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    -- Zackaury’s Point Of View –

    I stood on the roof top of Hogwarts, looking around at the grounds. I was patrolling tonight, alone, I wasn’t sure where my twin was, or the other two. I have been up here, watching in my vigil for hours, just scanning the area. My twin Naythaniel and I are Highlanders by birth, and this county side reminds me of my first home. I inhaled deeply, closing my eyes. My acute senses picked up on many things, one stood out among the rest. Human, girl, witch.

    I looked over my right shoulder, my eyes, adjusting themselves into a spectrum not unlike inferred. I saw a girl walking across the courtyard, she was about to walk out into the back, near the forbidden forest. It took me a moment, but I identified her. It was the little sister of Harry Potter’s friend Ron, Ginny her name was I believe.

    Before she had a chance to walk out the back, under the area that I was on. I jumped off the roof, falling the some-hundred feet down. Landing right in front of her, couched, one hand on the ground. I landed lightly, vampire abilities at their finest.

    She jumped back, letting out a startled yelp, reflexively her hand flew to her chest as she tried to calm herself down. I could sense that her heart was working almost triple time, and her adrenaline was really soaring.

    “Aw, I’m sorry; It wasn’t my intention to startle you.” I purred. That was a flat out lie. She glared at me, I felt her irritation grow.

    I can be a real asshole at times, I know it. It’s not one of my most attractive qualities, hell, it was more of a compulsion than an actual personality trait.

    “What do you want?” She questioned, not masking her annoyance. I drew myself up to my full height, crossing my arms over my chest.

    She shrunk away from me, fear building in her.

    I felt like I had been slapped. Normally fear wasn’t something that bothered me. I normally would like scaring or pissing someone off. But... not her.

    I was overwhelmed by my sudden flow of emotions. I unfolded my arms, my temper and agitation diminished. She relaxed a little, no doubt reading my sudden change in body language.

    “It’s late Ginny, what are you doing outside, alone?” I asked, my voice soft, like the way I would talk to a frightened animal. Now she was really taken aback, glancing down at her feet, she let out a sigh.

    “I...I just wanted a moment, you know?” She looked up at me, It took me a moment to read her eyes, wow, she did have lovely eyes... ok, off track. Shaking myself. I got a grip on reality.

    “Sometimes it’s good to get way, you can go, but I’m going to be near you, making sure you’re out of trouble.” I reasoned, being a guardian was my job first and foremost, I have to honor that. Surprisingly she gave me a smile.

    “Would you like to walk with me?” She stammered.

    Something emotional started to rise in my body, all though I’ll be dammed if I knew what it was. I beat it back.

    “Yes.” I answered simply.

    Ginny and I walked in silence, she felt wary having me near her- I could feel it, it was a normal response people have to our kind.

    She stopped hear the lake, sitting herself down on a large rock; I had the sense she had been here before.

    She just looked out into the darkness, and said nothing, nothing at all. So I filled in the silence.

    “Long I stood there wondering, fearing doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before..” I recited; she turned to look at me, shocked. She recovered herself quickly.

    “Edgar Allen Poe, the Raven.” She responded, standing up she took a step closer towards me.

    “Tiger! Tiger bringing bright, in the forests of the night, what immortal hand or eyes. “She recited clearly, with no pause.

    I felt my whole body react, was she challenging me? She was looking at me with a sly smile. I sensed no fear in her now, just playfulness.

    I was stumped, this was taking me longer than it should have.

    Looking down, she bit her lip, thinking. I took a moment to admire her again, she really was stunning. Finally it clicked.

    “William Blake, Tiger, Tiger.” I answered, she gave me another smile.

    “Very good.” She said, her voice gave away that she was surprised by that.

    Only then my vampiric sense picked up on another vampire. This one wasn’t one of my brothers.

    My fangs elongated and my eyes turned black and I growled. Now, all this I did involuntary, its instinct when a vampire feels threatened.

    Ginny jumped back, letting out a little gasp, I didn’t look at her, I kept looking in the direction of where the other vampire was, and I didn’t want her to see me in this state. I said as calmly as I could.

    “Ginny, it’s ok, there is something out there, please, go back to Hogwarts... please.” I said, she didn’t move, I turned around to look at her.

    “Go now.” I barked, she then turned and ran from me, back in the direction of Hogwarts. I turned and advanced.

    Who was this? I didn’t recognize them at all.

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