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Have I mentioned before that I hate breakfast? Like hate it with the passion of a thousand suns? On a good day, it’s my least favourite meal, not because I hate the food (since, let’s face it, if god has a favourite food it’s quite clearly scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes…) but because I absolutely detest anything that makes me get out of bed.

Oh, plus this particular breakfast my family were doing their best to pretend I don’t exist? That just made everything super duper fun…

By the time I got up I was nearly too late to eat, cursing as I got dressed I had never realised the extent to which I rely on Rose’s gentle nagging to get me up and out the door on time. She had left early without a word to me.

I reached the Gryffindor table to see Rose, Al, Lily and Roxie all fall silent, making it abundantly clear I had been the topic of conversation.

This was confirmed by Hugo, who, due to having his back to me didn’t realise I was there and was too dense to realise everyone else falling silent probably meant something significant.

“She’s not remotely exhausting! What’s exhausting is all of this bullshit you’re all stirring up!”

“Well said,” I added snarkily as I leaned over a very pale Lily to grab a piece of toast from the tray in the middle of the table.

“Dom…” said Roxie quickly.

“Don’t!” I said flatly, “But since everyone is so fucking quick to condemn me, why doesn’t someone ask Rosie why we’re fighting? Since you’re all enjoying a good bitch session about me I’m sure she’ll be happy to tell you, you know,” I looked at Rose and raised one eyebrow, “Since I’m the one in the wrong and all.”

“Don’t go picking on Rose!” fired up Al.

“Are you fucking kidding me with this mate?” demanded Lysander from further down the table; he’d clearly been alerted to the conversation by my arrival.

Al looked startled “What?”

“Not everything under the sun is Dom’s fault!” Lysander strode towards us, slipping one arm around my waist, “So frankly you guys ought to be ashamed! Lily, Dom took the blame for that whole mess with my brother didn’t she? Al? Has she ever once refused to do any of those nonsense moves you keep throwing at us? Rose?” He glared at her, “You know that I know, and quite frankly you’re lucky Dom is protecting…”

“Enough!” I interrupted hastily, seeing how white Rose had turned, “I’m going to class. Quite frankly you can all take a flying leap of faith off the fucking astronomy tower… Except Hugo,” I ruffled his hair, “who seems to be worth ten of the rest of you.”

He chuckled and stuck his tongue out at his glaring older sister and cousin on the other side of the table, “it’s called loyalty, it’s a Gryffindor thing, you guys should try it some time!” with that he moved several seats down to join his classmates.

“What he said,” Lysander jerked his thumb at Hugo’s retreating form, and, taking my arm, marched me off to transfiguration.


“Dom!” Roxie was waiting for me outside class, with a pale faced and slightly tearstained Lily, “Dom I’m so sorry.”

I saw Lysander’s face blacken as he opened his mouth to treat her to his opinion but I quickly clamped my hand over his mouth.

“Shhh you.”

He looked extremely indignant, “mphmlmnsm” he said.

“No,” I replied calmly, “You may not.”

He scowled and began to lick my hand.

I rolled my eyes, “Mate if your tongue’s been down my throat what makes you think this will… ouch!”

I narrowed my eyes dangerously, “did you just bite me?”

He chuckled, “call it paying back an old score.”

He turned to both girls and his grin vanished, “You’ve both got a hell of an apology to make.”

Seeing Lily about to begin to cry again I rolled my eyes but was unable to hide the stupid grin on my face as I pushed him down the corridor, “go, shoo, away. We have girl stuff to discuss.”

He chuckled again, “then as a stereotypical male I must flee. Should I run off to do manly activities then while you gossip and paint your nails?”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “Go build something… or hit someone…”

This was clearly the wrong thing to say since his grin vanished, “I have two candidates in mind…”

“On second thoughts… just build something… and torture chambers don’t count.”

He winked, “kinky.”

“Shut up and go to lunch.”

He winked again and kissed me soundly, “your wish, as ever, is my command.”

Blushing slightly I swatted his arm, “Go you moron!”

“So, you and Scamander are dating?” Lily’s love of gossip appeared to intrude on her apology, “pay up!” she turned triumphantly to Roxie.

“Seriously Dom?” Roxie groaned, “You couldn’t have held out until Christmas?”

“You were taking bets on me?”

“Actually Hugo was taking bets,” said Lily as she triumphantly slipped several galleons into her pocket, “but Roxie and I don’t bet with him anymore because he charges a commission on winnings which borders on usury.”


“We’re really sorry about breakfast Dom,” Said Roxie softly, “We were all out of order, and not that this excuses what you heard, but Lily and I weren’t saying you were exhausting…”

“Really?” I interrupted, “Then I really ought to go and see Madame Pomfrey and get the hallucinations I appear to be having sorted out…”

Lily flushed, “Al was telling us what happened, we didn’t have a chance to agree or disagree, and maybe we shouldn’t have listened, or we should have stopped him talking…”

“Since Al actually has no idea what happened his ability to explain it to anyone else is nothing short of a miracle.”

“We’re sorry Dom,” Said Roxie firmly, “You don’t deserve what’s happening, but try to see it from our perspective, we love you and we love Rose and Al, and only the three of you know what’s happening, and it’s just as uncomfortable for those of us stuck in the middle as it is for you.”

“That’s not quite true since no one is bitching about you,” I said thoughtfully, “but I take your point and I’m sorry you’re caught up in it all.”

“What’s going on Dom?” Lily asked quietly, “Why do the three of you hate each other! We never fight!”

“We always fight,” I laughed, putting one arm around her shoulder and steering the two of them towards lunch.

She shook her head, “Not like this! Not really!”

“I don’t know Lil, Rose and I had a disagreement and Al stuck his fat nose in where it doesn’t belong, I can’t say anymore than that.”

She sighed and then brightened, “So you and Lysander then… Is he a good kisser? What does he like? Because I heard twins are similar so it’s good to know for when Lorcan and I…”

Roxie groaned, “Lily!”

I burst out laughing, “congratulations Lily, you’re officially the worlds cutest psychotic stalker…”


“Hello Dom.”

As I sat studying before dinner Lucy slid into the armchair opposite mine, curling her tiny frame into it and surveying me with her signature owl like gaze.

“You know that stare of yours is really disconcerting right?”

She nodded solemnly, “Yes, I cultivate it that way, people find it difficult to lie to me which seems like a useful sort of skill to have.”

“You terrify me.” I assured her.

She flashed a pretty smile, “Good! What on earth is going on between you and Al?”

“Don’t you mean me and Rose?”

Lucy rolled her eyes, “Do me a favour and credit me with some observant ability. I assume you know about Rose and Malfoy? What I don’t understand is what Al has to do with anything.”

“Thank you! That was my point!” Suddenly the first part of her sentence hit me, “Wait! You know about Rose and Malfoy?”

Again she rolled her eyes, “I’m not blind Dom! Anyone could see the frisson of attraction between them.”

“I beg your pardon?” I demanded, “Frisson? Are you writing muggle romance novels now?”

“It’s an accurate description.”

“It sounds like a fucking French pastry not a sex term.”

She chuckled, “It’s an emotional term, not a sex one. But my point is, why are you really mad at Al?”

“Because he’s a nosy, judgemental sod?”

“He’s always been a nosy, judgemental sod,” she pointed out, “And you’ve never minded before.”

“Yeah well he’s never aimed it at me before, not really.”

She shrugged, “Are you mad because of that or because you miss James?”

I blinked, “What in Merlin’s name does he have to do with anything?”

“He’s your best friend right? Don’t you think maybe Al resents how close you guys are?”

“Why should he?” I was genuinely confused, “He and Rose have always been cronies and I don’t care.”

Lucy raised one little eyebrow, “The current argument suggests you do care that he’s closer to Rose. What I meant was that Al has spent half his life in either his fathers shadow or James’s, and this was meant to be his year in the spotlight, and I think every time he looks at you looking at him, he thinks you still see him as James’s little brother, that you wish you had James around as your partner in crime. That he is somehow lesser.”

“That’s absolutely mental, no one can think anything that tangled!”

She snorted, “Just because your mind is horrendously blunt doesn’t mean other people aren’t capable of more complex emotions. I don’t think Al even understands why he got so angry. I think he feels like you’re trying to hold himself and Rose into the moulds that were set when you were all children.”

She sighed, “In a way, I’m glad Louis and I were always left out of the Camelot game, no one ever assigned us an identity. But I will say this Dom, You can’t resent Rose because you think she’s walking outside the fictional role you gave her when you were children by dating the ‘enemy’. Life isn’t as black and white as you and James like to make it sometimes.”

“I don’t care that she’s dating Malfoy!” I retorted, stung, “I care that she lied about it! I care that she let Al think it’s all my fault! That she’d rather let me take the fall for the fight than tell him what really happened! She’s supposed to be truthful!”

“You can’t expect her to be perfect all the time!” Said Lucy thoughtfully, “she’s got as much right to screw up sometimes as you do. And Al has a right to decide he wants an identity of his own! Do you really think they’ll love you any less just because they start to let other people in?”

“It’s not that!” I had no idea how to even begin to explain what was going on.

Lucy, as ever, seemed to understand, “I get it Dom, I do, you don’t want other friends, and that’s ok, but Al and Rose will suffocate if you try and keep them in the Weasley bubble. James and Freddy will stay there forever, because neither of them will ever really grow up. But both Al and Rose are trying to break the mould, that doesn’t mean they won’t come back, or that you’ll lose them, but you do need to let them try.”

Unsure why a thirteen year old seemed to have become my confidant I asked her something that had been bothering me since my conversation with Professor Longbottom.

“Is it weird I don’t want other friends?”

She thought about the question for a minute, “No. You and Vic had a worse time in the genetic field than Louis I think, I’ve seen how girls are with you Dom, they take one look and decide you’re a bitch, because you’re so unnaturally pretty, and boys look at you and friendship is the last thing on their minds, and you’re so used to people only seeing you that way you hide in the rest of us, because we don’t care about how you look. It’s the same reason you’re so unpleasant to most people, it’s like you’re trying to constantly remind them that you’re more than a Veela, that you’re trying to goad them into forgetting how pretty you are.”

I sat stunned for several seconds, “Where do you get all of this?” I demanded.

She laughed, a tinkling noise that caused several of the second and third year boys to stare at her with rapt attention and I began to realise just how pretty Lucy had become.

“I don’t miss much,” she admitted, “If you talked less you’d be surprised what you’d learn. People aren’t as complicated as we like to think.”

She glanced at her watch and swore; “I promised I’d meet Louis in the kitchens ten minutes ago!” she stood up abruptly, “Lovely to talk Dom, think about what I said? And we’ll talk when you catch up to your own nonsense!”

As she strode away I shook my head wondering exactly what life intended to do with the unsinkable Miss Lucy Weasley, or, more accurately, what Lucy Weasley intended to do to life…

The universe had my sympathy, it really did.



As I walked into dinner that night I was less than surprised to see Al shooting me a glare over his kidney pie as he and Rose sat at the end of the table, what did surprise me was that the first years sat between those two and Roxie, Lily and Hugo, who appeared to have reserved a space for me next to Hugo.

As I sat down I raised one eyebrow, “What did you lot do? Why are Rose and Al looking like someone shat in their food?”

Hugo put down his forkful of pie, “Thank you for that mental image Dom.”

“We’re making a point,” Said Roxie calmly, “They started this nonsense, we told them we were saving you a spot and they could like it or lump it.”

“In case you didn’t guess,” said Lily helpfully, “they chose to lump it.”

 “I got that,” I said quietly, touched by their loyalty.

Hugo caught my surprise and mussed my hair, “Did you really think we’d let them pick on our Dom?”

“You don’t need to get involved!”

He chuckled, “Haven’t you heard Dom? Even Camelot went to war eventually.”

So it did, and apparently the battle lines have been drawn.


Al left the table looking green as dinner progressed causing a worried looking Rose to follow him, “Very mature,” she snapped as she passed.

I narrowed my eyes, “Not cool guys.”

“Wasn’t us,” said Hugo, eating his own pie calmly, “It seems Louis took exception to Al’s treatment of you and decided to get involved.”

I turned and saw my younger brother, his angelically blonde hair falling into one eye at a rakish angle tip me a wink as Lucy smirked.

I remembered her trip to the kitchens, “Remind me to never piss of Lucy.”

Roxie shuddered, “Heaven help you if you did.”

“She’s mental!” said Hugo in proud tone, “Do you think we could convince her to play Quidditch?”

Even I shuddered at the image of the chaos which would ensue if Lucy were let loose with a beaters bat…


“You owe me a kiss!” Lysander said smugly as he flopped himself onto the couch half squashing me as I sat doing my homework.

Always happy to oblige I payed up, “Why?”

“I was talking to Malfoy…”

I shoved him off me, causing him to land on the floor with a loud thump.

“What was that for?” he demanded.

“If you’ve been near Malfoy his sliminess might have infected you.”

He rolled his eyes, “And he said Rose is devastated over this whole argument.”

Thinking of dinner I snorted, “I’m sure.”

“He’s worried.”

Again I snorted, “since that requires actual human emotions and he’s a snake forgive me if I doubt that.”

“Anyway,” Lysander seemed determined to ignore my commentary; “we decided that the four of us would go on a double date tonight.”

I stared into his cheerful face incredulously, “Are you high? That is the single worst fucking idea I’ve ever heard!”

“I think it sounds fun!”

“Do you also think watching me decapitate one or both of them will be fun?”

He thought about this for a moment, “Yes, get your cloak.”


“Allow me to take this moment to register my objection to this whole clusterfuck of an affair,” I said as we strode through the corridor.

“Shut up Princess,” said Lysander pleasantly.

“I mean it! I’ve never in my life felt the need to go on a double date, let alone with Malfoy and Rose, this is going to be fucking traumatic.”

“If you don’t stop complaining I might actually traumatise you,” Lysander grinned as he held open the door to the secret passage for me.

“Oh real nice, spousal abuse jokes.”

He have a weary sigh, “Dom, for it to be spousal abuse we would need to be married.”


“And it won’t be that bad.”

I snorted.

He chuckled, “ok, so maybe it will.”

“Whatever,” I gave a wicked grin, “I reserve the right to give you violent diarrhoea if it’s atrocious.”

He looked mildly horrified, “I beg your pardon? You’ll give me diarrhoea?”

I rolled my eyes, “not literally you moron?”

He snorted, “my apologies, how foolish of me to think that threats of a violent physical bowl ailment from a famously vicious Veela would be figurative.”

“There was far too much alliteration in that sentence…”


I gave an innocent smile as we emerged into the basement of Honeydukes and snuck up the stairs.

“I just meant that if the evening is mind numbingly awful I reserve the right to announce that you are suffering from violent diarrhoea and that we need to leave before you shit blood all over yourself.”

He looked horrified, “No! Also, what you’re describing sounds more like some sort of punctured bowel than diarrhoea!”

“Well we need an exit strategy!”

“Then why can’t you have a punctured bowel?”

I rolled my eyes, “Obviously because a lady never talks about her bowel movements in public!”

“Oh but she can talk about her boyfriends!”

“If it makes you feel better we can call it “tummy trouble”?” I offered wickedly as we walked towards the Hogshead.

He glared, “try it and I’ll fucking kill you. What are you? Five?”

“I’m not the one who’s squeamish about having bloody diarrhoea! It’s presumably not your fault something punctured your bowel unless you decided to stick a poker up your ass or eat glass for some mental reason!”

“As ever Dominique, the traumatising charm of your conversation is a delight to all who are privileged to hear it.”

Lysander groaned as Malfoy and Rose walked towards us.

Rose gave me a shy smile and turned to Lysander looking worried, “should you go and see Madame Pomfrey?”

“I’m fine!” he said through gritted teeth.

Rose looked confused, “But bloody stool can…”

Malfoy and I burst out laughing until tears rolled down our faces.

“I will fucking kill the pair of you,” said my unfortunate boyfriend through gritted teeth.

“It’ll be worth it,” Malfoy assured him.

“Get inside,” muttered Lysander.

This double date thing might have some appeal after all….




There we go! I hope everyone had a lovely christmas and a happy new year! This chapter was a bit lighter in tone so I hope people enjoyed things getting a little bit better for Dom! In case people haven't guessed Lucy is my favourite character, I'd love to hear people's opinion on her (or any other favourite character you'd like to see more of!) but her involvement in the chapter was my little christmas present to myself!

What do people think of Dom? Review opinions seem torn between people who really do like her, and people who think she's a bit of a brat, So I always love to hear opinions on devloping her character since to me she's a bit of both!


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