows: Draco, I wanted to talk to you but I am too afraid to do so. I have never been one who was good with words. I have been known to say things that I didn’t mean and then wished I hadn’t said it afterwards. Well, I know that if I write it all down it might come out the way I want it to. So I guess here goes. I know you love me. I don’t know what your motives are for loving me. I fell for you and I don’t know why. Probably because you have a gorgeous body, you are sweet and you actually care about me. But I know that I do love you. I may not seem like it because I rejected your proposal, but I do love you. I only rejected the proposal because I am only 17 years old I don’t know what I am going to do after this year of Hogwarts is over, let alone who I am going to spend the rest of my life with. I mean, I would like to get married and have kids, but not right now. Does that make sense to you? I hope it does. Just so you know, Fred and I aren’t really in love and we aren’t really going out. We have been acting like it to see if you would fight for me. I could see the look of hurt in your eyes the other day. I’m sorry I hurt you. I just wanted to know how much you really loved me. I now know that I was foolish to ever think you didn’t love me more then life it’s self. Please forgive me. I love you with all I am and I don’t want to loose you. Well, I will talk to you later. Bye. Love always, Hermione Granger xxxx I finished reading the letter with tears in my eyes. She did love me. I was just too stupid to see that she was testing me. I looked over at her, I could tell she had been crying because her eyes were all red and puffy. I beckoned her towards me and said, “Come here missy,” she came closer to me and said, “What?” I then wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her closer to me letting my lips gently meet hers, she then parted her lips to allow my tongue to slide into her mouth, gently exploring the new territory. Her lips tasted of watermelon and she smelled of vanilla. My two favorite things. The rest of potions passed in a blur. I didn’t know what I was doing or what I was saying. Every few seconds I would sneak a quick glance at Hermione, every time I looked at her she was staring at me with love and adoration in her eyes. I felt like the luckiest guy on Earth. She was so beautiful and she was quite smart. I loved knowing that I was with her. We walked back to the common room together and then went our separate ways to our rooms. After a few moments in my room, I heard running water, I went in the bathroom to find Hermione getting ready to get in the shower. She was standing right outside the shower in her bra and underwear, which were both a beautiful shade of red. She turned around looking extremely happy, she walked over to me and threw her arms around my neck looking deep into my eyes. “Well, Mr. Malfoy, I have decided something.” She said smiling. “What might that be, Miss Granger?” I said in the most loving voice I could come up with. I couldn’t stop thinking of how beautiful she was and how much I wanted to get in that shower with her. But if she didn’t invite me I wasn’t going to get in with her. “I have decided that I would like to have your company in the shower. It’s an awfully big shower and it gets lonely in there. So, would you like to join me?” she finished with a smile. “Of course I would angel. I know how lonely that shower can get. I have been lonely in there many times.” She turned around and unbuckled her bra and slowly slid her panties down and climbed into the shower. After a moment of thinking of how much I loved her, I quickly removed my robes and my boxers and followed her into the shower. Once inside the shower I saw Hermione standing under the water, she was soaked from head to toe by now. She looked at me and put up her finger to beckon me nearer. I walked over to her and slipped my arm around her waist as she pulled me by the neck into a very passionate kiss. We kissed for a few moments and then she pulled away to let me under the water, I stood under the spray of the shower as she pulled the shampoo down from it’s holder and started massaging it into her hair. She then pushed me out of the way to get under the water again, she told me to shampoo my hair and then to wash my body. I did so willingly, and she helped me with washing my body, her hands venturing to places some girls had only dreamed of touching. I then helped her wash her body, my hands, like hers, venturing to places people had only dreamed of touching. We both then stood under the water to rinse our bodies off. After we got out of the shower I retreated to my room while Hermione returned to hers. We met again in the closet because neither of us had grabbed any clothes to put on. I was standing in the closet wrapped in a towel digging through my drawers to find a certain pair of boxers when she came in, she smiled at me and said, “You know, I never thought I would fall for you. but somehow I did and I’m thankful for it. Draco, I love you.” I must have looked as happy as I felt because she simply smiled and said, “Well, I’m glad to know that I make you happy.” I looked at her and replied, “You don’t make me happy, you make my heart sing with joy. You are a beautiful and talented young lady. You mean so much to me. Thank you for loving me.” She then looked happy for a moment and replied, “You are very much welcome.” And then she left the closet. After we were both dressed we met in the common room and headed down to dinner together. As we were walking I felt something take hold of my hand. After a second I realized it was Hermione’s tiny hand. She intertwined her fingers with mine and beamed happily up to me. I then put my arm around her and walked the rest of the way to dinner without saying a word. We went to our separate tables and ate. After dinner we walked to the common room together. When we got there we walked to the staircase leading to her room and I kissed her goodnight and said, “I will see you tomorrow sugar. Have sweet dreams and if you have any bad dreams you know where to find me.” She giggled and then kissed me and walked up the stairs to her room. Looking back quite a few times. I then went to my room and threw myself onto my bed without even changing my clothes. That night I had dreams of her and I getting married. They were the most pleasant dreams I have had in a long time. ************************************************************ A/N: yay! The end of another chapter. This means reviews people.. lol. Anyways, talk to you soon. And sorry for the repetativeness in the last few chapters. I will remember to keep from doing that. Lol. and dont forget to review. i wanna thank charlotte, nikita aka hermana, and firey one for reviewing. you guys are helping alot. :D ************************************************************

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