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“Can I PLEASE leave now?” I asked, begging Poppy this time.

“Yes. Just make sure you eat and drink a lot today, and come to see me if you feel the slightest bit unwell” she replied.

“Thank you, thank you, and thank you!”

I skipped. That’s right, skipped out of the hospital wing and down the stairs to the Great Hall. “Scorpy! Rosie!” I shouted as I walked into the beautiful hall.

“Merlin! If it wasn’t for the deeper voice, I would have sworn you were Livy then! Are the nicknames some sort of disease, always recurring?” Rose joked

“They must be. I just hope we don’t catch it Rose!” Scorp joked right back.

“Speaking of that gorgeous girl, where is she?” I smiled, thinking about her and, well, generally, just her.

“We don’t know. We last saw her yesterday night, after we convinced her to go and see you” Scorp revealed

“Oh. I thought she’d be here. Did she not come and wake one of you up to tell you what happened? She left last night, really fast. Like, she told me about our scream fest on Saturday but then that was it. She left”

“She did what? What did you say to her? What happened?” Rose exclaimed.

I then recounted what happened, “...So, then I said I must have gone into over protective brother mode and she left”

“What did you say?” Rose hesitated, exchanging looks with Scorp.

I woke the next morning and took a shower, and got ready for the school day ahead. I went down to breakfast earlier than most people, it was just me, a couple of Ravenclaws and Professor M. Pretty boring really, I ate and left, thinking I'd go a place no one would think to look for me, in Herbology early. I love Herbology, but never have I been good at it, that's why I disliked going; I chose it though in OWL, hoping I'd get better. I walked in just as Professor Longbottom was about to leave for breakfast,
"Oh. Hello Livy. I didn’t expect to see you so early!" He pondered

"Sorry Sir, you don't mind if I stay do you? I haven't got anything else to do before class" I asked.

"No, not at all. In fact, did you want some Herbology help? I won't be long" he wondered

"I could always do with some Herbology help!" I laughed.

"Don't say that, you're improving everyday!" he argued, "I'll be right back" he smiled as he walked away.
I set up on my bench, sorting out all my stuff, not really thinking of a lot, when I got a freight.

"BOO!" Someone shouted in my ear, coming up behind me and clutching my sides.

"Ahh!" I screamed turning round to see Al.

"Albus Severus Potter! What the hell was that for?!" I defensively shouted at him.

"Oooh! Using full names are we? Fine. Olivia Marie Victoria Adams, what are you doing here?" he said with the most serious face he could muster.

"I'm here for Herbology? What about you?" I inclined for an answer.

"Just letting Uncle Nev know I'm okay before lesson starts" Al simply answered.

"Oh, okay. Well, he's gone down to breakfast, said he wouldn't be long though" I informed him.

"I must have just missed him! I came from there! Oh well! I'll just have to keep the lovely lady Livy company while I wait for Neville to come back.”

Wonderful, one of the people I’m trying to avoid comes to stay with me, wonderful! “How gentlemanly of you good sir” I replied very sarcastically.

“Hey! Don’t go all sarcastic on me. I need to talk to you” he decided.

My mind simply went into overdrive. Oh my Merlin, keep calm Livy, remember to breath, you don’t know what he’s going to say. Okay, we’re calm. Now answer. Oh yeah, right.

“Okay well talk away then my friend”

“Okay, well. You know I said Friday came back to my memory? Well. Um. Well”

I must have a gift, one of the only people to ever make this kid speechless, let’s help him out, “Yeah?”

“Saturday started to come back pretty much after you left last night. You must have jogged it or something. And, well. I’m sorry Liv. I don’t know what happened to me. But I have a feeling I was jealous maybe. You know, Jealousy creates green monsters, always a bad thing”.

I say that, like, I always say that! Wow, maybe we are more in sync than I ever imagined, green monsters. I say that. Merlin’s pants! I forgot to go and tell Joe it was over, because I can’t lead him on, that’s Rule Number 4.But that’s beside the point, listen to him.

“I didn’t mean a word of the insults, I swear, it was the green monster getting all angry. I would say, I’d never think you were jealous, but you sort of admitted that you did. But I didn’t mean it to come out all spitefully. And I most certainly don’t want you to go and kiss your boyfriend some more. Maybe even in a more then overprotective brotherly way. I mean...”

God damn it Longbottom! He was then kindly (sarcasm) interrupted mid- sentence in our heart to heart conversation by coming back in. He really was quite fast, but really? He had to interrupt, didn’t he? Story of my life right here folks!

“Al! Are you okay mate? That was a nasty fall you had there. Remind me of a similar fall your Dad had...”

I could tell by the polite head nods and occasional “Ooos and Ahhs” that Al had pretty much zoned out. He loved his family so much but the fame that came with it? Not so much. Al was usually quite confident with his friends and in Hogwarts. He’s really just a little smart arse who wants to get through life as easily as possible, to be nice to others, have fun and all that jazz. It’s a shame really that as soon as he leaves the comfort of Hogwarts walls or his home, he’s immediately watched. I feel sorry for his whole family really; all the Wotters have it the same.

When Neville finally finished, Al smiled, “That sounds really bad Uncle Nev but at least he was alright! Don’t go worrying about me though. I’m fit and dandy gain only broke a couple of bones and Poppy fixed them in an instant, she said I may have had a small amount of memory loss but everyone has helped me jog it. So, I still remember your awesome Herbology lesson last Friday!”

“Great! Oh, and I am sorry Livy. Lesson will start in a bit; maybe breakfast took a bit longer than I thought. (Your story more like Nev!). But Al’s here, so he can help you out if you need something quick. Now poor Rose had to drop Herbology because she simply couldn’t fit it in her timetable for OWLs. Al is top of the year!” Neville exclaimed.

I nudged Al when Nev said that and his grin just got wider, that kid is such a sucker for compliments!

“Thanks Uncle Nev! You know I’d never be this good if I didn’t have a Uncle whose been teaching me since I was 5 though! Anyways, I’ll help Liv with anything she needs” he complimented right back. Neville just blushed and retreated to his office.

“Look at you! Top of the year! We’ve got to go and tell Rose and Scorp! It’ll be great, they’ll be so proud!” I laughed at him, well, with him.

“Not now! Class is about to start! Plus, I’m not done talking to you yet! But, we’ll have to wait until after class. You’ve got a free next right?”

“Okay, Okay! Al, my timetable happens to be the same as yours, remember? Of course I do!” I laughed again, greeting my Herbology buddies as they came in and started to take their seats around me.

A/N- Hey Guys! What do you think? He almost told her! Please leave me a review! Thanks so much for reading people! ScoroseOTP

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