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A/N: Thank you so much for all the lovely reviews!  Keep it up! 


Rosevine still had not grown accustomed to all the people staring at her as she walked into the Great Hall for lunch a few days later with Harry holding her hand.  Even though weeks had passed since she had ended her engagement to Draco Malfoy and her classmates had been given plenty of opportunity to accept Rosevine and Harry as a couple, there were quite obviously those who still hated her.  She had been downright cruel when she was with Draco, so she couldn’t exactly blame them after all.  And as if her change in relationship status hadn’t been gossip-worthy enough, there was the revelation that she was Remus Lupin’s daughter to top it all off.  She went from a Pureblood family and engaged to the Prince of the Dark Lord’s ranks to being the daughter of a werewolf and dating the Chosen One overnight.  She understood why people still stared.  It just didn’t make it any easier for her to deal with. 

                She and Harry sat down across from Ron and Hermione and Harry immediately delved into a plate of sandwiches and crisps.  Rosevine grabbed some fruit and poked at it with her fork tiredly.  “It will get easier Rosevine,” Hermione said with a small sigh. 

                “No. It won’t.  It will never get easier for me.”

                “Wha are you lot talkin’ ‘bout?” Ron asked through his mouthful of food.

                “Rose struggled with today’s Transfiguration lesson,” Harry explained.

                “I struggle with every lesson,” she clarified.  “I’m a rubbish witch, and it just gets worse as I get older and the other thing gets stronger,” she explained, alluding to her Elemental power.  “I won’t be able to fight like this.  I will have no choice but to reveal myself, because I’ll die if I don’t.  I’ve messed everything up.  My mission with Draco was a complete failure.  Now I’ll probably mess up the big reveal McGonagall has planned for the Final Battle,” Rose sighed, placing her head in her hands. 

                “All of this is out of your control Rose,” Hermione said reassuringly.  “Regardless of how He learns that you know how to use your gift, you will still be instrumental in keeping Harry alive.  You know McGonagall wants you to be the last protection for Harry.  She wouldn’t give you that kind of responsibility if she didn’t have faith in you.”

                “I just hate this limbo that I feel like I’m stuck in.  He knows what I am, but not that I know what I can do.  It’s just frustrating.  I want to be who I am and not care what anyone else thinks.” 

                “It’s only a matter of time.  For now, don’t worry about the practical aspect of your studies. We all know that part of school is sort of futile for you.  McGonagall knows why you struggle.  She isn’t going to fail you for it, Rose,” Hermione laughed.  “Besides, the Auror program will be thrilled to have you after the War is over.  You, Harry, and Ron will all have a wonderful career ahead of you.”

                “You should be an Auror to ‘Mione.  You would be incredible,” I said in return.

                “We both know books have always called to me more than war and fighting.  I would much rather be the intelligence behind the scenes that keeps you three alive.”

                “So nothing will change then, eh mate?” Ron asked Harry with a smile.

                “I hope some things change,” he said glancing at me cryptically. “But the four of us working together will never change.”


A/N: I hope you like it.  I know it's a little fluffy and very short, but its build up for the next chapter. 

I hadn't planned on writing this at all during NaNoWriMo, but I couldn't help myself after I got all your reviews! <3

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