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“I’m so excited! The last time the four of us were together for a sleepover was summer of 5th year. We have so much to talk about!” Katie squealed.

It’s the second weekend back from winter break and we decided to hold our sleepover now. Call us crazy, but we love our midwinter dips in the lake.

“You know, earlier I heard the guys talking.” Angelina said.

“Really? Funny, yesterday I heard the guys talking at dinner. Strange world we live in where people talk huh?” I said sarcastically.

“Is that really necessary?” Angelina asked.

“Sorry, it’s a reflex.” I shrugged.

“Anyway, as I was saying. I heard the boys talking about having a boys’ night tonight. I’m not sure what, but they have something planned.” Angelina said.

“No way. Tonight is about us! We’ve had enough of boys recently.” I practically yelled.

“Keep it down! You want to get caught?” Alicia shushed me. We were on our way to the Room of Requirement.

“Sorry, sorry.”

“But Elle, if the opportunity arises…” Angelina whispered.

“We’ll see.”

Tonight is a disaster in the making. We set up in the Room of Requirement and here we are sitting by the lake, in the snow, wearing nothing but our bikinis. Everyone is excited, except Alicia and I. We know heartbreak and torment is coming, but neither of us wants to admit it. We keep reassuring each other and ourselves that everything is going to be fine.

“Who wants to go in first?” Katie taunted. I knew she meant the lake, but deep down all I could think of was the pain. Tonight may sound fun, but who knows how it’s going to end. Wanting to get this over with I dove in without my usual protest.

I surfaced to the girls on the edge cheering me on silently. The three of them then joined hands and jumped in together and swam over to me.

“Let the night begin!” Angelina cheered and pulled me under the water. Alicia and I pushed all thoughts to the back of our minds as we ambushed Angelina. We were having so much fun in the water we didn’t notice three people walking towards where our clothing was.

15 minutes later the four of us made our way back to our clothes, only the find them gone.

“Shit!” Alicia said shivering. Angelina and I were too busy laughing while Katie was crying to hear people jump down from the trees.

“Looking for these?” Fred, George and Oliver were holding our clothing.

“Give it back. This isn’t funny.” I spat at them. It may be rude, but I’m standing in freezing cold, dripping from head to toe and they won’t give me back my clothes. Not cool.

“Calm down Elle. Here.” Fred handed me my clothes.

“We’re bored, it’s a Saturday and no one is having a party. We wanted to see what you girls are up too.” Oliver said.

“We’re having a girls’ night, sorry no boys allowed.” Katie wrapped herself in a towel.

“You sound like you’re 12.” George laughed, “What do you have planned for the rest of the night? Talking? Kitchen raid? Honestly, you girls need a better tradition.”

“This has been working for us the past 8 years, so if you don’t mind.” Alicia grabbed my arm and Angelina’s arm and brushed past Fred and George.

“Yeah, the last 8 years, how old are you girls now?” Fred asked; Oliver put up a hand to silence him.

“Just hear us out Leesh. It won’t hurt.” Oliver said. Alicia let go of Angelina and I and turned towards Oliver.

“Alright. 2 minutes. What do you have in mind?” Alicia crossed her arms leaned up against a tree.

“A scavenger hunt.”

“A scavenger hunt?” I asked. Really? I mean, they’re fun, but, it’s like this bloody bet.

“Yes, a scavenger hunt. Let’s make this night interesting. We made a list because we knew you girls wouldn’t be able to resist. Here, take a look.” Oliver handed me a sheet of parchment but Angelina grabbed it out of my hands before I could look at it.

“House elves… ooo the Slytherins? That’ll be fun… We’re in.” Angelina said and folded the paper and put it in her pocket.

“Alright rules. Team has to stay together. No magic to get the items. Meet back in the common room at 2 am. Start at 11 and that gives us 3 hours, more than enough time.” Fred said.

“What does the winning team get?” Katie asked.

“They get to rewrite the rules of the bet.” I said quietly. Everyone stopped and stared at me. “What? You didn’t have anything better planned, did you?”

“I like it. Winning team gets to rewrite the bet. Have fun losing ladies.” Oliver said with a smirk and the boys disappeared into the dark going back up to the castle.
Alicia turned towards me and was about to say something, but before she could I whispered, “You can thank me after we win.” A look of realization passed over her face and she gave me a hug. “I told you I’d help.” I whispered.

“Girls, lets go back to the Room of Requirement and regroup. We have three hours and this list is not easy.” Angelina commanded.

1.) Golden goblet signed by four house elves

2.) Sword from a suit of armor

3.) Butterbeer bottle from Hog’s Head

4.) Menu from the Three Broomsticks

5.) Underwear from a Slytherin (opposite gender)

6.) Something unopened

7.) Something shiny

8.) Professor McGonagal’s grade sheet for first years

9.) Redecorate the Great Hall or, if already done, redecorate the Gryffindor Common
Room (Magic allowed to move furniture only)

10.) (This one’s for Ellie) Cormac McLaggen’s qudditch robes

“His qudditch robes? Redecorate the common room? This is going to be impossible.” I said in disbelief.

“This list is not impossible, just difficult.” Angelina assured me, “What time is it? We start at 11.”

“Five of 11 right now.” I replied looking at my watch.

“Okay, we can get some things in here.”

“No we cant, no magic remember? The room of requirement qualifies as magic.” I said, no magic, unfortunately that includes the Room of Requirement.

“Damn, that makes this list so much harder.” Angelina complained.

“That’s kind of the point Angelina.” Katie laughed.

Alicia stepped up from looking at the list, “Alright let’s assign roles.” She said taking control in her usual Alicia style. “Katie, be our time keeper. Angelina keeps the list, make sure we get everything, and I mean everything. If there are two things we can get at one place, you better tell us. Elle and I will get everything.”

We accepted our roles in silence and waited for Alicia to tell us where to go first.

“I can’t do everything! Angelina that’s your job!”

“Calm down, it’s just a scavenger hunt.” Katie laughed.

“We have a chance to fix this bet so we win, it’s a little more then a bloody scavenger hunt.” I knew the real reason why Alicia wanted to win so badly, but I wasn’t going to say anything.

“Alright we should probably redecorate first, that’ll take the longest. Either that or get into Hogsmade.”

“Let’s go to Hogsmade, that’s further and we can work our way back so we don’t run out of time.” Alicia agreed with Angelina.

“I can barely see how do you expect me to find the Three Broomsticks?” I whispered angrily. We’re in Hogsmade, searching for the Three Broomsticks, but it’s so dark out we’re having trouble finding it.

“I think we missed it because the Hog’s Head is up there. Let’s turn around.” Katie said.

“No! We need stuff from Hog’s Head too. Let’s keep going.” Angelina said.
We reached the entrance to the Hog’s head in silence. “Alright Angelina, what do we need?”

“We need a butterbeer bottle. Who wants to get it? Alicia or Elle?”

“We’ll both go, it’ll be a two person job.” I said. Leesh smiled at me and pulled out her wand. She opened the door and cautiously crept inside. I snuck behind the counter and began to look for the butterbeer.

“This place is disgusting.” I whispered as we raided the cabinets. Dust and grime were everywhere, spiders hung from the ceiling and cobwebs dominated the whole pub.

“Ech!” Alicia screeched. I slapped my hand over her mouth before she woke up the bartender. “Leesh! Quiet! It’s only a spider.”

She took my hand off her mouth and nodded breathing heavily. “Sorry.” She mouthed. We continued our search through the cabinets. They were all filled with dirty glasses and firewhiskey, but nothing else.

“You think the boys got here and took all of them?” Alicia whispered.

“No, they couldn’t have, there weren’t any footprints in the snow.” I replied.

“Where could they be? We’ve checked in all of the cabinets.”

“I’ll go look in the basement, don’t come. Judging by the looks up this floor, the basement is most likely crawling with spiders.” Alicia smiled and stepped back from the door, “I’ll wait here for you.”

I carefully went into the basement, dancing my way down the stairs to avoid the creaky steps. I got to the basement and I was surrounded by dozens of crates almost all unopened. I looked through the opened ones and, bingo! Butterbeer. Spider webs and dust coated the bottles and the crates. I made a mental note to never ever come here for a drink, or come here in general. I grabbed a bottle and danced my way back up the stairs.

At the top I found Alicia waiting for me with a grin, “You find it?” I nodded and her grin grew. “Let’s get out of here.” I whispered. We crept out of the Hogs Head.

“You two took forever! We need to pick up the pace if we’re going to get everything in time.” Katie said stepping out of the shadows where they were hiding. “Come on, Three Broomsticks next.”

Alicia and I fell out of the pub laughing and motioning for the girls to run. Confused they stood there until we ran by and they saw Madam Rosmerta waving her wand at our backs, “And stay out!” She yelled.

Together the four of us sprinted to the outskirts of Hogsmade. We were panting and doubled over when we collapsed from laughter, “She was waiting for us!” Alicia said between gasps. “Someone tipped her off that we were coming!”

“Oh no! So you couldn’t get the menu?” Katie panted.

“No, I got it as she tried to stun us. She didn’t get a good look at our faces either which is good.” I said. Laughing we started walking towards the castle.

“What time is it?” Alicia asked looking at Katie.

“Calm down Alicia, we have plenty of time! Let us catch our breath!” Katie said while panting.

“I want to finish early so there is no chance that they can win.” Alicia said.

“Alright! It’s… Midnight.” Katie said.

“Midnight! Oh no, we only have 2 hours left and so much to do!” Alicia complained. She started to walk faster through the Hogwarts courtyard. “What’s left on the list?”

“Um, Sword from a suit of armor, something unopened, something shiny, golden goblet signed by the house elves, underwear from the Slytherins, Professor McGonagal’s grade sheet for the first years, we need to redecorate the Great Hall, and Ellie’s favorite.” Angelina smirked, “We have plenty of time Alicia don’t worry.”

“I’m not worried. Not at all.” Alicia lied, she had worry lines all over her face.

The rest of the group looked at me telling me to go talk to her. I’m the only one who can calm her down when she gets like this.

I ran to catch up with Alicia and grabbed her arm. “Angelina and Katie can you guys go look for something unopened or something shiny?” They nodded and went into the castle.

“What are you doing Ellie? We need to help them, we need to win this!” Alicia tried to pull away but I held my grip.

“No, what you need to do is calm down. You are getting really uptight about this scavenger hunt. Calm down! Angelina and Katie are going to find out soon that something is up. If we lose tonight, it won’t matter. I promised you that I’d figure something out, and I will.” I could feel the tension release from Alicia’s shoulders.

“You’re right, I’m sorry. You know how I am, I get caught up in stuff like this.”

“You just need to breath, remember that you have me behind you. The girl who singlehandedly destroyed the most corrupt relationship in our school. The girl who turned the Hufflepuff Common Room into a full-fledged forest. The girl who did all of that, and no one knows it was her. Do you trust me?”

Alicia smiled at the memories, “I trust you.”

“Then let’s go find Angelina and Katie. We decided to make our way towards the common room, that’s where we agreed to meet if we ever got separated.

Just then Katie and Angelina ran out of the common room with huge smiles on their faces. “We got stuff and we know how far the boys are.”

Alicia looked at me and smiled, “That’s great! What did you guys get?”

Katie handed over a sword from a suit of armor.

“Another check off our list!” Angelina squealed and wrote it down on the list.

“What else?” I asked.

“This.” Katie revealed a textbook wrapped in plastic.

“A DADA textbook?” I asked confused.

“No, something unopened. It’s George’s textbook.” Angelina said with a huge smile on her face.

“That’s genius!” Alicia squealed with delight. “Now something shiny. Any ideas?”

“What about a mirror? There’s one in the Great Hall we can take.” I offered.

“A mirror isn’t shiny.” Katie said.

“Yeah it is. That’s how we see our reflection.” Alicia came to my defense.

“Let’s go.”

Crouched outside of the Great Hall we hear voices from inside. What do we do? Angelina mouths to me.

Wait. I mouth back.

Sounds like Fred and George and Oliver. Alicia mouthed.

I nod in agreement, take a deep breath and open the doors praying that a teacher wasn’t standing on the opposite side of those doors.

“Look who it is.”

I open my eyes at the sound of Oliver’s voice. Phew, thank god.

“Looks like you ladies got here too late. Have fun redecorating the Gryffindor Common room.” George laughed. I looked around the Hall for the first time and my eyes widened in shock.

Holy shit. Red and Gold streamers covered the walls from ceiling to floor. The Gryffindor emblem from our common room was where the head table should’ve been. Instead it was suspended upside down from the ceiling. Three of the four house tables were pushed to the back of the hall while the Gryffindor table stood in the center. Balloons and huge rubber balls littered the floor.

“We agreed no magic! You cheaters! That’s against the rules.” Alicia practically screamed. Her face was turning red and tears were gathering in her eyes.

“Since when do we follow the rules?” Oliver asked innocently.

“Fine then this scavenger hunt is off.” I said before Alicia could say something she would regret later.

“That’s a forfeit.” Fred smiled.

“No it’s not, you guys cheated, so we automatically win.” I fight back.

“Cheating isn’t against the rules.” The boys laugh and run out of the Great Hall before I could respond.

“This isn’t cool. First Madam Rosemerta and now this?” Katie gave Alicia a hug and looked at Angelina and me. “Where do we go from here?”

“We fight back just as hard.” I picked up a mirror from the wall, turned around and walked out of the Great Hall pissed off.

They want to play? They picked the wrong girl to play with.

A/N:I am so sorry it took so long to update. People are serious when they say junior year is the hardest year of high school. I’m trying my hardest to write as much as I can. Hopefully I’ll be updating soon, I have a week break coming up. ☺ Please review! It helps me to update faster and gives me ideas for what to write. ☺

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