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The day for their NEWT exams had arrived in the blink of an eye. In the days leading up to the exams Hermione had become unbearable, though Draco never wavered on his promise to never leave her side. He did, however, choose to have his face stuck in a book when she did, it seemed to calm her to believe there was someone else studying as much as she was.


On the day of the NEWT exams, Hermione woke early, more anxious than ever about her exams. She awoke to find Draco snoring beside her. He looks so peaceful. She thought, before shaking him awake. “Draco! Wake up!”


“What? What’s wrong Hermione?” Draco sat up looking around, expecting to see Death Eaters surrounding the bed by the way Hermione was carrying on. Hermione smirked slightly at his reaction before remembering the reason for her urgency.


“Nothing is wrong, today is our exam day! We need to eat breakfast. Make sure you eat a lot of proteins, not too many carbohydrates, that will not help with your concentration. Make sure you bring extra quills….” Hermione continued giving advice as she ran around the room, changing, quickly brushing her hair and teeth, then throwing shoes on. Draco laid back on the bed, his hands behind his head just watching her in amusement. He wasn’t listening to a thing she said, but thought she was so cute when she was like this.


Hermione looked up to see him smirking at her. She stopped, put her hands on her hips and said. “Draco Malfoy, if you do not get up off that bed this instant and stop staring at me like that, I am going to hex you.” Draco got up off the bed, his hands raised in surrender, before exiting to their shared bathroom to get ready for his day.


10 minutes later he exited into the common room to see Hermione’s face once again buried in a school book. He went to her, taking the book from her hands and leading her from the room by her hand. “Hermione love, you know everything in that book. Weren’t you just telling me the benefits of a good breakfast?”  Hermione opened her mouth to object, but changed her mind. He is right. I do need to get a good breakfast….Most important exams of my life...What if I fail….What if Draco fails….What if we both fail and don’t get jobs anywhere and are forced to live on the street…. Hermione snapped herself out of it as they reached the Great Hall and the smell of bacon and eggs hit her nose.


After sitting for her last exam,Transfiguration, Hermione waited outside the great hall for Draco. He finished soon after and exited the great hall grinning like a fool. Hermione ran to him, jumping in the air and wrapping her arms and legs around him. She kissed him full on the lips, taking him by surprise. After a good snog, Draco pulled his lips from hers. "Wow, that was unexpected." His smirk once more playing on his lips.


She slowly climbed down from him and smiled. "It's over, Draco. Eight years later, so much has changed. You have gone from a complete prat" She playfully joked with him. "to the most wonderful man I have ever known." She kissed him again, gently this time. They walked hand in hand back to their dorms to collect their things, smiles plastered on their faces.


They quickly gathered their belongings and headed towards the front of the castle. They shrank down the bags and sent them with Draco's owl Rolen to their flat. Blaise and Pansy were already standing on the lawn in front of the castle, waiting for them. Draco and Hermione paused to say goodbye to their friends.


Hermione hugged Blaise and Pansy, wishing them the best of luck. Blaise would be joining George at the joke shop, helping him to open a new location in Hogsmeade. Pansy planned to take the next year and travel the world.


"Goodbye to the two of you. Please Pansy, come visit when you make it back to England. And Blaise, you are more than welcome at our place any time." Hermione couldn't help but get emotional at the goodbye. It was more about leaving the castle, though. She knew that she would see her friends again, eventually. Hogwarts had been her home for the better part of the last decade and she looked up at the castle and smiled as she reminisced over the many adventures she had found with Harry, Ron, Ginny, and now Draco in this castle.


Blaise was the one to respond. "Absolutely, I will make sure I come visit. Maybe sooner than later." He winked at Hermione and Pansy slapped him, before pulling him towards the door. Hermione rolled her eyes, praying that Blaise would give them at least a few days to get settled in their new home before he dropped by unannounced.  She could not help but smile at his statement though, again in awe of the drastic changes that had taken place in the past year.


Draco turned to Hermione. "Are you ready for this?" She nodded and they slowly crossed the grounds towards the apparition point.


They arrived soon after in the lobby of Malfoy Tower, the building where their flat was located. It was a primarily wizard office and flat building, but some of the employees were muggles, so they had a concealed a section of the lobby for wizards and witches to apparate to and out from.


Hermione walked excitedly to the lift, pressing the button with her wand before Draco was fully inside. This would be the first time she would see the space with all of the decor in place.  Hermione was practically bursting with excitement as the lift slowly climbed to their flat.


She ran out as soon as the door opened and screamed. There, spread throughout the newly renovated space where all of her friends and loved ones. Harry and Ginny were there grinning like cheshire cats, their hands intertwined while Teddy bounced happily on his lap. Ron was in the back of the room looking bored as he draped his arm over Cho's shoulder. Mr and Mrs Weasley were there as well, the latter looking as though she was about to cry. Bill and Fleur were there, along with Charlie, George, and even Percy. Neville sat on one of the couches with Luna on his lap, along with Dean, Seamus, and the Patil twins. Blaise and Pansy were there, Hermione looked at them questioningly and they both just smiled back in a knowing way. Hermione was surprised to see Andromeda standing near Narcissa and Professor McGonagall on the far side of the room until she remembered that Andromeda was not just the grandmother to Harry's godson Teddy, she was also Draco's aunt.


Hermione nearly fainted when she saw the last two people. There, sitting on the edge of another couch, was her mother and father. She ran to them, wrapping her arms around both of them. Tears immediately formed in her eyes. "How? When?" She was at a total loss for words. She turned back to Draco, tears now running down her face. "Did you? How did you find them?"


"That is a story for later, love." He took her hand leading her back to the front of the room to face their guests. She looked up at him, eyes wide. She was wondering why everyone was so excited just to see their new place.


"I guess you are wondering why I invited everyone here tonight." Draco pulled a small black box from his pocket, dropping down onto one one knee in front of her. Hermione’s hands flew to her mouth as the tears began to fall anew.


“Hermione Jean Granger, I love you with all of my heart and soul. After being surrounded by evil for most of my life, you have shown me there is so much good in the world. You have become my reason for living. I want to fall asleep and wake up next to you every day for the rest of my life. Would you do me the great honor of becoming my wife?”


Hermione’s hands remained on her mouth, as she shook her head yes. The tears continued to flow steadily from her eyes. Draco gently took her left hand, placing on her 4th finger the most beautiful ring Hermione had ever seen. It was platinum, with a large princess cut diamond in the middle, surrounded by countless sapphires. It was perfectly accented by the bracelet Draco had given her for Christmas, that she was wearing. Draco stood and pulled her into his arms. “I love you so much, Hermione.” A single tear fell from Draco’s eye. He could not remember ever being so happy in his whole life.


Hermione pulled away from Draco, holding tight to his hand. She led him around the room, thanking each of her friends for being a part of this special evening.  After making their rounds, she pulled him behind her, stopping in front of where her parents sat. She pulled them into another hug before beginning her inquisition. “Ok, how did this happen? Draco, how did you find them?”


“The first thing I did was to ask for a little help from the ministry." He winked at Harry who had begun his auror training, and who Hermione guessed had been his "help".  "Whenever a spell like your obliviate is performed on a muggle, the ministry receives notification and keeps a trace on the affected muggles. So, I had a general location of where to find them. I went one evening while you were shopping with my mum. I bought a local newspaper to look for any indication of where I might find them when I saw an ad for their dental practice staring up at me. The names were different, but I knew your mother the moment I saw her picture. You have her smile, love.” Her mother tried to hold back a sob. “I went right to the office, making it just before closing time. I had quite a time explaining myself once removing the memory charm. They seemed to remember you telling them how horrible I had been to you in our previous years.” The room had grown quiet as everyone listened intently to the story.


“I finally showed them a picture that we had taken Christmas morning. After a lot more explaining, they finally said they could not deny the love in our eyes. I know you wanted to go to find them yourself, but I wanted to ask your father’s permission to marry you. I hope you understand. It was only just last week when I brought them back here, and it has been awful trying to keep the secret from you. Luckily you were so worried about your NEWTs that you didn't seem to notice how nervous I was.”


Hermione sobbed, trying to speak between her tears. “Draco, of course it is ok.” sniff  “You asked my father?” sniff  “That is so sweet.” She pulled him close to her, sobbing into his shoulder. There were soft sniffles all around the room as Mrs. Weasley, Ginny, Narcissa, and even Pansy shed tears of joy for the happy couple.


The party lasted well into the night. The students were happy to be finished with exams, the adults were enjoying one more night together before everyone went their separate ways to begin their own lives.  


Luna and Neville were the first to go, and approached the couple to say their goodbyes. Dean, Seamus, Ron and Cho were next. Ron hugged Hermione and shook Draco's hand. He was genuinely happy for the couple. He would not ever forget the pain and suffering that Draco had caused, but he could see that Hermione loved him.


The Weasley clan left soon after, Harry and Ginny in tow, then Professor McGonagall, followed by Andromeda and Teddy. "Congratulations to the two of you. I am so proud of you Draco. You have become a wonderful young man and I cannot wait to see where you two end up."  Draco smiled, hugging his aunt. He was happy that they had rekindled their relationship during the school year. She and his mother had been there for eachother when he could not be.


After everyone had gone, Narcissa waved her wand, putting the flat back in order. She walked to Draco and Hermione, whose hands had not left each other. She pulled them each in turn into a hug before leaving them alone and retiring to her room.


Draco looked at Hermione. She looked tired but excited. "Big day." It was all she could think to sum up all that had happened in the past 24 hours.


"Welcome home, Hermione." He led her into their bedroom where they both changed into their night clothes, and laid in their bed.


As Hermione laid waiting for her sleep to finally come, she couldn't help but think to herself. I do not know exactly how our futures will play out, but I know one thing. As long as this man sleeping beside me is part of it, I will be the happiest girl in England. She finally fell into a restful sleep, a smile stuck on her lips.


Author Note: Well, that is it for this story. I am already working on the next part of their lives together. The title will be "A New Reality" and will be the story about our favorite witches and wizards as they leave Hogwarts for the real world. If you have any requests for the next story, leave me some feedback. Less Draco/Hermione? More Harry/Ginny? Let me know what you think.

Thanks again for reading everyone. This is the first thing of any kind that I have ever written and I cannot believe it is done (or maybe not)

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