I set down the last of the multitudes of shopping bags on the floor of my apartment. Hermione looked tired from walking all day as she sprawled out on the couch. She was feeling more and more at home here. Which is what made me know it was the right time to ask what I had been wanting to. I walked over to the back of the couch and looked down at her until I caught her attention. “Hey 'Mione...” I started. “I have something to ask you.” 



“Ask away.” She mumbled as she curled up to the couch more. 


How did I go about this? I had never been a person to get tongue tied. Never was someone who didn't just speak their mind easily. I never even asked for things, just got them. Now here she is and she's changed everything. She's completely changed every aspect of my life...and I loved it. “Move in with me.” I blurted out. 


She sat up straight and faced me. “That wasn't a question...” 


“That's true.” I smirked at her. “Will you move in with me?” 


“Draco...” She started but I cut her off. 


“Hermione, you already basically live here as it is. But I was thinking... the baby needs her own room. Now I know you have the space but it wouldn't be good for her to be going back and forth. Please just think about it.” 


She didn't say anything at first. Just stared off into space. Then she smiled as she looked up at me. “I'll think it over, okay?” 


“Good.” I smiled back before joining her on the couch with high hopes that she would say yes.










The week went by without anything new happening. We weren't hiding our relationship per say but we never exactly came out and told everyone about us either. 


And then I got a call from my mother. 


“Draco darling... I've heard some news about you that I would like answers to.” She seemed pissed. Well isn't that bloody fantastic. 


“What do you want mother?” I'm sure she could tell I was rolling my eyes. Everyone underestimated my mother, which was dangerous to do. She was rather cunning. She had let herself fade into the background while my father had dominated everything but she always still had control of certain things. She was like a cobra, just waiting for the perfect time to strike. 


“Well...I had a lovely little chat with Pansy, such a doll...just called me out of the blue to chit chat.” Oh fuck. “And she told me that you're in a new relationship and I was a little disappointed you had not mentioned this to me.”


“I wasn't aware that I had to report back to you. I'm not 12 anymore mother. I can do whatever I want.” I snapped. She knew I had grown up too fast and now she was trying to fix that. She had been babying me ever since the war. I hated it.



“Now now, I didn't say that.” She purred in her motherly voice. “I just thought you would mention something about it. But I guess I can see why you didn't want me to know.”



“What are you implying?” I muttered.



“Are you ashamed of your relationship? The fact that her blood status is the very bottom?” I was about to butt in but she went on. “Or the fact that you got her pregnant this early on in a relationship?” 



“What!?” I choked. “Okay, I'm not having this conversation over the phone. I'm coming over.”



“I'll be expecting you shortly.” She hung up.



I apparated to Malfoy Manor quickly and found my mother waiting in the kitchen. “Mother.” I greeted her. 


“Ahh Draco, there you are.” She seemed to be faking her normal sweetness towards me. 


“Let's just clear the air. Yes, I am in a relationship with Hermione Granger. Yes, I know she is a muggle born. Yes, know that looks bad for a Malfoy. No, I don't care.” I stated bluntly. I just wanted this to be over with. I was going to kill Pansy. Why can't she just keep her mouth shut?


“And she's...expecting? This is true also?” She questioned.


"Yes she is pregnant and even though it is early on in our relationship I'm ready for it." I shrugged. What more did she want from me? I was finally happy.


She looked like she was torn. She must have noticed that I was happy and not trapped in this relationship like I'm sure she had originally thought. " I ...I thought you didn't want to have kids?" She mumbled, which was unlike my mother.


" I know, everyone keeps reminding me of that." I chuckled, more so to myself. " I guess once I was actually faced with it my opinion changed. I do want this baby. I'm unbelievable excited for it. Why can't you just be happy for me?"


"I'm trying. I'm also just trying to wrap my head around this." She crossed her arms and looked away.


"You're the one who always tells me that I need to date more, that I need to settle down and start my life. Now I'm doing that." She didn't respond. She knew I had caught her. I went on to tell her about the baby. "It's a little girl and she'll be here in about 19 weeks. " I couldn't stop the wide grin that plastered itself to my face.


She looked back and caught the smile that I couldn't hide. "Okay Draco, whatever makes you happy. I'm not going to try to understand the attraction."


My mother had been broken hearted when I called off the engagement with Astoria. She loved her, Astoria was in many ways like my mother. I did like her a lot. We had fun together and did spend a lot of time together easily. I liked her, but that was it. I tried so hard to fall in love with her. She did love me, but she wasn't in love with me either. We weren't two people who needed to be together. Our relationship was completely platonic. There was never an ounce of intimacy, even the few times we tried to force it. Though she loved me she knew that she could find someone who loved her back. And I knew that too, she was quite amazing. Just wasn't for me I guess. I ended up breaking the engagement just four months after becoming engaged. Neither of us were that torn up about it. But our parents were, they were outraged. Her parents hated me and my mother may have hated me for a while too. I tried to explain to them that I just couldn't marry someone that I wasn't in love with but they didn't really get it. My mother came around but Astoria's parents still hate me even though she went on to marry a very wealthy man who actually loved her and spoiled her to the core. She was happy and I was finally happy now too.


Then I thought of something. My mother had seen Hermione and I together once before. "Ahh but you do." I smiled. "Remember the beautiful girl I took with me to the benefit?"


Her jaw dropped. " You're not telling me that that was Hermione Granger?"


"It was. She's changed so much. She gorgeous and she's a total sweetheart." I knew my mom would like her if it wasn’t for her blood status. My mother wasn’t terribly strict about it, but she had grown up with beliefs that we are better than the “dirtier” blood types. She believed that but she didn't act upon it.


"That was really her? Maybe I should just meet her again." My mother shrugged. I knew she would come around, maybe she would never love Hermione, but she could tolerate her. 


There was one other thing that I was debating on asking her. Should I tell her that I'm not the baby's father? I knew how she would respond if I did. She would be sickened that I was "cleaning up someone else's mess" and hate our relationship. As it stood right now I could get her to come around. What if I just never told her? She would find out, she always did. You can't sneak anything by that woman. She knows everything and everyone. "There is something else..." I started, waiting for her to acknowledge me.


"And what may that be?" She didn't look like she could handle any more news. She would either cry or flip out. I had to tell her though. 


Now or never. "I'm not exactly the father. Not biologically anyway.." I trailed off.


She sighed harshly, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Really Draco? Why do you get yourself tangled up into messes like this?"


“I love her.” I shrugged. As simple as that. I just love her.


“What?” My mother choked. That got her attention.


“I love her. I'm willing to get tangled up in this because I love her. I love every little aspect about her. I love the way she laughs, the way she makes me feel about myself, the way she's always right – even though I'll never admit to that to her – , the way she hogs the bed at night, the way she mumbles to herself as she reads, how she knows every little bad part of me and still wants to be around me, how she can make me happy so easily. I love her. And I'll love this baby.” 


She was silent for a minute. " So you're going to help raise this baby even though you're not its father?"She asked skeptically. " Are you sure you want to do this?"


"Yes and as far as anyone is concerned I will be her father. Maybe not by blood but as you know blood isn't what defines my life now." I spoke bluntly.


She was quiet for a bit."Well... I'm proud of you." My mother stood staring at me.


This shocked me. I just told her that I was in love with someone she wasn't fond of, that I was going to be a father, and that he baby wasn't really my baby. And she was proud of me? What? " You're proud?" I questioned.


"Yes. Even though I don't exactly agree with everything I think that you're doing what is right. If it's true and you're in love with this woman you shouldn't let anyone stop you, not even me. I want what's best for you, even if I don't like it. " she smiled at me. " I also think it's wonderful that you are so willing to take care of this child even though it's... she's not yours. It takes more than just making a child to be a father and you're proving that. "


"Thank you mother. " I smiled back at her and welcomed the embrace that she gave me. "I'll keep you in the loop with baby news... if that's what you want." I never really asked if she wants to be part of this. But I knew that my mother had a nurturing side that had mostly been curbed by my father when I was younger.


"We'll it will be my first grandchild! Expect her to be spoiled rotten!" My mother beamed. " keep me in the know darling . Also, why don't you and Hermione come by here sometime for lunch? I would love to speak with her." I gave her a warning look. " oh don't look at me like that! I'll be perfectly nice of course! I just want to get to know the woman who has stolen my son's heart. That's a pretty difficult task, you know." She winked at me.


"I'll see when we're both free and get back to you on that. I'm strangely looking forward to it. I'm sure you'll fall in love with her too!" I was sure of it.


"I'm also looking forward to it." I was about to leave when she spoke again. " Oh and Draco, I know why you didn't originally want children. Don't worry dear, you're ten times the man your father was. You'll be brilliant." 


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