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7th Year-
So, that's the end, the finished result, we got good grades and had an even better time, we tried to live life to the full and gave everyone hell, okay we were a bit of a pain, most teachers will be glad to be shot of us as well as some of the students!

"And now a few words from your head boy and girl of the graduating class" Professor M said, waiting patiently for my Rosie and my Scorpy to make their way to the podium in the centre of the stage. They both stood with a quick look to Al and me, and did as they were told, going to deliver their speeches.

Rose started, tears becoming present in her eyes, she said "Well, what can I say, we're done..."

Okay, this has probably completely confused you.
Do you want me to start from the beginning?
That'd make the most sense

Olivia Marie Victoria Adams, Livy to you. If it were anyone else I’d be less clear, but to be honest, I’m part of the best friendship group Hogwarts has ever seen. A complete and utter house cooperation, a Ravenclaw, a Hufflepuff, a Slytherin, and a Gryffindor. Since the war, it’s been better, inter-house cooperation, but we’ve taken it one step further, one group, all four houses. We've been friends since first year, that’s now pushing seven years and I hope it lasts longer.

I’m the Hufflepuff, I look very similar to my Mum actually, her brown hair, her lilac (bluey-grey) eyes and her overall features. We’re very similar now, we never used to be but as everyday goes on, I see more and more similarities.

The four of us, my ‘friends’ as I like to call them, we met on the train, the Hogwarts Express.
After a horribly tearful goodbye with my Mum and little sister Peyton (To this day I still have no idea why I had the boring name and she got the exciting one). I hopped onto the train after having (with much difficulty) hauled my trunk onto the train, I say, hauling my own trunk... I got some help by a very nice man, I'm not strong... At all. I dragged my trunk along the corridor to the nearest free compartment and somehow managed to put my trunk into the overhead storage, I threw my head out of the window as a signal to my family that I was okay, safe, and got on the train. (My mum has zero faith in me). She gave me some more waves and blew more kisses to me before we slowly began to roll away from platform 9 3/4. Mum and Peyton ran alongside the train (they are so embarrassing) until there were no more paths to run along, where they stood, with a select few parents who had stopped as well, to give a final wave goodbye until Christmas.

I turned around and slumped down in my chair with a heavy sigh, all these goodbyes were tiring as well as quite upsetting, as I suddenly realised a single tear falling down my cheek.
As I was wiping away said tear, I suddenly found that my compartment door was opening, leaving a boy stood there, "Sorry, you don't mind if I join you do you? Everywhere else is full" the boy said.

"Of course, of course, I don't mind, go ahead" I exclaimed quickly, not wanting to keep the boy waiting too much longer. "I'm Olivia Adams by the way, but please, call me Livy" I explained, I really did hate people calling me Olivia, it just seems so formal.

"Scorpius, Scorpius Malfoy" he winced as though expecting some sort of reaction, when he didn't get one, he continued "I don't really have a nickname, but please feel free to create one".

I looked at him funny, everyone I knew had a nickname, although, that might be because of me, I am a pretty great nickname maker! "I will, just let me think a bit... Scorpy, Scor, S-man, Scorp?" I replied, just throwing names at the poor kid.

I'm pretty sure it caught him off guard, but he hid it very well, "I think I like Scorp... Defiantly not S-man and Scorpy? I'm not seven Livy! But you know, Scorp and Scor, that works!" he said switching from a sarcastic banter and genuine tone throughout the sentence. In the very moment, I realised, I was going to like this kid, easily!

Time passed and me and Scorp continued to chat, telling each other about ourselves, I found out he was an only child, but had a few cousins on his mother’s side, he was 'fairly' (ha!) wealthy (such a liar), and was pureblood, a term I needed an explanation for, but found that it was quite simple in the end. With this, I got rather excited, with Scorpius being a pureblood; he would know everything and anything about the wizarding world, just what I needed to settle the butterflies in my stomach! I asked a lot of questions... I mean a lot, but he was patient and answered each of them, even dealing with the excited squeal that escaped my lips more than once, telling me everything he thought I needed to know and reassuring me that muggleborns come every year and can easily end up doing better than pure or half bloods. Scorpius was just getting tired of my questions when the compartment door slid open again, this time revealing an arguing pair.

"I can't believe them, I cannot believe them" the girl exclaimed.

"I know, I know!" the boy said sympathising with the girl. The only thing going through my head was- Really? Are they going to say everything twice? I'm going to have to ask them to leave if they continue. That's if they even realise we're sat here.

"Oh god" Scorp muttered under her breath

"What?" I mouthed, letting only a whisper out. He simply shook his head, and my stubborn side kicked in- not a good move S-man, not a good move.

"What?" I asked, not trying to be subtle whatsoever. Suddenly the new faces in the room jumped; finally releasing we were sat there.

"Sorry, I'm so sorry (blimey she's done it again), I didn't see you there" shooting a look to the boy who jumped once more and continued where she had left off

“Yeah, sorry, I'm Albus, Albus Potter (he's joined in too?) and this is my cousin Rose Weasley"

"Olivia Adams, but call me Livy, and this is Scorpius Malfoy, it's nice to meet you" I replied.

"Pleasure” she paused for a moment and then continued “Please, feel free to call me Rosie if you wish, and everyone calls him Al, so you might as well go ahead too" Rose explained.

It then turned awkward, Rose and Albus made no effort to leave, apparently they were here to stay, Scorp and I didn't make any attempt to talk, perhaps subconsciously waiting for the others to talk.

In the end (6 minutes later), (yes I'm impatient) I gave up and was about to speak when the food trolley came along, knocking and sliding the door along.

"Anything from the trolley dears?" She spoke softly, oh old ladies, you gotta love 'em.

All 3 of the others dashed to the door and ordered loads of random and unknown sweets and tasty goods. I also got up but was politely told to sit down by Scorp, who knowing I wouldn't have a clue what I was ordering, offered to get me some stuff. I gladly accepted and sat back down; looking forward to what was coming next. I have two weaknesses, my family and confectionary... I have such a sweet tooth it's unreal! There were liquorice wands, chocolate frogs (that actually jumped about for a bit) and so, so much more!

"Sorry, but may I ask you something?" Rose asked, as I was taking the unusual food from Scorp.

"Of course, ask away" I replied beaming, so thankful someone had finally said something.

"Umm, well, it's just, how do I say this without sounding bigheaded", looking at Albus questioningly, and with a shrug back she continued, "Oh Merlin, I'll say it straight then, you weren't surprised when you met us, most people bombard us with questions, how come you haven't?"

I was taken back a bit and was speechless; I mean how do you answer that? Luckily Scor came to rescue, well, sort of, "Seriously? Not everyone knows who you are. And why should they? You. Are not your parents." He snidely replied.

Again I was simply shocked. "How dare you speak to Rose like that, you don't know what it's like, everywhere we go, it's all we get, questions. Just because your father... Ow! Rose!" And with a stomp on his foot from Rose, Albus stopped arguing and turned to face the other way.

"Sorry, (is that all this girl says?) it's just difficult, I understand Scorpius, it must be similar for you. It's just really refreshing being in a room with someone for 5 minutes and not have a million questions thrown at me" Rose finished, looking somewhat disappointed.

"I'm sorry (wait, is this contagious), but am I missing something here?" Looking around at each of them in turn, expecting a simple answer. How wrong I was, how wrong indeed, (okay. It must be).

I then had a full blown description of the wizarding war, of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger (married to a Weasley), Ginny Weasley (now Potter) and Draco Malfoy, of everything that every young witch or wizard is grown up knowing about. Something of course I'd missed but was eventually caught up on.

"So, let me get this straight" I started, after all 3 had added pieces and remarks over the story. "Your parents were involved in a wizarding war, a big one, where this guy, Voldemort, threatened to kill off pretty much everyone, including Harry, Ginny (Al's parents), Ron and Hermione (Rose's parents), who were part of the Order of the Phoenix, the main force against him. Although Draco (Scorpius' father), under the influence of his father and with the risk of his family's lives at stake. Had to act on the 'bad' side to keep everyone he cared the most about safe. Harry then defeated Voldy, and everyone lived happily ever after. Then, here comes Scorp, Al and Rose because their parents all survived and because they did, I'm on this train or else I'd just have been a 'special' muggle forever?" I confirmed.

"Yes" they all chimed, causing me to grin widely, it was a lot of knowledge

"So, what house do you guys want to be in?" Rose asked.

Okay, houses? I figured there would be houses, but their names? That's beyond me, out of all the things they could have told me, they didn’t tell me about this!I feel SO stupid right now... Wait everyone's looking at me... Come on... Mental telepathy... Don't fail me now... Someone, anyone?... Yes! Albus' face then turned from slight confusion of my rather concentrated face to a gasp, mouth-wide-open-how-could-we-be-so-stupid face.

"Livy! Sorry, you don't have a clue about the houses do you? Merlin, Rose! (Giving her a slight shove), they're Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff" He declared.

"Okay... That doesn't help me much, what, am I just picking by which name I like best?" I encouraged, thinking surely that wouldn't be the case.

"Right, well, no. First there’s Gryffindor, that's where the majority of our family were put into, they're all meant to be really brave and daring with nerves of steel. Then Ravenclaw, they are meant to be a bunch of genius’ and are generally quite witty too. After that there's…." Rose explained.

“Slytherin, where a larger majority of my family are, they are all meant to be cunning, power hunting people with great ambitions. And finally Hufflepuff they’re the friendliest people you will ever meet, loyal, patient, kind and hard working." Scor continued, finishing Rose's sentence.

"Well, that makes more sense, well, I won't be a Ravenclaw and a doubt I'll be in Slytherin, no offence to your family or anything Scorp. (Shooting him an apologetic look, once getting a nod, I continued). I reckon Hufflepuff; they sound my type of people!" I decided, before quickly adding "not that you guys aren’t" to make sure I hadn’t offended anyone They all laughed, so I think I was let off the hook.

"Don't worry about it. I’d really like to be a Gryffindor, follow in my parent’s footsteps" Rose reassured me.

"Really? It would make no difference to me whether I'm in Slytherin or not, I just don’t really mind, my Grandma though, she wants Slytherin blood in my veins." Scor shrugged.

Al then remarked, “I want to in Gryffindor, James has been bullying me for the whole summer over what house I'll be in, but I'm pretty sure it'll be Gryffindor... Well, it should be, right?" He preached, I think trying to convince himself as well as us.

"I’m sure you will be, if you're that concerned, can’t you ask to be put in Gryffindor? But anyway, I've always been incredible at predicting things; I'm going to make a guess what houses you'll be in, Gryffindor Ally Wally. Rosie Posie, you seem more Ravenclaw from my basic understanding. And Scorpy, Slytherin, you already know you want to be an Auror, I don’t know exactly what that means, but it sounds ambitious. (He'd explained this to me earlier). And me, Livy Divy, I do think I'll be in Hufflepuff, I don't have the striking qualities of the other houses." I announced.

Rose starting laughing and said, "what's with nicknames? Rosie Posie, Livy Divy, Ally Wally and Scorpy? What?!” she paused for a moment, then grinning mischievously at me, “But you're on, that's a bet, a sickle you're wrong about one of us"

"Deal" we shook on it, "although, I've not been wrong for as long as I can remember, so bear that in mind when I win” I smirked then continued, “But what's wrong with my nicknames?! Do you not like Rosie Posie? Do you prefer Dosie Rosie? Or Rose Petal?" I replied with a good certain amount of sass!

"No, no more nicknames, my dad calls me Rose Petal and therefore Rosie Posie is the best if you have to, but just Rosie works too!" Rose jokingly agreed.

"We'll remember that later then girls, on my signal, (a giant 'special' hand wave was shown), meet me at my table and you can exchange those coins!" Al intervened, "Scorp, you wanna piece of this as well?" He grinned,

"Sorry Rose, but I'm almost certain Livy Wivy is right, so I'm in too on Livy's side." he revealed.

"Oooh, exciting! But I reckon that, Scor, you'll be in a different house and Rose, how could you not a Gryffindor? So, you're on, a sickle each you're all wrong" Al insisted, adamant he was right.

The rest of the journey consisted of games, more chatting and having quality bonding time with the three people I was about to call my best friends. Each of them persuading me of this fact as each minute went on, convincing me that this was going to be a really great friendship as I was slowly falling in love with them all. By the end of the journey, I was sure that they would be stuck with me for life and I was sure that they wouldn’t mind it at all.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Hogwarts!)

And true to my thoughts, I was right!
To get up to Hogwarts we had to go on beautiful little boats across the black lake towards the most magnificent place I'd ever seen and to think I'm going to live there for most of the year expect some holidays, was the most staggering thing to feel. We were then ushered inside to the Entrance hall where we stood in anticipation for the sorting. Al kept looking from the floor to the ceiling avoiding all eye contact with everyone and murmuring words to himself I couldn't quite hear. Rose's ears were starting to get quite pink and her cheeks flushing, indicating to me that she was beginning to feel the nerves. Scor appeared calm and collected but by the way he kept sending me reassuring looks, I got the feeling he was nervous as well. I, on the other hand have a way with not looking frightened, there is seriously something wrong with me if I look distressed in some way, so naturally, I just looked normal, other than the fact I was twiddling with my hair slightly more than usual. Professor Longbottom appeared and put us all in alphabetical order for the sorting, breaking the news to us that it was a hat. This I wasn’t really expecting.

As an 'A' I was first on the list, walking towards the stool, I felt myself concentrating too much on walking because I was worried of falling and embarrassing myself.

The sorting hat was placed on my head and said "Ah, I see, very loyal, and a hard worker, yes, you'll do well, it's got to be... HUFFLEPUFF!"

The hat was gently pulled off my head by Professor Longbottom, revealing the biggest, most smuggest grin anyone had ever seen plastered on my face. I was directed to the Hufflepuff table and looked towards my three new friends and found Al still wasn’t paying anyone any attention, Scorp was winking at me, grinning at the fact we were winning the bet already and Rose positively beamed at me (did I mention how god damn adorable this girl is, she cares so much). My attention then turned back to the sorting, awaiting the result of everyone else's house placements.

It was a while before they got down to the 'M’s, P’s and W's', so several people went into all for houses; Liberty Jones joined me in Hufflepuff as well as George Davies. When it finally got to 'M', I was beginning to get bored, I can't deny though, after "Malfoy, Scorpius" came out of. Professor Longbottom's mouth, I jumped out of my skin.

I think I might have been more nervous than he was, he sauntered up to the stool and eased himself onto it, the Hat went over his head and pondered for a slight moment, until shouting "SLYTHERIN", I wasn't sure what his reaction would be, but relaxed after the hat showed a smiling boy who searched the crowd to give me a smile before retreating to the very loud bench on the far side.

It wasn't long before "Potter, Albus" was spoken and silence occurred in the whole hall, an extremely nervous Al slowly walked toward the stool.

The hat was placed on his head, the suspense was building and building as we waited a moment before the hat finally cried "GRYFFINDOR".

An ecstatic boy was found under the hat and Al jumped off the stool, jumped down the stairs and into the arms of an older boy who looked just like him, then sitting down on the overexcited bench which happened to be facing me and shot we a grin as big as the Great Wall of China is long, but by seeing me he then remembered our bet and reduced himself to a quick nod and solemn look before returning to giant grin and turning to his brother.

It was an even longer wait for Rose which I could tell was taking its toll on not only her but myself, Scor and Al, as we all couldn't wait for the result, it was such a shame that she was a 'W', my result was instant and the boys was over before we knew it, but poor Rose had to stick it out to near last."Weasley, Rose" was also a show stopper, silencing the crowd completely.

She composed herself and walked over to the stool, where the sorting hat was placed over her head, resulting in almost as long of a wait than Albus. It seemed to ponder for a bit before proclaiming, "RAVENCLAW".

This resulted in a winning bet for me and Scor, which meant enormous cheers from the both of us as well as the Ravenclaw table (we looked a bit odd). With a giant grin on her face she went to sit down looking over at each of us with a small grin, looking at ease with herself once more.

Professor McGonagall, as headmistress, then spoke a few words of encouragement for the year ahead, reminding the older students of the rules as well as letting us know them first time. I can honestly say I didn't listen and still don't know half the rules of this place, but still, I had bigger things on my mind, this was going to be the next seven years of my life, a long time! It was so strange the anticipation of all the new and exciting things I'd be learning was just plain silly. I loved it! I mean wouldn't you? I was told only a month ago that I was a witch... A witch! And I wasn't even one of those evil old hags that muggle children know as witches. Before I could even begin to listen, Professor M had stopped and the biggest, most delicious looking and smelling feast appeared in front of my eyes.

"I love magic" I whispered contently to myself.

After eating what felt like my house and home and my next door neighbours house and home, a disturbing sight was brought to my attention, well, mine and a majority of the schools, it was Al and his supposed to be subtle in some way signal.
He was stood up, waving his arms about like a mad man, jumping up and down like he had ants in his pants, basically looking like he had too much sugar. On this signal, I told my new 'puffer' friends, I'd be back momentarily and went over to Albus who seemed to have moved, (so much for that). I scanned the whole hall, finding him sat with Rose, I began to walk over, when suddenly felt a shooting spark in my sides and turning around I found Scorpius stood there and not saying a word started walking alongside me to the others.

We reached them and said a quick hello we demanded our money, "Cough up then my friends" I stated.

Scor nodded in agreement and stuck his hand out to Al, "Okay, okay” (again?)

Rose sighed handing over a sickle to the two of us. Simultaneously, (how in sync are we?), we faced Al, who seemed determined to avoid our gaze, reluctantly handed over the money, which we quickly pocketed.

"Okay guys, I'll see you all in the morning, I expect we'll be escorted to our common rooms soon" Scorp sighed a bit and waved, leaving.

"He's probably right, I'll see you guys tomorrow morning, can't wait for classes, I'm so excited!" I exclaimed, "Bye, sleep tight Rose Toes, Gally Ally!" And with a wink I left, looking forward to the days ahead.

Hey Guys!
So, I'm currently doing some edits to the whole story- calming down Livy a bit, sorting out the awful grammar etc. This means that if you start now, the story might be a tiny bit out of sync or not make as much sense. Please bare with me though! I'm trying to go as fast as possible. 
This also means that if you find Livy to be too excitable or this all seems very amateur after this chapter, it's because I'm editing but I will put an edited at the top, so you know.

If you'd like to leave a review that would be amazing! I'll totally accept critism as well as praise and will answer every review I recieve! (Promised as of the 26/11/2014)

Emz xxx

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