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“Scorp! Scor! Scorpy! They’re coming back today! They are! It’ll be great! I can’t wait to see them! Al is coming back! Rose is coming back! TODAY SCORP! TODAY!” I shouted as I skipped around him.

“Livy! I know, I know! They’ll be coming back later today, but it’s only been a week! Surely you can live without them for that long! I know it’s been hard but Hey, you’ve had me!” he laughed back at me.

We didn’t really have much to do that day, therefore we spent the time sat in his common room, chatting about random things, and craning our necks every time someone walked in.

They came at roughly 12:30, they simply walked in, causing me and Scorp to check who it was, and upon their arrival both of us, having exhausted all conversation, jumped up, partly to do with the fact that it was them, the other part, because they were new people to talk to. I squealed and ran straight at Rose, my best friend, entrapping her in a huge hug. While Scorp went to Al and gave him an awkward man hug thing.

“ROSE! My bestest friend in the whole wide world! I’ve missed you so so much! Don’t ever do that again, take me with you!”I shouted

“LIVY! MY bestest friend in the whole wide world! I missed you too! I will take you, but hopefully there won’t be a next time. But I will anyway.” She shouted right back at me.

I turned to Al, who seemed to know what was coming as he ran off. Not that that was going to stop me though. Although he didn’t run for long, he stopped and pretty much just let me strangle him. I didn’t stop running and jumped up, so he had to pick me up, so with my legs wrapped round him, he gave me a huge hug back. This while Scorp had picked up Rose into a hug as well and was spinning her round slightly.

“ALLY! I’ve missed you so so much too. Please, don’t do that again. I can’t deal with it!” I exclaimed

“Liv, I missed you too. Honestly I have! I won’t ever again, don’t worry about it.” He promised, placing me back on the ground.

“Good! Ooh! It feels like a reunion! Group hug guys!” I decided.

I was then squashed by the 3 most important people in my life. Feeling at ease once more, we sat in our usual place, this time, Al and I sharing a seat, and Scorp and Rose sharing one. We sat and talked about this that and another, not doing much until we went to dinner, all laughing and having a good time. I felt happy, safe, and right again. I sat next to Rose on one side of the bench on the Ravenclaw table, with Al opposite me and Scorp opposite Rose. It was great; my Rosie Posie was back to herself, back to us, trying to get me to remember EVERY DETAIL of ALL THE CLASSES she had missed. I couldn't do it, so simply turned round and hugged her.

"What's got into you?" Rose joked.

"I've missed you is all" I smiled, giving her a squeeze.

"I missed you too, but stop it or else I'll cry all over you" an over emotional Rose gave me a squeeze back and retreated back to her shepherd’s pie.

Ally Wally was than laughing at me for being so soft,
"Seriously Liv, it's been a week! What has gone wrong with you?" He laughed.

"I don't know! Apparently you two mean more to me than we ever thought! And don't pretend you're not jealous, you want a hug too right Ally?"

"Shocking! Maybe... Maybe I do..."

"Hey! You going to be nice or do you not want the hug?"

"I meant to say, you mean so, so much to me too. I missed you so much!"

Rose then leaned over to me and whispered, "He actually did, loved getting those letters from you. His face lit up every time!”

"Well, that changes things then dear Rose."

"Wait what? What changes things?" Scorp asked, thoroughly confused as I stood up and seemed to walk off

"I just told her something about Al" Rose answered, once again turning back to her almost demolished pie.

"Rose! What did you say? Where'd she go?" Al panicked

"Chill out Al, Rose won't have said anything bad. She'll be back soon" Scorp decided.

Rose nodded and helped herself to more food (that girl is such a Weasley, so much like her Dad when it comes to food!)

I had to walk around the whole table to get back; we were sat in the middle so it took a while! I walked up behind Al, unnoticed by anyone and wrapped my arms around him.

"Merlin!" He jumped, spinning his head round as far as it would go, and upon seeing me relaxed, "Liv! I got my hug"

"You're so intelligent sometimes Ally, you know that right?" I giggled. He laughed, turned around, and somehow pulling me onto his lap. "Oi!"

"Don't pretend you don't love it" Al smirked, that James Potter smirk, a week with his brother and this is what I have to deal with!

My back and head found themselves leaning against Scorp, who was now being stopped from eating. I lay back, so he could see my face and mouthed "Help me"

By which he replied by brushing all the excess hair out of my face and saying "No chance, you said you missed him and now you've got him back, you should be grateful!" He pushed my head back up right and continued to eat.

I was then full on in Al's face, so he barely spoke "Liv, we really need to sort this out, we'll go by your plan, okay?" Kissing me on the cheek. Kissing. Me. On. The. Cheek.

What happened next I can barely believe actually happened in real life.
There was a small but hear able collective gasp by many people in the room.
Followed by many heads turning in our direction, as in I could physically feel there stare.
As well as several mutters.

It was first the A.S.P fan club, secondly it was all the people around them, and lastly it was pretty much the whole room.
ALL watching me, and Al.

"Did he just?" Rose spluttered.

"Did you just?" Scorp managed to speak.

"In the middle of?”

"At meal time?"

"In the middle of?"

"I think so" I silently said with a small nod.

"And they all?" Scorp realised.

"All of them?" Rose resounded.

"Now there?"

"All of them?"

"Yeah" Al actually managed to say.

"Oh my Merlin, Great Golly Gosh" I blurted

"Livy, you're still sat on him" Scorp reminded me.

I practically jumped off him and accidentally walked into the person in front of me. Who just happened to be Lily, with James not far behind, meaning poor Lily didn't get pushed over, as he caught her. I on the other hand stumbled slightly, before being caught by Al, who I swear down, he must be part ninja, or wwwwaaayyy to good at Quidditch.

"Thanks" both Lily and I chimed, before bursting into a fit of giggles once Lil had shouted "jinx". I'm such a child sometimes!

"Um, Al, can I, Um, have a word" James stumbled.

"Sure, I'll see you later guys" he replied, giving a wave to me, Rose and Scorp.

"See you later mate" "Bye Al" was their dismissal, as dessert had arrived and was a very big chocolate fudge cake with ice cream, Rose's favourite.

"Livy! Can we have our chat now I'm done with dinner, and to avoid anymore stares in your direction, I reckon that's a good idea to leave, don’t you?"

“You, my little red head are a life saver.” I informed her, giving her a small hug. “I’ll see you in a bit guys, back in Slytherin? Or what?” I asked Scorp and Rose.

“Yeah, we’ll just go back to my common room, that’s where Al will assume we are. See you, Rose says Bye too, but, well, she has cake. You know how it is” Scorp resigned to the fact Rose was never going to answer for herself.

“I know” Lils and I shrugged, walking out of the Great hall, where thankfully, the eyes stopped staring into my soul.

We walked to the room of requirement, where it, upon Lily’s request, created a simple relaxation room, with bean bag chairs and a big warm fire.

“Okay Lils, little sis, what do you need to talk about? I’m for advice and that stuff, but I’ll also just sit and listen if you like. Whatever, whichever. Talk away.”

“Okay, well first off. There is the whole Nana Molly thing, you don’t mind, do you? I just need you to sit there and listen. I really want to get this off my chest, and you are the only one I can tell, you’re the only one with a close enough connection with my entire family, that will understand, without being my family, well, not yet anyway.”

“I’m here, for whatever you need lovely. Anything at all.”

“Okay. Well, when we first got home, everything was really wrong and strange.
And well, it felt uncomfortable, we weren’t the Wotters. It didn’t feel like it anyway. I think my Mum noticed it as well, and when everyone was camping out at our house all together but pretty much silent. I snuck off to my room to think things over and stuff, you know? When I got there, I found my room exactly how I left it. My mum hadn’t done anything to it, I felt so at home and comfortable in this one room. My mum must have noticed I’d left so she came and found me. She sat in a bean bag, like the one you’re sat in and I sat in one like the one I’m sat in, and we just sat there, for a while in silence. Then she spoke.
‘“My little Lily Luna, are you alright darling? I’m assuming this isn’t what you thought you’d be doing on a Monday night. In fact I bet you were doing your divination homework last minute, making them up before you got my owl. Am I right?”

“Maybe... You know I hate Divination, but you can’t blame me, you and Dad hate it too. I know Al likes it a bit, but I’m not going to say anything to him.”

It went quiet for a bit before I spoke this time.

“Mummy, I’m scared. Is Nana Molly going to be okay? I can’t imagine her not being around”

“Lily Luna Potter, you have every right to be scared. Come here darling.” She motioned me closer, so I was on her lap, we sat as we used to when I was little, when I needed to be comforted or read a story, I really am a Momma’s girl through and through.

“Your Nana Molly, is so strong, there isn’t a part of my mind that doubts her. She’ll get through this, if it was anyone else, I’d question it, but not Nana Molly”

“Are you sure? She’s quite old isn’t she? Are you sure she’ll be able to cope with this one?”

“Baby girl, she gave birth to 6 boys before she gave birth to me. That’s a lot of pain darling. I was her little girl, the first daughter from a Weasley in generations. I was her little miracle. So, if I don’t believe in her, who will? If she can go through two wizarding wars, raise seven kids, all your uncles, as I’m sure you can imagine were quite a handful. She can survive this.”

“Mummy, Nana Molly always tells me how much you mean to her, and how thankful she is of you. She always tells me to look after you, her little Lily Lou, her little solider, she says I remind her of you all the time, especially when I have to keep Al, Jamesy under control. Are we going to see her tomorrow? I think I need to tell her something.”

“She says that? A lot?”

“Of course. She always tells me how proud she is of you”

“Oh Lily! You’ve made me feel so happy. You know, I’m so proud of you, I don’t tell you enough. But I am, always. And, yes, we’re all going tomorrow. Although since our family is so big. They’ve asked us to come in separate times. All of your Aunts and Uncles saw her today. So, we’ll be taking it in turns to see Nana Molly with our kids. I can ask if we can go first, if you like. I’m sure everyone will understand.”

“Thanks Mummy, I’d really like to go and see her first. I do need to tell her something, desperately. And Mum?”

“Good, I’ll ask once I’m finished with you! And yes?”

“I love you.”

“I love you too darling. Both me and your Dad love you so much”

“Thank you. I really needed this chat. I feel a lot better now” I smiled, standing up. She followed suit and tucked me into a Mummy Bear Hug, only letting go when I begged because I could no longer breathe.’”

She explained all this to me, getting slightly teary. I moved my bean bag closer to her and pulled her into my best big sister hug. She then continued,
“’I was woken up the next morning, by Dad,

“Lily sweetheart, time to wake up. We’re going to see Nana Molly this morning. Sorry if it’s early, I don’t know how long it takes you to get ready. I know your Mum will be up soon”


“Now come on Lily Pie. Your Mum said you wanted to tell your Nana something. Don’t you want to do that anymore?”

“No. I do. I do. I’m up! When have we got to go? “

“40 minutes or so.”

“Oh, well that’s plenty of time. I had a shower last night; I don’t think Jamesy did though. Have you woken him up yet?”

“That was probably a good thing then Lily Pie. No, I haven’t I was going to wake him up in about 10 minutes”

“Oh. Well, I’d recommend you do that now. It takes him forever to shower and do his hair. Much longer than me”

“Well, I ought to go and wake him up then! See you in the hall at about 9:30 sweetheart”

“See you then Daddy! Now hurry up! Jamesy will be really upset if he doesn’t look good!”’

We both laughed at this, knowing about how clueless Harry can be and how long it takes James to get ready. Lily then spoke about her visit to Nana Molly.

She looked really annoyed. She was told to stay lay down, something that was impossible. So, she comprised with the being able to walk around occasionally, be able to sit up and see ALL of her family, as soon as possible.

“Nana Molly!” I shouted in the most appropriate way possible in a hospital, going back to being a child again.

“Are you okay?” James asked, very concerned,

“What’s going to happen?”Al asked, just as concerned as his brother, with both of them trying to act older and braver for my sake.

“Lily! Al! James! It’s so good to see you! Don’t go worrying about old Nana Molly! James you’ve got your NEWTS coming up and Albus you have your OWLS and Lily dear, you’ve got your end of year exams! Those are things you should be worrying about, especially at your young age. What’s going to happen you ask Al? Well, the healers heal me and I go home, spick and span, good as new!”

“Thank Merlin!” all three of us decided, all of us proceeding to shout “Jinx” after.

“Mum!” James and I resigned, where as Al went for “Dad!” as we began to argue which one of us had won this time.

That was until Nana Molly stepped in, “Kids! I don’t think either of you won that one! Now, do you lot mind, I want to talk to each of my grandkids separately. Let’s start with the oldest. Jamesy, you’re up!” she smiled at us, pointing towards the door.

We stepped out and let her have some space with James, we sat in the waiting room for quite a while, Dad, Mum, Al and I, talked about this and that for this time. Until James came back, sending Al to Nana Molly.

“What happened? What did she say?” I questioned James,

“She said some really nice stuff, but she said I couldn’t tell anyone” he said, falling out of his tough big brother facade, into a little boy, crying slightly.

“Jamesy” he smiled slightly, as I called him ‘Jamesy’, just like I used to do when I was little.
I stood up and gave him a hug, like the adorable little sister I am, calming him down, “It’s okay. If it was nice things she said Jamesy, then she means them. Jamesy, please stop crying. What happened to my tough biggest brother, who spends ages on his hair and tries to appear perfect all the time? Not that he needs to; he’s perfect anyway in my eyes”

“Lily pad, it’s okay. I’m fine, you’re right. I’m always here, looking out for my Lily Pad and my Alby to look out for and after. You are so sweet Lils. I love you.”

“I love you too Jamesy” I stated, giving him another hug

Which was interrupted by our embarrassing parents who started to “Awwww”. “No don’t stop. Look at that Harry, our babies being nice to each other!” Mum beamed.

“I know Gin, what will happen next, our boys sharing a heart to heart moment” Dad joked.

“That or pigs will fly!” Mum laughed, they think they’re such hilarious, sarcastic people. Shame they’re not really.

“Haha very funny” I sarcastically returned.

“Yeah Lily pad’s right, that was way too funny” he laughed, breaking into a fit of fake laughter that, in the end we all joined in.

We only stopped when Al walked in and went straight towards Dad and into an awkward, Al and Dad hug. Apparently it makes them feel better but I can’t see how.

“I think that’s your cue Lils, we’ll be here when you get back” Mum spoke softly to me, gesturing towards the door.

I walked out of the door, and into Nana Molly’s room. “Merlin Nana, what have you done? You’ve broken both of my big brothers, how did you do that?!” I giggled.

“Simple my little Lily Lou, be an old women in a hospital, wishing the best for her grandkids.” She replied, looking slightly sadden by the truth.

“Nana, don’t go doing that. We already know how much you love us.”

“Oh, but Lily, I think I do. You know, I’m getting older. And darling, I’m not going to shield you too much, my stroke gave everyone something to worry about and be afraid over, I’m just as scared as everyone else is. But something I’ve learnt, that I’m passing onto you, is that no matter what, you have to stay strong, for the sake of your family. This is vital; you can break down sometimes honey. I don’t expect you to be a robot. I’m going to pass this down to everyone, so you can always count on someone, I promise.”

“Okay. I can do that, and I will for you”

“And Lily, I’ve got another thing of you my dear, I am so very proud of you, you are one of the youngest of on my grandkids, but you look out for everyone, you keep everyone in check. I know I tell you a lot but you remind me so much of your mother when she was your age. She somehow had power over all her brothers, just like you. And I couldn’t have wished for a better combination of your Mum and Dad to make their little girl. For you, I want to tell you something else I learnt. No matter what people say, you are perfect, and what you do makes you who you are. And if people don’t like that, they are not worth your time.”

“I love you Nana Molly, I do, I will always, no matter what, have faith in myself. But please stop talking like this; you’re going to be okay. You are going to be okay, you said it yourself.”

“I love you too Lily Lou. But this has made me realise that I’m not always going to be here. So, I need to do this now. I do.”

“Nana Molly, can I ask you something?”

“Of course”

“Nana, I know you’ve been through a lot crap in your lifetime. How did you manage to stay so strong? Your whole family fell apart when you were so young, but then you built up your own, you made your own life all over again. And ran a little house, with little money and loads of people, effortlessly, how did you even do that?”

"I stayed strong when I was young, and now actually because I had something worth fighting for, I had my future, I had your Grandad Arthur, I had everyone who I cared about, I had the positive feeling on my side. I got older and then I had my family, my boys and my baby girl, I had to do whatever it was that made it possible for them to live, they were my reason to keep fighting and stay strong, it didn't matter in the end what I was fighting for. I was purely fighting to make sure they didn't have to, not that they listened of course. But I did it to keep them safe, to look after them. And then a little birdie told me that my Freddy wouldn't want me to crumple under the reality that followed the war, so I carried on, and you know who told me that? It wasn't George, he was told the same thing by the same person. Your Mum, little Ginny Weasley, reminded us that Freddy wanted light at times of dark, wanted a smile even if it was surrounded by frowns. Would want us to live our lives, and you know what? We did just that. That's how I stayed strong my Lily Lou. That's how." She justified, getting slightly teary.

"You are by far one of the bravest women I have ever met, you know that Nana. I'm so proud of you and I know Mum is too. She probably doesn't tell you enough, but she is. I promise."

I found a place on her bed and just sat there hugging her for a while until she said "Lily, could you go and fetch your Mum for me. I need to tell her something"

I nodded, crying slightly and left the room, going to the waiting room, where I found my family all looking up at me with sympathy written across all their faces.

Mum, was the nearest and brought me into another hug, I felt so comfortable until I remembered she was next, "Mum?"

"Yes" she muffled in my hair.

"Nana Molly needs to talk to you"

She exchanged looks with Dad, pushing me away slightly and looking me in the eyes, then asking, "Are you sure? Nana Molly did this with us yesterday"

"I'm sure"

With that, she placed me in my Dad's arms and left.

"Daddy? She said she's worried. She said this was just in case. But I don't believe her, she's always so strong. I asked her how and I still don't understand. She told me to be strong. To always believe in myself. Why is she doing this?"

"Everyone's worried Lily. Everyone. But it is all just in case, she will get through this. Easily. But we all have to believe in her, and we all need to be strong for her"

Mum almost ran in requesting Dad to come with her, telling us not to panic, so once again. I was pushed into someone else's arms, but this time, I knew they weren't going anywhere.

My Mum and Dad are always so busy, Dad's job keeps him busy and although Mum has more time, she always has something to do.

But the two people in my life that aren't going anywhere are my brothers. Both Al and James, have time for me whenever, care about me, and are always there. At least one of them, always.

"Lils, she is going to be okay. We're not going anywhere, so don't even waste time thinking about it. Seriously, we're not. Everything will turn out fine" Al looked at me straight into the eyes, while I was trapped in a James hug, and held my hand, stroking it with his thumb.

"Lily pad. Relax. I promise that it's nothing to worry about and she's just turning into a loopy old lady and wants to share her life lessons with us" he spoke softly, letting out a small smile at the end, stretching me out so I could look into his eyes and trust him completely. He and Al then took in turns saying comforting things, and going back to the protective big brothers I needed.

“I can't explain to you the bond we have, but it's almost magical. I love them so much, and I hope nothing takes them away from me, because I need them, I really need them. I needed to tell someone all of that Livy, thank you so much for listening; I can actually feel the weight falling off my shoulders. Thank you so much.'", She gratefully finished.

"I never quite realised how close you three are" I confessed.

"Yeah, it's strange. But true. Every word”

"It's beautiful. I love you guys, you know that right? I'm always here for you, any of you guys. All of you. You can spread that to all of your cousins if you like. They're the closest thing I have to a family. Way closer than my actual family."

"Livy. You know we already feel like you're part of the family; don't even bother changing your name or even marrying Al! You’re just about mad enough to be part of us!"

I ignored the comment about Al and said "You absolute sweetheart! You guys are officially stuck with me forever then! That settles it!"

“Okay, so conversation number 2. How’s this special guy then?” I teased.

Lily went bright red, the trademark Weasley tinge, redder than their hair! It’s not particularly attractive, but it is very enduring. “Lysander Scamander”

“As in the son of your name sake. That Lysander?” I repeated

“The very same”

“As in the twin to Lorcan”


“As in the one you’ve known since you were a kid?”

“Yes! Merlin Livy, how many Lysander’s do you know?”

“Just the one”

“Then what was the need for the questions?”

“I just wanted to clarify! So, when did you realise? How did this happen?”

“Well, it happened a couple days before the whole Nana Molly thing. Basically, we’ve got even closer recently; he’s a Ravenclaw you know, so he’s been tutoring me in Divination. You know I hate that subject! And well, one thing led to another and we just talked a lot, it was so comfortable. I loved it. So, do you see my problem? It’s a strange transition.”

“Yeah, almost your entire family hates that subject... wonder why?” I said with the up most sarcasm, “That’s well cute by the way! If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen, and it’ll be comfortable as well. Just see what happens. It’ll be great, and it’ll happen when you least expect it as well. Don’t think of it as a problem!” I advised.

“Are you sure that’s how it will be though?

"I sure hope so. I mean. Now Lils, please don't freak out and don't tell anyone because I haven't even told Rose yet. But I'm going to have to tell you to justify this."


"Yes... Okay. Yes!"

"Merlin's giant underpants! Are you serious? Are you full on deadly serious? This is huge!"

"Yes Lily. I am serious. And yeah, I know it's a big deal. It was only a little kiss, only lasted a couple of seconds. But dear Merlin was it perfect! It so was. So I promise, if this is meant to be, between you and Lysander, it will just happen on its own. Don't force it, or wait for it or expect it. Just let life go on."

"I can't believe it! You kissed my brother! You kissed my brother. Ew! And you're telling me about it! Don't ever do that again. I'll take your word for the whole Lysander thing. Just never speak of this again!"

"Okay. Okay. Now, I really need to tell Rose. Meaning you don't know yet okay? You're a good actor right? You don't know until everyone knows, got it?"

"Yes ma'am! I'll see you later Livy!" She walked off, with a visible skip in her step. Mumbling "this is so exciting!" as she went.

I then went to Slytherin, hoping to find Rose. I was going to have many conversations that night!

A/N- Hey guys! How are you? What are you thinking of this chapter? Do you like Nana Molly? And how about Lily's relationship with her parents? Please leave a review and tell me what you think. It means a lot when you do! Thanks for reading! ScoroseOTP xxx


P.S. Can you please go to read my other story 'My Brothers and I', it's written from Lily's point of view about the real reason why she's so close with her brothers. It;s only one reason why and it makes me quite sad... so I may have to write another... keep your eye peeled guys. Love ya! xxx



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