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In Hufflepuff, my year consisted of three other girls, Emma, Louise and Liberty and five boys, Jack, Harry, George, William and Austin. Much smaller than any year I would have been in if I hadn’t gone to Hogwarts, much, much smaller. I had so much fun with these guys, my bed was the furthest to the right, next to the bathroom and opposite the doorway, Liberty's bed was next to mine, and she was so great! She was half blood and so already knew about everything because she has two older brothers, who were in third and fifth year, (and judging by how stunning Liberty is, they were going to be gorgeous). Therefore we stayed up for ages and talked all about our new classes and she tried to teach me about Quidditch, but I kept getting confused. I figured I'd ask Rose about it the next day.

Thinking of Rose I then remembered that I didn't have any time to ask about Rose and Al's family in more depth, all I knew was they were related and Al had a brother. Of course, I was to find out that they weren't alone, that they had many cousins, which was kind of hinted to on the train, but not until I met most of them did I understand. They must have done it for a reason, maybe not make me intimidated, I suppose they get that a lot.

So, the next morning I woke up and found light streaming in through the windows, it was six in the morning, I've always been an early bird, meaning once I'd seen the time, I got up. Normally I would go for a walk around the wood next to my house, but not knowing my way round this place I decided against it. I got up, and truly took in my surroundings, I looked around the comfy circular room, the four, four poster beds sat in a semicircle, with a bedside table in between each. The drapes on the beds were yellow (not too bright, but still not that nice to look at), with black moons and stars all over it. At the end of each bed were wardrobe dressers, they have magical qualities, letting you put anything and everything in it. Then into between my bed and the bathroom, and the door to our dorm and bathroom were dressing tables. The furniture was all a light wood and made you just feel at home, a lovely feeling when you're a tad home sick. I hopped into the shower, got myself ready, feeling a tad strange in a robe but somehow really comfortable.

Once dressed I moved downstairs to the common room. The room was circular, and looked SO comfy; it had loads of cushions all over the sofas and chairs that were overly squishy. The walls were a pale yellow and had a row of past heads of the house all along the top of the walls, the flooring was light wood, it had 3 separate fireplaces that were always blazing giving a warm feeling to the room and had a constant smell of food, as the entrance is just next to the kitchens. There were plants everywhere, different herbs and flowers were on every windowsill. On the wall without a fireplace there was a corridor with a room to each side and then a staircase at the end, which only led up a few stairs, into a tiny reception room where there was another couple of stairs to your left but other than that 6 more doors that led to more dorms, belonging to the boys and more the other steps leading to the girls dorms. I sat down on a little armchair closest to one of the fires, and snuggled up comfortably and nodded off again.

Before I knew it, I was being shaken awake by Liberty, or Tea as she prefers, telling me it was time for breakfast. I went down with her sat at the table and ate most of my breakfast when I was quickly ushered away to the Gryffindor table by a swooping Albus. I was placed into a seat in between Rose and Al, with Scorp on the other side of Rose.

I remember when I first met most of the Hogwarts population, a.k.a the Wotter Hogwarts students. There were just so many of them, I wasn't expecting it at all, Rosie and Al mentioned there was a few of them and Scorp joked saying that was a small understatement. I seriously thought he was joking when he said there were over 10 of them all together!

"Oi" Rose screamed over her extremely loud cousins, (she always had a way with words that girl, something I found came from her darling Dad). A sea of ginger hair, along with the old black or blonde head, turned to face us. "This is Livy Adams and Scorpius Malfoy, both really great friends of mine and Albus'" Rose stated matter-of- factly.

There was then a chorus of enthusiastic "Hi Livy" that came from them all... And a rather unenthusiastic "Hello Scorpius" or "Malfoy" that came from the slightly disgruntled but acceptant group of cousins.

I wondered what that was all about and resulted I'd ask later, as what was coming next, I was not expecting. I then had a long list of introduction given by Al, "Livy, now, I'll take this slow, and don't expect you to get them all right to start with; this is Victoire, Dominique, and Louis, their brother and sister to each other".

"Victoire, Dominique and Louis, great to meet you!" I exclaimed, seriously overwhelmed but so happy to meet them. They all smiled at me, probably thinking I was too hyper.

These three siblings were the most amazingly radiant and enticing people I had ever met, the eldest and youngest were blonde and Dom a red head. The two girls with long flowing hair, Dom's eyes constantly sparkled whereas Vic's seemed to twinkle, and Louis with short, yet floppy hair, his eyes were bright and bold, making you melt, once looking at him. I later found out that it was because of their part-veela heritage that made them look so irresistible.

Next came George Weasley's kids "and this is Roxanne and Fred, also brother and sister" Al continued.

"Victoire, Dominique, Louis" I muttered under my breath, "Roxanne and Fred, easy enough, nice to meet you two as well!" I said, again, probably too excitedly.

Roxanne had simple beauty with long flowing dark hair, perfectly falling just below her shoulders with gorgeously big eyes, her brother Freddy, was respectively as handsome, but with shocking ginger hair flopping just above his eyes which somehow made you question your sanity! I now know that this guy is simply mad, but just so loveable!

Al then turned to his brother and gave a 'lovely' introduction "and this here Livy, is my idiotic, apparently heartthrob of a brother, James" shaking his head disapprovingly and giving his brother a push making him fall slightly.

James then started to blush and gave Albus a small shove back, saying very sarcastically "Gosh Al, you're so sweet, I wouldn't say I was a heart throb, you're making me blush up red like a tomato, but nice to meet you Livy".

I replied with a huge grin on my face (he really was quite gorgeous even if he was only a second year- that sounds wrong, but looking back, I was blown away by him the very moment I met him) "yeah, um, nice to meet you too". James' hair was pretty much the same as Al's but with age, looked A-maz-ing. His eyes were a brown, and gazed hopefully into your soul, every time you looked at the boy.

Rose then caught me off guard by announcing it was test time, then with a blink of my eye, all the Wotter's had changed seats, just to throw me I might add! I then thought very carefully and went around the table listening off each of their names,

"Louis, Roxanne, Victoire, James, Fred and Dominique".

"Yay! You got it all right! Whoa for someone who didn't even know us, that was pretty good!" Dominique shouted as James lifted me up and spun me round, causing me to squeal at the top of my lungs.

Once both of my feet were firmly planted on the stone floor of the great hall, Al brought me back to reality simply stating "Although, that's not all of us, next year Hugo and Lils will be coming up and dear Vic here will be departing, plus you haven't met Teddy and he's pretty much family, oh and there's Moll and Luce, they'll be coming up when we're in third year”

I take back what I said before, that was overwhelming, they had such a big family! Victoire I found out was a Ravenclaw like her little brother Louis and Rose, all of them were the brains of the group, thinking through things rationally and never rushing into things they weren't sure about, except perhaps when they listened their dear family. Everyone else was in Gryffindor, all very brave and proud of it but also were quick to just do something spontaneously. I seriously count my lucky stars Vic was a Ravenclaw, being the first official Wotter, she had powers you wouldn't believe over the others, and still however maintained a great relationship with everyone which was really sweet.

Even though they were in different houses and turned out to be very different in themselves, each member of the Wotter family had one thing in common. How much they loved each other. And how much they truly, genuinely cared for one another, whether that was beating up the first boy who broke Roxy's heart or simply remembering each other's birthdays and getting them exactly what they wanted. (One thing, I have to admit is so difficult, there are loads of them and you can't keep track sometimes). I instantly fell in love with this big happy family,
little did I know then, as a wee firsty year, that they'd be just like my family as well.

Hey Guys!
This chapter has been updated, hopefully it's a lot better than it used to be!
Did you like the description of Hufflepuff common room?
What do you think of the Wotters? Did you like their descriptions? Did anything surprise you?
Let me know what you think by leaving me a review! 
Thanks so much for reading! 

Emz xxx

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