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It was the end of September when the first Hogsmeade visit finally arrived, I was really quite excited, I planned out what I was going to wear with my Puffer girls and Rose the night before, as Rosie stayed over for a sleepover! It was decided I was to wear a maroon long sleeved top with a scooped neck, a pair of navy skinny jeans, black boots and a short black coat with a belt to highlight my small waist, as well as a maroon leather oversized bag and a navy scarf. I was very happy with this gorgeous outfit and felt so confident as I strutted up into the entrance hall. Joe was stood across from me, wearing a simple blue t-shirt with a pair of black jeans and a button up coat that made him look sophisticated. He looked great, that made me get an even bigger head, and him the same.

"Hey!" he smiled giving me a hug, picking me up and spinning me round,

"Why hello!" I smiled back, hugging him back.

After he'd dropped me down, he began "Right, are you ready to go sweet cheeks?!"

"Of course. But never call me sweet cheeks, ever, again!" I grumbled.

We took the carriage down to Hogsmeade and chatted all the way there with ease, we visited the shrieking shack, where he found an excuse to hold me close, holding my hand in the process. It was really cute, but didn't feel very comfortable; it was strange and made me go almost rigid. Once we'd freeze our butts off in that odd moment, we went to the Three Broomsticks, where he bought me a butter beer like a gentleman, and we sat alone, for a while before everyone else came.

"Thanks Joe, you're such a gentleman!" I sarcastically stated.

"Don't worry about it m'lady!" He joked back.

He slowly pursued my hand, and held them both entwined on my lap peacefully; I snuggled into him, feeling more and more relaxed.

"So, how come you never asked me out before?" I wondered aloud.

"Livy, Livy, Liv." I flinched at the word "Liv" no one called me that, no one other than Al.

"I never noticed how funny, cute, sweet and beautiful you were until this year. When you walked into me, something clicked; I had some sort of epiphany!" He answered.

"Aren't you such a soppy arse? But that is really adorable, thank you!" I giggled, giving him a small hug; I looked up at him and smiled.

But then to my surprise, he came closer and closer to me, finally when reaching me, kissing me gently on the lips, only quickly, but still. I looked him straight in the deep brown eyes, with a small look of shock, which he answered with a wink, causing me to set off in a giggle fit partly because he was tickling me but also I got all nervous. After the tickle fit, I looked up to see Al, just stood there, I'm not sure how long he'd been there or what he had seen. All I knew, was it wasn't good, a bad thing. I slid slightly away from Joe who hadn't realised what was going on, but when he did, had a face similar to Al's, it was difficult to figure what to do next. I ended up saying my goodbyes to Joe and then shaking my hand in front of Al until he awoke from his trance and stormed out.

"Al! Al! Ally! Stop! Please! What's wrong?! Why are you running away from me?" I screeched after Al. "Albus Severus Potter! Stop! Now!" I screamed, finally stopping, trying to catch my breath, (running after a seeker, is hard work). Using his whole and full name eventually made him stop.

"What Liv. What is it you want?" he practically bellowed into my face.

"I. I just. I just wanted to make sure you weren't angry. I wanted to understand why you ran out a minute ago." I somehow calmly glowered at him.

"What do you mean? Why would YOU care about me? Why don't you go and kiss your boyfriend some more!" He actually shouted at me.

"Is that it? Is that actually it! Just because I'm the happiest I've been for months! Just because I'm finally happy? Just because I'm with someone who actually cares about me? With someone who doesn't argue with me, who doesn't ignore me when he gets a girlfriend" I started to yell, ending in a disappointed tone.

"Don't you dare do that to me; Scorp may fall for that tone. But I won't! I'm not going to feel guilty for something I haven't done!" He yelled back.

"Wait. What the hell! Don't even try and pretend you haven't done those things" I barely managed to speak back, starting to cry in the middle of Hogsmeade.

"I haven't done any of that. You're just jealous of what Lou and I have!" He spoke back spitefully.

"Fine! Maybe I am. Maybe I'm not but what happened to being my friend. What happened to I hate seeing you upset, I can't stand seeing you cry, you're here to make me happy? Was that just a load of crap you made up to make me feel better about myself? You absolute arse Albus. Don't even bother trying to fix this. Okay? When you realise later, that this is all a mistake. Don't bother running back to me. Because I won't be there." I declared in a final sort of way, storming in the direction of the castle.

Once having reached the castle, I stumbled down into the kitchen, where I knew both the food and elves couldn't judge me, and drowned myself in tears and cookies and cream ice cream. Not being disturbed until Rose came in, "Livy! I can't believe what happened? Have you been here since? Are you okay? I came as soon as I'd heard" she squealed, not allowing for breath. I just looked at her not able to speak, but letting her know I still needed her to be there. She understood immediately, pulled up a stool beside me, and let me use her shoulder to cry on, whispering comforting words into my ear. We sat there for a couple of hours, Rose then came up with the idea of a sleepover for the two of us, in the one place, we never need to be found in, the place we could create to whatever we desired. The room of requirement. At first, I hated the idea, but once we'd got there, I found it was perfect.

First off it was a beautiful tranquil purple, like everything, the walls were a light shade of a lilac purple, the floor had a fluffy deep purple rug that looked comfy enough to sleep on there and then. There was a set of plum squashy armchairs, and a soft sofa to match, right in front of a huge fire that was roaring making the room warm and cosy. There was a big bed, like a giant bad, you could've fit about 6 people in it, with a simple purple bead spread and throw. My favourite bit was the fridge/freezer in the corner filled with sweets, chocolate and ice cream. Comfort food to the rescue! Everything reminded me of something,

"I love magic, it's just like my old room, well, it was never this big, but it's almost the same as the room I had when we lived in Birmingham, all of us, Me, Peyton, Mum and... Dad" I commented, falling onto the sofa where Rose had already made herself comfortable.

"It's lovely, it really is. I'm sorry, it reminds you of your Dad, and it must be hard" Rose comforted.

"Don't be, it's the way life is, but don't get me wrong, I miss him every day but he's out of his misery and in a better place now. And hey! I have bigger boy problems right now!" I resigned, getting up for more ice cream.

"You're right! Now, what happened? This room seems to have calmed you down quite a bit! In fact, maybe it has a charm for that" Rose exclaimed.
We sat next to each other on the sofa and I began to tell her what happened, "Okay, well, I was on my date with Joe, joking around, he'd just kissed me and we were having a tickle fight in the middle of the Three Broomsticks."

"Wait! Oh My Merlin! Did you just say you kissed that boy! This is big news! How was it?!" Rose interrupted.

I shot her the This-Isn't-The-Time-Rose look and she apologised, "Sorry, you're right. You’re in the middle of a story, but you do have to tell me, once we've sorted all the out!"

"Okay. As I was saying, we'd just finished our fight, when I looked up and saw a frozen Albus. Just looking at me, not able to say a word, or move or anything at all. So, I edged away from Joe, said a very quick goodbye, and ended our date abruptly. And waved my hand in front of Albus' face or about 5 minutes, but then once he'd gained the use of his body, he stormed out, I ran after him, shouting his name, I had to go full blown whole name to get him the stop. I tried Al and Ally first, but I got nothing" I continued.

"He ignored you? After you were just concerned about what he'd do, what he'd say? That's outrageous! I mean really! Wait. Did you just say you tried Ally?" Rose confirmed.

"Yeah. I did." I replied solemnly.

"And he still didn't answer. You're the only person who calls me that. Not even my Aunt Ginny calls him that. I heard Louise call him that in the holidays, he had a fit! Said she couldn't call him that. Ever. He must have seen you kiss Joe! Oh my Merlin, this isn't good. Not good at all. You know how they are!" Rose hyperventilated.

"I thought I did, Rosie, I really did. But I didn't expect him to turn around, once he finally stopped and start throwing insults at me! Trying to make me look like the bad guy! Rose. It hasn't been the same, not since Albus and Louise started dating. Haven't you noticed? It's been awful, not the same. I haven't been properly happy in months, but then Joe came along and he was nice to me. I fell for it. I needed a friend, a guy friend. I needed to replace Albus. I had you and Scorp, and for a while, it was nice. But then I'd miss him again, the way he was with me, the way we joked. All of it, I missed him. Then it wouldn't feel right again. In the summer it was nice, I spent time with you and Scorp and everything was good again. Until I was reminded of Albus of how I wasn't spending as much time with him. You know. I didn't get one owl from him during the summer, not one Rose. We used to owl each other every day. I have a drawer in my room, purely for his letters. You haven't even written to me that much, you share a drawer with Scorp. I missed him. Then we came back and everything was becoming normal again, almost as it used to be. But then I had to go and ruin it didn't I?" I released everything negative feeling I'd had for months.

"Livy! I didn't know, why didn't you tell me? Actually it doesn't matter. I'm here for you. I am. I love you to bits Livy, you know that right? I'm glad I've made things easier honey, but you should have come earlier, we should have had this conversation a long time ago, I need to have a word with that boy. Do you want me to go and fetch Scorp, we could tell him, and then me and him can go and have a word. Scorp'll be on your side for sure. And I could go and get Tea? She could come and sit with you." She planned out.

"Rose that sounds like a great plan, could you go and get Lily though, instead of Tea, I just don't need any puffers taking sides, or acting suspiciously." I asked.
"Lily? Of course. I'll be right back. Okay? Please don't drown yourself in ice cream though while I'm gone. I'll be as fast as I can." She said as she dashed out of the room.

Lily ran in, in her pyjamas, seriously out of breath, "Rose, Scorp, gone to Al. Rose. Said. You. Upset. What's. Wrong?" She stuttered.

"Lils, catch your breath, I fine. Well I'm not. It's just your twat of a brother. I'm not sure what happened. I'm not even sure why I'm so caught up with this. Or why he got so angry." I confessed.

"Livy. Okay, Al is the problem, what's he been idiotic about now?" Lil resigned to the knowing of how annoying and alike her brothers are.

I went into the story, swearing that I'd wouldn't tell it again, throughout the whole story, there were gasps and mutters about the death of Albus. After I was finished, she scooted very close and pulled me into a big hug.

"Livy babe, I'm sorry I'm related to this jerk but I promise Rose and Scorp are probably beating the crap out if him. What I can tell chick is you've got feelings for him. Again, I'm sorry, but you are." She carefully put out into the open.

"I know. I've got it bad haven't I? It should feel weird talking to you about this Lil, but it just doesn't, you really are like a sister to me, you talk things through with me, just like Rose. You're both just so amazing to me, even though I don't speak to you as much; you still ran all the way here, just to see what was wrong!" I commented.

"Don't give it a second thought; I know you'd do the same for me. But you do, have it bad, I reckon it's been happening for a while now, not sure how it begun, but it definitely did, you've fallen for him. And, don't shot me when I say it, I think Al has feelings for you to, and he just won't admit them. I should know, I'm his sister but he's been different since. Louise came along, acting weird; Mum noticed it too during the summer, told me to write to her and tell her what was happening. She'll be thrilled to hear about this, finally give her an excuse to step in and tell him to act his age, get a grip and don't play you about. She loves you Liv, honestly she does, treats you like her daughter. She was so disappointed when you only came over once in the holidays, she kept asking about you, and no one knew anything beside Rose. She was really worried, almost came round to yours to check how you were. But Aunt Hermione rang for a chat and you were with her, that put mum at ease for a bit. I hope she sends him a Howler. That'd be funny!" She got distracted and leapt into a tangent.

Nevertheless I understood what she meant, she was really sweet and actually made me laugh, making me feel a hundred times better.

"Your mum's amazing! I reckon a howler really could brighten my day. Wait. Oh. My. Merlin. Did I just? I did didn't I? I didn't even know!" I shot right up, now practically jumping around the room, "I just said! But I'm right. You're right. I do. I fancy Al. I really do. I fancy the pants of that kid. How come it took so long to realise? I'm so stupid. So incredibly stupid. Why didn't I realise? Jealously is a bad thing. That's what I am. Jealous. How could he go out with someone that wasn't me? And last 4 months already! What even is that?" I flopped down onto the bed with a new sudden realisation.

"Lil. You know what that means though. Don't you? It means you were wrong; he doesn't like me, anymore than you do. Maybe not even as much. Defiantly not now anyway. He's been going out with Louise for months, I told him never to lead a girl on. He promised me Lily. Obviously he feels something for her." I somewhat calmly stated.

"First off, it probably took you so long because you didn't know what you had before you lost it Livy. You didn't realise because, you were so happy, to content with you and Al being friends. Being exactly what you were. Second off, it just took him even longer, because you only just found someone else, he didn't know what he'd miss until it was gone as well. Message of the story, you are both as bad as each other and shouldn't have taken for granted what you had. Mostly Al though." She explained.

"But Lily, what if you are right? Then what happens? What happens now?" I asked her, feeling sorry of myself.

Lily then moved from the sofa and joined me on the bed, getting me to sit up; she let me put my head on her shoulder, and whispered, "I wish I knew. I really do chick.” We sat like that for a while until we fell gently backwards and fell asleep.


A/N- Hey guys! What'd you think? Angry Al? Do we like him or not? And Lily, do we like her advice? Please leave a review! Thanks for reading! ScoroseOTP xxx

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