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To both mine and Rose's delight, the Hufflepuff common room was avoided at all costs by the boys’ right up to the day of their date. They really didn't know how to react when it came to girls, to Rose and I it was all a matter of how quickly it ended, we were both still sour, but tried to keep it in. Not that it worked for long. We ended up giving them our best advice. One night we were sat in the Ravenclaw common, next to the fire, something we had a habit of doing every night, once again, we were sharing two chairs, you see we don't want to hog all the space. That night though, Rose and I were sharing a chair facing the other two. Al and Scorp had finally admitted they knew nothing about what they had got themselves into and had asked for help,

"Fine, we'll give you a bit of advice, but you'll have to learn from trial and error about the rest." Rose debated,

"That's fine, great, even. Perfect!" Scorp agreed sounding very relieved.

"Okay, Number 1. Make sure you ask her what she wants to do for the day, but when she says she doesn't mind. Take control and suggest a plan for the whole day. Showing you were just being polite and really have a whole day planned and ready" Rose started.

"Yep! Number 2. Figure out whether she's a hand holder by getting really close, as in you can feel her breathing almost in sync with yours, if she reaches her hand out and brushes yours it's your invitation to hold it. If she makes distance, don't bother, some girls don't like being so close, I don't see it but you know!" I continued.

"Oooh! That one was good. Number 3. If she seems really interested... And only if you do too, bring her to meet us properly, as in she’s with you sort of thing. If you’re not interested and neither is she, just take her to Honeydukes or something. If she is interested but doesn't deal well with coming to see us two, then?" Rose encouraged.

"She's no one we want to be with?" Scorp replied. Al nodded in agreement, looking as if he was making a mental note of all of this.

"Good! Well done! Number 4. The last one? Yeah, the last piece of advice we'll give you. Now, ensure you compliment her, ask about her and laugh at her jokes. But only if you find you're interested, if not you're leading them on, and we may have to kill you for that! Louise is one of those girls who LOVE to be complimented so bare that in mind, she will also get upset if you don't laugh at her jokes and can be quite self absorbed. Whereas Emma is the opposite, make sure you understand that, it's important to know her this way or else you'll make a fool of yourself and the date will end in 20 minutes, but also it could give you an escape route. So, you, are, welcome!" I finished.

"Thanks Rosie! Thanks Livy! That's really great!” Scor gratefully accepted, coming over to give us both a big hug together, as we were squashed into the same seat. Leaning over Rose's side and whispering something in her ear that I didn't quite catch.

Al did the same after Scorp, but this time, putting his head on my side whispering, "Thanks Liv, what would I do without you?"

"Drowned yourself in the black lake" I suggested. He pulled back shaking his head at me and pointing a wink in my direction, which a returned with a small laugh.

The dreaded day of the date arrived all too quickly, it was a gorgeous day and because of that, me and Rose almost stayed at the castle, blowing off Hogsmeade, thinking we could always visit Roxy any other day of the week, even though exams were approaching fast, we could. Rose, bless her, was worried about exams, and persuaded me to go anyway, saying that it was a girls trip and we would go all girly for just one day. The boys left at 11, so, I tried to sleep in till then, even though I was meant to be with Rose at this time but, of course, without success, I was awoken at 8:30 by Tea throwing a pillow at me. Only because she was bored and sick of answering Lou and Em's questions about what to wear, and in waking me up, gave her a great excuse to go back to bed, she hated mornings at weekends she normally wakes up at 12! And as I am the best friend of both Scorp and Al, I was bound to know! I was not happy about this, not at all, I decided that they'd both hear about it later, and pretended to be thrilled and excited about this situation I was in, (I don't reckon I'm happy enough to be a Hufflepuff, maybe a good actor of a cunning Slytherin would have suited me better!) even though I wasn't going on a date, we also decided to dress me up, because the other two got a turn.

Emma went with a pair denim blue shorts, with a one shouldered jade green top, that made her look even skinner than she was, with a pair of blue ballet flats to go with the bag she'd picked out. Her chestnut brown hair was carelessly thrown into a high ponytail, setting off the look. Louise, had gone for a short, high waisted pink skirt, which made her legs look like they went on forever, with a plain white vest, and a pair of white simple sandals, to go with her cross body bag, also white but with pink flowers on it, toning the outfit together. Her hair though, was loosely curled and cascaded down her back, reaching about the middle. I had gone for my favourite summer day dress, a strapless maxi dress, with a large flower pattern on it, worn with a cut off denim jacket and wedges to give me height, my hair being gathered to the left and waved very slightly.

At the appropriate, yet fashionably late time of 11:10 we walked up to the entrance hall, where Lou and Em had arranged to meet Al and Scorp, as well as me meet Rosie. I wasn't worried about her not being dressed up because I knew Rose always did the same thing when the sun came out, and I was right, she was also wearing a dress, but a short floaty one that faded from blue down to green. We left each other at the top of the stairs, separating towards our 'dates' for the day, (that's right, Rose is my date... Our ship name is Rovy!), Rose and I had decided that we would meet in the entrance hall and have lunch in the castle before going, we didn't want to intrude or look like we were stalking them, because let's face it, we would have done! We ate and enjoyed a leisurely walk down into Hogsmeade, choosing that we could always go back on the carriage on the way back if we were loaded up with stuff and if we felt the need.

By the time we arrived we were pretty much exhausted but had shared much gossip of the goings on of the morning. Although, we carried on, we visited Honeydukes, and got some of my favourite Fizzing Whizzbees, WWW and got some free stuff because Rose is a Weasley and I might as well be, we visited the new cute boutique, called Lav's One Stop Witch Boutique, it was so cute, I stocked up on all my witchy make-up products, that literally got rid of all blemishes, made your eyes glisten etc, in a second. As well as getting a new pair of shorts and Rose bought a new top. We went into pretty much all the places available in the Hogsmeade, apart from the Hogs Head and Madame Puddifoots. That place is a complete cringe, pink... Everywhere, that's just irritating. So, after we'd shopped until we could drop, we went into the three broomsticks for a well deserved butter beer. I went to sit down while Rose ordered the drinks; I sat us in the corner, took my coat off, and surveyed the room. That is when I thought I was going to throw up. Rose came back, saw my face and turned to that direction, behind her, however immediately turned back round with the same disgusted look. In the corner opposite were Scorp and Emma. Kissing. Something I had not expected. Although thinking about it, we should have done. We both completely ignored this, and began to talk about our purchases of the day, comparing deals and stuff like that. Until Al walked in, with his arm around Louise, being so close it was almost unreal, Scorp, like us, saw them and invited him over to sit with him. Then, we turned into green monsters, they looked so happy; they seemed to be enjoying themselves, having fun on their dates. I'm just glad that Al didn't do anymore than hold her hand or else I would have had to go over a smash their heads together. Why I was jealous? I have no idea. Rose though, I did, she looked devastated, and I felt for her, I really did. So, our day was ended prematurely, going by carriage back up to the castle.

We went into Ravenclaw common room, knowing that the boys can never be bothered to answer the question to enter after a long day in Hogsmeade. We then sat there for the whole of the evening, and me not being able to even think about returning to my dorm that night, slept in Ravenclaw common room, with Rose having a sleepover, she even leant me some pjs at midnight when we figured I wouldn't be leaving as I was falling asleep where I was lay on a sofa. An oversized top and some shorts, not really thinking about what they were I wore, although, neither did Rose, she just dragged some stuff out of the wardrobe.

I woke up in the morning around 6, leaving Rose a note, I left for a walk without bothering to get changed or take my shopping with me, thinking I'd get it later. I strolled all around the castle, and eventually outside, where the sun was beginning to shine. It shone and revealed Louise, I'd never noticed that she was a morning person before, actually I knew she wasn't.

So, I came to the assumption that she had something on her mind; I sat down next to her, saying "Lou? You okay?"I turned to look at her, seeing she was somewhat upset, I shuffled closer and put an arm around her, "What happened?" I spoke softly, while giving her a hug.

"You didn't come back last night" she sniffed.

"Me and Rose lost track of time, I fell asleep in her common room, why's that an issue?" I asked, coming out of the hug.

"Are you mad at me? Is that why you didn't come back?"

"No! Of course not, why would you say that?"

"It's just, it's just that, you're with him all the time, and he talks about you a lot, I just figured you'd be mad at me" she confessed to me.

"He's my best friend! Of course I spend almost all my time with him! I spend little time away from him, that's probably why he talks about me a lot, we have every experience together!" I exclaimed possibly a tad too defensively, sliding away from her.

"I knew that. I know you're best friends; it's just the way he talks about you, looks at you. I just thought there might be something there. You know I'd never do that to you, we may not talk a lot Livy, but I care, I've known you four years now, I've always liked you, you're attitude to life, the way you can relax in front of boys, never shy away from anything. Livy, I guess the reason I'm sat outside at 6:30 in the morning is because I envy you"

"What?! How could you envy me! That's ridiculous!" I blurted.

"It's not, for the reasons I just said" she calmly stated.

"Yes, it is, by all means, my life isn't perfect, I am not comfortable in front of boys, Al and Scorp aren't boys in my eyes. Well, they are. And I'm aware they are. But there more like my brothers, that's why I'm so carefree around them!" I announced, again a tad too defensively.

"Fine, whatever, that makes sense I suppose. So, you're sure you’re not mad at me?" She asked hopefully.

I almost screamed "No" in her face and ran away, yet my pride overcame me, so I ended up saying, "yes, I'm sure. Now you still haven't given me a good enough reason why you keep asking me if I'm mad!" Laughing with her.

"Well, it's just, Alaskmeoutagain" she murmured a load of gibberish.

"Huh?" I prompted,

"Al asked me out again" she whispered, turning her head to look at me in the eyes, her blue ones sparkling in the fresh morning sun.

"Oh" I slumped back slightly, trying not to think this through too much. "Well, that's great! Good for you! Good for both of you I suppose, he must have had fun!" I added all too quickly.

However, apparently she was finished, "but, I have another problem, Scorpius, he didn't ask Em out again. She's really upset and I just can't be happy around her, its stressing me out."

I gasped, this time I was allowed to be a little shocked, "I'm sure she'll be happy for you eventually, just sit with her through the pain for a while, give her a load of chocolate and her world will be sunny again soon, don't you worry!" I advised, standing up, Louise followed suit and before running off to do so, gave me a hug and gratefully accepted me advice,

"Thanks Livy, you give great advice!"

Then leaving me standing there. Alone. With only my thoughts again. To help me digest all the new information I had been given in the last 10 minutes. This amount of information, I decided with myself, needed food to help understand, so instead of facing the world, in Rose's pyjamas and probably bed head hair style, I tripped down to the kitchens.

I reached the portrait of the fruit and tickled the pear, quickly turning my back to it, ensuring none was leaving my common room at the same time. One thing I wasn't expecting though was a voice to appear from behind me, that wasn't high and squeaky, like the house elves, but deeper, like a boy’s voice, a very familiar one in that as well.

"Why have you got one of my old Quidditch jerseys on?" I turned quickly, being caught off guard and fell over my own two feet, landing in the owner of the voice's arms.

Looking up, I found it was Al, I let out a sign of relief, stood up, shook myself off and commented, "What are you doing down here?"

"Hey! I asked you first, where'd you get that Jersey from?"

I looked puzzled and said, "Rose gave it me it last night, we were both falling asleep in her common room, so she went to her dorm changed into her pjs and gave me some, this being the result!" I swirled round, giving him a chance to see what I was wearing.

"Right, that explains why, but why did she give you one of my old ones?" He asked again. I turned to see my reflection from the back in one of the overly polished, very large stoves, seeing that indeed, he was right, the t-shirt had large writing across the back saying A. POTTER

"Oh! Merlin! I didn't realise, but it’s okay, I don't think anyone saw anything, Great merling Merlin! I hope she didn't see it, she can't of, she was so happy when she left. Don't worry Al its fine." I explained very quickly.

"What? Whose she? Was it Lou? Are you sure?” he hyperventilated

"Yes, to all, its fine, she would have said something!" I reassured him.

"Wonderful! Merlin, you did give me a shock! And in answer to your first question. Eating and thinking, you know that helps me. And I'm assuming it's the same thing for you?" I nodded, to say yes, and asked the nearest elf for pancakes with ice cream.

"Yes Miss Adams" chirped my favourite elf, Squeak.

"Sorry Squeak, I didn't mean to ignore you. I hope you're well?"

"Of course Miss, not to worry. I am well thank you, and you?" She accepted.

"I'm not going to lie; I'm suffering from over thinking! Nothing those pancakes can't fix though! Oooh! And maybe, yeah, could you get me some butter beer and a treacle tart please." I asked sweetly.

"Of course, anything Miss!" she replied and with that went off in the mass of elves.

Leaving me to turn my attention back to Al, getting onto the stool next to him, "So, what's got your knickers in such a twist that’s making you sit in here? Eating a huge pile of pancakes, with, are those strawberries?" I giggled with him.

"Yes, they are strawberries, thought I'd go a bit fancy, not as nice as the ones in my garden though. But that's not the point, I only saw you briefly yesterday, you'd left before I could speak to you, at every point I could have done. It was weird... I've got something to tell you. I'm not sure how though." I cut him off before he could say anything else, accepting my pancakes and other food related items.

"Thanks Squeaky, don't worry about it, honestly, as I said. I've seen Lou, she told me. I mean, I wish it was you who had, but I saw her first, she looked really upset, so I comforted her. And she told me that you arranged another date? Is that it?" I informed him.

"Oh. Well, I suppose that means we don't have to have THAT conversation. But I'm going to tell you anyway. Liv, I had a really great time on my date, mostly due to your advice. Everything went super well, and at the end, I just thought, well, why not? And then there was nothing I could argue with, so I asked her and she said yes! I would have brought her over to speak to you and Rose, you were there when we arrived but before I knew it, you were out of the door." He reminisced.

"Well, good for you. I'm glad, you know, I just want you to be happy, and I love Lou, I've been her dorm mate for almost 4 years. This is great news!" I verified, feeling slightly sick and stuffing my face.

"Really? I was soooo worried, I went up to Hufflepuff this morning and neither you nor Lou were there, I freaked out and then came here to think" he relieved on me.

"Oh Ally Wally, you wimp! What happened to you? When’d you become so soft? I'm glad you were thinking of me, I don't know why. But as your best friend, well, your best girl who’s your friend, I will support you in anything you do. Unless it's stupid, then I'll tell you, and not talk to you until you stop. But that isn't the case here. Don't worry about it!" I teased, giving him a squeeze of a hug while stealing one of his strawberries, "You're right; it's good but not as good as your mums".

He nodded vigorously while stealing some of my treacle tart and my ice cream, as well as taking a swig of my butter beer! I slapped his hand to stop him taking anymore, "Hey! What's up that for?!"

I gave him the Did-You-Actually-Just-Ask-That?-Ask-My-Plate look.

"Okay! But you stole a strawberry! So, Liv Div, what are you thinking about? That made you come down here in pyjamas, looking like that?" He hesitated, looking up and down me.

"Excuse me?" Giving him my signature, Think-That-Through-Again-Does-That-Answer-Your-Question? look.

"Sorry, but seriously, what's bothering you? What can't you talk to Rose about? You were with her right?" He questioned once more.

"Nothing. Seriously?! (I exclaimed after being shot the Really?-Don't-Believe-You look) Honestly, everything's fine. I just. Well, my conversation with Lou was a tad overwhelming. She announced you two were going out... Something I figured you would have told me. Sooner than this morning. And she told me she'd escaped outside to be excited about you two because Em was really upset, Scorp didn't ask her out again. Shame, but if he's not in it, it's better to get out. Don't want her to be more crushed later down the line. I'm just a little surprised. That's all." I blurted out in the end.

"Oh" he sighed. I gave him a puzzled look, because I was genuinely confused about his lack of speech. "I'm sorry. I don't know what else to say. Liv. You've managed to make me speechless, you've actually done it!" He joked making me uneasy.

"Don't joke with me! This seriously messed me up. In one day. One day!" I examined his face which had now changed, taking this with the upmost severity now.

"Liv. I am sorry though. I'm sorry I decided against going to see you when you weren't in Hufflepuff last night. I'm sorry, I didn't catch you first, but I didn't think for one moment that you'd see Lou before seeing me. I know Scorp did that to Emma, but she wasn't his type, I don't think she could be because we both know who he’s got permanently got on his mind, whether he's realised that or not. I'm sorry Liv that you're shocked but you knew I was going to go out with her." He finally explained.

"I know." Was all I could say. Nothing more, nothing less.

I had finished my plate and Squeaky had taken it away, leaving me no reason to stay, I had thought over everything, and now I could go. Without saying anything else, I turned to leave, going towards the exit, where I felt a tug at my arm.

"Liv, is that it? Is that all you're going to say?" He pleaded with me.

"I'm sorry, but I just can't."

He pulled me into a hug, which I returned but not as I would have done two weeks ago. Al figured I'd go to the common room and gave me his jacket, saying that it could cause problems if I had his name on the back of my jersey. I wasn't his girl. I wasn't anyone's girl. I took the jacket pulled it on and left, going straight to my dorm and then straight into the shower. Feeling this strange experience didn’t need to have happened. Wishing, no one had seen me, hoping. But it was fine, everything was fine.

The next few weeks were all the same, I tried my hardest to avoid Al and my dorm. Spent more time with Rose and Scorp, which was nice, but not the same as before. Not that I needed to worry, because we had our end of year exams coming up, meaning studying was important, and that's exactly what I did all the time. Without Al to distract me, I had no excuse to have a break or stop for a bit. And ended fourth year with amazing results.

Al and Lou, ended up having several dates, and when the last day came, were still dating. I'd got more used to it, but the constant, "I miss her/him", was annoying. It was strange, but I'd got used to not talking to Al as often, but I still missed him. I missed him most when Rose and Scorp argued I had no one to talk about it, and if it lasted longer than five minutes, alone, I had to sort it all out. Which was challenging, I was being told that I was favouring people, being unfair; however I wasn't, at any point. It was just doing difficult; I just missed him, missed him helping me, missed him looking after me, and missed him just being there next to me. When it came to the holidays, it was difficult again. We left Hogwarts after another year, and my sister finished Beauxbatons (she'd read about them and found that she'd much prefer going there... So that was it... We sort of live in France, but I stay with my Grandma Linda and Grandad Roger when I'm 'at home' from Hogwarts) a couple days after. Peyton and Mum came down immediately and spent the first 3 weeks with me, but then returned to France and owled me almost every day.

A/N- Hey Guys! Please leave a review for me, constructive criticism is always welcome here! Thanks for Reading! ScoroseOTP xxx

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