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Over the years, we found that, somehow, we must have been separated at birth... All four of us. We took almost the same subjects when it got to our OWL's and NEWT's, we shared a lot of interests and quickly spent a lot of time together. We all shared a love for Defence Against the Dark Arts and Potions. Albus and I shared a love for Muggle Studies, something he inherited from his Grandad Arthur, and I just loved the way wizards looked at everyday objects! Whereas Rose and Scorpius absolutely loved Transfiguration, both of them were way too amazing for their own good at that subject, very helpful for me, as I was always awful at it. We always found time to study because Rose was constantly fretting over some sort of test, exam or homework, this was a good and a bad thing. We also found time for lounging about by the Black Lake or the ‘Famous’ Wotter sleepovers.

I remember once when we took an unplanned trip into the Black Lake. It turns out that Al and Scorp tried to get back at 'the ultimate pranksters of Hogwarts' since Fred and George Weasley, James II and Freddy II. Freddy and James had turned Al and Scor's robes pink with kittens on it, which was funny to start with but they removed it eventually (well they got Roxy to do it after promising to help her out sometime whenever she needed a more devious mind than her own). Before that Scorp figured that they could quite easily get rid of that but once the pink was removed from the robes, the person whose robe it was, their hair turned purple! That was hilarious, they couldn't get rid of it, everyone tried but nothing would work, it just changed colour every time, like a rainbow show, purple, blue, green, orange, yellow, red, pink, all the colours you can think of...Well, that was until Rose threatened to send an owl home to her Aunt Ginny, who even now has the record for the best Bat Bogey Hex. That caused Roxy to finally do it.

Of course Al and Scor didn't agree with that, they wanted to win the right way. It was their fantastic idea to prank them back, A-man and S-man, did not make a good move. They were never going to come out if this untouched, they took weeks to plan it all, and were desperate to get back at them, they even paid Dom (they tried Roxy first but she said no, on account it was her brother, but Dom said it'd be hilarious and even though she loved them, they were annoying sometimes!) to help them and perform the deed as it was quite advanced. James and Freddy were turned into an ostrich every time they tried to talk to a girl who wasn't related to them... It wasn't too bad though, the effects wore off after 30 seconds of them changes. Their faces were such a picture afterwards, they were so shocked, mouths wide open, they didn't know what was happening at all. It took a couple times of ostrich before they realised someone had done something and found out what was triggering it. Saying that though, they were incredibly fast at deciding who did it, simple really.

Al figured this out fairly quickly and thought that going by the lake would get them away from the two rather angry fourth years. But when that wasn't good enough, Rose and I were their (in the end) wet solution.

"Scorp! I told you this was a bad idea! Seriously, why did I let you talk me into this?!" Al screamed as he ran as fast as his legs could carry him until he reached Rose and I, who were, not only two minutes ago, taking in the summer sunshine and chatting about everything and anything, PEACEFULLY.

You see, Rose and I were sunbathing on a summer's afternoon because exams were still on for the older students, therefore meaning we had nothing to do, and due to the fact it was a simply beautifully sunny day, we thought that the best place to be was by the lake. We were just wearing shorts and a vest, as it was so hot, and were taking in the view if Hogwarts and putting the world to right, occasionally moving into the shade of the Oak tree next to us.

This is where they found us- Scorp, catching up spluttered "when did you get so fast?" completely ignoring everything Al had previously said.

Al, with a look, just one look, said more than enough words, stating 'Are-You-Actually-Serious-Fix-This-NOW.

"Fine, fine, chill out. I think we lost them anyway."

This time all of us shot him a look saying Really?-James-Fred-really? It didn’t take long for Rose and I to realise why they were running.

"But you know just in case we have to cause a distraction... Livy? Rose? Can you swim?" Scorpius said carefully, as if he was coming up with a plan as he spoke.

"Yes..." Rose and I chimed hesitantly.

Scorpius' stormy grey eyes lit up and his concerned face turned into a beautifully huge grin, "Wonderful! I'm assuming they know you can Rose? (And with a nod from Rosie he continued). Not you though Livy? Surely they don't know that? (a shake from me resulted in a bigger grin and flattery). Okay then, my favourite bestest friend and the most amazing actress in the whole wide world, will you do me and Al a favour?" Scorpius pleaded with me.

"Of course dear friend of mine, whatever you need!" I said sarcastically, "just don't tell anyone... If anyone asks I had nothing to do with anything" I added quickly.

Everyone nodded at my stern command and carried on relaxing in the beautiful summer sun, with the only sound was the faint laughter of other students further along the lake as well as Scorp and Al whispering almost suspiciously (I really should have called up on that when I saw it).

AGAIN, my quiet afternoon was disrupted, and this time, it was seriously changed. James and Fred launched a surprise attack on our boys... It wasn't pretty, there were hexes flying everywhere for a while, but eventually, and this is the point I got angry.
Al and Scorp gave each other a quick nod and then were off throwing themselves towards me and Rose and then... Al picked me up in a firemans lift, (Scorp was right earlier... Something had changed...When did he get so strong?), then threw me into the Black Lake, jumping in after me, and Scorp doing the same thing with Rose.
(Okay, seriously, when did they get so strong? Do you reckon it's Quidditch? I hadn't really noticed a difference before, not in me anyway, currently a chaser on the Hufflepuff team, but maybe there was something, Al, I suppose, had been going to loads of extra Quidditch practises towards the final match, and Scor. Maybe that was it, but Merlin! That developed quickly!)

In the shock of things, I spluttered but then realised what they were doing. A brilliant distraction! James and Freddy, cared about me like a sister, another cousin, so to see me like this would cause some distress. It might even cause James to ruin that perfectly styled bed-head look! (I think during the hexes, Scorp or Al sent the counter curse to them, therefore when proceeding events happened without anyone turning into an ostrich).

I then threw myself into a very convincing role of an innocent drowning girl, then being saved by a (still very handsome) angry brother... James, bless his cotton socks he jumped in, splashed Al rather a lot but very quickly, then he scooped me up and placed me on the side of the lake. Encouraging me to breath, which of course I was doing just fine, but appreciated the effort. While he was doing this Freddy joined us and the others scrambled out of the river themselves. Rose was now shouting at Scor for throwing her into the lake without telling her first. But one thing I suppose none of us thought of was that James would get angry, well not that angry.

James was now angry at Albus for a whole different reason.

"Albus Severus Potter, how dare you do that to your best friend, didn't you know she couldn't swim, I mean, seriously, to get away from me?! I'm your brother, I wouldn't have been too harsh on you!" James utterly screeched at Albus, who throughout the whole speech tried to but in several times and explain, with unsuccessful attempts.

But after James had calmed down (no help from Fred though, I might add, who had gone into panic mode after seeing me like that, crazy kid!), I explained everything, although he wasn't happy about it, he was considerably happier once I'd said I could actually swim. So, Lovely Livy to the rescue I suppose!

Although from all of that, I did get a cold shoulder from James for about a week, but eventually he caved in. I have insanely convincing puppy eyes! After we'd got out, and calmed James and Freddy down, they wandered off to go and get dry and probably chat up some girls, who didn't give a damn about whether they were ostriches earlier on in the day.

In doing this, Rose and I were left doing the shouting, "and you couldn't have told us about the exact plan I suppose?" Rose asked with a certain amount of sarcasm in her voice.

"Yeah, that would have made it so much more difficult wouldn't it Rose?" Adding the same amount of sarcasm, I continued.

"Of course Livy, that would have been a pain... Really hard to let people in on a plan they were involved in" Rose exclaimed, getting angrier by the second.

Rose and I, at the start were stood a good enough distance away from them, but as our anger increased, we were getting closer and closer, meaning by the time Rose had finished that last sentence. We were practically standing on their toes, me straight in front of Al looking up, sternly into his big green eyes... That looked a really bright shade of green, sparkling in guilt, trying to trip me up in the deep, sweet, puppy eyes. Wait. No. What? I'm angry, why am I looking so deep into his eyes? Stern looks back on.

"Care to explain?" I started, looking from Scorp to Al.

Both of them simultaneously looked at each other, and back at me. Apparently using some sort of mental telepathy that I couldn't intercept, because Al began to talk, looking me in the eyes,

"Look, I'm sorry, it was Scorp's idea to create a distraction, he thought of the idea and checked it with you. Then he started to tell me about it, that's why we were whispering by the way. I said not to tell you exactly what was happening, as you already sort of knew because you agreed Liv. But it's my fault, not Scorp's honestly".

By the simple but sincere what he was looking at me, I could tell he was sorry, but I could also tell he was lying. He was such a good friend to Scorp, it was almost too cute, Al was always conscious of the Slytherin reputation his family had. And how this had assumed this in Scorp without really knowing him, so he would always do what he could to show how much of a good guy Scorp was. Of course, Rose couldn't quite see this because he was looking me in the eye the whole time, still millimetres away.

"Well, that's good and dandy then isn't it, but wait, actually, it's not, Livy agreed, I did no such thing!" She pointed out, hitting Scorp on the arm several times.

"Rose, Rose, seriously calm down" Scorp said trying to sooth her.

But again, a bad move S-man. Al, the master of looks that said a million words, shot him a DID-YOU-ACTUALLY-JUST-TELL-HER-TO-CALM-DOWN-YOU-IDIOT look, expressing to him, that, that is never a good move and took over.

"Rose, you're right, but we needed you too, it wouldn't have been so convincing with just Liv, sorry, we are, really." Al explained.

"I'm so, so, sorry Rose, but I knew you could swim and thought it'd be a laugh" Scorp said, hoping he could win her over.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. So, we going to just stand here, or? We're wet already, might as well, take another dip, it’s warm enough!" Rose squealed, pushing a very surprised Scorpius into the lake, and jumping in after him. I began to laugh at the situation, Scorp had started to splash Rose who had taken on the challenge, and I reckon was winning.

I turned to look back at Al to share the laughter, when I realised we were still really close and his laughter was booming into me, making me feel funny inside. But again, I was caught off guard when I was being lifted up and thrown into the lake once more (this seeker business of his has really made him fast). This time though I was more ready and no longer needing to play the part of a damsel in distress, meaning, no sooner was Al stood at the side laughing hysterically, was he being dragged into the lake by me. Once he'd regained his surroundings he was off after me, I beginning a natural swimmer was very fast and difficult to catch up, so eventually gave up and let him catch me. At this point he gathered all the energy he had a jumped on me pushing me further underwater, letting me up, several moments after, when I was physically exhausted. Feeling sorry for me Al, having caused my issue, helped me up onto the side where we sat, being joined by the other two, for the rest of the afternoon, chatting and drying off slightly.

That was the first time I noticed Al, like properly, more than a friend. Though, I never acted on it, I was a third year, I didn't want to get involved in any of that crap for a couple years. It was also the first time I noticed Rose and Scorp's love-hate, relationship, I figured there was bound to be something there. Of course, I didn't take it as that then, I just thought it would be interesting how long they'd be friends before they killed each other.

Hey Guys!
What did you think about the chapter?
Did you like the pranks? 
And these friends relationships?

Thanks so much for reading! Please leave me a review letting me know your views!

Emz xxx

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