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Chapter 8: Surprise Ending Jessica awoke with much of the same energy and excitement as the day before. But this time she woke up by herself, three hours early. However, she couldn’t go back to bed, so she decided to read some of her books so she knew what to expect. She carried down her Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts books because those were the classes she really wanted to excel in. Halfway down the stairs she turned around to go get her Transfiguration book, thinking she should do well in McGonagall’s class because she was in the Order. When she got down to the common room though, she realized there was someone else there. She saw a shadow next to one of the chairs, and it had the outline of a shorter person. “Hello?” Jessica called out quietly. There was a squeak and suddenly a little blonde haired girl’s face appeared around a corner of the chair: Michelle Canddet, the first year who Jessica smiled at. Michelle stumbled out of her chair and stood very far away from Jessica. “I’m sorry, I- I think I’ll go back to bed now. Sorry if I was in your chair.” Jessica laughed. “What are you talking about? This is my first day too! I’m just as nervous as you are. In fact, I came down here so I could read some of my books to know what everyone else was doing. And I didn’t know people had chairs reserved for them any time, let alone at 4:30 in the morning.” Michelle looked guiltily into Jessica’s face and then crept around the chair to pick something up. Jessica recognized it instantly as a textbook. A smile spread across her face before she could stop it. “Looks like you and me, we have a lot in common,” Jessica said. “Let’s sit here and read, I don’t think anybody will kick us out of these chairs. They sure look a lot comfier than those over there.” They sat down and began to read, sharing out loud pieces of chapters that seemed very interesting. Michelle probably helped Jessica more than Jessica helped Michelle, just because Jessica’s books were a lot more advanced. Still, they were able to goof around with each other at some of the things they found in the books. “Hey! Listen to this word-I don’t even know if I can pronounce it or not…umm… destractious momrily…I guess it’s a plant somewhere in Asia.” And they would go into hysterical laughter while racing through the books to find words to outdo the other person, thoughts of learning anything to help them in classes long gone from their minds. Soon they started talking about their families. Michelle was a Muggle-born who had never known anything about magic or Hogwarts until she had gotten the letter. One of her friends at school had actually also turned out to be a witch, but she decided to go to Eton instead of Hogwarts. So Michelle had no friends as of yet, and told Jessica she was very shy because being a witch made her different from all the people in her school back home. “Don’t worry, here everyone is the same as you, remember?” Jessica encouraged her. “You’ll find lots of new friends, besides, you’ve already got me, and I’m a sixth year! That should make you feel special!” She smirked at Michelle, who started giggling again in spite of all her worries. Jessica strongly wanted to tell her of her powers, how she was different from everyone, Muggles outside of the castle, wizards inside. But she knew from experience just telling about her gift before really trusting someone would have very negative effects. But she wanted to give her friend more confidence on her first day, so she was vague about her powers. “Trust me, Michelle; you are more like everyone in here than I am. You came here, as you should, as a first year and were sorted with other people who had the same personality traits as you, plus they have magic as well. They will be the easiest to bond with. Me, I came here, new, after everyone has known each other for 5 years, and I am still not like them. I have…” At this point Jessica caught herself before she let slip about her gift. Michelle looked up adoringly at her new friend, her new role model. “Do you really think it’ll be that easy?” She asked timidly. “Do you remember Dumbledore asking Harry Potter to teach the DA again this year, in front of everyone?” When Michelle nodded, Jessica went on. “Before he told Dumbledore yes, he asked me what I thought. I told him what I’m going to tell you. Knock ‘em dead. If you believe you can do it, you will.” “You’re very…intuitive, I guess you could say, for lack of a better word.” Jessica was a little surprised but pleased at the compliment. She hadn’t had anyone give her praise like that in a long time. Instead of thanking her, she ended up saying, “Intuitive? That’s like what mothers say…not little bitty first years! What a vocabulary!” before she could stop herself, and they were hyper all over again. Around this time, people were starting to wake up and walk, drowsy-eyed, to the Great Hall. They all stared in disbelief at Michelle and Jessica, both new and wide awake. As people would pass, they would make up crazy nicknames for what they thought that person looked like. When Jessica saw Ron come down, she figured this was the perfect opportunity to make fun of him. “Whaddya say we call that weird looking tall boy with red hair Gangles? His real name is Ron and he’s my friend, but we could do some serious damage to his self-confidence.” When Michelle looked at her questioningly, Jessica explained about his lack of Muggle knowledge and the penny story. Then she explained about his reign at chess. She knew Michelle would find his just as cute and innocent, and yes, a little dorky as Jessica did herself. Ron marched over to them grumpily. “How are you so happy? It’s the first day of school with gits like Snape as a teacher! Why are you awake anyway?” They both tried to hide their laughs as they explained. When he was still grumpy and irritated at the end of their story, Michelle piped out a very quick “Guess you’re not a morning person,” and in an undertone so only Jessica could hear her, “Gangles.” They both burst out laughing, tears flooding into their eyes. “Girls!” Ron muttered angrily and stormed off to the Great Hall. Still cracking up, they both followed him. * * * * * After breakfast, Jessica was following Harry, Ron, and Hermoine to their advanced Potions lessons. She had not gotten a schedule like everyone else, but was instead given a letter that said she could go to whosever classes she wanted, but then wherever she went the first week would make up her schedule for the rest of the year. This was more than okay with Jessica, and she spent her way to the dungeons bouncing and talking happily. “Just a little piece of advice, you might want to cut off the little girl attitude when we’re in Snape’s class. He’ll probably take 50 points off for you not being a sullen, ugly, bat like he is.” Harry warned her as they got nearer and nearer to the doors. Jessica tried to act more depressed like Harry and Ron were acting, like it was the end of the world, but her excitement outdid it, and she walked into the classroom with a smile on her face and a hop in her step still. At the end of the class however, she came out grumbling like everyone else, except Malfoy, who was gloating. She shot him a murderous look before talking about the class. “How could he laugh at my stupid potion? I’ve never done any stupid stuff like that before. It’s not even a real class, it doesn’t use a wand! And taking off points because Harry accidentally spilled a teeny-weeny drop of his potion when bottling it and caused a little burn in the floor. Boo-hoo! And the stupid Malfoy kept throwing stuff at us, and Snape was, like, completely blind to it! How unfair is that?” Jessica ranted as they walked down to lunch. “I warned you,” Harry said grimly. “Snape hates all of us, even though we’re all in the Order, he still treats us like crud.” Jessica started. “He’s in the Order! But he’s so evil; I would have thought he was a Death Eater himself!” Hermoine interrupted. “He was, but then came back onto our side.” She explained all about how Snape was supposed to be a spy now and how he alerted people about where Harry had gone at the end of last year. Jessica didn’t believe a word of it. He was evil, right down to the core, that’s all she was sure of. After all the afternoon lessons, she saw Michelle in the common room, talking to another little girl with blonde hair, but her hair was long and curly and very thick. Jessica waved to Michelle, who waved energetically back and motioned for her to come over. “Jessica, I want you to meet my new friend Amber,” she said breathlessly. “Hi, I love your name! That’s my owl’s name too!” and she smiled warmly at her. Amber did not answer. She instead turned red and looked down at the floor, avoiding Jessica’s eyes. Oops, maybe I shouldn’t have told her that was my owl’s name, Jessica thought. Or, maybe she’s just to shy to talk to a sixth year, like Michelle was at first, was Jessica’s second opinion. She said a quick goodbye and was heading up the stairs before Harry stopped her. “Hey, meet me in front of the Great Hall in a half hour. I want to show you something.” He looked at her mysteriously and left as soon as she said okay in a very startled tone. She quickly got a light yellow cloak out of her bag and put her hair up into a ponytail. She thought she could use a little more lip gloss, but then decided against it. He could be showing her some ugly slimy creatures and she certainly didn’t want to get dressed up for that. So she went down the stairs and left to go to the Great Hall. She saw him there, leaning against the wall, hiding something behind his back. She could see a bunch of twigs at one end though, and immediately a thought went through her head. There’s no way wizards use broomsticks, she said to herself. I figured that was just in books. Jessica had a puzzled expression on her face and had just opened her mouth to speak when Harry walked up to her and gave her a quick kiss. Instantly all of Jessica’s thoughts went blank. He then brushed a finger across her lips to let her know to be quiet, grabbed her hand, and led her out into the beautiful grounds outside. **Okay, well I will add the ninth chapter, just because I love writing this a lot and the few people who have reviewed like it! Yippee! And for all you people who are reading and not reviewing :( well i hope you like it just as much!!

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