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Roxanne, Ravenclaws, and a Rather Ravishing Rebel by harrietm
Chapter 13 : Roxanne, Ravenclaws, and a Rather Remarkable Race
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~Anything you recognise belongs to JK Rowling. Please read and review!~

Present day – 20th December – Hattie’s POV

I left my dormitory the next morning by manoeuvring myself quickly through a sea of clothes and books covering the floor, as the three other girls in my dormitory frantically (and loudly) packed the last of their things in their trunks to leave by 9 o’clock. I say last of their things; it was a lot of things.  Wearing a thick coat and my favourite woollen scarf, I made my way through the common room and gradually down to the courtyard. I knew Roxy would be there, saying goodbye to the other Wotters who were going back to the Burrow for Christmas. Why was Roxy staying at Hogwarts? Well that would be because Lysander was staying, and Roxanne Weasley is as stubborn as centaur.

I found myself whistling Christmas carols as I strolled through the castle, uncharacteristically cheerful and jolly, even though I could feel the chill from outside seeping through the stone walls and into my bones.  I swear it had nothing to do with a certain Slytherin. No,  I was sure my happiness was not remotely Albus-related…

Although he would be leaving today as well, which did admittedly make me a little sad. I felt as if we’d unknowingly wasted a lot of time. Before we knew it Al’s NEWTs would be upon us…but I refused to dwell on that today. Today was a good day.  I was Albus Potter’s new secret girlfriend. Bloody hell, since when did my life sound like a Muggle soap opera?


I crashed into someone as I turned a corner. Someone broad and stocky, who sent me falling to the ground whilst they didn’t move an inch.

“I’m sorry, I should’ve been paying more attention –“ I started, flustered, as I picked myself up off the ground in an awkward, uncoordinated way, and hyper-aware of my skirt’s hemline. Then I looked up and noticed who I’d slammed into. Professor Smith. Brilliant.

His brown eyes rolled in annoyance, and he cut me off.

“I was looking for you Calvert, but I dislike you trying mow me down. You did not attend your detention last night. ”

Balls of the non-crystal variety! He had given me detention at 7! But then when Albus’s note said 7:30…whoops.

“I am so sorry Sir, it honestly slipped my mind – “

“Like it slipped your mind that you need to be on time for class?”

 Cut me off again. What a smarmy, sandy-haired, git.

Into my office now, if you please,” He said sharply, gesturing towards his office door. I trudged inside unwillingly, and took a seat in one of the hard wooden chairs opposite his desk.

Smith stayed standing, peering down at me, his blonde hair shaking slightly as he talked.

“Perhaps punctuality is a difficult concept for you to comprehend Miss Calvert, but it is not for me. In fact, punctuality, or you lack of, was painfully obvious when I awaited your attendance at your detention for five hours, and yet you did not deem it worth your while to appear. Suffice to say, I was not best pleased. Professor Turravitch agreed with me - when he crossed my path as I travelled back to my apartments at midnight - that this further disrespect warrants greater punishment.”

Oh he did, did he? That pointy bastard again. And now he seems to have got himself some kind of sidekick. Perfect.  

“As such, I expect you to serve a week’s worth of detentions with me, immediately as the term commences. You may expect the consequences to be particularly…severe…if you do not attend each at the exact time they are scheduled.”

“I understand, Sir.” I said, defeated. There was no point even trying to argue.

Suddenly, I heard a great rumbling noise reverberate around the room.  “What was that?” Smith asked waspishly, staring around the room for the source of the noise.

Realising that I was the only other person in the room capable of making noise, I blushed. “Well sir, I haven’t had breakfast yet you see...” I started, before Smith shot me a scathing look and I fell silent.

“Ridiculous girl, I’ll see you at your detentions. Most likely with the person causing that infernal racket.” And with that, he swept out the room, leaving the door open behind him.

Getting up quickly, I curiously followed his footsteps out the door, briskly making my way to the courtyard again – as I had originally intended. There was no way Roxy wasn’t involved with this. She must’ve have changed her mind and moved the prank from Christmas Day, so that more people were here to see it.

And it wasn’t hard to see it.

I got no further than the second floor corridor. I stood in awe, watching the scene unfold before my eyes.

The path before me was blocked.

Blocked by a gigantic snowball, that was thundering through the along at breakneck speed, leaving a gigantic trail of snowy sludge in its wake.  Suits of armour were clanging loudly as they were knocked sideways. The portraits on the walls were squealing as the huge ball pushed its way past, tilting frames and causing the people in them to go flying. Students in the corridor were also squealing, as they ran comically in front of the snowball, desperate not to get crushed, or worse, get their hair wet. But there were those that didn’t run fast enough. They shrieked as they quickly realised that, although they were not squashed to death by snow, icy water had drenched them to the core.

And then there was Professor Smith, who had somehow managed to get in front of the snowball, and was frantically pelting every charm he knew at it, to absolutely no avail. The snowball resolutely continued down the corridor and soon Smith’s disappeared into the sphere of snow. When he emerged, I finally lost it and doubled over, crying with laughter. Roxy really had outdone herself.

Apparently she had somehow managed to have the snowball treat teachers as though they were, er, special.  For Professor Smith was not drenched to the core like the disgruntled students standing near him, shaking their hair and flicking their clothes.

No, Smith was now a snowman, his clothes covered in sculpted snow, a carrot attached to his nose. Better yet, he was affixed to the ground, unable to move his legs, and unable to reach his wand, which had clattered to the ground several feet away. His arms flailed helplessly, his eyes flashed with anger as he yelled threats of the detention to no one in particular. And it was generally hilarious.

Then there was the briefest moment of silence and everyone stood still, listening to Smith’s shouts. The students around looked at each other, thinking in unison for a nano second, before reaching a mutual agreement.

All at once, everyone left Smith, and bolted along after the snowball, everyone trying their hardest not to slip and slide and fall on their arses.  Even those who had just soaked were sprinting along. Who cared about Smith? Who cared about being dry? This snowball was about to roll its way towards the majority of the school population, not to mention the headmistress. There was no way we were missing this.

By the time the snowball reached the throng of students waiting in the courtyard, a throng of students were chasing along after it, all breathing hard and red in the face. Those in the courtyard gasped in shock at the snowy sphere getting closer and closer, and at the swarm of people running behind it. There were more gasps from everyone as the snowball finally approached Professor McGonagall, who had been overseeing the departure of students, but who was now overseeing the snowball’s arrival.


Would she become a snowwoman?


You could feel the anticipation in the air. I could have sworn I saw McGonagall's eyes pop slightly, an almost imperceptible moment of uncertainty pass across her face.


Would the snowball defeat her?

It  was upon her and all else was silent. If the snowball hadn’t been so loud, you could’ve heard a Plimpy drop.


But alas, today was not the day for a snowball to defeat Minerva McGonagall, much to the regret of the entire student body. McGonagall raised her wand high and, in an elegant swish and flick motion, made the snowball burst into a million pearly white snowflakes, which glittered as they floated down to the paved courtyard floor.


The crowd groaned in disappointment, before everyone quickly shut up due to McGonagall’s piercing glare. Maybe she had got rid of the snowball, but still, she was annoyed. Then, she swept her emerald robes around and made her way back into the castle, presumably to go de-snowman Professor Smith, and any other unfortunate soul that hadn’t got out the way in time. The courtyard became a flurry of movement, people excitedly running and finding friends, and others finally performing warming spells to dry themselves off.

“That was amazing!” I squealed as I grabbed Roxy into a tight hug, beaming. She laughed and squeezed me tightly in return. “I’m glad you liked it. After all that effort, someone had to appreciate my Christmas gift to the school.” She was trying to sound exasperated and blasé, but I could tell she was bursting with pride that her prank had gone so perfectly.

“I didn’t just like it, that was the best thing to happen all year!”


“I hope you don’t mean that,” said a quiet voice from my right, and I pulled out of Roxy’s hug to meet Albus’s twinkling green eyes, before he shot me a quick wink. I felt a blush creep onto my face.


“What Potter? You think you can beat that?” I asked, teasingly.


“Maybe, maybe not.” Albus replied, smirking. His hands were stuffed in his pockets, his back leant up against a pillar of the courtyard wall, about two metres to the right of the rest of the Wotter clan, who were all still congratulating Roxy. A small part of my brain noticed Rose was there too. Huh.

The rest of my brain focused on Al. He was wearing jeans and a dark green sweater, and his scruffy black hair was speckled with snow. Damn.


I went to stand beside him, careful to keep a safe distance so as to not alert any prying eyes.


“I suppose this is goodbye for now.” I said softly, smiling slightly and pushing a stray piece of hair behind my ear.


“I’ll be back before you know it. I know you can’t survive without me.”


“Whatever you say, tosser,” I said, laughing at his smug expression.


Laughing, Albus swept me into the briefest of hugs, all that was allowed given the circumstances, and smiled at me one last time before leaving.


A snowball hit me lightly on the back as I turned back towards the castle.


Looking over my shoulder, I saw Albus cast his sparkling eyes around, comically searching for the snowball thrower, before pointing to himself and asking mouthing the question “Tosser? Me?”.


I nodded my head vigorously, and laughed.

Tosser indeed.  


A/N: This chapter seemed to take forever to write, and for that, many apologies. And I know Roxy's prank was delayed by a chapter, but I hope you enjoyed the final result!
It's based off a dream I had where McGonagall was rolling down a hill as part of a snowball...we all know she's too good a witch for that to actually happen. 
Please let me know any of your thoughts in a review, any possible improvements :) This is still my first fanfic, so any help is greatly appreciated!
Thanks for reading this far anyway lovely people. Means a lot! 
Over and out!


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Roxanne, Ravenclaws, and a Rather Ravishing Rebel: Roxanne, Ravenclaws, and a Rather Remarkable Race


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