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Disclaimers and such that I am not J.K Rowling, I don't own characters, places or anything of the such. I write for enjoyment.

Chapter One:
Some Personal Lives Can Do With A Little Bothering.

Not many people condone having children out of wedlock. Of course, in this day and time it is becoming somewhat more acceptable, but the case with Victoire's mother did not ring true. She only wanted what was best for her oldest daughter, and having a daughter of her own with long-term boyfriend Teddy Lupin was not in her mother's plans. Of course, she could always shut her up if she would just marry Teddy, but there was never any time. With a five year old, a Transfiguration professor for a boyfriend, and a full time job at St. Mungo's, Victoire was lucky enough to have time to shave her legs. Teddy suggested they have a quick wedding when she was pregnant with Emmaline, but that's not what she wanted. It was either the wedding of her dreams, or no wedding at all.

The latest letter Victoire's mother had sent her made her upset for the thousandth time and she tossed it to the side of the desk. She was tired of the topic of marriage, and besides, Teddy and her are perfectly happy with their life the way it is. They own a decent flat together, they both have fantastic jobs, and their daughter is already enrolled in school. Louis, Victoire's youngest brother, stays at the flat with Emmaline during the Hogwarts school year when Teddy is away, and she works. So, all-in-all, she has her life perfectly planned out. Now if only she could convince her mother otherwise. Teddy's grandmother Andromeda was much more accepting to the news of Emmaline's conception, and so were the Potters. Victoire's own father took a little more coaxing, but even he accepted it before her mother.

"I mean, it's not like I had a bloody baby at seventeen! I was twenty-two for Godric's sake!" Victoire muttered while filling a prescription form for one of her patients. She didn't realise she had done so until her friend and colleague, Van Wild, looked up from her own paperwork and raised an unnaturally blonde eyebrow at her.

"Everything alright over there, Tori?" Van asked when Victoire didn't get the hint that she was supposed to answer the implied wordless question. The woman was older than Victoire, just one year under thirty, but she never acted it. In fact, the only reason she called herself Van was because she saw a movie with a fairly attractive man that played as a character named Van Wilder. She shortened her birth name, Evangeline, to Van shortly after that. It was also her idea to call Victoire "Tori". Since she couldn't pronounce her name at all without saying it like "Victoria". Now that both women are  done with their internship and are full-fledged Healers, their friendship grew to a dangerously semi-romantic level. Which means, if Victoire gets hit on at a pub without Teddy around, Van always provides a drunken kiss on her lips to lead the strangers away. The first time Van did it for Victoire was when he realised Van really was a lesbian and Victoire had to explain her family life to her. It was only the beginning of her internship at the time so neither woman had any way of knowing about the other.

"Mum's pushing for a wedding again," Victoire muttered in response, lost in her patient's need for so many potions. "I'm afraid I may be dealing with an addict." She went on after she knew Van would understand to drop the previous topic.

"I think mine is a hypochondriac," Van said about her own patient, tossing the clipboard to the side. She dunked her quill in an ink jar and left it to rest. Both women were extremely tired after a fourteen hour shift and it was almost time to go home.

"You think all of your patients are hypochondriacs," Victoire retorted and retired her own quill and board. All there was left to do was send her patient on their way and then go home for her day off the following day. Louis was going to hate her for taking an extra shift, but one of the interns had failed to show again and she didn't want to leave Van on the floor all alone.

"Do you want to go out tomorrow? We both have the day off and Teddy doesn't come home until next weekend when school is finally out." Van invited.

"Nah," Victoire decided after a little bit of thought. "Louis hasn't had a day off in two weeks and I think his girlfriend hates me for it. Emmaline and I might go out and see something in one of those Muggle cinemas or something."

Van just shrugged, picked her clipboard back up, and stood up with a big stretch and yawn. "I'll go with you to dismiss your patient if you go with me to dismiss mine." Victoire agreed, mimicked Van's getting up routine, and followed her throughout the hospital. Her patient was on the first floor and had come in with severe stomach cramps after eating a live gnome whole. The whole story only proved her addict theory, but she couldn't deny a sick patient their potions. Van's patient fell off a broomstick last night and broke half of the bones in his right leg and all of the bones in his right arm. It took most of the fourteen hour shift for Van to mend every bone, but when she finished with him he looked good as new. Victoire laughed at the man's situation considering Van called him a hypochondriac. In Van's defense, she hates mending stupid people because you can't mend the stupid out of them. She prefers the cases that are natural accidents or curses.

After both patients received the happy news they were free to go home, the two women said goodbye in the Floo Station of the hospital and went home. It was right around eight-thirty in the morning and neither of them had slept, so they had to be extra cautious when it came to saying their destination in the fireplaces. Van never learned to apparate, and after apparating to all of the emergency calls last night, Victoire was tired of doing so and did not trust herself to get home without splinching herself. Hence, the Floo Station.

By the looks of it, Louis fell asleep on the sofa with Emmaline in his arms. Victoire warned him countless times not to read to the five year old until she was in her bed or she would instantly fall asleep wherever she was. Judging by the look of Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book" on the floor, he didn't listen.

"Hey, Louis," Victoire crouched next to her brother with a sing-song whisper. He stirred a bit and opened his eyes. It took him a moment to gather his surroundings, but he finally understood what was going on and glared at her.

"You were supposed to be here at midnight. Where-"

Emmaline began to stir and cut him off. Victoire patted her daughter's head and kissed her so she would settle down.

"I know. I'm sorry. I'll explain everything later. Look, do you think you can watch Emmaline for just a few more hours? I have the rest of today and tomorrow off, but I need a little bit of sleep." Victoire begged quietly, flashing her identical to her brother's blue eyes at him. She had an advantage since Emmaline was on top of her brother, and if he spoke she would wake up. The five year old would be up, bouncing around and squealing in no time and Victoire was just too tired to deal with that right now. Even Louis knew it would not be fair to her otherwise.

"Fine, but we have to talk later!" He dared to hiss back. Luckily Emmaline remained motionless. Victoire kissed her brother, thanked him, and then ran upstairs to her own bedroom.

When she woke up it was nearly two in the afternoon. She was still tired, but she figured it was time to relieve her brother of his duties and spend some much needed time with her daughter. Both of the said people were awake and watching the telly when she came downstairs in all her bedraggled glory. Well, Louis was watching the telly. Emmaline was jamming something into the cracks of the floorboards.

"There's S'eeping Beauty!" Emmaline said when she caught wind of her mummy. The expression was something she learned from her father and it never failed to make either girl giggle.

"Come here, darling," Victoire gestured for her daughter to come over and the little girl ran straight into her arms. Victoire picked her up and squeezed her tight, making sure to give her plenty of kisses and getting a mouthful of red curls in the process. Oddly enough, Emmaline did not inherit Teddy's metamorphmagus gene, but the Weasley gene that skipped right over Victoire for the most part. Victoire's hair was more of a golden, light red colour and Emmaline's was more vibrant and wild. The mother and daughter reunited for a few brief moments before she heard Louis clear his throat and she remembered his demands to talk when she woke up.

"Alright, baby. Mummy has to talk to Uncle Lewie in the kitchen. Can you be a good girl and watch the telly for a few minutes while we talk?" Victoire asked, tickling Emmaline on the belly and giving her eskimo kisses. The little girl bounded down the stairs, hopped onto the sofa, and kicked her little feet in the air as a response. She replied with a little, "Heeee," and Victoire knew she had all but ten minutes to talk to Louis before hell would break loose, and even that much time was pushing it.

Louis lead his sister into the kitchen and cracked the door open so they could still hear Emmaline if anything happened. They waited for a moment to hear her giggle at something on her cartoon before they decided she wasn't already tearing the room apart.

"So what's up?" Victoire asked, being the first to break the ice and looking into the fridge so she could make a late lunch for herself. There was something wrapped from Emmaline's lunch that she didn't finish so she heated it up with her wand an placed it on the table.

"Why weren't you home at midnight last night? You promised me you'd be home at midnight!" Louis cried, more upset than angry with her. She really didn't get why it was such a big deal since she had to Floo him every night and tell him she was staying late. She didn't last night because she had too many emergency calls, but she could see how he would begin to get tired of her staying every night, especially since she didn't necessarily have to. There were other interns they could have called.

"Mark, one of the interns, didn't show up for his shift," she told him honestly. "I was the only one that could cover at such short notice," she then lied. In truth, she only took the extra shifts to prove to her chief how excellent a Healer she was. She had a bit of a bumpy few beginning years since she had Emmaline so early in her internship and then raised her, too.

"Well, I'm tired of staying here all night when I could be going home to my girlfriend, Vic! I don't mind watching Emmaline, you know I don't. I love that girl to death, but I have a life, too. Not only a life, but a sex life! One which you have kept me from having in the last month!" Louis's rant got quieter as he remained conscious of the five year old in the other room. Victoire, on the other hand, did not remain so quiet when she burst out laughing at her brother's predicament.

"Is that what this is all about?" She scoffed, ignoring her brother's warnings to keep quiet. She was getting too much pleasure out of his rosey red cheeks. "You didn't get to have sex with your girlfriend last night so you're mad at me?"

"No, not just last night, Vic! The whole month!" Louis defended himself but it only made her laugh more. When she finally calmed down and wiped the tears from her eyes, he decided it was safe enough to continue. "Look, it's bad enough that Mary thinks I don't have a real job, and that my sister can have anything to do with withholding me from my se- that part of my life. I need some time off to pay attention to her." He had to choose his words wisely in order to keep his older sister from cackling like an immature fool.

"I'm sorry, Louis," Victoire giggled, a full smile plastered on her face, "I didn't realise my work life had so much interference with your sex life-"

"Would you please stop calling it that? You're my sister!" Louis turned bright red and stared directly at the table.

"You started it!" Victoire defended herself, but couldn't help but go on. "Sorry. With your intimate life style. But I've already told you that I have the rest of today and tomorrow off. You just had an embarrassing conversation for nothing."

"No!" Louis snapped, looking back up at her. "Not for nothing! I need you to promise me that you won't go in for work for the remainder of your time off! Even if they call you in! Lie! Tell them Emmaline is sick or something!" Louis was borderline hysterical and Victoire couldn't help but bite her lip to keep from losing it again.

"So..." she toyed with the idea for a moment, giving Louis' face some time to cool down, "You want me to feign my daughter's well being so you can shag your girlfriend?"

"Yes!" Louis' voice cracked and his arms went straight for the air as though his sister finally understood what he was trying to get at this whole time.

"Alright, done," she agreed, still controlling her urges to laugh. "I won't go into work. You shag Mary for the next two days, I'll lie and tell Emmaline that the two of you are going out for a miniature vacation so I won't have an excuse to call you, and then you'll only have a week left before Teddy gets home before you and Mary can go at it until your little hearts are content." She agreed. Instead of embarrassment, Louis just looked relieved and satisfied with her answer. Surely he was completely embarrassed after talking to his sister about his sex life, and she would laugh in his face later once he realised that she now knew exactly what her little brother would be doing for the next forty-eight hours. That is, after she got over the disgust of knowing exactly what it was her little brother would be doing for the next forty-eight hours.

"So am I free to go now?" He asked when they heard Emmaline stirring in the other room. Victoire kissed him goodbye, paid him for the last week, and watched him Floo home. When she heard something crash to the ground in the other room, followed by, "Mummy! Mummy! The mail is here!" she knew she best check on her daughter.

It was only one of Emmaline's toys that fell to the ground, something the toddler probably dropped in her excitement to get the mail, so Victoire no longer worried about any broken vases. Emmaline was in front of the door and picking up the mail the owl must have delivered through the mail slot. She ran straight to her mother with two letters in hand and waited to be picked up and set in her lap. Victoire saw the first letter was from Teddy so she plucked the little girl up off the floor and sat on the sofa with her. She read the letter out loud to her, all except for the private bits only meant for Victoire's adult eyes, and then remembered the letter she had discarded on the table beside her. When she saw the return address, immediately she ripped into it, scanned over the entire thing, and screamed.

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