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After a really quite uneventful lesson, where I might add, the highlight being, I got a question right and got Hufflepuff 10 points! I left, forgetting that I still needed to talk to Al, but luckily a hand grabbed mine in amongst those heading back to the castle. However this hand took me away from the warmth of Hogwarts castle and out into the cold by which the black lake lived. Why it’s our favourite, ‘I’ve got to tell you something’, place. I have no idea, so don’t even bother asking. It freezes your butt off.

"Liv" Al spoke softly, turning so he completely faced me and looked straight into my eyes. "I had a little chat with Scorp and Rose, late Saturday night. I bet you know that. But I remember that now. And, well, they made me realise something that I didn't even think was possible, not even that morning did I think this. But once it came to me, it became so obvious."

"No offence or anything Ally, but could you get to the point" I interrupted.

"Right, the point. Well, I found out why I was jealous. Liv, I think I may have fallen in love with you"

He, he, he. He does. Are you sure? Wait. You've got to reply. Go on. Say something. Anything!

"Did you know that a banana may not actually be a fruit but a herb in disguise?"

Good one brain. Oh Merlin! He looks all confused, almost heart-broken. This time, say the right words.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to, Umm, say that. I. Umm. Oh to hell with it! Al, I think I feel the same way. Actually, since I spent most of Saturday night crying over you. I'm almost positive I do."

"You do? I mean you really do?! That's such a relief! But you know what Liv? I didn't know that about bananas!" He laughed.

He then, with an amused look on his face, leant forward, kissing me softly on the lips. And do YOU know what? It was magical, like even real magic couldn't recreate that! The butterflies I so often felt when he was near, exploded, causing a feeling that I can only describe as what it must feel like to really be on cloud 9. It was so easy, and felt so right. But the main thing was, on that day, I found my spark, like fireworks going off. All in one, simple, small kiss.

We parted, and smiling right back at him, I commented, "Well, you learn some new everyday Ally!"

Al was just about to return, probably with a smart remark, but wasn't able to because his large barn owl, Aphrodite, appeared, spreading her large wings to fly and stopping right in front of Al. She was carrying a letter, which Al kindly accepted and with a stroke, and with that Aphrodite was off, heading toward the owlery. He shot me a small apologetic look but continued anyway, realising it was just me and he could be comfortable with that.

"It's from Mum, wonder why she's owled me in the middle of the day. She doesn't do that unless something's wrong, what could be wrong?" He worried, opening the letter.

Hiya Al,
It's only Mum. Sorry about having to tell you this in a letter my darling but I've got to tell you sooner rather than later. It's about Nana Molly. Before you panic. She's okay now, but she did have a stroke today. The Healers say that she is lucky, that there's no lasting damage and she'll be up and about in no time. Although, she does have to stay in St. Mungos for a bit, I’ve arranged with Minnie that you can floo from her office any time today, to our house. All of you. Meaning you can have a couple days away from school. Don't worry about relaying the message. I've sent one to both your brother and sister, and everyone else to their sons and daughters. I'll see you in a bit Al, be strong for me okay?
I love you.
P.S Minnie says the password is Butterscotch.

He simply handed me the letter, unable to speak himself. So, I spoke for him.

"Al, do you want to head back up to the castle?"

A nod confirmed.

"Okay, I'll take you up to Gryffindor, see if everyone's there and find anyone who isn't. Then, you can all go to Professor M's together. Does that sound okay?"

A nod also confirmed that. Therefore that was what happened.

It turned out all I had to do was take Al up to his common room, where we found everyone else. It was all very sad, Lily was wrapped up in a hug from James who immediately turned around when Al walked in and engulfed him into the hug as well, and Hugo was being squished by Rose. Louis was in charge if Luce, who was silently sobbing into his shoulder, Fred was trying to calm down Molly. Scorp was stood to the side, which is where I headed, giving him a hug as well, I always loved Nana Molly, she had the best food for miles around, and always gave great hugs as well. Scorp was the first to speak, suggesting they went up to Professor M's office, which they all thought was a great idea, all traipsing off, with their arms around younger siblings or cousins, whispering comforting words to each other.

The days went by and they still didn't come back. I owled both Rose and Al, so did Scorp. But we didn't get much of a reply, just a simple, don’t worry, we're okay, see you soon. Nothing special, nothing interesting. Although, it didn't stop me worrying, in fact, it made it worse. I was upset myself because of it, I couldn't even imagine what they would feel like. I wished on all my 11:11s, the shooting star I saw, and even said a prayer, for them all, I can be quite sentimental sometimes. Me and Scorp were all a bit lost to be honest, the Wotters made up our friends, so without them, it was really odd. We noticed it. Well, everyone did really. It was damn lot quieter and I visited the Gryffindor common room, to see a friend (Rydel), for a bit of help on a Muggle Studies essay that I really couldn't be bothered to do, my heart just wasn't in it, well, anyway the common room was empty without them all, laughing, joking, chatting.

Scorp tried his best though, he knew that I was an emotional wreak about the whole Al thing and that I loved the Wotters so much it would have been hard for me to deal with them not being there. I knew he was the same though; maybe he wasn’t as close to the Wotters as me but Nana Molly had always looked out for him and made him feel comfortable. And, well, then there was Rose. I knew he loved her more than anything in the world. In fact we did several things to keep our minds busy, one of them was a trip to the room of requirement, although it made us think of them, it was good because then we didn’t feel the slightest bit guilty when we enjoyed ourselves without them.

Scorpius POV-
“Hey Livy” I smiled, walking into the Hufflepuff common and stopping her in our usual place by the fire on the Wednesday night

“Scorp! I need you to help me with my Defence homework. I’ve lost the ability to use my brain” she pleaded with me

“Sure. Which one is it? The one about the patronus?” I foolishly agreed

“Yes! I just can’t do it” she confirmed, handing me a piece of parchment and a quill.

“I’m not doing it for you!”

She gave me the puppy dog eyes

“Fine. I will. But you’ll have to write it out again before tomorrow, it’ll be in my hand writing!” I gave in. It didn’t take long though, I was finished by the time Livy had told me what had happened in muggle studies that day

“So basically Professor Hall got an electric shock, you should have seen her hair though, it was sticking up in more directions than Al’s!”

“Is she okay?”

“Oh yeah, she’s fine. Poppy fixed her fast enough”

“Oh good. Done!”

“Yay! You know I love you right? Rose would have made me do it myself” she finished sounding quite sad

“I know. You haven’t got to do anything do you?” I tried to cheer her up

“No. That was it” she indicated to the parchment she was placing in her bag

“Right. Do you want to go on an adventure then?”

“I always do. I’ll just put my bag in my dorm” she ran and was back before I knew it


“Ready. Where are we going?”

“To the room of requirement”

“Okay. After you brother” when were alone I’ve found that Livy has a thing of calling me her brother, I don’t mind of course because it’s incredibly endearing but it does make me smile. I love her so much, she’s part of my family, my little sister.

“Thanks little sister”

When we got to the room of requirement, I wasn’t really sure what to ask for. So what I asked for was a room where you can forget everything you need to forget for a while, without losing the memory completely. I walked three times in front of it, a door appearing in front of me, I opened to door and let Livy go in first.

I wasn’t sure to expect but what I found seriously wasn’t that. The room was huge, and I mean size of a Quidditch pitch huge. It was amazing. Half was a lounge area with a pensieve in the middle of a series of different comfy seats. The other a playground, an actual playground, only we could use it. Although it wasn’t really a playground, more of a ball pit, a giant, ceiling to floor, adventure ball pit. There were four floors, each tall enough for me to stand up in. There were three slides, one a tube going from the top to the bottom, another, a plunge sort of death style slide that literally went horizontally down in a straight line from the fourth to the bottom floor, and then a little baby slide from the second to the bottom floor. It was amazing, I felt like a little kid in a teenagers body.

“Oh. My. Gosh!” Livy squealed, jumping straight into the ball pit, just like any other kid would have done at the age of 5.

“No way.” I stood still admiring my mind for coming up with this, well, and thanking the room

Livy’s face much brighter than before shouted at me from the top, pushing her face right up to the netting which allowed no escape so she couldn’t fall, “Come on then!” she beckoned me

Although before I could even try to get up to her she was sliding down the slide meeting me at the bottom of it, “Weeeeeeee!” she giggled as she came down. “Sorry!” she apologised once she’d bashed into me, “this is just amazing. We have to bring Rose and Al here. This is the best!”

“Let’s do it then Livy!” I laughed.

We spent a good hour, possibly more running up and down, sliding down the slides, even climbing up the slides, and simply just mucking about. It was really quite funny and in every way it was perfect for chilling out. After that we choose seats opposite each other and figured out what the pensive would do.

“You know, I bet if Rose was here, she could tell us! Actually, I think Al’s told me something about a pensieve, even he could bloody tell us how to use it!” Livy complained

“Yeah, I think Rose has told me something about it too. I can do this though” I decided

“You’re right, you’re constantly with Rose, and you actually listen to her. How do we get this thing to work? Actually do you reckon it’s empty?”

“It’s defiantly empty; it’d look more interesting if it was full. I think. Wait.” I stuttered, pulling my wand out putting it to my head, thinking really hard on a particular memory, moving my wand away.

Nothing happened.

“What was that for?” Livy asked looking thoroughly perplexed

“I was trying to get a memory out! This thing should seriously come with instructions!”

“I know. Well, this is no fun”

“No. Sorry about this. We’ll have to figure this out and come back another day” I said getting up and heading for the door

“Sure. Thanks by the way. You know, it means a lot that you’d come in here and make a fool out of yourself in a ball pit.” She thanked, following me

“You know I’d do anything for you”

“I know. I just wanted to make sure you know I’m grateful”

“I already knew that”

“Had to make sure” she smiled, giving me a hug from behind, so her head was resting on my back

“No need” I replied, turning round to give her a proper hug

“Love you”

“Love you too” I said pulling away from the hug and turning in the direction of my common

“Piggy back!” she laughed, jumping on my back

“Fine...” I grumpily accepted her weight and changed course, carrying her to her own common room

“Here you are then Livy”

“Thanks Scorp”

“Sleep tight” I waved, going to my own common room

“Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” She waved back, heading into her common room

Livy’s POV-

It wasn't until 4 days after that they gave me a proper reply,
Hey Livy,
Please stop worrying we're all fine! Nana Molly is now out of hospital, and is back to normal. Mum says we shouldn't have any more days off but Dad persuaded her that we could have tomorrow off, there's no real point right? I mean it's Friday! But we will be back on Saturday at some point. I do hope I haven't missed too much, now everything's calmed down, I really worried about what I've missed, it's OWL year Livy! I'll catch up quick enough, I'm sure! Al though, I doubt it! I'm sorry you feel all lonely without us but you have Scorp! We didn't leave you completely on your own but we will return soon, so everything will be the same again.
Oh, that reminds me, I know that Al talked to you on Monday. What did he say? What did you say? He won't tell me! I need to know soon or I swear I will explode, that or I'll hex you both until you tell me! So, either through this response or immediately after I come back, it's your choice dear Livy!
Okay, well, I'll see you in two days and give you a full update on what happened, but until then, calm down, study hard and try not to miss me too much!
Love you,
Rose xxxxx

I replied to Rose saying,

Rose Weasley!
I was physically going to come and find you if you hadn’t replied! Thank Merlin! I’m incredibly glad she’s okay. Tell your Mum not to worry about it, between me and Scorp we have all the notes you need! Yeah, we may have to force Al to catch up but don’t worry I’m ready! Send my love to your Mum and Dad by the way, especially your Dad though; give him a big hug from me.
I know I have Scorp, but it doesn’t feel the same and obviously I need my Best Friend to be with me!
Oh, and Al, he just admitted that he liked me... No big deal! Okay. It’s a huge deal! But no more details until you come back, after I’ve talked to Al and Lils (both need to talk to me).
I will try and do all of the previously mentioned but I may not be able to live without you for another day!
Love you too Rosie Posie
Livy xxxxx

And I got a letter from Albus saying,

STOP OWLING ME! Merlin woman, it seems you're a bit eager to see me! (I'm joking by the way... If that's not already come through).
I hope you're okay. We all are, so don't panic. I'm not sending you this because it's bad news, because it's not. Nana Molly says Hello, and thank you for wishing her well, but there was no need to worry that much! In response to your Hello and hope you get better soon, that you wrote in every letter I've got in the last 4 days, twice a day. Not that I don't like hearing from you, because honestly, it was good to hear you were okay and I didn't have to worry about anything else!
I bet Rose has sent you a letter too, so this might be new news but it might not, anyway, we're all coming back on Saturday at around midday, so you can meet us in Scorp's common room if you like, I've had enough of my family over the last couple of days, Slytherin will be the one place nobody is! (Of course I don't mean Rose though).
I shall see you soon, okay? Please tell me if the password for Slytherin has changed, we won't be able to get in otherwise!
Until then,

P.S, You can still owl me tomorrow if you like; after all, you won't see me!
P.P.S, I need to talk to you again, sorry things got all distracted last time. But we really need to sort this stuff out.

I replied stating,

Albus Severus Potter!
Answering now are we? If you answered me, you wouldn’t have been spammed with owls! (And, Yes, I caught the sarcasm).
I’m not panicking anymore, buy seriously, if something is wrong, or even if something isn’t, OWL ME, ALWAYS! I’m happy that you’ve told her, and so glad she’s better!
It’s okay, I owled you both, so it makes sense I get the same information! Slytherin it is! I’ll see you there!
I will indeed see you there, chairs by the fire; I’ll save you a seat Ally Wally! Yeah, it has, the password is Python. So very original, but who am I to judge, Hufflepuff is BadgerPride. Don’t even ask.

P.S. Chill out, I will if you like, but remember, I love to get an answer!
P.P.S. Okay, well, can it wait until later, I can meet you in the Kitchens after we leave Slytherin Saturday night if you like? I need to talk to Lily as well; I’ll do that in the afternoon though.

I was so so so relieved to hear the news, but in my haste to see if anyone would answer during the week I even wrote to Lil, who replied at the same time too, (I had three owls visit me in the space of five minutes. I got a few weird looks!)

Hiya Livy! The big sister I never had!
I'm so glad you wrote to me, I need to talk to someone, who I'm not related to when I get back. (I'm telling you this before I forget). Everyone here is in the same boat, we understand each other a bit too well, I need someone to sit and listen. You don't mind do you? And... Well... There's this boy too.
Back to the subject at hand. Calm the heck down chick! We are all perfectly okay, even Nana Molly. We all say Hi and chill out we'll be back on Saturday! It's only been a week girl! You'd think it was a month or two! Although, we all are so grateful you were thinking of us, and as I said, everyone, and I mean everyone says Hi, I asked everyone what they wanted to say, and it turns out they all wanted to write a paragraph (including Mum, Dad and all my Aunts and Uncles), so, I summed it up to Hi. You'll see most of them soon enough, they can tell you themselves!
Well, I'll love and leave you,
See you on Saturday for our chat!
Lils xxx

I replied to Lils in a similar way to the other too, it was cute she wanted to speak to me!

Lily Luna Potter! The little sister I wish I had!
Took you a while to reply love! Although, it doesn’t matter, I’m just glad everyone is okay. Give your Mum and Dad a big hug from me. I’m so extremely happy you’re all okay then, and feel so special that everyone wanted to say something to me! Well, those who aren’t going to see me can always Owl me!
I’d be honoured to be the one you talk to, that sounds great. I’m happy to do it for you darling. I’m always here for you, whenever you need me, anytime of any day! Sounds exciting, I’m looking forward to it! I’ll sort it out with you when you get back!
Livy xxx

A/N- Hey Guys! What are we thinking? EVERYONE IS OKAY AND WILL BE FOREVER. I'm sorry if I worried you for a bit there too! Please, please, please leave me a review, anonymous or not. (Just do it for me!- PLEASE- I'm not desperate... honest) Thanks so much for reading! ScoroseOTP xxx

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