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Second Chances by Drunaforever
Chapter 20 : Official
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 Luna sighed. This book wasn't very interesting. She closed it and put it on a table next to the armchair she was in. Her humming wasn't heard over the chatter of her fellow housemates in the Ravenclaw common room and she was so lost in her mind it took Hermione a few tries to get her attention.

"Oh! Hello, Hermione." Luna smiled after the other had said "Luna!" for the third time.

"We have to talk, Luna." Hermione said, grabbing her wrist and leading her out of the common room.

They went down the steps that led up to the Ravenclaw tower, and Luna got curious. "Talk about what?" She frowned slightly.

"It's about Draco." Hermione answered over her shoulder.

Luna stopped, freeing her arm from the Gryffindor's grip. "What about him?" She did well at keeping her voice steady. She easily concealed the rush of emotions that overcame her internally: worry, delight, sadness, concern, nervousness.

"Well that's what we have to talk about." Hermione said patiently and continued her descent of the stairs.

Luna hurried after her and followed as she was led around the castle. She couldn't find her voice to ask where they were going. She was thinking. Draco had unexpectedly disappeared last week, and upon seeing Luna being upset a very angry Ginny had demanded to know where he had went from McGonagall. The professor informed them of how he had went to his home for a week of the holidays. After hearing this, Ginny and Hermione were furious, insisting on how he was a coward and he was hiding from Luna, who was mostly silent during this. She felt as if Draco didn't want to talk to her. She wasn't one to get upset over a boy, but she thought that maybe Draco didn't mean anything by the kiss. That he didn't really care, and he wanted to continue to avoid her. She let herself be sad and upset for one day, then her friends helped to cheer her up and she tried to be more joyful.

With all this in her mind, Luna didn't realize that Hermione had stopped walking and she walked right into the older girl. They both stumbled but didn't fall.

"Oops." Luna giggled. "Sorry."

Hermione gave her a quick smile and opened the door that they stopped in front of. It took Luna a moment to recognize they were going in the room of requirement.

The room was simple: a few comfy armchairs, a fireplace, a small bookshelf and a tray with a few snacks.

Ginny looked up from a book she was reading in her armchair. "Hey, Luna." She said.

"Hi." Luna came over and sat next to her and Hermione sat on the Ravenclaw's other side. "So...what?"

"Draco can't talk to you anymore or be with you." Ginny said bluntly.

"What?" Luna jumped up from her chair and faced the two. "He can't...what? Why?" She felt herself start to get upset.

Hermione stood up and smacked Ginny hard on the head before walking up to Luna. "It's okay, just let us explain..."

"He's doing it to protect me?" Luna asked once they explained everything Draco had told them.

Hermione nodded. "He was so upset, Luna, if only you were there. But he just can't be seen with you."

"Then we just have to be very sneaky!" Luna suggested.

Hermione shook her head. "It's way too risky, he wants to keep you safe."

Luna looked at the ground. "Okay." She mumbled. "So what are we going to do?"

Ginny silently pulled a folded piece of parchment from the pocket of her robes and handed it to Luna. She took it and Hermione stood up. "We'll be back in a few minutes."

Ginny followed her out and Luna smiled. She knew she wouldn't need it but she was grateful for the privacy they gave her.

She unfolded the parchment and began reading.


I'm sorry it has to be like this but I'm doing this for you. The truth is that I kissed you last week because, well, I didn't want to lose you. I've liked you for a while now, since our Quidditch match against each other. I guess you like me too judging from the events of the Christmas Party... I don't know. Tell me what you think.


He sounded pretty awkward in his letter, but she wasn't surprised. They had kissed on a spur of the moment, not realizing the other had feelings for them besides friendship. Now they had to decide what to do next.

I don't want to lose you either, and I like you as well. So...what now?


Her response was short and awkward too, but what else would she say?

Ginny and Hermione came in soon after she finished signing her name. Ginny held her had out and Luna rolled up the parchment before giving it to her.

That night at dinner Ginny handed her the parchment.

So...are we...official?


Luna smiled, understanding his meaning, before writing her reply.

We're official.


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Second Chances: Official


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