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“Well, you haven't missed much then! Only a couple days! I was worried it was going to be a lot worse than that Al!" I may have said too quickly, because each word was stabbing me as I spoke them, taking a seat next to the bed.

"Yeah, I suppose you're right. So what happened? Hogsmeade was on Saturday right? Anything interesting happen Scor?" Al sought after any information.

"Umm, Rose and I had a pretty uneventful time. So nothing much really!" Scorp replied, feeling slightly uncomfortable and sitting on the edge of Al's bed.

"Oh, well, that's no good! How about you Liv? Anything interesting happen? Wait. You went on that date didn't you! Actually, I don't want to know. Spare me the details!" Al laughed.

Yay! Dodged that bullet didn't I? Thank Merlin! And that laugh, I'm so glad to hear that laugh; it's so amazing, contagious.

"Fine! I won't tell you!" I laughed with him, sticking my tongue out at him.

"So, I fell off my broom?"

We nodded

"Is Adele okay?" He asked.

"Who?!" We blurted out

"Did I just say that out loud?"

"Umm, yes. So, who's Adele?" Scor insisted

"My broom" he muttered.

"Adele is the name of your broom?" Rose taunted

"You actually named your broom? I teased

"Your broom's a girl?!" Scor mocked.

"Yes! Okay, fine! My broom is called Adele, yes that means it's a girl! But the important thing is... she's okay right?" Al testified.

"I'm sorry Al, but Adele. Well, Adele isn't very well. How can I put this in a nice way? I can't. She's crushed" Scor admitted.

Poor Al, his face fell, he looked as unwell as Adele, "Huh? Where is she?" Al whispered, as if he'd experienced a huge loss.

"In your dorm. Don't worry, it hasn't been touched by anyone but James" Rose comforted him, patting him on the arm.

"Yeah! Speaking of James! This is his entire fault! He's captain! He made me do the practice. He destroyed Adele! Where is that git? You can tell he cares about me! He didn't even stay at my side until I woke up! It's only been what, a couple hours?!" Albus ranted.

"Sounds like a plan, let's get James! Do you reckon Aunt Ginny will send a howler? That'd be hilarious!" Rose exclaimed.

"That would be funny, not going to lie!" I chuckled.

We talked for a couple hours, about random things really, nothing special, nothing significant. The subject of my date didn't even come up. We stayed until more people came to see him, Louise came, and moaned on about how she should have been told that he was awake, but I wasn't really listening. We left, retiring to the Ravenclaw common room, trying to predict how Al would find out about our argument.

"I just don't know! He didn't give me chance to tell him! He asked and then went back on it immediately after! It's not my fault it didn't even come into the conversation again!" I defended myself.

"I know, I just think maybe it should have come from you or at least one of us!" Rose appealed.

"I suppose you're right. But what can we do now?" I resigned

A sudden movement from Scor meant that he had either been hit by lightening or he had an idea, "You could just go and see him" he simply stated looking at me.

"Care to elaborate, dear Scorpy" I asked.

"Scorpy? The return of the bad nicknames from times gone by? But anyway, we could go and get the invisibility cloak, letting you go to the hospital wing, I expect Poppy would have kept him over night. So, you can go and have a chat, alone with him" he explained.

"That's a great idea Scor! Let's do it!" Rose smiled

"Fine! I'll do it! Better sooner than later right?" I accepted.

With that, they both left their chairs and went down to Gryffindor tower, we gave the password and Scor went up and found the cloak, while Rose and I chatted to the Wotters. When he came back down, we stayed for a while, then leaving, under the cloak, taking Rose and Scor to their houses, because it's always risky moving about after curfew. I then made my way to the hospital wing. And successfully, frightened Al.

"You asleep" I asked Al, who was just lay on his bed, while still invisible.

He jumped with a freight saying, "Yes, yes I am", looking away from my direction.

I took this opportunity to sit on the chair I had sat in earlier, taking to cloak off, I said "Well, I'll just come back later then" and with that he turned and found it was me, casting a quick charm he learnt from his Dad, to ensure no one heard us.

"Oh, it's just you! You scared me for a moment then!" He laughed, hitting me in the arm

"Oh, why thank you, that was a lovely greeting! Hi to you too!" I joked.

"You know I didn't mean it like that!"

"Yeah, I do, I was just kidding!"

"So, is there a reason you've travelled so far after curfew to see me? Or did you just fancy a walk?"

"That is an excellent question! Why am I here?"

"Liv. Get to the point"

"Okay, well, let's do it this way. Anyone told you anything more about Friday or Saturday?"

"No. Why? What happened that I need to know about? My memory's coming back now though. Friday is much clearer now."

"Oh well, I better get this over with before you remember Saturday"

"Liv, you know you can tell me anything, just say what you need to say"

"Okay, wellwesortofhadanarguementinthemiddleofhogsmeadeaboutthefactthatikissedjoeandwasfinallyhappybutyouwerentanditallendedverybadly" I murmured very quickly.

"What?! I didn't catch a word of that. Slower this time Liv"

"We sort of had a big argument yesterday"

"We did?" He asked seriously shocked sounding.


We sat in semi silence for a bit, I say semi because all I could 'hear' was the constant working of Al's head, trying to figure out the events of the Saturday. I felt really bad, but decided it was better coming from me.

"You know, Louise hinted something like that earlier. I thought nothing of it. I mean it's me and you. We don't fight." Al finally spoke.

"We don't speak to each other a whole lot anymore" I reminded him "I've probably spoken to you more times today than I have in the last 4 months put together!"

"What happened?"

"With what? Our argument? Or the fact we don't talk anymore?"

"Our argument"

"Oh. Well, basically, I was on my date, and well, this is worse the second time round. Well, he kissed me, and then we were joking around, he was tickling me and whatever. But the next thing I knew, you were there looking at me, almost as if you'd seen a ghost"

I had a bewildered expression coming from him

"Oh, yeah, it's a muggle expression, don't worry about it. Anyway you were frozen solid; I got up and waved my hand in front of your face. I just wanted to know if you were alright! And you stormed out!" I wept slightly, "telling this story a third time doesn't make it any easier you know"

Al, being the Al I used to know.
Scooted aside on his bed and offered me some space next me. I gladly took it and he wrapped his arm around me, trying to comfort me.

"I understand. But why are you upset, that wouldn't have made you cry, I know you Liv"

"Well, I chased after you, screaming all the variations of your name I could think of until you finally stopped. You asked me what I wanted and I said that I wanted to understand why you were so angry. That's when it properly started, you then threw insults at me, and shouted how I should go kiss my boyfriend so more. Defensively, I then threw back how you didn't like the fact I was my happiest in months, that finally someone cares about me. Okay. And this is the bit that got me; you said 'you're just jealous of what Lou and I have'. I was crying now and barely managed to speak, I said something about, what happened to never wanting to see me cry, or being here to make me happy. All the stuff you said last year. And I may have admitted that maybe I was slightly jealous. But by the end, I'd gotten so angry, I got significantly louder and told you that when you did realise that you were wrong and you wanted to speak. I wouldn't be there... But you know, you fell off your broom, I couldn't very well not come and see you"


"Yeah, it wasn't a very pretty scene to be honest. It's also sort of the talk of school."

I then turned to look at his face, trying to read the emotions off. This proved difficult as he'd gone blank again. It was a few minutes before he spoke again.

"I can't believe I did that to you, I really can't. I'm sorry Liv. You really do mean so much to me. Honestly. I did mean everything I said last year by the way. I wouldn't have said it if it wasn't true. I must have gone into over protective brother mode. I'm sorry"

"Don't worry about it; I'm just glad you know now. Right. Well, now you do know, I better go to sleep, and so should you. See you in the morning" With that I pulled the cloak on and said only "Don't worry, I'll give it back tomorrow".

On my way back to my dorm, I thought through everything he'd just said. Over protective brother mode. Over protective brother mode. That's no feelings, he isn't falling for me. He might have been yesterday but not today. Well, life just likes to mess me up. I've decided.

A/N- Hey guys! Oohh! Exciting much? What'd you think guys? Please tell me what you think and leave me a review! Thanks for reading! ScoroseOTP xxx

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