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By our fourth year, Torie, Roxy and Dom had left Hogwarts and Hugo, Lils, Moll and Luce had arrived. Louis was now a seventh year and Quidditch captain for the Ravenclaw team, James and Fred were now in sixth year and were happy about not doing anything for a year, still troublesome little boys though! Hugo and Lily were now in their second year, they are just lovely, Lily is a loud, spiritual, and jaw dropingly stunning girl, her gently cascading red locks looking oddly like her mother's and her wide green eyes looking exactly like her fathers, Lily (with exception to Rose) was my favourite Wotter girl, she just got me. And Hugo Weasley, a quiet yet charming member of the Weasley's family, he is like his mother in her bookworm qualities but his father had given him the ability to completely discard study, and have some fun! His dark brown eyes gave a sense of a certain amount of reserve behind them but his trade mark ginger hair gave him the edge. Molly and Lucy had now come up and really surprised me; I'd met them briefly before but still. They are twins... Nothing about them is the same other than there last name and eye colour. Moll' is fun and high- spirited, with a definite Weasley prankster streak as well as red hair which is, much to her parents dislike, in a pixie haircut, short but sweet, her angelic brown eyes however completely tone it down. Luce, the absolute opposite, almost silent, but joins in with her insane family all the same, has a heart of gold, and whose read such a large amount of books it could challenge the total of Hermione Granger. Dainty brown oval eyes, with mid-length brown hair which is constantly tied up in a simple pony tail, sums her up really rather well.

Even though we'd lost 3 Wotter's that didn't make any difference, the annual Wotter and special guests sleepover still happened and this year I was invited! Everyone comes, including the famous Teddy Lupin who was now officially going to be part of the family because he and Torie were now engaged. It was the eldest Hogwarts resident Wotter who organised the sleepover each year and found ways for the others to get into the castle. This year it was Louis’ turn to transform the room of requirement to his own standards, the beauty of it, was each year, you'd have a different scene to sit in. Although in the case of getting everyone else into the castle was easy, the invisibility cloak James inherited from his Dad, but shared with everyone, was used to get everyone around the castle. Getting them into the castle was even easier though, George Weasley, knowing about the Hogsmeade entrance to Hogwarts through Honeydukes, bought the lot, to make sure that his kids and the rest of the Wotter's had access to everything they need. So, the older cousins would drop into the shop, have a quick chat to the happiest and funniest staff you'll ever met (George won't have it any other way), and nip into Hogwarts that way. But wait at the end for James to escort them. It always ran smoothly, everyone appearing in at pretty much the same time, those who go to the school, had Al and the Marauders Map that Teddy had given him, as he was no longer in Hogwarts and still wanted his father's legacy to live on, you see, Teddy, is not a born Wotter but the most delightful substitute. Teddy Lupin, is half, super kick-ass metamorphmagus and half fascinatingly tranquil shenanigan, with an astonishing mind. His hair can be of any colour under the sun, he can have any look about himself. Merlin, he can be divine in looks, but also turn himself into an old man if desired! It's great, he entertains everyone, and tries to look after everyone too as the oldest Wotter, bless him, he's so cute!

This year it was decided that the sleepover would be on a night in May, Scorp and I had been given a special invite for the first time. I was way more than just excited! I got new pj shorts and was ready to have the time of my life, of course I was organised days before and Rose was beginning to become annoyed as I asked a lot of questions,

"Rose, so what does the room of requirement look like? How come I've never heard of it?"

“Livy, it differs, it doesn't look the same every time you go in unless you want it to. You can make it contain whatever YOU want, and look exactly what YOU want it to look like." Rose replied.

"Okay, so, what happens when we get there, to the wall I mean, there won't be a door will there?" I persisted.

"Well, we go up to the wall, where the door will appear on the seventh floor and pace 3 times, asking for what we desire, of course Louis will be there already, so we'll open the door to find him." Rose answered, she really is quite patient.

"What will it look like? What do you do while there?" I asked another question, thoroughly interested.

"It changes every year, whoever is the oldest here, gets to design the whole sleepover, what we do, where we sleep, what it looks like, everything! Like in our first year, when Torie did it, it was a beach themed, she will always love the beach, because she spent most of her childhood in Shell Cottage and her grandparents live on the coast of France. It was beautiful; the floor was a sandy yellow, and squishy under our feet. There were double water beds, we had to share because she did it as a bonding exercise, we spent the whole time, and making fun of each other especially Torie for making us do it. We had the best time and shared all our worries and troubles, sending Torie away from Hogwarts with a lasting connection with each of us, something she was worried about. I still owl her every two weeks, to tell her about everything going on, I love her to bits, she's one of my closet cousins even though there's 5 years between us". Rose reminisced.

"That sounds beautiful I'm actually super excited now! I wonder what Louis will do! This'll be great!" I announced, thinking of all the amazing things that could happen!

When Friday the 26th May came around, I was super ready and excited, before curfew I went up to Gryffindor tower with Rose, Luce and Scorp, set up with our pjs in a bag ready to be put on just before we went out. I was ssssoooo over excited, I practically skipped over to the Wotter clan in Gryffindor tower, and I jumped onto Al's lap, who was significantly surprised, but accepted it anyway,

"Is someone excited?" He grinned, I nodded vigorously in reply.

"Good! We're going to have a great time Liv, I promise, you'll love it" he declared, giving me a huge squeeze of a hug, which I returned best I could.

Rose, being the organised one, had set an alarm after I was a pest all day, when that went off, it let us know that in 12 minutes we would need to be there, saying it was time to get our pjs on, and for James to go and start the process of collecting Teddy, Torie, Roxy and Dom, one by one because you can't really fit more than two fully grown people under it. I leapt from Al's lap and was taken to Lily's dorm, where I would be getting changed with her and Rose, while Luce went to her sister’s dorm. I came back down wearing, my new pjs, a pair of light purple shorts with a large flower on the right leg and a blue vest, with a quote of Dr Seuss saying 'a person is a person no matter how small' in white, swirly writing, a present from Al this Christmas, making fun of my height, but I loved it anyway, Dr Seuss is the most inspirational person ever! Feeling very comfortable, I walked into the common room, with Rose, wearing a pair of blue bottoms and a light blue t-shirt, saying, 'Do not disturb... I'm not a morning person' in the middle, in dark blue writing, and Lily, who was wearing a pair of yellow shorts and an old baggy Quidditch shirt of James. Apparently we were the last ones there, Moll was there wearing a tiger onesie, Lucy there in grey joggers and an oversized white top, Al, in red and orange checker pj bottoms and a rather tight red top, Scorp in black bottoms, with a plain green t-shirt, Fred was there in striped blue bottoms and a purple t-shirt. Everyone else was either there or getting their now.

"Okay then guys, you finally ready, no one’s outside at the moment, so this as good a time as ever!" Freddy stated.

"Let's do this!" Moll and Luce chimed together, maybe sometimes they are similar, it must be a twin thing.

I was stood with my hands on my hips waiting for those with the map to lead, when through my arms, slipped Al's and Scorp's on each side, with Rose on the other side of Scorp. Apparently they had decided to make this night live up to my expectations, even if they had to do it themselves, starting with the journey!

We had to run most of the way, because Al trusted Fred with the map for the night, and he got too interested in turning into a ninja rather than whether anyone was coming. Even Al and Rose couldn't save that moment, we ran, but that's okay, it was quite exciting. We got there and Al who got there first, was pacing for the last time, a door appeared a big beautifully elegant door. Rose walked forward and gave the door a push, revealing an exquisite room. And 5 other people, James, in joggers and a plain orange T-shirt, Teddy similarly dressed with a black top on. Torie had a big shirt of Teddy's and 3-quarter length trousers, Roxy was wearing a very oversized Holyhead Harpies top that she was wearing it as a night dress, Dom was wearing a pair of pink shorts with a red vest top, and Louis was wearing modest blue striped pyjamas. Rose walked in and immediately got attacked into a big hug from Torie, Freddy walked in and started to shout at Roxy for wearing just a top. Moll got into a debate about Quidditch with Dom and Luce got a huge hug from Teddy and then Torie as well, who both had a big soft spot for the youngest Wotter. Lil strutted into the room, impressing her brother by wearing his top, Rose then dragged Scorp inside to be introduced to the room of requirement. Leaving me and Al stood outside, he pushed me slightly, guiding me into the room with some reassurance, I suddenly got nervous, thinking that it wouldn't be everything I hoped.

How wrong I was, it was astonishing. Louis designed it in the most dazzling way, it was charmed so we could see the stars outside, feeling as if we were camping under them, the ground felt like grass under my feet, just without the dirt, the walls around were also charmed to give us the impression we were in the great outdoors, it was over whelming. The beds were camp out beds and seeing as there were quite a lot of us, we had to share double beds, Torie and Luce, Moll and Lily, Me and Rose, Dom and Roxy, Scorp and Al, Hugo and Louis, leaving Fred, James and Teddy to share a particularly large bed because of the odd number. These beds had the softest covers you will ever feel, it was so comfy. We settled down in the appropriate beds in the inner or outer circle, after saying hi to everyone and catching up, Louis had simply planned this to be a catch up, to make sure everyone talks to everyone at some point during the night. The only trick being that the beds did this for us, after 30 minutes, each bed would move around, allowing you to talk to the next pair of people. A genius idea really!

Me and Rose had a great time talking to everyone, Torie was ecstatic about her engagement and answered more questions than we asked, while Luce sat and talked about all her new classes, that she was the best in each. Moll and Lily also had a lot to share, mostly just planning the next prank they were going to play on their next victim, getting each of us to be a part, ensuring they couldn't get complete blame. Me and Rose just talked generally, there wasn't really much to say. Dom and Roxy were telling us all about their new jobs, Roxy was about to take over the Hogsmeade branch of WWW, while creating new products there. Whereas Dom had become a dragon tamer and had gone to live with her Uncle Charlie, therefore see told us about him as well. When we got to Al and Scorp, we gossiped about what we'd heard from everyone else because we didn't have anything to tell each other! Rose was of course really interested in her little brothers studies, as well as pretty much every aspect of his life, because she didn't see him enough, and Louis expressed his want to become a member of Gringrotts like his Dad. Teddy, also got bombarded with questions about the engagement, although, just how he proposed was asked repeatedly, Fred and James of course got bored of this and started to tell their own tale of how it happened in the end. Thinking about it poor Torie and Teddy didn't even get asked about their jobs, Victoire is an Auror, working with her Uncles Harry and Ron, but Teddy is an unspeakable, so I suppose he couldn't have told us too much... But family have codes, so he tells us enough!

After we'd had a chat to everyone, Louis had another treat for us, the beds then changed coming together in a big circle and joining so we were all lay next to each other. In the middle was a special bonfire that wouldn't burn through the floor, it was so great and next to each of us, there was a hamper of sweets and Marshmallows to roast on the fire were produced.

"I love magic" I whispered, still being overwhelmed by the whole scene that had just in folding

"Me too Liv" a whisper replied, which I found to be Albus', I grinned in return, realising that Al was now next to me.

We spent the rest of the night, on Louis request roasting marshmallows and eating to the point, a bathroom appeared in the corner, so Molly could go and throw up, ahh the little firsty doesn't know when enough is enough! We talked and talked and eventually started to play truth or dare... Dear oh dear, being one of the only people who weren't related to everyone else, meant that a lot of questions were thrown to me, truths and dares, I think to see how I reacted.

"Livy... Truth or Dare" Torie asked.

"Truth" I confidently replied

"Okay, who’s your favourite person in the room? I've always wondered which one you liked best, other than Rose, Al or Scor"

"You of course! (With an eyebrow raised, I carried on) Okay, no offence everyone but, Lils, you remind me of the perfect little sister I always wanted, Peyton's a pain in the bum" I confessed, with that answer, a grateful and surprised Lily shot up and ran over everyone's bodies to get to me and jumped onto me, engulfing me in the biggest hug ever.

"Oh my Merlin, you babe! Love you too Livy!" She bellowed in my ear.

I retuned the hug and with that she was back hopping over everyone, tripping over a still slightly ill Molly and landed on top of a slightly disgruntled Roxy who threw her off, making her land on the floor with a large BUMP, causing Roxy to get a slap on the arm from James and making him run to pick her up and check she was okay. We played to the early hours of the morning, finding out that Dom had a boyfriend called Nicholas, James had yet another girlfriend could Annabelle, who actually he had kept for over a week, she could be a keeper! We thought that Lucy had made little progress with friends as she can be very shy, but we were very wrong, Rose let slip she had loads of friends, therefore we got to learn all about it. Fred was dared to give Peeves some tips on who exactly to cause trouble to, Lily's dare... Apparently Hannah Williams did not like the fact, Lily was a Potter, jealously creates green monsters. Scorp told us all about how he didn't like to be associated with the Malfoy's but explained how his Dad had changed his ways and his Mum was practically an angel, of course Me, Al and Rose already knew this because we'd met Astoria, who treated us like her own while we were at Scorp's. Teddy was dared to go and have a chat with the fat lady until he convinced her to let him into the common room, which while in there brought back James' lucky underwear to show he had succeeded.

"Ally Wally, truth or dare" I asked Al,

"Truth Livs, I pick truth" Al returned.

"Oooh, well, let's see how you'll react when I ask you this then shall we. Whose your crush at the moment, and don't lie, there's got to be someone!" I encouraged.

"No one, seriously, none of the girls do anything for me at the moment" Al smoothly expressed.

"You’re lying! You're such a bad liar Al; you can't be a Potter and related to James without liking someone constantly!" Rose scoffed.

A pillow came out of nowhere and hit Rose in the head, after Rose shouted "JAMES!" And threw it back at James, all the attention was returned to Al.

We must have sat there for 5 minutes until Al finally exclaimed, "Fine, I do like someone but I'm telling you, well, not unless you have some veritaserum."

"WHAT!!!" Everyone cried out at the same time, causing a 10 minute laughing fit after.

"Okay, okay, we'll let you get away with it once, but only once Al, so who’s next? Livy, I reckon it's time for a dare for you and I've got a good one" Dom claimed, now, I was slightly worried; Dom had a reputation of serious dares, that could ruin everything!

"I dare you, as the only girl to not be related to us, you have to kiss each boy in this room, as long as it's okay with you Torie?" Dom confirmed my theory.

"Fine by me Dommie!" Torie replied.

"Fine... But don't expect me to enjoy it!" I laughed.

I then got up and starting with Teddy, then Louis, James, Fred, Hugo, Scorp, and ending with Al, being able to return to my bed easily after. To show I was no wimp, I kissed almost all of them with complete ease, but I'm not going to lie, there was something about approaching my best friends with puckered lips that was insanely strange. It was a feeling I'd never experienced before, kissing Scorp was strange, but not too different from all the others. Al though, was different, I felt something else, a shock that affected my whole body, that kiss was cut short because if it, I was stunned and went to lie back down.

"Oooh! Good on you girl! Most special guests haven't kissed those who brought them! But you did the dare to the very end!" Dom excitedly declared.

This confused me, I was sure Rose would have brought me with her, but I didn't kiss her. Wait, that can only mean, but that'd be a bit odd. Al asked if I could come, well, bless him, he must have thought I'd enjoy it.

When the morning came, we'd had about 2 hours sleep, and we were all eager to sleep more, pretty much none of us are morning people! We said goodbye to those who weren't allowed to stay and went to our respective houses and then dorms. I was on my way out of the room of requirement and was down the hall, having said goodbye to everyone, when I was aware of someone saying my name,

"Liv, Livy, Olivia, Olivia Adams!" I turned to see Al running to catch me up, therefore I stopped and waited.

"Did you just call me Olivia?" I hinted once he was by my side.

"Maybe..." Al hesitated.

"You know not to do that!" I scolded him.

"Oi! If you're going to be like that, then I won't offer to walk you to your common room, like I was about to!" Al suggested, sounding quite offended.

"Well, in that case. You can stay! I love having a walking buddy Ally Wally."

"Good! Because I love being your walking buddy. So, did you have as much fun as you expected, Louis did really well this year!"

"Oh my Merlin, it was amazing, I had so much fun, your family is simply fabulous, I love them all so much, I'm so glad I befriended you and Rose, my life would be so boring without you Ally!"

"Trust me, I know what you mean, my family can be a handful, but I wouldn't have them any other way, ever, I wouldn't trade them for the world. And I'm glad I befriended you as well, Liv, your one of my best friends, without you and Scorp, I reckon I'd be a different person, and that is not a good thing!"

With this I stopped in the middle of the corridor and hugged him, "that's the cutest thing anyone's ever said to me" I consoled in him, we then continued walking, after that random outburst,

"That's what I'm here for Liv! To make you happy, to make you feel good! You know, I'm the one who asked if you could come, well, you and Scor. I knew you'd love it! Plus I buy you nice things; you’re wearing that top I bought you!" Al exclaimed, as if I was being stupid to think that's never happened before.

“Whoa! Does this mean you were right? Merlin! This has got to be some sort of break through!"

"Really?! Thanks for that Livs! Okay well, I'll have to say goodbye to you here then"

"No! Don't leave! I didn't mean it Al!" I pleaded.

"Chill out Liv, look where we are." Al grinned, looking around; I found I was outside the Hufflepuff common room, "I would never get rid of you like that! And I hardly ever take you seriously! You have that tone of voice when you're kidding!" Al chuckled at me.

I pretended to take offence saying "fine, well fine, I'll see you later then!"

"I was joking Liv! But I will see you later, you crazy chick!" with that I looked him in the eyes and gave him a wink, giving him another hug, I disappeared into the comfy, cosy place I call my common room with only a "see you at lunch, Ally Wally, I won't be awake till then!" shouting back at him.

Disclaimer- I do not own Dr Seuss, so his quotes used are not mine.
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