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Draco felt his feet hit the floor. He ran from the waiting area to the healers' station, Hermione in his arms. Several healers ran to his side after seeing the broken girl's body. They ushered them into an empty room where he placed her gently onto the bed. He was sickened by the contorted form on the bed in front of him. Her back was bent strangely and there was blood oozing from her head soaking the white linens beneath her. Two of the healers set to work on her, waving their wands over her body as the other healer ushered Draco from the room.

Draco tried to resist the healer. "I cannot leave her. She needs me." Draco said. The healer patted him on the back comfortingly. He finally walked with her slowly back to the waiting room.


"I will come and get you the moment you are able to be with her. I promise." The healer conjured a cup of tea and handed it to Draco, after emptying a vial of calming draught into it. "Here, this will help you." He took the glass, murmuring a thank you to her.


He drank it in one drink, hoping that it would work quickly. He could feel the warmth spread throughout his body. It did not calm him as much as he had hoped, but he was able to sit down for a moment.


Several long minutes later, Ron and Ginny flooed into the room. They both stared awkwardly at the broken man in front of them.


"Mum and Dad are at home with everyone else. They didn't think there would be room here in the waiting area for all of us." Ron knew Draco didn't necessarily want to hear about what anyone else was doing, but did his best to fill the awkward silence.


"We are supposed to send a patronus with any news. Harry is with Shacklebolt, getting the prisoners checked into Azkaban. He will be here once he is done there." Ron said, addressing Draco directly for the first time.


Draco looked at them, his fear and anxiety growing. The draught was wearing off. As if she knew, the healer again entered the room with another cup of tea for Draco. She nodded hello to Ginny and Ron, handed Draco the tea, and left the room without a word.


Ron and Ginny looked at Draco, questioningly. "Calming draught." He said, drinking it in one gulp again. He closed his eyes, hoping to help the draught to work better. He kept his eyes closed as he spoke in barely more than a whisper. "They haven't told me anything. They have been working on her since I arrived. They will not let me see her."


He opened his eyes and looked at Ginny, who had tears soaking her cheeks. He walked slowly to her, putting his hand on her shoulder He was attempting to comfort her, when she wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face in his chest, sobbing. Draco didn't quite know how to take this uncharacteristic expression of emotion. He had never seen Ginny cry before. He settled for patting her lightly on her back. Ron looked away, first his ex-girlfriend, now his sister. He just couldn't watch.


Ginny cried until the tears would not come any longer. She let go of Draco, looking at him thankfully. She sat in one of the chairs. Draco and Ron sat on either side of her. All three heads jerked up as another healer came in some time later. Her robes were stained with blood and Draco's stomach wretched at the sight.


"She would like to see you, Miss Weasley." The healer looked at Draco apologetically as she took Ginny from the room.


Draco and Ron looked at each other, both obviously shocked that Hermione had not asked for Draco.


Ginny followed the healer to Hermione's room. She had expected Hermione to ask for Draco, but was happy she could see her friend.


Her breath caught in her throat at the sight of Hermione on the bed. Her entire torso was wrapped in bandages, as was her head. Her left arm was in a sling, and her face had many bruises and cuts. Tears began to fall anew as she sat down on Hermione's right side, taking her good hand.


"Hi, Gin." Hermione was happy to see her friend. Maybe she could help her understand. "Can you tell me what happened?"


Ginny took a deep breath and retold the story of the day's events from her perspective. Hermione looked completely baffled by most of what she was saying. Ginny wondered if today's events were all that Hermione had forgotten.


"Do you remember anything that happened before today, Hermione?" Hermione looked at her for a long time, contemplating her response.


"Gin, I cannot remember anything from today, this month or the past couple of years. The last thing I remember is arriving at Hogwarts for my fifth year. The healers tell me I am currently in my seventh year, after missing last year. I do not understand Ginny. What happened?" Tears welled up in Hermione's eyes from her frustration.


Ginny was dumbstruck. Hermione did not remember the battle, the loss of loved ones. She gasped as she realized suddenly that she didn't remember she loved Draco. Hermione looked at her, eyebrows scrunched in confusion. She knew there was something she was missing.


"Hermione, I need to talk to the healers. I will be right back, ok?" Hermione nodded and Ginny practically ran from the room. She did not know what to do. She knew she did not have it in her to tell her already wounded friend about the atrocities of war.


"She doesn't remember! What happened to her?" Ginny was nearly screaming at the healer in front of her. The healer took a step back before leading her to the waiting room where Draco, Ron and now Harry were waiting.


Ginny ran into Harry's arms, sobbing. "She doesn't remember anything. The last thing she remembers is the start of fifth year." She cried once more into Harry's chest.


The occupants all turned to the healer for further explanation.


The healer spoke softly and slowly. "She suffered many severe blows to her head." Draco fell back into a chair, and buried his face in his hands. He knows that it was his father that had done this to her. Just like his mother, his father had hurt another woman he loved. "The memory loss may be temporary or it may be permanent. Only time will tell."


"What should I do? Should I tell her everything? I do not want to hurt her. So many bad things have happened. I don't know if I can do it." Ginny looked to the healer and then Harry.


"I think you should try to help her to remember on her own. Give her hints of happy memories. Hopefully the memories will come back to her on her own. I do not believe telling her of the horrors of the war will help her to remember. If anything, it will only cause her to cling further to her new version of reality. I need to get back to her and check her physical wounds. You can each take turns visiting, 2 at a time." The healer then left the room.


They each looked at each other. All of them wanting to go, but none of them wanting to tell the others they could not. Ginny took charge. "I have been in already. Maybe it would be best if Harry and Ron go next." Draco nodded in agreement and the two walked out to find Hermione's room.


Ginny immediately sat down next to Draco. "Draco, she does not remember that she loves you. I did not think it would be best that she see you right away. She still thinks you hate each other. It may be too much for her right now. I think if Harry and Ron tell her some things, maybe she will be more comfortable having you in there." Ginny felt awful for Draco. She could not imagine how she would feel if Harry ever forgot his love for her.


Harry walked first into the room, the sight before him made him weak. Hermione was always the strong one. Yet here she laid, completely broken. He went to her good side, taking her hand. Ron followed silently behind, but remained standing. "How are you feeling, Hermione?" Harry could think of nothing else to say to her, although he felt there was so much more to say.


She smiled weakly. "I've been better." Her smile quickly left her face. "Ginny left when I asked her what has happened in these last few years I cannot remember. She got this awful look on her face and ran from the room. Can someone please tell me what is going on?" Hermione pleaded with her two best friends.


Harry looked at Ron, who looked scared to death. He knew then that he would be doing this alone. He took a deep breath, choosing his words carefully. "Hermione, a lot has happened in that time. The healers think if we can give you some hints, it may help you to remember on your own." He did not want to tell her about Draco just yet, so he decided to focus on himself.


"One of the big changes, Ginny and I are together now." He smiled broadly at her.


She grinned back at him. "I always knew the two of you would end up together. Ever since the way she reacted to you that first time at the Burrow." She chuckled at the thought of the young embarrassed Ginny before wincing. Pain shot through her abdomen, caused by her laugh.


"Are you in pain? I will go get a healer." Ron was happy to see Hermione alive, but did not want to be any part of telling her that she had fallen for Draco Malfoy. He quickly left the room.


A healer entered immediately, rushing to Hermione's side. "Are you in pain dear? I think you have had enough excitement for one day. I am going to give you something for the pain, and then something to help you sleep." She turned to Harry. "You may stay with her while she sleeps, if you are quiet. But she needs to rest so that her body can heal." Harry nodded, squeezing Hermione's hand.


The healer gave Hermione first one vial, then another, which she poured down her throat, grateful for the relief. Immediately she could feel the pain lessening. She could feel the sleepiness creeping into her mind. She turned to Harry, clinging to consciousness for a moment longer. "Please don't leave me alone." Her eyes closed and she was asleep.


Ginny came quietly in and conjured another chair, sitting down next to Harry, taking his other hand. She whispered in his ear. "Ron said you told her about us." She smiled.


"Ya, it was the happiest memory I could possibly think of." He whispered back. They sat for a while longer before Ginny let go of Harry's hand.


"I am going to go get Draco. She is asleep and he needs to see her. He is a complete wreck." Harry nodded in agreement.


Ron had returned to the waiting room, and sat watching Draco as he paced back and forth in the waiting room, all traces of the calming draught gone.


Draco knew he could not go in yet, but he would not leave her here. His pain grew as the moments passed. He looked up, a tortured look on his face as Ginny came back into the room.


"She is sleeping. They say we can sit with her while she sleeps, if we are quiet. Would you like to go next, Draco?" Draco did not hesitate and was out of the room before the words were done coming out of her mouth.


He walked into her room to find Harry holding her hand. Harry looked up, and let go of her hand, moving to the other chair to make room for Draco. Draco walked slowly to her side, sitting down and taking her hand gently in his. Immediately he could feel that familiar electricity from her hand to his. Hermione stirred in her sleep and he looked at her longingly. Willing her to feel it too. She seemed to settle back into her deep sleep, and did not show any other signs of awareness of her surroundings.


Harry leaned closer to Draco. "She seems more peaceful now. She seemed to be having nightmares before." Draco nodded, thankful for the glimmer of hope that flickered inside him. Maybe his presence would help her.


Harry sat for another hour or so until his stomach began aching with hunger. "Draco, I am going to go to the Burrow to eat, I will send back some food for you. I am going to take Ginny and Ron. Some of the others may want to come see her too. I will send them one at a time." Draco nodded, not looking away from Hermione. Harry silently left the room.


Hermione was relieved as the sleeping draught took effect. She was physically and mentally exhausted, even though she had no idea why. Her sleep was troubled, though. She dreamed of long golden hair, and evil laughs. She felt pain through every part of her body as she recieved blow after blow to every part of her body in her nightmares.  After restless dreaming for what seemed like an eternity, the tone of her dreams changed all of a sudden. She felt warmth spread throughout her body, radiating from her right arm. Immediately her dreams changed to beautiful grey eyes and passionate kisses. She had no idea who this man in her dreams was, but undoubtedly preferred these dreams to the others.  


Draco sat by Hermione's side through the night, as her friends came and went one at a time. Mrs. Weasley had brought him a plate of food. He took a couple of bites with his available hand to make her happy, even though he had no appetite. Eventually he had succomed to sleep, resting his head beside Hermione's shoulder on the bed.


Draco woke the next morning to Hermione screaming. He immediately jumped up, his eyes wide. Hermione was staring at him with her eyes narrowed. Immediately a healer came running into the room.


"What is HE doing here? Draco Malfoy hates me! I hate him!" She turned to Draco. "And you! Why were you holding my hand?" Her voice was softer now. "I don't understand. I want to see Harry." Tears of frustration were once again forming in her eyes.


Draco left the room, headed to the waiting room and flooed to the Burrow. He landed in the kitchen where the Weasley clan was sitting around the table eating breakfast. They all stopped, looking up at the unexpected visitor.


The desperation was obvious in his voice. "She is awake. I tried to stay awake, I must have drifted off. She went mad when she awoke to me holding her hand." Draco's voice cracked. He remembered the look of horror on Hermione's face. "She wants to see you, Harry. Maybe you can calm her down."


Harry stood up, kissed Ginny and stood in front of Draco. He stepped into the flames and disappeared first, followed by Draco. He led Draco out of the waiting area and down to Hermione's room.


Harry entered the room alone, leaving Draco in the hallway for now. "Harry, please tell me what is going on! I asked you not to leave me. Then, I wake up this morning to Draco Malfoy asleep next to me, holding my hand!" Her voice rising higher and higher as she went on.


Harry sat down next to her, taking her hand once more. Hermione remembered the warm feeling from her dream. It didn't seem to have come from Harry. It wasn't Harry...There is no way it was Malfoy! Was it? Hermione's face was scrunched with frustration.


"Hermione, there is something you need to know. Draco has changed." Hermione was shocked by the familiarity of Harry's reference to Malfoy. "You and him..." Harry stopped as Hermione's eyes grew wide with realization.


"We...? There is no way. How could this happen?" She seemed to struggle internally with Harry's words. Finally seeming resigned she turned to Harry. "Do I love him Harry?"


Harry looked at her, pity written on his face. "Without a doubt Hermione. And he loves you. The two of you have been inseperable since the beginning of term this year. You came here with him to visit his mother, she had been unconscious since....well she had been unconscious for a while. She woke up while the two of you were with her. She gave her blessing, Hermione. Even with your memory loss you must know what a big deal that is."  


Hermione put her hand up, successfully quieting Harry. She needed a moment to sort through it all. She loved Draco and he loved her. Narcissa Malfoy had given her blessing. Harry was right. That was huge. "Is he here now?"


Harry did not have to ask who she was referring to. "Yeah, he is in the hall. He did not want to rush you or put any more stress on you. I think you kind of scared him this morning when you screamed at him." Harry smiled at Hermione.


She smiled a little back at him. "Can you have him come in? But will you stay too?"


"Of course Hermione. I will stay as long as you need me to."


"Thank you Harry." Hermione released his hand so he could go retrieve Draco.


Draco and Harry came in a moment later. Hermione couldn't help but smile. Draco really did seem scared. Draco relaxed when he saw the smirk on Hermione's face. "What's so funny?"


"You looked scared. Like I was going to hex you or something." Hermione chuckled, wincing again at the pain. She silently noted that the pain was not as bad as it had been the day before. Draco's face fell and he flew to her side, taking her hand. He suddenly pulled back, remembering himself.


"Uh, I'm sorry." He looked down at the ground.


Hermione's voice was soft. "It's ok, really." She held out her hand towards him. It felt unnatural to be reaching out for Malfoy, her mortal enemy. But, she had to see if her hunch was correct. As he took her hand, her suspicions were confirmed. The familiar warmth spread up her arm, to her whole body.  She looked into his eyes. They were the most beautiful shade of grey. Her face turned scarlet red as the eyes she had dreamed of the night before came fresh into her mind. She looked away in embarrassment as she remembered the passionate kisses they had shared in her dreams.


Draco watched in wonder as she reached for his hand. He gave it to her and watched as her face went scarlet red and she turned away, embarrassed. He looked at Harry who looked as confused as he was.


"Did I miss something?" He asked Hermione, a small smile playing on his lips.


"Um,'s nothing" she said quickly. "So, Mal-Draco, Tell me about us. How did we...get together?" She was eager to change the subject.


"I guess it started when the Headmistress appointed you and I Head Boy and Head Girl." He paused.


Hermione nodded, of course she was Head Girl. Then she realized he had not said headmaster. "Headmistress? Where is Dumbledore?" Draco looked at Harry. Hoping he could help. He knew he was not supposed to tell her anything bad.


Harry jumped in. "McGonagall took over the post. But, we will talk about that later. Listen to Draco's story. It's much better." He smiled at Draco who gave him a thankful look.


Draco dove back into his story. "So anyway we were forced to work together, guiding the prefects and planning a Halloween ball. One night after a meeting with the ball committee, We almost kissed. I was scared so I didn't kiss you. You weren't happy about it. I didn't think you would ever forgive me. Then the next day, out by the lake, I finally made good on it and kissed you for the first time." Her face went red again, but she said nothing, waiting for him to continue.


"From then on, we were pretty much inseperable. We went together to the Halloween Ball."


"What were our costumes?" Hermione asked, her face scrunched again as if trying to grab some obscure memory from the depths of her mind.


Draco looked at Harry, hope shared on their faces. "You were a very sexy black cat and I went as Harry." Harry laughed out loud, startling them both. They looked at Harry and he stopped, but couldn't manage to wipe the smirk off his face.


Hermione could feel the memory in her head, just out of reach. She closed her eyes and saw Draco, with dark hair, glasses, and a fake scar. Her eyes flew open. "I remember! I remember the ball! I remember your costume. I remember dancing with you and then talking with Pansy and Blaise outside." Hermione was speaking quickly, the memories of that night coming back to her. "Tell me about another time we were together." She implored him.


"Yesterday was Christmas. You woke up first, and came into my room to wake me." It was Draco's turn to blush. Hermione raised one eyebrow at his discomfort. "I gave you this bracelet." He took the silver bracelet from his pocket and placed it on her wrist. "You gave me this pocket watch." He showed her the watch before placing it back into his pocket. He explained how it was linked with her locket. He saw the locket laying on a nearby table, broken. "We can get it fixed. I am sure George can fix it. You got it from his shop."


"George's shop? What about Fred?" Hermione screamed as it hit her all at once. The memories of the past years came flooding back to her mind. She watched as she lost Fred, Tonks, Lupin, Dumbledore, Snape and everyone else in the war all over again. It was more than she could take. "I think I am going to be sick." Draco conjured a bucket just in time. Harry ran to get a healer.


"Miss Granger, are you alright?" The healer stood next to her, assessing her reactions. Hermione nodded weakly then was sick again. Draco held her hair, rubbing her back. "Harry says you are remembering what you had forgotten. I can imagine that it is very hard for you. I will tell you that the worst is probably over. Also, now that the memories have returned, your physical healing will speed up as well."


The healer handed her another sleeping draught. Hermione hesitated before drinking it. "Draco, will  you stay with me and tell me the rest of the story when I wake up?"


Draco looked deep into her eyes, his face only inches from hers. "Hermione, my love, I will never again leave your side. This I swear to you." A single tear fell from Hermione's eye as she took the potion and slipped into a deep sleep.


Harry spoke next. "I think she would be okay if I went back to the Burrow for awhile. I need to tell the others the news." Harry walked to the bed and shook Draco's hand and kissed Hermione gently on her forehead before leaving the two of them alone.

Draco took out his wand, extending the size of the bed. He laid down in the bed beside Hermione. Being careful not to put pressure on any of her wounds, the only place he was touching her was her hand. He felt a calm come over him as he laid with her and fell into a deep sleep almost at once.


Ok, everyone only 2 more chapters after this one! Please let me know if you are liking what you are reading. 

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