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We returned on September 1st on platform 9 and 3/4, my Granny and Granddad brought me this year and were really overwhelmed, and stayed only until I got onto the train, just to take in everything to the full and jump ship as soon as possible, (they are really quite old). I got on the train, went to our usual compartment and got comfy, it wasn't long until everyone else had come, I then left the train fast to say a quick hello and goodbye hug to both sets of my pretty much adopted parents, all of which told me to stay safe, have fun and enjoy the year, I also got a study hard from Hermione who gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, and saying she would see me at Christmas, "when I must stay" with them. After this I jumped back into the train and went back to the compartment. When I got there, I found Rose, Scorp, Al, Louise, Emma and Tea. I was surprised to see them all there but was also thankful to have more people to talk to when things got awkward with Al and Lou.

It was a really great journey overall, we played a couple games of exploding snap. We talked all about our summers, all of which were kind of the same- family stuff with visiting friends occasionally. I went off to the loo half way through the journey because I seriously have a tiny bladder; I can't go over 2 hours without going to the toilet! On the way back, I walked into someone, I accidentally walked into Joe Stevens, he's a really quite draw dropping Slytherin in my year, now fifth, which is the year boys grow up a bit and start to look sooo much fitter, (it's just a fact!). He’s got dark brown hair swept over his head in a flopping sort of way, his eyes were a wide brown to match, he’s Slytherin’s seeker, so is very athletic, giving him a nice body and he is about the same height as Rose. So, over all is a great catch!

So, I basically I stutter for a bit, and somehow still receive compliments and in the end, get asked out! I don't even know how, it's really odd, I thought the conversation was awkward but apparently, I was really pretty, and seemed like a good laugh, thus I was asked out. On the first day of term, like literally September first!

I got back to the compartment with the biggest, cheesest smile ever on my face. Causing everyone to wonder what was happening, I did try and keep it to myself, didn’t last long of course. I have the worst poker face in the world, and can’t keep my own big news to myself for long.

“What’s got you all smiley?” Rose asked me not long after I’d sat down in front of her.

“Nothing! Can’t a person smile anymore without having their motives questioned” I exclaimed.

“Not if their smiling like that missy! I haven’t seen you smile like that in a long time” Scor decided

“Hey! That’s not fair! I smile all the time!” I defended.

“You do smile a lot, but not like that! And don’t avoid the question, what happened between you going to the loo and coming back here!” Rose demanded this time.

“Okay, Okay! I’ll tell you!” I admitted, now having everyone’s attention, Rose, Scor, Tea, Al, Lou and Emma all staring at me. “Well, basically, I was on the way back from the toilet and I walked into Joe Stevens” I began

“Joe Stevens... as in the one I share a dorm with? What happened do I have to give this kid ‘the talk’ Livy?” Scorp interrupted.

“Shhh! Don’t go all big brother on her yet! This is exciting! What happened then Livy?” Rose beseeched hitting Scorp on the arm.

“We then got chatting and apparently Joe always thought I was really pretty and stuff like that” I continued

“’And stuff like that!’ Merlin Livy you’re such a romantic!” Tea teased me, interrupting me again.

“Tea! Don’t be so harsh, she’s giving us the basics, obviously she got a lot of compliments!” Emma explained for me.

“Yeah, I did, don’t make me go through all of them it’s embarrassing! And then he sort of asked me out. We’re going out the first Hogsmeade weekend” I ended.
“Awwww!” Rose, Tea, Em and Lou chimed together.

“Seriously, I mean seriously! That’s not cute, that’s awful, I am going to have a chat with this kid, where is he? Where’d you bump into him Livy?” Scorp declared standing up and leaving.

“Scor! You can’t do that now!” Rose shouted after him, “Can you guys come and help me find him, whe he gets like this, and he’s fast!” Rose asked, dragging Tea, Em and Lou to help her, as she ran out of the compartment.

This mean that only Al and I were sat in the compartment, after a couple minutes of silence I got impatient, “Will you please just say something!” I practically screamed at him.

“Oh, sorry, just thinking this through. So, you’re going to go out with Joe are you?” He said.

“Yeah, I guess I am. But you know; now we can both be in relationships! We could double date!” I laughed sarcastically, nudging him in the side, like old times.

“Yeah, double dating sounds great!” he replied in equal amounts or sarcasm in his voice, laughing with me, he pushed me back, causing me to fall off the seat.

“Oi! That’s not fair, you’re stronger than I am! But, I’m heavier than I was before!” I continued to laugh and jumped onto his lap, causing him to squeal (very manly).

“Okay! I give in! Now get off me!” Al gave in.

I leapt off him, and laughed at the sense of relief on his face. We sat there for only a few moments before everyone came back in, restraining Scorp, who was grumbling about how he would get him later. The rest of the journey was pretty much just more talking and more games being played.
Once we got to school, had the feast, and got back to the dormitory, my final night before school was spent talking about Joe and Al. It was actually quite awkward talking about my best friend, well, was my best friend, not so much anymore of course, in the way we were. Rating Al by hotness? Really? I can’t do that, but alas, this is what I have to deal with in my life! The next couple of weeks went past fairly fast, I wasn’t worried about avoiding anyone, actually, I spent more time than I had in a long time with Al and Lou, and Joe even joined us when we were in Slytherin common room, a couple times. Everything went pretty much back to normal, or almost how it used to be. That was until my date.

A/N- Hey Guys! Hope you're all well. She has a date! Isn't it wonderful? What'd you think? Please leave a Review! Thanks for Reading! ScoroseOTP xxx

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