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 Chapter Two

Brilliant CI by Neverland@ TDA! 

Teddy Lupin paced the long, dark room silently, his mind sinking into the feeling of loneliness again. It was the emotion that had haunted him whenever he spent too much time alone amongst the stone walls of that mansion for the past few years. He had avoided staying there unless he really had to, had looked for excuses to stay out, and often went to The Burrow, the most homely place he had ever seen. He kept running away from the house he lived in. A place that had been home to him as long as he could remember.

But for the past five years, the whole place had been nothing more than a mansion to him – merely a building haunted with memories and woes he was trying to forget.

Teddy ran his hand through his hair absently. He just hated being there alone. He wanted to escape, he wanted to be free, and roaming around the living room was certainly not going to help. He never ran out of reasons to leave the house, but today he had to force himself not to do so. Aunt Hermione had told him to be there in the morning, for the Head Detective was coming for investigation. He had considered refusing but he would withstand any emotion if there was a chance to get his Aunt Ginny back.

He was ready to go to any level to make the warmth of her presence spread throughout the gloomy house, to see Uncle Harry’s long lost smile, to bring his family back together. He couldn’t bear to see them all separated like pieces of a huge puzzle scattered on the floor. The reason for this separation was Uncle Harry, but Teddy couldn’t blame him for his behavior. He always tended to understand his Godfather’s feelings more than anyone else, better than Aunt Ginny at times.

Teddy Lupin’s life resembled Harry’s in unusual ways. His parents had died fighting Lord Voldemort, leaving him in the mean world with only his frail and ill grandmother to look after him. Teddy knew that Uncle Harry had thought the same when he first led his eyes upon the crying one year old in a cradle in Andromeda’s house a few days after the war. That was when Uncle Harry had decided not to let the history repeat. He was determined to give Teddy a life that was nothing like his own from that day on.

He did give Teddy a wonderful childhood, not even close to his own.

As per his grandmother’s wishes, Uncle Harry had left him to live with her until she died. Then, after marrying Aunt Ginny, he promptly brought Teddy to a lovely mansion that was once called ‘Grimmauld Place’, and filled his life with love, togetherness and family. Aunt Ginny never complained and raised Teddy like he was her own son.

As Uncle Harry had often told him, he had tried to give Teddy a life similar to the one he used to imagine having with his Godfather Sirius. He was being what Sirius could have been with him in every way. But he never let Teddy call them by their names, for he wanted Teddy to have a better Uncle and Aunt than his own. No doubt James was much better than Dudley Dursley.

Teddy smiled as the name crossed his mind, recalling all the funny incidents about Dudley that Uncle Harry had shared with him as bedtime stories. Broken computer games, that weird uniform and a pig’s tail! He could still remember how much Uncle Harry laughed while he narrated the stories. He wished he would still be like that sometimes.

But that was exactly the problem. He had memories which contradicted his present situation in so many ways.

Though he was orphaned, Teddy was used to having a family. And then his family had never been the same after Aunt Ginny had gone missing. Uncle Harry had locked his heart and all his feelings in a cage the return of his wife being the only key. He didn’t talk much, took no interest in his job, and had lost his post as the Head Auror to Aunt Hermione at last. Never smiling, he talked of his wife like she had went out for grocery shopping with a lack of deep emotion in his voice, making Teddy more despaired each time.

He often had to eat his dinner alone at the painfully large dining table, as Uncle Harry had developed the habit of shutting himself in his room the minute he came home. Teddy would cook and leave a plateful of dinner at his door and would find it half finished the next morning. Each day he washed the plate with shaky hands, screaming for Aunt Ginny in his mind. He couldn’t bear to see the person he loved the most like this.

That’s why he wanted her back. That’s why.

The worst part of this was that an innocent ten year old was suffering without any fault of his own. Little James now lived with his grandparents at The Burrow, only occasionally visiting his own house. Teddy’s heart broke each time he saw James, who was like his little brother. James loved Teddy; for he was the only one he could still call a ‘family member’. The kid believed his parents didn’t love him a bit and had left him on purpose, even though Arthur and Molly tried to convince him. James often cried and asked Teddy if he could come home or asked about whereabouts of his Mum, leaving him speechless. Uncle Harry still cared for James and made sure to go visit him at least two times a week, but refused to bring him home. He often hugged James tight and tried to comfort the little guy, though his heart needed comfort the most.

But where was Teddy supposed to seek comfort? The people he loved were lost into their own woes and worries and he didn’t really have any friends. Victoire, the only witch he had ever dated and loved had also broken up with him. Was he really that bad? Did he deserve what he was suffering?

He moved unconsciously towards the plain white wall in the living room. It was a beautiful creation, covered from top to the bottom with family photographs. The Wall of Memories, a creation of Teddy’s, never failed to give some peace to his wounded heart. He himself had collected all the photos, had framed them and had arranged them aesthetically. He moved his hand across those that came to his reach, as if to absorb some warmth from them. The wall was the only thing that reminded him that he did have a family once upon a time.

Family. A word unknown to him, but still dearly known.

At the top were the photographs of Arthur, Molly, James, Lily, his Dad, his Mum, Aunt Hermione’s parents; the old generation. They were closely followed by the photographs of their children. Teddy slowly removed a certain photo from the wall with teary eyes and held it close to his eyes. It was Aunt Ginny, her one hand clutching Teddy’s while she held James Sirius in the other. He couldn’t stifle a sob and tears made their way down his cheeks. He still couldn’t accept that Aunt Ginny had left. Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry were everything to him. They were his parents. God had snatched his birth parents from him when he was just a month old and now Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry weren’t there too.

Though Uncle Harry was practically with him, Aunt Ginny had taken his heart with her wherever she had gone.

The Weasley family, once held tightly with an unbreakable bond had suffered more than ever in the past few years. They had certainly lost Aunt Ginny, but it wasn’t the only loss they had suffered.

Teddy’s eyes moved across the wall to a small, seemingly unimportant photograph in the rightest corner. A beautiful young lady was smiling at the camera as she held baby Victoire in her hands tenderly. She was so breathtakingly beautiful even in the picture, sharp features and silvery blonde hair falling over her shoulders. How could he forget her? She was Gabrielle, Aunt Fleur’s little sister.

Seemingly self contented and too into her looks, Gabrielle had soon become one of them. The poor girl had to move to her sister’s house after Aunt Fleur’s parents were found dead in their house in France. She was especially close to Aunt Ginny, for they were almost of same age. She was a harmless, beautiful girl, mostly unnoticed by everyone. Her death was shocking and unexpected. She died due to some mental illness six months after Aunt Ginny left. Aunt Fleur still believed Ginny’s disappearance had left her sister shattered.

Gabrielle’s last days were just horrible.

One evening, as Victoire had narrated, she came home in a really bad condition. Her face dirty with mud, her hair sticking to her face as she was extremely sweaty, and her clothes torn. Her lips quivered though she wasn’t crying. Her grey eyes were wide with fear. She did nothing; she just got scared all the time.

After three weeks, they had shifted her to St Mungo’s. Though the Healers had tried their best, the poor girl never stopped getting afraid of something they couldn’t understand, resulting in a fatal death. Her frail body had decided to stop at a point when she couldn’t survive a minute without a drop of water or a bite of food. It was horrible. Simply horrible. The way she looked in her last days was one of the bitterest memories Teddy had.

Of course now the bitterest memory was of the day when Aunt Ginny went missing.

The day had started out like any other. It was her wedding anniversary and the whole day had been planned in advance. They had done a quick photo shoot in the morning and had eaten their lunch with the huge family gathered in their living room. They cut the cake with smiles on their faces. Aunt Ginny was normal, happy and cheerful.

But something had happened at 2 O’clock. Aunt Ginny had left the living room, hurrying upstairs to receive an owl knocking on her bedroom window. When she returned, she was afraid of something and had rushed somewhere without telling anything to anyone. That was when they saw her for the last time. Teddy had managed to get the letter she had received, but had never been able to work out what it meant.

Dear Ginny,

I hope you recognize my handwriting (I’m pretty sure you have recognized it). The thing you have feared the most is sure to happen within a few minutes. You have a last chance, but I’m sure it’s getting lost from your hands. If you want to stop me from doing ‘it’ rush to our usual place AT ONCE.


No one could recognize the handwriting. Uncle Harry had said that the only similar handwriting he had seen was Dumbledore’s.

A loud screeching sound made him come back to the present.  Someone had entered the front gates of the mansion. It must be the Detective. He thought, as he put the photo back to its place, wiped his eyes with the back of his hand and rushed to open the door trying to look as casual as he could.


So, how was it? Nothing much happened here, but I wrote this just to let the readers know how important this case is for Teddy Lupin. Teddy is going to be our leading character along with Cress from now on! Welcome to the plot Teddy!

The story will be told from both of their PoVs. :)

Please leave a review if you have time! They mean the world to me! :D





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