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True to my word, I wasn't up till then, actually I wasn't up until 3 in the afternoon, and I wasn't woken up naturally!

"Wake up, wake up, wake up!"
"We've been waiting for you to wake up for hours!" Scorp, Al and Rose screamed at me.

"Aaarggg, leave me alone! I'm trying to sleep!" I grunted back

"Nope! Never!" Scorp bellowed in my ear.

"How'd you get up here? I didn't know you had the password, wait how'd you two even get up here?" I grumbled, turning to face them, "So? Stop looking at me like that! What you never woken up a girl before, it takes me an hour to get ready in the morning" I demanded.

"We have our ways, Liv! I heard the password last time, and it's probably best you don't know how we got up here" Al answered, "and you look fine" he quickly added, hoping that would be a good enough.

"Wonderful! Well, what was it you wanted? I'd like to get back of sleeping if you don't mind" I critiqued.

"Hey! Little miss grumpy pants, we just wanted to check you hadn't died, but now you're awake, do you fancy going for a walk around the black lake, or whatever you want really, I suppose you've got homework to do, we could do that together!" Rose joked.

"I'm starving! I need to eat!" I decided,

"Good old Livy, always hungry, but lunch is done, Oooh! That means a visit to the kitchens, I love it!" Scorp indicated.

"Let's do it! Just give me 20 minutes to have a shower and get changed, you guys can chill out in here or go into the common room, whatever" I said with high enthusiasm jumping out of bed.

It took me a bit longer to get changed than expected, about 40 minutes, and Rose was too hungry to wait so went down to the kitchens before everyone else , inpatient she is when food is involved, only waited 10 minutes. We then went to the kitchens and then the black lake, because that was much more appealing than homework, we have the whole of Sunday for that! It was going great; we were discussing what happened at the sleepover. That's when it happened. I wasn’t sure how to react at all; I was surprised to say the least. Both Al and Scorp had girlfriends, well not girlfriends, but dates! In the space of time that it took me to get changed, they got dates, with girls in MY dorm, with Emma and Louise. SERIOUSLY! I wasn't really impressed and completely surprised and by the look on Rose's face, she didn't know either and was equally shocked.

It all happened like this, Rose and I had just finished talking about Torie and Teddy, something apparently the other two weren't listening to...

"So, Al, I've never had that conversation with you before, it was strange for you to almost tell your entire family before me, who was it then? You can tell me" Scorp explained to Al

"Us" Rose and I added.

"No, I can't, sorry guys but I'm not telling you all in the open, people could be listening!" Al declared.

"That's a load of bull. Does that mean it's not Louise then?" Scorp asked.

"Louise? As in my dorm mate Louise? What about her Al?" I questioned,

"Ummm, nothing really, well it's only, you were taking so long, and we got bored, then Emma and Louise came in, they started talking to us, and one thing led to another, and well, we may have asked them out." He said all too quickly.

"Wait, we? Scorp, you asked Emma out?" Rose demanded

"Maybe, well, yeah" he replied hesitantly.

"And when were you going to tell us about this, this is big news! I bet they ran out of the room and found the first person they came across to tell them!" Rose exclaimed.

"Seriously, we've been walking around from ages!" I added.

"What?! Why are you two so sensitive, we would have told you at some point, didn't think it was that big a deal! What's wrong with you two?" Scorp inquired.

"Nothing's wrong with us! Nothing at all, we're just taken back, we thought we'd be the first people you'd tell, like immediately after it happened. That's all". I started angrily but proceeded to be calm by the end, sounding disappointed.

"Yeah, we just didn't expect to hear the big news hours after, thought you'd at least brag about it all to us. Or asked us what to say, how to act. Something." Rose agreed, joining me I'm disappointment and a solemn look.

Causing the two boys to look sad and ultimately look guilty, "look Rose, I didn't think it'd be this big of a deal, we were going to say something, at some point, honest. That doesn't mean you won't help us though does it? Because we're still going to need our girls to look after, and out for us. Make sure we don't do anything stupid or stuff like that." He admitted.

Staring into Rose's bright blue eyes, with his stormy grey, of course like normal, Rose gave up, giving him a hug, just the fact that he said he needed her was enough. I reckon there's something between them, whether they like it or know it yet.

"Why is it that every time they argue, one or the other, bales and gives up so easily" Al spoke softly in my ear, standing quite close, close enough for me to feel the body heat emitting off him.

"I think it's got something to do with the disappointed tone and flattery" I spoke back, just a carefully, not looking at him.

"Does that work on you? The flattery, you know, you really didn't look bad this afternoon when we woke you up, you always look beautiful, no matter what the time of day" he whispered.

"It works a little, but seriously, I share a dorm with these girls, it'll be constant talk of you two and if it goes wrong, the classic, him or us deal! I don't want to deal with that! Not that I've got much of a choice. I always thought you'd ask my opinion first." I answered, testing the disappointment tone on him.

"Well, I'm sorry, constant talk of me does sound painful! (Sometimes he's so like his brother) but Liv, it was a spur of the moment thing, it's just a date. By the way, I always thought I'd ask your opinion on it though, I did" he defended.

"It will be! And a date means a lot more to a girl than a guy, especially with you, I mean, you’re a Potter that means something, you've got to be careful mister!" I laughed in a somewhat serious tone of voice.

"Okay, okay, fine, I'll be careful, happy now?" He finally gave up sounding defeated.

"Very!" I assured him, giving him a big hug, causing him to pick me up and spin me.

"Although I don't think Louise will be if she's sees that" Scorp joked, setting us all off on giggles!

Okay, there is no way in hell that he is going to get off with this that easily! Just laugh along Rose, won’t last long. I’ll talk to him later.

We spent the rest of the afternoon sat around, doing nothing in particular really. I actually did get everyone to do at least bit of homework, they may have been disgruntled (and didn’t bother sugar coating it when they told me), but at least now they didn’t have to do it last minute and end up doing to bad job! It balances it out really! We separated at about 9 because (somehow) Livy was still tired and needed more sleep, therefore deciding to hit the hay earlier than normal.

I got back into the common room, hopped into the shower, getting ready for bed. I put on my Pjs and got comfy on my bed, reading a book, my mum’s rather tattered copy of Hogwarts: A History, I love that book, I’ve read it cover to cover, WAY too many times. I could probably recite it for you right now, but, don’t worry, I won’t, and I also won’t stop reading it! I was lay there, when I realised I wasn’t at all tired and wasn’t even beginning to be. So, I thought, now was a better time than any to have that little talk with Scor. I crept out of the common room, basically becoming a ninja and managed to get the Slytherin common room with little trouble. That was until I got to the entrance and found that they had changed the password. This caused problems.


The door swung open, revealing a very disgruntled third year,
“Will you PLEASE just shut up?! I’ve opened the door, go and find the bloke yourself!” he sighed.

I’d done it again, caused a scene that is. Merlin, I bet the whole of this house thinks I’m insane. Oh, well, what do I care really? Uh-oh. Did I just tell them all Scorp’s middle name? I wasn’t supposed to do that... oh well. They won’t say anything. They were too busy being annoyed with me to listen to the last bit. It’s all good! Okay, where is this kid. I walked to his dorm and knocked on the door.

“Hello? Anyone there?” I asked before opening the door. I once opened it without knocking... let’s just say I was scarred for life by Jason, the poor kid who shares a dorm with Scorp.

“Yeah, what’s up? Oh, hey Rose. Did you want Scorpius?” Tyler, Scorp’s other dorm mate said, appearing in the door way.

“Hiya Tyler, it’s been a while. How are you? And yeah, I do”

Tyler put his head back round the door, “I’m good, how you have been? Well, we’re all descent, so come on in, Scorp’s gone to bed, but you know the drill. Wake him up if you need to. No-one else is asleep”

“Cheers Tyler! I’m glad you’re good. And you know same old, same old. I’m alright” I smiled, walking into the dorm and waving a hello to Jason, Alex and Shaun.

I crept over to Scorp’s bed and opened to curtains around one side of his four poster bed. He looked so sweet and innocent in his sleep, well, tough luck Scorpy, I gotta talk with you. I really was past shouting; it took a lot of effort to do that. So, the only thing I could do was jump on him!

“WHAT THE HELL! I’M UP, I’M UP! WHERE’S THE FIRE?” he screamed, jumping up, causing me to fall of the bed. I swear I have so many bruises from this kid.

“Calm the heck down Scorp! It’s me!” I moaned, while sat on the floor.

“Sorry Rosie, I didn’t mean to do that. But Merlin Rose! A simple Scorp wake up would have worked too you know!” He laughed, helping me up and gesturing to a seat on his bed opposite him (so we were sat head to foot).

“I know, I know. It just took so much effort shouting you before someone finally let me in. They changed the password you know!”

“Oh, sorry. Did I not tell you?”

“No you did not”

“Yeah, well, I’m sorry. Rose?”

“You should be! Scorpius?”

“You know you’re in your pjs right? Like you must have walked all the way here, in your pjs and love, those certainly are some adorable kittens you have on your trousers!”

“Oh My Merlin! No! I completely forgot, I was getting ready for bed when I realised I wasn’t tired. So, I decided to come and find you!”

“Oh well! What’s done is done! So, is there a particular reason you came and woke me up? Or did you choose at random who you were going to come and bother?”

“Hey!” I joked, hitting him in the arm, “Yes there is a reason I came to see you. We need to have a chat”

“Well, nice to know I’m wanted. What’d you want to talk about Rosie Posie!”

“Oh dear. You need to spend less time with Livy, her awful nicknames are rubbing off on you Scorpy!”

“Oh and you’re one to talk!”

“Yeah. I am. Anyway, I needed to talk to you. I’m kind of sorry for the way I over reacted earlier. Because I did, not too much but all the same, I know I did.”

“I accept your apology. I suppose it’s fair enough you did that though. I mean, if I were a girl, and my best friends had asked someone out, without me knowing, heck, without me knowing that they even knew their names. I’d be annoyed and probably act the same way. So, don’t go doing that to me. Just saying”

“Yeah, you have to understand, it sort of stung a bit. The fact that probably the whole of Hufflepuff knew, besides Livy, knew before I did. It hurts a little bit. But you know, you have to understand that I care about you a lot, you’re like one of my best friends, I want what’s best for you, even if I have to tell you straight that, say, I hate your date”

“I know Rosie. I already feel bad, don’t make it any worse. I know as well though, that you care, because I feel the same about you. This is a two way street love! Wait. What. You hate my date?”

“No! No! Nooo. That was an example. Okay. Well, maybe there was a bit of truth in it. But that shouldn’t sway you really”

“What? Why?”

“Well, it’s just she’s really two faced. I’ve got to know her a bit through mine and Livy’s sleepovers. And she can be a real bitch. She puts on a facade most of the time, a simple, ‘cute’ look about her, but I’m pretty sure that’s not her”


I gave him the Really?- Is- That- It look.

“Wow. I.Uh. I. What? She seemed so nice.”

“My point exactly”

“Okay, well, not that I don’t believe you but I think I’ll go on the date and see how it goes. Don’t go worrying about me. I’m a big boy”

“I understand. It is your decision after all”

“Good! I’m glad you think so! I’m so lucky to have you Rosie. Honest. I am!”

“Oh. I know Scor. I do.” He looked quite shocked and hurt, “Oh come on, you love me really!”

“Of course I do!”

“I love you too!”

He laughed and pulled me into a huge hug. I sat down next to him now, and talked to him for most of the night. In fact, we even fell asleep like that. I swear down though, I felt a kiss on my forehead before I fell completely asleep. I probably imagined it!
But still.


A/N- Hey Guys! Oooh, exciting times, what do you think? Please leave me a review! Thanks for Reading! ScoroseOTP xxx

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