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I awoke the next morning by gentle pushing, "Livy, Livy, you going to wake up?" A voice persisted.

"Yes I'm going to wake up. No, not right now" I grumbled at them.

"She’s defiantly okay Rose, don't worry, she's tell me to go away" the voice told Rose.

"Ahh, crap. Rose is worried. What happened?" I asked in my morning forgetful way.

"Livy, wake up properly, I don't want to go through it with you. Open your eyes and see where we are" the voice that I now knew belonged to Scorp answered.

I stretched and opened my eyes, feeling very lethargic, noticing that this wasn't my dorm, and realising what had happened.

"It actually happened didn't it? It wasn't a dream, well a nightmare?" I disappointedly mentioned.

"Dear old Livy! The young with a broken heart! I'm afraid it is true. Alas, I have had a chat with Albus and have excellent news. He's in the hospital wing!" Scorp exclaimed (trying to sound well educated).

"What?!" I shouted, well, that was one way of getting me up.

"Chill out! He's my best friend, I wouldn't do that. His Quidditch captain (James) decided that he wanted to start practicing now, early start. They're worried they might lose again. Ravenclaw have an awesome team this year, and of course so does Slytherin! Anyway, he fell of his broom, his heart wasn't in it and he wasn't paying attention, a bludger came out of nowhere hitting him off the broom. He's all high on potions and sleeping right now. But Madame Promfey says he'll be fine once he wakes up." He revealed.

"Thank God! Merlin Scorp, you scared the skin off my bones!" I screamed throwing a pillow at his head.

"Ow! Now get up and get dressed! I think there's a room of clothes over there, Lily woke up and wanted to get changed. She's gone now by the way, told me to give you a hug, but I don't think I will now you've thrown that at me." He responded sounding very hurt.

"Don't say that S-man!" I laughed, wrapping him in a giant hug, to the point that he was struggling to breath.

"S-man? What have I told you about that name?" He warned.

"Oops! I forgot!" I smiled, skipping over to the room of clothes, significantly more happy.

"Boom! I'm dressed! What did you want me to get up for anyway?" I for some reason excitedly asked.

"Nothing in particular Livy, just didn't want you to stay here all day. But we did want to talk to you. Fancy a wonder down to the black lake? Might want to grab a coat." Rose smiled, perhaps a bit too nicely.

"Okay, let's go! I don't know why, but I'm feeling sooo much better now, I had a great chat with Lily last night, you know, after I'd got a grip thanks to you Rose. I'm completely aware of myself! I fell of Al; I'm still falling for him. It feels so great to say it." I giggled, hugging Rose ever so gratefully.

"Merlin! Did you just admit it? Damn. Scorp, I owe you a galleon. But that's wonderful! I'm so glad you're feeling better though! Awwww, you and my cousin, you and Al, that's just too cute!" Rose squealed, handing over the money to Scorp.

"Yeah! I like the sound of that; I just can't believe it though. Wait! Did you two have a bet going on?" I said defensively.

"Just a little one Livy. I bet you'd admit it to our faces without little conviction. Whereas Rose her, thought we'd need to weasel it out of you, just like we had to do with Al. But you better believe it girl, when you two sort all the rubbish out, he's going to treat you better than anyone." Scorp shared with me.

"Well! Isn't that nice! Let's go on the walk!" I declared, swinging my arms around each of their shoulders. Making them look like my bodyguards or my outrage. Whichever really. They made me feel really comfortable and safe.

We walked down through the entrance hall, out the front doors and down to the black lake. We conjured some cushions and sat down under our favourite tree beside the lake. Once there, Scorp and Rose exchanged a couple of looks, worried, and annoyed, before Rose finally spoke,

"Okay, Livy. We need to tell you something."

"Go on then, you're making me feel nervous!" I joked. A stern, non-joking face took over both of their faces.

"You know when Rosy and I went to see Al last night. Well, we set a few things straight, asked him questions, some questions he asked too. But one thing we got out of him. Eventually. Was the fact that, he suddenly realised yesterday, when he saw you and Joe, that he fancied you. He found out that was the reason he was so protective, that was why he cared so much about you, because he could be falling in love with you. And so, figured he couldn't be with Louise, so, he's got to break up with her. Right? Yeah, well, as he's still in the hospital wing, he couldn't do that. So that hasn't happened yet" he admitted.

"Well, that's not too bad. That makes sense. You had me worried then!" I acknowledged. "Wait! Did you just use the word love? What? How? Huh?" I hyperventilated.

"Breath, Livy, look at me and breath." Rose reassured me, putting an arm around me.

"But that's not the end of it. Well. Basically, now we know this is a big deal..." Rose started to explain,

"But we don't want you to freak out or anything." Scorp finished Rose's sentence (so cute!).

"It's just, Madame Promfey said that he hit the ground pretty hard and there's a possibility he won't remember what happened in the last couple of days." Rose finally spat out.

"Does that mean he won't remember our argument? That's great!" I remarked,

"Yeah, but it also means, he may not remember the chat we had with him, or the fact he realised his feelings for you" Scorp explained.

"Oh. Right. So everything goes back to the way it was. Nothing changes; I spent a whole night crying over something he won't even remember. Nothing will be fixed either. He just won't know anything. He's not going to break up with Louise. Does that mean I can't say anything either?" I whimpered.

They nodded.

"Does that mean you guys can't either?"

They nodded.

"Oh" was the only thing I could say, before the flood gates opened again.

"Now we know how he feels, we know it'll happen eventually. Plus, I'm sorry to be the one to tell you, but your argument was pretty much the talk of the school. I wouldn't be surprised if everyone knows by now. He'll find out eventually" Scorp tried to comfort me.

"Also, it means you have a choice on what to tell him your date. It went well or badly. Because you've got to figure this out, Joe is just bewildered. Everything is all up to you" Rose confirmed.

I gave them my best HELP- ME look, not being able to speak, this meant a suffocating hug from the two of them.

"I promise Livy. Everything will be okay." Scorp proposed

"We'll make sure of it" Rose added, squeezing me tighter.

I finally got a grip and suggested we go and see if Al was awake. The situation we were in may be mucked up but I still cared, plus Rose hadn't seen him yet. We walked up to the hospital wing and entered, Scor leading the way because he'd already been up once. We walked up to his bed and found him alone and awake.

"Alright mate?! We hear you had quite a fall?" Scor announced as we approached.

"Not too bad to be honest, Poppy fixed me up easy enough!" He answered back laughing.

"Are you sure, what'd you break?" Rose worried.

"As I said, I'm not okay, bad at all, Poppy fixed me really quick, broke my right arm and leg. But it knocked me out, the hit. So, she was really worried, just like you, she worries too much Rosie!" Al insisted.

"Good! I'm glad; it really gave me a shock!" Rose joked, sitting on one side of his bed.

"So, Poppy said I may not be able to remember anything from the last couple of days. And I think she's right. Last thing I remember it was Thursday." Al remarked.

He doesn't remember.
He doesn't know.
This could be challenging.

A/N Hey guys! Please leave me a review! What'd you guys think of this chapter, is anything left unclear. Please help me be good at this! Thanks for reading! ScoroseOTP xxx

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