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A/N: Anything you find familiar with the Original Harry Potter story is not mine to claim. That may include characters, sites, other topics and sometimes a little familiarity may be found in the plot.


Yarina  was in her bed, simply lying down. Not much feeling like doing meditation right now. She is not getting her peace. She is being disturbed these days by her thoughts. Her past. Past about her parents. She thought that she have forgotten about those things or may be thought that those didn’t matter at all. The fact is she doesn’t know who are her parents. She doesn’t remember them. Or may be she was cursed not to remember them.

The memory is still afresh in her.

She was living in the streets with no hope back at that time. In One rainy night, when she was 12 years old some drunkards who were in a women hunting group attacked her. She showed her magic without meaning to, when those disgusting-human-formed-creatures tried to rape her in a dark street in the back of the buildings.

Her magic was tremendously powerful. She still has this magic in her. She can burn the part of anyone’s skin that touches her if she wants. And those jerks being so much burned got so agonized that they got mad to get her raped and tortured anyhow. And then a man with dark long raincoat came. She couldn’t see his face. He didn’t say anything. But his very presence felt so graciously fearsome that all those jerks even forgot to say something. Yarina didn’t understand it at that time very much but still she felt like the hooded man had a kind of aura which is not human.

He just said one word, ‘filths!

And then he killed them all. To say it perfectly he just drank their blood. She still remembers his bright blood-red eyes looking at her while his sharp fangs piercing deep into those poor guys’ necks. Poor guy! Yes she really pitied them at that moment. And then the man came near her slowly as if gliding. She thought he would kill her too. Drink all her blood out of her. But she wasn’t afraid of death.

He came close to her and lifted her as if she didn’t weight. And took her with him.

‘Won’t you kill me?’

‘Not now. I’m taking you at my place.’


‘Seems like you don’t have any place to go. And you are bleeding.’

‘Oh.’ and then she fainted. Went in to a deep sleep with a feeling of great relief.


She slept for 29 hours. And woke up to find herself in a room with soft yellow light. She looked around. The room was quite fancy to be somewhere in a small town like that which is near the woods. And all the furniture were simply shouting out loud about the ability of the owner of them to maintain luxury.

But for some reason these didn’t make her surprised at all as it was supposed to make her. May be I’ve lived in luxury before thought Yarina. Her wound was not hurting much. It was healing fast for some reason. She wasn’t worrying about them now, for she had more pressing matters to think about. Who was the man that saved him. He literally seemed to be a vampire. But more importantly what is she herself?

Is the question that was added with her previous question who is she? Did she imagine that her skin burned those guys. Was her skin really protecting her. Is this magic? This is not the first time that she did things she couldn’t explain. But she never did something so intense before. She is going mad.

Do vampires and magic exist? Why would her parents abandon her? Did they abandon her at all? Or what if they are not alive at all to abandon her. Why doesn’t she remember them? This is frustrating. I need at least some answers.

She got out of her bed. It was lunch time and she felt hungry enough. Though she is used to dealing with it, she didn’t feel like she want to deal with it now. She slowly walked out of the room holding anything she could find near her.

The house seemed to be a large old mansion. Huge portraits and paintings in the walls. And gloomy air with soft light. She found herself in front of a staircase to take her upstairs. She went down. And was shocked to see where she was. She was thrilled enough to forget all her questions. It was a huge library. In fact not A library. This whole floor, all of the rooms in here seemed to be filled with books.

She didn’t know why but she seemed to be attracted by the books so much. Damn she didn’t know she had likings for books! How many more things does she not know about herself? One of the rooms seemed to be a little brighter, probably because of an opening. She entered the room. And went near the huge glass window at the wall, she could see the woods outside. So, this is a forest? She thought. 

Just along the window was a projection at the lower level of the window big enough to sit. She looked at the books. The books in this shelf were about Yoga and meditation. She took a book, sat at the window base with her legs lifted on it and started reading it. Soon she went deeper and deeper into the book. Some hours later when she was reading her third book ‘The Secret of Yoga’, She felt like some light of this world has fallen into her hands, some beauty of this world which she thought to be dark has fallen into her eyes.

He found her reading there long ago, but thought better than to disturb her. So, he decided to come later.

‘You’re supposed to be hungry by now. I’ve arranged some food.’

‘Hm,’ barely lifting her eyes away from the book.

‘You are quite fast in reading,’ he said without expression, successfully hiding his amazement.

‘Do you mind I touched your book without permission?’



‘Get some food first. The books will be here. You can read any time.’

Yarina looked at him with puzzled look. But said nothing.

She went with him in the dining. There were enough food. She was really hungry. She started eating with forks after serving food in her plate properly and realizing after quite some times that she is eating with forks and knives at an ease.

‘I won’t be staying here,’ declared Yarina after sometime.

‘Do you have anywhere to go?’

‘Many people don’t have any place to go. Why would you help me?’

‘You seem to be unhappy after being helped,’ he said ignoring her question.

‘I just want to know your purpose, for my own good.’

He looked at her face. ‘You don’t sound like some girl living in the streets. Where is your family? Did you flee from home?’

‘Who would want to leave their family?’ she said with sad sarcasm.

‘So your parents are dead. Why aren’t you in an orphanage?’

‘I don’t know. I just remember being in the corner of a street on a night 4 years ago. I don’t know what happened before that.’

‘Where were you living these days?’

‘Here and there.’ Said Yarina casually.

‘Streets are supposed to be odd place to live by a 12 years old girl, especially the ones who love books.’

‘May be I’m smart enough to act like I have a family in day and find some solitary place to sleep at night.’

‘No place is solitary enough to avoid people and the security police.’ He asked getting more curious.

‘I sleep in the woods or roof top of the houses. If they are easy to climb without being noticed.’

‘So, you went to that back side of the street to climb the building?’

‘Hm. There are so many places like that in a town like this. At the back of the buildings, It can be a good place to stay for the night.’ She said without expression, not looking at him.

He was not amazed hearing her story, but he was amazed to her lack of feelings or expressions to her life. This girl doesn’t have a life actually or she doesn’t remember to have any. He felt like he could see that some more lack of life in this girl’s life and it will be all over. This girl’s heart will be dark enough to burn everything around her. Besides she seemed to have magic blood in her. She sounds like she was born in a rich family, not to mention her attitude. He cannot let her leave this way. He can’t let her stay with him either. She should know that she has talent and she must flourish it.

‘You are a witch.’

Yarina chocked. ‘Excuse me?’

‘I said, you are a witch.’

‘If it is my name you’re looking for you can just ask me. My name is ‘Yarina’. That’s what I call myself. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know.’

‘I’m Wushan, Wushan Wagner.’ He said being amused. ‘And I wasn’t joking. You have magic blood in you. They are called witches and wizards. There are schools to study witchcraft and wizardry. You can attend to Enlit. This is the best in States. They have pretty good fund for the orphans.’

‘Ok. It’s heavy to load in my brains. But whatever the things you are saying even if it’s true they won’t probably have the place to stay at night. And I can’t possibly live under open sky with my books and do my homework, right? Huh ha,’ she laughed as if it was a real joke. But Wushan did not even blink. He just watched her laugh.

‘I know someone who will be delighted to adopt a brilliant mind like you,’ he said after some time.

‘I’m not brilliant. Anyone can read a book if the language is known.’

‘Yes. But not just anyone has the patience to read almost three books, 250 pages each in just 5 hours. Opportunities in life doesn’t always come. But if they come, you must have the strength to go for them. Because you deserve them. Besides, I thought the more you study and acquire knowledge the more you’ll go near solving your mystery about your past. It’ll help.’

‘Even if it doesn’t then at least you mustn’t waste your talent just living in the streets.’ Said Wushan. ‘Think and let me know.’ He got up to leave. He never talks much and praising someone is out of question. But he couldn’t help this time with this overly talented girl who was reading a book on Mechanics principles as if it was nothing to take time to understand; this girl really without effort made him social for some time. But he couldn’t help but feeling a bit thirst of her blood, though he was full after that night. Still, right now, may be it is only his responsibility to put some life in her.

‘Wait. You didn’t tell me about you.’

‘What of me?’

‘You killed some guys,’ Yarina then paused to say again after a while, ‘You drank all their blood.’

‘What of it?’ he said again without expression; suppressing the blood lust hard again. He really did not want to think of blood right in front of her, when he was already having hard time with his thirst.

‘What are you?’ asked Yarina, irritated.

Wushan looked at her. Came close to her. Turned her around so now he was behind her, and brought his face near her ear from behind to say, ‘I thought you already knew.’ And then he breathed in the smell of her inside him, making her shiver. He was now more like a beast.

‘Are you afraid?’ asked Wushan in deep tone.

‘I don’t know.’ Replied the 12 years old girl with weaker voice; who felt her knees going numb, feeling his breath in her neck.

‘I won’t say that you don’t smell tasty, but I won’t harm you.’ Saying this he released her. ‘I’ll talk to Professor Karnag.’

‘Who is he?’ said Yarina trying to get back her normal voice; not getting rid of the shaky legs yet.

‘He is an extra ordinary Professor of Harvard University of Cambridge and my teacher too. Also like my father. I did many of my researches with his guidance.’

‘Research? Of what? You read in Harvard too?! And what do you mean research? You look like you are just a school student. You don’t look to be more than 20 or 21!’

‘Well, not everyone’s educational progress is controlled by administration and normal process. And speaking of my age, I stopped aging when I turned into what I am.’

‘You can say Vampire, you know. But shouldn’t you be studying in magic school or something?’

‘I am not a wizard. At least I wasn’t having magic blood in me before I got bitten by a rogue vampire. I was, in their term, a muggle. But through this transformation in me I turned into a vampire but not a wizard. But I know enough about them. And I know some of them who can help you.’

Yarina didn’t say anything. She was still trying to digest all these information at once.

‘I live here alone. But I have to meet Professor Karnag. Will you be ok if I leave you alone here. Remind you, this Manson is in really solitary place, In the forest.’

‘I am used to sleeping in the forest at night. I’ll be fine reading books.’ She smiled without realizing she smiled after a long long time.


And that was all that had happened that day, six years ago. She is now living with Professor Karnag. He loves her more than anything since he doesn’t have a family of his own. Just didn’t get the time to marry. He is much too occupied with his studies and researches, just like she is busy studying as much books as she can get her hand on to.

She sometimes goes to Wushan’s place to see him with the excuse of borrowing books. Each time she gets enough to keep herself busy for long enough, again not long enough to stay away from seeing Wushan. She is getting older. But he is not changing. He still looks like handsome, tall, broad shouldered young man, within 21 or 22 with dangerously attractive eyes.

Wait, Yarina you shouldn’t be thinking about him that way, now. She blushed. Now, why do I have to blush to even thinking about him! She heard Professor Karnag parking his car. Dad is home, I have to get up. He’ll start nagging seeing me lying down in this hour of the day. She got up to wash her face to cover the fact that she was crying all these times. But that didn’t help much. Her eyes were a bit swollen.

‘Yarina, I’m home. Come downstairs. I’ve brought something you would love.’

He definitely brought a book on Kundalini Yoga or something about healing Chi energy. She thought and hurried downstairs. But she was surprised to see that it wasn’t some ‘thing’, it’s some ‘one’ actually, who was now looking at her swollen eyes with silent concern.

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