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A/N: Anything you find familiar with the Original Harry Potter story is not mine to claim. That may include characters, sites, other topics and sometimes a little familiarity may be found in the plot. And since I love yoga and Kung fu and believe in spiritual yoga, so I put some of yoga facts. I hope you don’t get bored. :)

Far away from London, far to the west across the Atlantic Ocean, in a city our story begins with the end of the chess match, two friends started, back in the yard, Yarina and Lind. Many curious eyes were watching the silent talent fight, since they were the two best talents in the best School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the whole of North America “Enlit School of Witchcraft and Wizardry”; especially the former.

‘Sorry but checkmate!’ declared Yarina in silent triumph in her special emotionless calm voice.

‘Hmm. You got lucky this time, I wasn’t paying attention,’ said Lind in a careless tone.

‘Trying to save our honor, are we? Or maybe we are trying to save our male ego from being knocked out by a girl, eh?’

‘Oh c’Yarina; not that again. I don’t think you to be a girl,’ said Lind in a matter-of-fact tone, getting up from their favorite place for chess fight and heading to the inside of the house where Yarina lived with Professor Karnag.

Yarina stopped pouring juice in two mugs, gave one to Lind, taking hers in her hand started going to her room and asked with new amusement in her voice now along with her perfect calmness, ‘So you think I’m a boy! Seems like you have lost your mind after you have lost your precious game!’ she kept on taunting Lind.

‘You know I didn’t mean it that way. I just respect you more than any other typical girls.’

‘You say typical, as if they are something to be looked down upon. It’s not their fault. It’s their nature. They are made to be like this.’

‘Oh, yeah. Like always being conscious about looks and ways of charming boys and stupid gossips?’

‘Yeap,’ said Yarina still calmly, not even looking at Lind and opening the book she was reading before. ‘Just like most typical boys passes their time betting, showing off their intellects, fighting and boasting over the fact that he is mightier than the next just to impress the girls,’ said Yarina still not looking at Lind. Then she took a sip from her juice.

‘You are again fighting about boys and girls fact, Yarina,’ said Lind finishing his juice and taking a parchment. He has to write at home, where his uncle lives with aunt and their son and daughter. Though it has been quite some years since he has been back at home in London.

Lind’s parents died when he was very little. He is from a famous pureblood family of London, Lloydenar. From his very childhood his uncle wanted him to stay and grow up in the mansion Lloydenar family have in U.S.A. for a reason Lind never bothered to ask. He made friends in this continent from his very small age and he never wanted to go back, where, he felt like no one, no real family, no parents are waiting for him. It’s been many days he hasn’t written back at home.

‘Don’t complain if you lose, especially if you are the one starting it. Besides I’m trying to concentrate.’

‘I didn’t lose. I’m not fighting in the first place. And yes, most people who don’t have balance between their Ang and Ying, I was meaning all of them. And all I did was to put you in a respectable place, my dear lady. And why should I be punished with harsh logics?’ said Lind with sarcasm.

‘May be you forgot  yourself mentioning just the ‘girls’, not -people. And you can say Sun and Moon if you cannot pronounce ‘Yang’ and ‘Yin’, said Yarina turning her page.

‘You are talking like him,’ said Lind suddenly changing the topic.

‘Who?’ said Yarina taking another sip from her moments’-forgotten-juice.

‘You know…’

‘No, I don’t’

‘The one whose name will make you blush. So I don’t want to say it and make you uncomfortable,’ Said Lind turning his face to hide his silent laugh.

‘He doesn’t talk about Meditation,’ said Yarina blushing and being slightly angry, taking her face out of the book to see Lind now watching her with a  winner’s glory and suddenly realizing her mistake.

‘You just agreed with the fact that you blush with that muggle’s name, you know that right? Since I still haven’t said his name.’ said Lind, now with a devil’s smile in his face.

‘Shut up,’ said Yarina regaining her calmness and taking her nose back to the book, struggling inside not to get angry or may be sad. ‘You should do something productive than just wasting your and especially my time with just rubbish talks.’

‘Do you know, now you just said his lines, almost word to word. You really must be in lo…’

‘Stop it! now!’ Snapped Yarina suddenly. ‘I respect him. He was there for me when no one was. I don’t know in what kind of a place I would have been serving my body to some fools. I am getting education in a magical school, thanks to him and I have got books because of him. Does it seem less to owe someone.’ Said Yarina suddenly lashing everything she was having in her mind for quite some times.

Even Lind got surprised. Yarina is never angry. Never this way. She never shouts. She is always cool headed. She has got tremendous talent. She loves books. She loves reading about muggle science, physics and technology. She is researching and practicing meditation for a long time. He, the only one of her friends in States who knows her past.

He stood up to hold her. She was sitting in the cosy armchair now, crying. Lind kneeled down in front of her, held her chin to ask, ‘Yarina, what happened? Why all of these suddenly? Did anyone told you anything? You know I was joking, don’t you?’

She said nothing.

‘Yarina, calm down now. Pleaseeee. You don’t have to do this to yourself.’

‘What am I supposed to do then, huh? What am I supposed to do? The smart-talented-Yarina, doesn’t even know who her parents are? Am I supposed to ignore it all the time and act like I am happy and my life is perfect? Am I going to pretend that I don’t owe someone, a complete stranger, for everything I did in my life, though it’s within the last four years? I am just too grateful to him.’

‘You mean you love him?’

‘It doesn’t matter if I love him the way you mean or not, it’ll never change the fact that I owe him a lot.’ said Yarina in a calm voice, still tears streaming from her eyes.

‘But It’s Professor Karnag that is your father now since he legally adopted you as his daughter. Why should you be owing everything to Wushan? Wait a sec, did he tell you something rude or ask anything from you? What is it? You can tell me, Yarina,’ said Lind now hugging her in comfort.

‘You don’t understand do you? How can you be so intelligent and so stupid at the same time? As if He would ever ask anything from me! Just forget it, ok. And save your energy for another argument.’

That’s good, thought Lind. She came to her usual tone and stopped crying. Ok, Just a little more push, thought Lind and said, ‘Why am I a blunt-head, you ask? I don’t know; May be because I don’t always drink fruits’ juice like you instead of REAL drinks, Miss.’

‘Whatever, It’s my time for yoga. Either get ready to join me or get out of my place and find some other to argue with.’

‘I’m hungry. I can’t do yoga now. I’m leaving. See you tomorrow. I’ve to finish the letter.’


‘And, be a nice girl to stop worrying about useless things.’


‘Remember?  You are just blocking your energy flow in the heart Chakra with some past sadness.’

‘Yeah, yeah. Since when you started to teach me about Chakras?’

‘And you should be free from your SELF and ME thingy.’

Yarina said nothing but lifting her left brow little upper.

‘Ok, I’m leaving.’

And then Lind left. He knew she won’t be doing anything but lie down. She won’t even allow anyone to stay with her. She doesn’t allow comfort from people unless it is from Wushan. Lind knows her very well.



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