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Note: stuff between two * * * is someone dreaming (the dream is more of a memory cause it actually happened a long time ago). 14 Years Later Remus Lupin, now 29 years old, slept quietly on board the Hogwarts Express. Yet his dreams were now more troubled then they had been in years. Today his dreams brought him back to his fifth year, one the strangest years he had spent in the beloved castle of Hogwarts.
* * *
"Morning sunshine" said Sirius from across the room of the shrieking shack. Remus was grateful for Sirius waking him up, but said nothing of it. Remus didn't like to be watched while he slept, in case the violent dreams accompanied by being a werewolf set in. Remus rubbed his eyes, thankful for his two great friends. Then there was Peter, he was just Peter. To Remus, that night had been like any other, it was the days that followed that made him remember this particular time in his life. He woke up in the Shrieking Shack alone, as always. He found that he had hurt himself last night but couldn't find the wounds. He supposed that whatever he had done last night had left no wounds substantial enough to carry over to his human form. Remus decided to get up and, being that it was a Saturday, go see his friends in the Gryffindor common room. Strangely enough, for Remus anyway, it was the retelling of the events of the previous night that Remus enjoyed the most. Due to the fact that he remembered nothing of his transformations. Remus walked up the last staircase and reached the portrait of the fat lady. He lazily gave the password and stepped through the portrait hole. He found Sirius and James already up, this, Remus thought, was very, very rare. "Hey guys" Remus had obviously stirred them from a very serious conversation, another oddity. There was no sign of laughter on either face. Remus thought he could almost catch the faintest trace of fear on the faces of his two best friends. "Morning Remus" said James, sitting back on his chair by the fire, Remus could tell the serious conversation was over. "Watcha talking about?" Remus casually asked sitting down on the opposite side of the couch Sirius now resided on. "Nothing much" came both friends' voices. "So what did we get ourselves into last night?" Remus asked, masking his excitement. Sirius and James laughed at the usual grin that came upon Remus' face when they told him of their adventures of the night before, but this laughter was not of joy. Remus could tell that there was something nervous about the way they laughed and looked briefly at each other. Sirius looked up slowly at Remus, "Uh... we wandered around fro a while, went and howled right outside the windows of the Slytherin common room, stuff like that. It wasn't the most spectacular night we've ever had, but it was nice to be free again for one night." Remus found this recount of the previous night strange. "When did I hurt myself?" Remus prompted for answers. "Uhhh" Sirius quickly looked at James for help. "We think you might have gotten hurt reentering the Shrieking Shack , when we tried to pass under the Whomping Willow. Sirius was too slow to freeze it" James looks down at his feet but decided to continue talking "we all got pretty badly banged up." But Remus saw no sign of any injuries on either of them, but decided to leave the subject untouched for now. They made their way down for an unusually early breakfast, but no one seemed to mind. Remus sat down opposite James and Sirius, who were both rather quiet now that Remus paid attention. He pulled a platter of eggs and bacon towards him, served himself, and began to eat. Sirius and James quietly followed suit. Sirius, within minutes was commenting, as usual, on Remus' 'over healthy' diet. Not that Sirius didn't eat quite a bit himself. What did it matter if he could put away as much as Peter, and sometimes more? Remus was on his second helping of eggs when the post arrived. Sirius and James automatically started to frantically scour the front pages and only when they had looked through the entire paper did they emerge looking rather relieved. "What is up with you two?" he finally asked, no longer being able to suppress his curiosity. "You've been with us all morning Moony" said James, now concentrating more on his second helping of breakfast. "You guys aren't yourselves." "Yes we are" said Sirius lightly. "You're hiding something" Remus said slyly, "I'm not stupid." "Well that's a matter of opinion" Sirius shot back. James looked at Sirius menacingly. "Whatever" Remus got up and walked off. For a long time this peculiar behavior continued, but Remus never found out why.
* * *
Remus jerked awake, but for a moment thought he was still dreaming. He opened his eyes and looked beside him to find the source of the sound that had woken him. He had heard yelling. Looking around he saw he was now sharing a compartment with four students. All of whom were looking up at the compartment door, Remus looked up to see the tall Dementor standing before him. He got up and made the dementor move off with a patronus charm. He then sat back down, but was startled to see the boy sitting beside him. For one moment, for one dazzling moment, he had thought he was once again sitting beside James. Then he realized he was not sharing a compartment with James Potter, but Harry Potter. He had fainted from the shock of the Dementor ordeal, but when he had revived him, Remus saw that Harry's eyes belonged not to James, but Lily. Remus then turned to the other students in the compartment. "Hello" he said brightly. "What was that!?!" a red haired boy exclaimed. "It was a dementor" Remus told him "One of the guards of Azkaban is searching the train for Sirius Black." Saying that name brought pain to him but he had learned to hide it well. "My name is Remus Lupin, and as you've probably guessed I will be your new defense against the dark arts teacher." "Hello" said a bright girl with bushy brown hair. "I'm Hermione Granger, this is Ron" she said waving a hand towards the red headed boy beside her. "I see." Remus replied. "And who are you?" he was speaking to another girl in the compartment, the only one it seemed, who had been brave enough to sit beside him. "Kate" she said shyly, looking down at her feet. "No need to ask your name" he said, smiling at Harry. The train came to a halt and they all got up. Remus went into the great all and was in heaven walking back into that old castle once again, though he wished he could have done it with his friends beside him. He got to the staff table to be stunned by what he saw. There, at the end of the table, was Severus Snape. "Great, he thought to himself, just the person I need to see again." he thought to himself, wishing Sirius and James were there to help him keep Snape in check. Remus did however get a chance to take revenge on Snape for all of their years at school, he taught a third year to force a boggart to form Snape in an old women's clothes. A stroke of genius he thought to himself. The first month went smoothly, besides his transformation, which was now less dangerous due to the wolfsbane potion. He enjoyed spending time with Harry and his friends. Though, he noticed something in Kate that he did not see in the others. Something he almost saw in himself, but he couldn't figure out what exactly it was. They all got along, but Kate seemed somehow detached, separated by some invisible barrier, but he wisely kept that thought to himself. Later in the year Remus found that Harry had somehow come to own the Marauders Map, something that he had completely forgotten about. In early June the Marauders Map showed him something he hadn't ever contemplated seeing. The map showed Peter Pettigrew scampering around the third floor. This lead to him following him out to the Shrieking Shack. Remus walked in to find Harry and his friends with Sirius. Remus did a double take at the sight of his old friend. "Remus" he said, looking up at his old friend "You know why I'm hear, you know who I'm after" "Yes" Remus looked over at Ron to the quivering lump in his pocket. The others misread the situation defending Ron. Hermione it seemed was furious with Remus. "I trusted you!" she yelled at him, "I kept your secret, and your his friend!" she pointed in Sirius' direction. "Listen" Remus tried desperately to calm her down before she let anything slip, he had a feeling she knew what he was. "It's not what you think I -" "NO" Hermione screamed, she then turned to her friends, "He's been helping him get in! He's been his friend all along, he's a werewolf!" Remus hung his head, cursing himself for letting his secret be that obvious. Remus desperately tried to explain that Sirius was innocent, but had to admit to them he was a werewolf. That's when Snape entered the fray. Harry then managed to stun him, not exactly how Remus had wanted that situation to end. They finally managed to convince Ron of Peter's true identity, and for the second time that night, Remus came face to face with an old friend, but this time it wasn't so pleasant. He begged and pleaded for his life, and Harry gave him his wish. Peter was to be taken to the Dementors. They all then made their way back up to the castle, they got out of the Shreiking Shack to be bathed in moonlight. "NO" Remus thought to himself, how could he!!! It was the full moon tonight, and worst of all he hadn't remembered to take the potion. The pain ripped through him, it was nearly unbearable. He looked up to see the terrified faces staring back at him. Kate, it appeared, had ran back into the Shrieking Shack in fear of him. Sirius looked around, where had Kate gone, then he saw, the end of a cloak swished out of site. Good, she was safe, now there were only three to keep away from Remus. Snape could take care of himself, or maybe he would get lucky and Snape would get bit, but he didn't want Remus to be in trouble. Remus turned and ran towards the Shrieking Shack, Sirius ran to hurry the others up to the castle with Peter. His attention was suddenly brought back to Lupin when a horrible scream came from inside the Shrieking Shack. Kate! Sirius turned and dashed into the shack as fast as he could. He entered the room they had previously been in, but it was only Remus. Thinking quickly Sirius transformed back into a human and locked the door and jammed it shut. Sirius returned outside to find Harry, Ron, and Hermione by themselves. "Where's Peter?" Sirius demanded, looking at Harry he saw he had what looked to be a broken arm. "He...he escaped. I'm sorry." Harry said, wincing in pain. The next morning Remus entered the school to find Harry, Ron and Hermione. "Did Sirius let you out?" Harry asked before Remus had had the chance to even speak. "What are you talking about, let me out of where?" Remus had no idea what Harry what he was talking about. "He told us that he locked you in the Shrieking Shack" said Hermione. "I woke up in the forest." "We better go see Sirius and ask him then" said Harry. So the four of them went down to where the Whomping Willow was and made their way down the tunnel to the shack. Sirius was there. Harry, Ron and Hermione came in first, closely followed by Lupin. Sirius looked up wide-eyed at Lupin. "But- what? You?" Sirius mumbled, pointing at Lupin then at the door. "What, Sirius?" said Lupin. "If you're in here, then who the heck is in there?" Sirius asked. "No one I guess." replied Lupin, but then a small noise came from the inside of the room. "What the-" Sirius carefully unblocked the door and opened it slowly and quietly. The others stood back. Sirius opened the door wide enough to completely see in and nearly fell back in surprise at who he saw laying fully clothed on the floor.

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