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For the rest of the time, I did my homework and visited Rose and Scorp a lot, I was invited to all the Weasley events, and was even a special guest at one Malfoy event, both of which, were amazing and I had the best time with my friends, dressing up and dressing down all the time, for whether I was meeting Scorp or Rose.

The Malfoy's were always very hospitable and took great care of me, Astoria was so sweet, almost treating me as the daughter she never had, giving me tips on how to give my hair volume, to how to talk to guys, she knew my mum wasn't around a lot, but was also very aware she wasn't my mum, so kept everything to an acceptable level. Always saying however, that if I ever needed anything, she was there for me. Draco, being just a kind, but also rather sarcastic, making the time I spent with him any Scorp funny because of the banter the two of them shared, he always managed to make me laugh, sometime just by the look on Scorp's face while Draco teased him! They invited me to a very high brow, charitable events that were taking place at Malfoy Manor, where Mrs Malfoy lived (Scorp's Grandma Cissy). I got to dress up in a beautiful gown and be Scorp's 'date', he got all dressed up too in a cute little suit, we had a great time. I got introduced to so many people I lost track, and even created a fake laugh, to keep up with all the rich people! It was just hilarious; I learnt how to waltz as well! Scor happens to be a wonderful teacher and dancer in fact, I was hopeless to start with but I really got the hang of it in the end!

Rose and I were very aware that Livy felt really out of place towards the end of the year. By the time
Summer came round; she’d spent every living moment in the library, so Rose and I made a pact to make sure Livy wasn’t alone very often in the holidays. Unfortunately, this proved quite difficult. Livy can be a very stubborn child, this is not helpful at all. We sent letters to her everyday to make sure she was okay and inviting her over. She was probably sick of us really, not that we cared about that; we cared about her too much for that!

Guess what? I’m going to tell you anyway.
My Mum and Dad are holding another charity event in a couple days for something to do with poor, or ill, well, unfortunate people basically, I can’t remember who!
And now, guess what (again)? I’ll tell you that as well.
You’re invited! It’s great; you get to dress up all nice and be my date!
I’ll pick you up on Saturday night at 6 pm.
You better be ready! Or else I promise I will bring you back to mine in your loungewear if I have to!
See you then,
Scorpy (Just for you)

I received this back,

My dear Scorpy,
Well... I don’t really have a choice then do I?
I shall be ready for you at this time!
Buy me some chocolate though... and I may be more co-operable with you.
Just saying Scorp. Just saying my friend!
So, I’ll have to be all posh? Long dress, hair, make-up done properly and all the jazz?
I need to know! A couple days is not a long time!
Reply soon!

With this, just to make the poor girl smile, and knowing that she probably would have been difficult, I sent this with a large pack of chocolate frogs and this short message,

I hope you enjoy the frogs, and be nicer on Saturday!
Yes... As it always is...Posh, is how you can describe it. All that jazz included.
I’ll see you soon,
Scorpy (again... be nice)

I went round to hers on the Saturday night, at 6 exactly; fooling into her grandparent’s living room (they were hooked up to the network when Livy moved in). I was all dressed up as well, in my little suit, (Mum hates dress robes). I stepped out of the fire to find her waiting for me,

“Livy! You look amazing!” I smiled, giving her a hug. She looked simply divine, she had a long to the floor length deep purple one shoulder dress, wearing her hair in a simply bun with one strand of hair on either side of her face, complementing the look nicely.

“Awwww, aren’t you sweet. Thank you. You look very handsome yourself!” she laughed hugging me back.

I stood and posed for many pictures, both magically and muggle. Eventually leaving to the party, we arrived, thankfully with time to spare, the party started at 7, I picked Livy up early to ensure time for pictures and stuff like that. My mum fussed over Livy a bit and my Dad had a relatively simple conversation with her, and charmed my tie to match her dress.

“Are you ready guys? This is it, it’s almost time! It’ll go pretty much like this; the press will be here with cameras at the ready throughout the arrival, then the cameras will disappear for the rest of the evening, although you may have questions asked by the writers throughout the evening. So, relaxed and have fun you two!” Mum explained, giving us each a gentle stroke on the arm, reassuring us and maybe even her that the evening would go well.

“Yes, make sure you have fun but nothing more alcoholic than butter beer please. Make sure you act appropriately, this should be important to Astoria, if it all goes well. It’ll be fine though, I’m not worried about you two at all. Just thought I’d mention it though” he reassured us, showing he wasn’t trying to scold us or anything like that.

“Of course, Draco, no need to worry and Astoria it’ll be fine. We know the drill! We’ll have a great time won’t we Scorpius?” Livy persisted.

“Yes. Indeed we will. It’ll be smooth Mum” I confidently remarked.

It was suddenly time for the doors to be thrown open, and sudden flashing lights, the clicks of cameras slightly deafening us. We posed, all of us. Livy included as part of the family, for a large amount of time as we had to look at different cameras, and then posing with different people, me and Mum, me and Dad, me and Mum and Dad, me and Livy etc. All I could hear was the sound of cameras and Livy, constantly muttering under her breath, “Oh My Merlin. This is unbelievable, truly unbelievable”. I smiled wider when I heard this; she was just in shock and in awe of my life, of Rose or Al’s life, because this sort of occasion happens often for us.

We went inside, and greeted guests for the next 40 minutes, directing them to the ball room. Once that had finished, we collected a drink to quench our thirst as our throats hurt a lot after so many greetings.

“Scorp?” she asked

“Livy?” I answered

“I can’t dance... just thought I’d warn you”

“Yes you can! I’ve seen you dance loads of times before!”

“Not like this, I can’t dance slowly, like a waltz or anything like that”

“Oh! Well that’s fine. I can teach you!” I decided, starting to drag her towards the dance floor.

“No. No. No! Not right now!” she squealed as she squirmed out of my reach.

“Excuse me. Scorpius Malfoy? Am I correct? And if my sources prove at any use, you’ll be Olivia Adams?” someone interrupted our argument, to Livy’s delight, she replied

“Yes, that’ll be him and I”

“Wonderful! I’m Elizabeth Kenning, writer for the Daily Prophet. Very pleased to meet you both, you don’t mind if I ask you some questions do you?” She wondered.

“That’s fine. Makes no difference if it’s now or later, right?” Livy answered.

“Fantastic! I must ask. Are you two together? Everyone’s wondering” she revealed

“No! Scorpius is one of my best friends and I love him like a brother but nothing more. Sorry, that’s probably not much of a story” Livy apologised.

“Oh. Well, no matter. You’re best friends then, I expect you get up mischief within those Hogwarts walls?” she assumed.

“Not really. We study a lot actually, Hogwarts is important to set up the rest of our lives. But don’t get me wrong, we know how to have fun when we need to!” I confessed.

“Very good. Scorpius, you must be very proud of the event. I hear the decoration was down to you? It looks fabulous by the way. Would you say you were proud of your parents? Of being a Malfoy even?” She complimented.

“Thank you. I am very proud of my parents, I probably don’t tell them enough actually, but I really am. I would also say that I’m proud of being a Malfoy; my Dad has spent most of his life making the Malfoy name respected once more. I’m incredibly proud to say I’m his son, to say I’m my Mum’s son as well. I love my family, and hope to bring respect to the family name as I grow as well.”

“That’s very touching. I must also ask, if your ‘date’ here happens to be your best friend. Is there a different certain girl you’re making your move on?” At this point Livy burst out laughing and had to excuse herself, saying something about another drink. “I know that Rose Weasley, daughter of two thirds of the golden trio, is also someone you are close to” she finished.

“No. There isn’t anyone. Rose is just another friend. Sorry, that’s probably not very interesting but there really isn’t anyone”
“Not to worry, I’ve got enough. Thank you for your time Scorpius”

“You’re very welcome” I replied and with that she left to hassle someone else.

Livy came back not long after with a drink for herself as well as me. We chatted for a bit, drinking our drinks until I got bored and decided it was time for a dance lesson.

“Livy, now it’s not that difficult really. If you’re a guy it’s much harder because you have to lead. But don’t worry about that, because you’ll never have that problem!” I joked, pulling her toward the dance floor.

“Scorp! I don’t want to know.” She replied, trying to get away from me without much success this time.

“I have to dance, this is partly my party. I need a partner and that’s your job! Come on” I smiled, pulling her up so she was standing straight and putting one hand on her waist, the other in her hand. “Just follow my led, or let me drag you round, whichever will work”

We danced for quite a long time, Livy trying to keep up with me, and I must admit, did a very good job. She may have trodden on my feet a couple of times but I didn’t mind. I got a genuine laugh from her, with a smile to match, making me feel as if I had succeeded in cheering her up some more. By the end of the night, she proved herself to be quite the natural actually.

“Scorp! I think I’ve got” she giggled as I spun her round.

“Merlin! I think you do!” I laughed with her.

“My feet hurt, when’s this song going to end?”

“Livy, this song just started. Do you want to dance your way out?”

“Oh, that sounds like a challenge, lets do it!” she exclaimed, realising we were in the middle of the floor.

We managed to sneak out with a certain amount of ease. We then retired to a set of chairs in the corner by the buffet table, helping ourselves to an endless amount of snacks. When it got to almost midnight, Livy realised her grandparents would worry if she didn’t return soon, so we found my Mum and Dad, bid them goodnight and left. I took a genuinely, properly happy Livy home and then went back to Malfoy Manor, and went to my suite there to go to sleep in my playroom I used as a kid, feeling very fulfilled and happy with myself.

As well as this, I spent loads of time with Rose, at her house, the burrow and mostly every member of the Weasley's household. Hermione, I love her, she's the most inspiring woman you could ever hope to meet. She's beautiful, bushy hair and all; she's so caring, and thoughtful. But most importantly she's a genius, incredibly intelligent, I think she should have been a Ravenclaw but after all the stories Ron, Hermione and Harry told me, Gryffindor is where she belonged. She is much like Astoria, simply because of their ability to so simple invite me into their families, to treat me like their daughter and simple look after me completely. It made me feel warm inside, made me feel like I was part of something so much bigger. Ron is just too funny, I think it makes him bigheaded but I can't help it, he has me in stitches all the time, his stories are fascinating, his job is really exciting, so the stories there are amazing but also the whole war situation makes for good stories too.

So, all the time I spend with them, I'm dressed down and relaxed, like, we went to the burrow for Roxy's birthday. Had a great time, even though we weren't allowed to have any of the strong stuff, we still acted tipsy and had loads of fun with Rose's Aunts and Uncles as they had more and more to drink. It was really funny, in the end they all sang happy birthday to Roxy about 6 times, and when we told them they'd done it before, they just laughed at us and carried on, thinking we were crazy. It was a simple event which ended in children taking parents home, allowing them to return to the right home and safely! That night I stayed with Rose, was quite funny, Ron was very drunk... We heard some... Different stories about his life. All resulting in awkward glances between everyone, including Hermione who wasn't very drunk and had a lot of orange squash to sober up and look after us properly! Not that we needed to be looked after, Hugo had gone to bed, reading or something, and Me and Rose were both 14, so old enough to look after ourselves really. We spent the whole night talking about everything and anything. That was when she finally let slip she fancied (had a crush) on Scorpius. I was SO excited, I jumped around a lot but didn't scream because it was quite late, but I would have done! She just sat there and laughed at me, thinking I was crazy, but I could also see how relieved she looked, like she thought I'd be upset, how wrong she was!

I visited Al occasionally as well but only with Rose and Scorp. Al alone was still the friend I loved, he joked with me about Rose and Scorp, and it was just like old times. Although when he was with Lou, he was different, he didn't relax when he was with me, he just felt stiff. Like he shouldn't have been with me or around me with her, it was strange and felt odd. His laugh wasn't the same either, which I missed, but most of all I felt out of place, Scorp and Rose were being all cute and awkward together and Al and Lou were lovey dovey, all, of the time.

This meant that when fifth year came around, I found myself a boyfriend.

A/N- Hey Guys! I don't own any of the characters other than Livy. I hope you enjoyed the chapter, how was Scorp's Point of View? Any other comments please leave them for me in a review! Thanks for Reading! ScoroseOTP xx

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