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Chapter 11 Looking Out a Window Part Two {Disclainer: I don’t own the song “Why” by Busted. I’m partially putting this song in this chapter because it’s Nat-Nat’s Favorite and because it’s a good song. Also the guy who sings it is delicious. Okay, enough of that. If you can listen to the song, then I recommend it. If you can’t go buy the CD off of! Just Do It! I don’t own that either. Just read. You know what I own anyway.} Look at me up ion the sky. I watch the world just pass me by But my feelings give away, happening more everyday Ron sat down with Yuki outside on the snow. She looked at him, interested in what he was going to say. She wanted him to ask her out again, but she doubted that would ever happen again. He seemed content on being just friends. Just friends is bull Yuki thought as Ron placed his hand on hers and opened his mouth. Loving you would be so easy Loving you would be so great “I want you to know I care so deeply for you.” Yuki looked at him curiously. She wasn’t expecting this. She watched as the girl that was always with Malfoy watched them with disgust. Malfoy approached her and they left, but she watched them as she left. Yuki felt an odd reminder in the back of her brain. She knew she had seen the girl before, but she couldn’t figure out where. She looked back at Ron and smiled. Snow started to fall down on them again and she looked up. How can I try to explain your story never Seems to stay the same I’m out of touch and you’re out of time Just talk to me a while and joke about the Things we used to see It’s so hard for me to smile “It’s been so hard for me these last few months and when Sake touched me, it made me realize something. I couldn’t just tell you I wanted to be friends. I want to-“ He stopped when Yuki grabbed his face with her hands and her eyes brimmed with tears. She pressed her lips to his and nibbled his lower lip, like she always did. She wanted this moment to last forever. The snow continued to fall down on them and the hustle in the castle could be heard. I’ve never felt so alone after all this so Much left to lose I’ve taken pieces home and I promise you I Never meant to It was Yuki’s turn to talk and she held Ron’s hands in hers. She wanted to make a sound, but she couldn’t. She took a deep breath and faltered when she saw Hermione wave at them to come in from the tower. Yuki could see pain in Hermione’s face and wondered what had happened. She could now see smoke billowing out and Yuki ran with Ron in tow up to the tower. How can I complain your story never seems To stay the same Now I’m out of luck and you’re out of line It’s such a selfish compromise a self Indulgence useless bunch of lies I never thought you would believe. Yuki couldn’t think straight. Fear, love, doubt and sickness struck her. She didn’t even think of running to the tower, her body was just moving without her control. She felt her feet stop awkwardly in front of the portrait and attempted to say the password, but nothing came out. She heard Ron yell it and the portrait flung open. She was someone lying in a heap and a house elf quivering behind Harry’s legs. He was dressed only in jeans and she wondered what had happened that caused him to leave his room in a hurry. The hump turned over and she blinked her eyes. Yuki was looking down at a very familiar face. (Author Note: I wanted to catch up my other story, so I posted a whole bunch of chapters I hope you like! Visit www.Busted. com to listen to this song. Or www.Warehouse. com to buy the CD!)

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