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I'm so sorry for the delay! I've been so busy with uni work and then my chapter got rejected, it's just been hectic! Here's the next chapter (finally!). Thank you guys for still reading, I really hope you're all enjoying it! Please leave a review, I love it when you do :)



The Hogwarts students could not seem to stay on their feet the next morning at breakfast. Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws and Gryffindors alike were falling over left right and centre as the Slytherins laughed uproarously. The next burst of enjoyment from the green and silver clad students was after Pansy Parkinson floated not a packet but a large sack of Weasley's Whizard Wheezes Itching Powder and let it drop all over Romilda Vane. Her skin was soon coming out in redness and sores, much to the Slytherin's delight. It was Draco Malfoy's turn next. He noticed Lavender Brown about to sit down and quickly vanished the part of the bench she was about to sit on. As she landed on the floor, her cheeks burned scarlett and the Slytherins jeered even more. Blaise soon spotted Ron Weasley and his moment of revenge came at last. With two swift wand movements, the red heads skin was full of boils that were erupting like volcanoes as yellow puss oozed out of them. Next, he felt a burning senesation run across his forehead as the word 'traitor' appeared there in thick red letters. The Slytherins could not contain their glee at this as tears rolled down their faces.

"YOU!", Ron shouted, pointing a scabby finger at Blaise. "You did this to me, you scumbag!".

"I don't think I did Weasley, maybe you just caught a disease. I bet your house is riddled with them", was Blaise's swift reply.

Realisation swept over Ron as he caught on to the fact that this was revenge for what he had said to Blaise's sister.

"Sticking up for your pathetic little sister, I see. Where is she then? Can't she defend herself? I guess not, what with her being a low life traitor".

"You dare talk about my sister like that!".

With a swish of his wand, Blaise sent Ron flying through the air and the Slytherins smirked as they heard him land with terrible bang.

"If any of you so much as look at my sister the wrong way, I swear to Merlin, your lives will not be worth living anymore".

Shrieks and screams could be heard as the gang of Slytherins exited the Great Hall. They would get some serious detentions for what they had just done but it was worth it when they turned around to see the faces of the other three houses. Laughter rang through the air from the Slytherins at what they saw. Every single student, apart from those in their own house, had been turned green. This was not just any green though, this was Slytherin green. This was a lasting symbol to make sure they did not forget what would happen to them if anything else happened to their Sofia.


Sofia decided to miss breakfast that morning through fear of the other students tripping her again or throwing food at her. As she lay in bed, she mulled over the events that had occurred in the past month. She was happy with her family. She loved her parents and Blaise but she still could not get the nagging conversation out of her head that she had overheard her parents having, the day after the visit to Malfoy Manor. It upset her to know that they were hiding something from her and it frustrated her not knowing what that something was. There was also the lingering question of why the families of Death Eaters were at her birthday party. She knew the Malfoys would be there but she had assumed that they would be the only dark family to be present. Thinking of the Malfoys brought her thoughts around to last night. Draco Malfoy had actually helped her. He had listened to her and comforted her when she had needed someone. He had shown her a side she never knew he had. A side which proved that he was capable of being nice and being able to actually care for someone. He didn't have to carry her back to the common room and he didn't have to stay as she fell asleep on him whilst clinging on to his arm, but he did. She thought of the sincerity in his eyes when he spoke to her back at Zabini Manor. It was because of this and the kind nature he showed her last night that led her to make up her mind. She was going to give Draco Malfoy a chance. "And Merlin help him if he proves my decison to be wrong".


Sofia was slightly late to Advanced Potions but Professor Slughorn did not mind. She was about to go and sit by herself when she noticed Draco Malfoy sat at the back of the class alone. Reminding herself that she was going to give him a chance, she went and took the seat next to him.

Draco was irritated when he heard someone pulling the stool back to sit next to him but when he looked up he was shocked to see Sofia. She gave him a small smile and began to look around the room. It seemed like she really didn't know what to do or say to Draco but after a few seconds she spoke up.

"Malfoy, why on earth is everyone green?", she asked him, confusion written all over her face.

Draco couldn't help but laugh at this, this was the first time they had ever began a civil conversation and the first thing she asked was why everyone was green.

"Well, after what happened yesterday we couldn't very well do nothing. We caused quite an uproar at breakfast", he smiled smugly."Wait untill you see Weasley, it's bloody hilarious".

The infamous Malfoy smirk grazed his features as he said this, but for the first time in her Hogwarts life Sofia did not have the urge to knock it off his face. She wanted to feel bad for Ron and everyone else but she couldn't lie to herself. They didn't care about her. They were all horrible to her yesterday and so she rejoiced a little inside at the work of her brother and his friends. She rejoiced even more as Ronald Weasley walked into the classroom with Harry.

She could not believe what her brother had done to him and the look on Ron's face only added to her humour. Looking over at Draco, she found he was already looking at her with mirth dancing in his eyes. After a split second the two burst out into laughter. They could hardly breathe as they looked on at Ron and tears leaked from their eyes as the boil faced red head stormed from the classroom.

"That, is a classic", Sofia gasped between fits of laughter.

"Good, right?", smiled Draco. "They'll all think twice before pulling any stunts like yesterday again".

At his mention of last night, Sofia cleared her voice, slightly nervous about her next words.

"Erm, Draco, I just wanted to say thanks for last night. You didn't have to help but you did and well, it meant a lot that someone was actually there after everything that was said and done yesterday so, yeah, er, thank you. And I would like to give you that chance you asked for. That's if you still want it, that is", Sofia stammered.

Draco smiled as he noticed the use of his first name. He was sure it was the first time she had ever said it. After hearing her stammer and stutter, her discomfort became very clear to him. Instead of reassuring her it was fine, however, he smirked. He knew she wouldn't appreciate the mushy stuff he could have said to make her feel better and he was sure she would think he was lying if he did come out with all that soft hearted crap so he decided to have a laugh with her instead.

"I know I'm handsome but I honestly thought you were immune to my god like charm. Judging by your incessant stammering and fidgetting hands, I guess not".

Sofia was shocked at first, but soon realised that Draco was just having a joke with her. She knew that this was his way of her letting her know that they were going to try and be friends and she was glad that this was his method of doing so. Anything else could have lead to a very awkward moment and, if she was honest, she couldn't stand any of that mushy heart felt rubbish.

"Now, now, don't get too ahead of yourself Draco. I was simply shocked that you could actually converse with others above your IQ range. I was under the impression that you were as thick headed as Weasley".

It felt strange to refer to Ron this way but she knew that this would annoy Draco to no end. Which it did, but it intrigued him also. No one else in his house was quite as intellectual as he and now Soifa was here he had someone who he could have some challenging banter with.

"I think you will find that it was you who was not able to form a coherent sentence so if any one has the brain of a troll here, it is you,".

"As long as my troll like body parts are inside my head I'm ok. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about you. Seriously, have you looked in a mirror lately?", Sofia smirked.

"Really? Attempting to insult my deplorably good looks? I didn't think you could stoop that low".

"Wow, just when I thought you couldn't possible get any more vain you come out with that. I'd watch myself on the way out if I was you, Draco, you might get that ever inflating head of yours stuck in the door way".

Draco stared at Sofia with mirth in his eyes. True, he could not think of anything else to say back to that but he knew he would win their next little verbal banter because he definitely wasn't going to let her win twice!


Daphne, Pansy, Blaise, Theo and Adrian were all in the common room after finishing their classes for the day. As the portrait opened they were all surprised to hear the sound of laughter entering the room along with two of their friends.

"I can't believe we just saw her itching her arse crack! That was hilarious!", laughed Sofia.

"I nearly choked when you shouted chocolate fingers to her", replied Draco, his face alive with laughter at the memory.

"Yeah well, she deserved it. I must thank Pansy for throwing a sack of itching powder at her, it provided us with more entertainment than I think she anticipated".

"I still can't get over her face when you said that to her, I thought she was going to explode. Oh, hi guys", Draco said, as he noticed their group of friends sitting around the common room.

"I see you have cheered up", Blaise smiled at his sister.

"Yeah, I've had a right laugh with Draco today. We just saw Romilda Vane suffering from the effects of George's itching powder, all thanks to you Pansy".

Pansy smiled back at Sofia with a face that said 'well, I am amazing'. Whilst this may have made her appear to be conceited, the Slytherins knew that this was just part of Pansy's sense of humour. As Sofia got into conversation with Blaise, Pansy sent a knowing smirk towards Draco. In response he winked at her. She knew that it meant a lot to Draco that Sofia had forgiven him and she knew just by watching him that he already liked her, more than a friend should. "Well, he certainly has his work cut out with this one. I think Draco Malfoy has actually met his match".


The next day, Sofia was wondering around the edge of the Black Lake. She had just managed to slip away from Blaise, Draco and Theo and had decided to come outside for some much needed fresh air. She knew her brother and her friends had been going to extreme lengths to make sure was never alone when walking around the castle and she also knew that they meant well but after two days of it, she already found it suffocating. She was took out of her reverie as she realised that a group of girls had encircled her. Looking up, she saw the faces of Lavender Brown, Parvati and Padma Patil, Romilda Vane, Demelza Robins, Hannah Abbott and Susan Bones. Her heart dropped to her stomach as she realised that she was severely outnumbered with no way of escaping.

"Well if it isn't the Slytherin whore. Finally got rid of your babysitters?", Lavender asked scathingly.

Sofia tried to cut through the circle but was blocked by Parvati's arms as she pushed her back into the centre where she landed on the wet grass.

"That's right, get on the floor where you belong you filthy traitor", sneered Romilda.

"What's wrong, Soo-fiii-a?", Hannah asked, dragging her name out as if laughing at it. "Don't you have anything say, or can't you talk without the permission of your fellow dirtbags?".

The rest of the girls sniggered at this.

"Look I have never done anything to any of you, some of you even used to be my friends. Just let me go and I won't say a word about what has happened", Sofia tried.

"Is that a threat?", Padma asked darkly as all of the girls stepped closer to her.

In response Sofia drew out her wand but she was not quick enough. As soon as her hand had gone into her pocket, she had felt a set of hands on her front. Lavender had stepped forward and pushed her as hard as she could. Sofia flew through the air and landed with a splash as her body broke through the surface of the Black Lake. Underneath the water, she thrashed and kicked, trying her best to get back to the top and get some air. It was not going to happen though and she knew it. Sofia Zabini knew a lot of things but one thing she did not know was how to swim.


Draco ran out of the castle and onto the grounds. They hadn't even noticed Sofia was missing until 5 minutes ago. Draco had the feeling she had slipped away from them out of choice but they could not cross out the possibility that she may have been taken by a student as some sort of sick joke. Searching frantically, he soon heard a scream and splash. He turned just in time to see her jet black hair and white skin before she was submerged by the water. Looking next the lake's edge he saw a group of girls laughing. He would deal with them once Sofia came out of the water. "Wait, she should be coming out by now, why isn't she coming out?". Before he had a chance to think about anything else, Draco removed his cloak, jumper and shoes and dove into the lake. As he swam further down into the depths of the lake, he finally spotted her. She was not moving but being carried by the gentle current of the water. He grabbed hold of her and tried to swim back to the surface but found that her clothes were weighing her down. He quickly removed her robes and shoes and pulled her up with him.

After crawling onto the river bank, Draco noticed that Sofia was unconscious. Her pale skin had a greyish blue tint and her eyes were shut. He rolled her onto her side and patted her on the back hard. After a few tries, Sofia's eyes jerked open and she coughed up all the water she had swallowed whilst in the lake. Draco let out a sigh of relief and leant over Sofia to make sure she was ok. Her teeth were chattering and her body was shaking. Draco found that for the second time this week, Sofia could not be moved from the floor. Once again, he scooped her up into his arms and headed off to their common room. He couldn't help but notice the black lacey under garment that was visible through her now transparent shirt and covered her with his cloak to protect her modesty and provide her with some warmth.

"You better be careful", she said inbetween her shivers. "I could get used to being to carried around like this".

Draco laughed as he set her down in front of the warm fire he had just lit.

"I don't mind, you're lighter than a bowtruckle".

"I hope that isn't another jab at my petite stature".

"Now, would I ever insult you in such a way?", he said after performing drying spells on their clothes.

Sofia merely raised her eye brows at him. Noticing her still shaking body, Draco sat leaning against an arm chair and behind Sofia so that his legs were on either side of hers and wrapped his arms around her body that was still tucked away in his cloak.

"Anyone would think you like being close to me, Mr Malfoy", Sofia teased as she leaned back into his embrace, glad of the warmth he was providing.

"Actually, I rather detest it. I mean the stench coming from your arm pits is rather unbearable", he countered smirking.

"It's not as bad as your dog breath that is currently polluting my air supply", she joked back.

"It's a good job I have no plans to kiss you then isn't it, although, watching you wretch and gag may be quite entertaining".

Sofia gave a soft laugh at this.

"Hmm, you wish you could kiss me though".

"I'd rather not get too close to those yellow teeth of yours".

When she did not reply he thought he had won their round of banter but when he looked down he saw that her eyes were closed and she was sleeping peacefully with a small smile on her face. Thinking back to what she had said, Draco couldn't deny that she had been right. He would like to kiss her but he knew she was not nearly ready for anything like that. They had only just become friends. "I bet she's an amazing kisser though. With those soft rosy lips how could she not be?". It was with these thoughts that Draco too drifted off to sleep.


After hearing from Daphne what had happened to Sofia, Blaise, Pansy, Theo, Daphne and Adrian ran to the Slytherin common room to see what damage had been done. When they arrived they were not met with an upset Sofia as they had expected but a sleeping one instead. In front of the slowly dying fire was Blaise's twin who was snoozing in the arms of Draco Malfoy. The group smiled as they noticed Draco's arms wrapped protectively around her small body. Her short legs lay over Draco's own and her head lay on his chest as Draco's rested on top of hers.

"It looks like some people are getting along quite nicely", spoke Pansy, with a smile on her face.

"Yeah", replied Blaise, secretly glad that his best friend and sister were getting so close. They both deserved to find some one special after everything they had both been through in the last few years.

"Bets on how long it takes for them to get together?", smirked Theo.

The group then sat down to talk money, taking care not to wake the still sleeping duo on the floor.


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