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Author's note: This next chapter is best given from different POV's, so that is how it is written. I think it will make it easier to understand how they are each feeling throughout the events that unfold throughout the chapter.  It is my longest yet, but I promise it is worth it.



I am watching as Draco's mouth moves silently in my locket. He must have forgotten that I cannot hear him. I then do the only thing I can think of to remind him. I point at my ear and vigorously shook my head. Understanding crosses his face. Fear grips me when I no longer see his face in front of the mirror, but instead all around the St. Mungo's waiting room, until I realize what he wants. He wants me to show him where I am. I quickly take the locket and pointed it around the room, making sure to show him that there is only one door. One way in and one way out. When I bring the locket back in front of my face, the ashen look on his face sends chills down my spine. What does he know? I wish I could hear him. The best I can hope for was that he now knows where I am and will come save me.



Hermione and I sit for another few minutes, just staring into each others' eyes. Grey into brown, love flowing wordlessly between us. I know I need to go for help, but I am scared to stop watching her for even a moment. Then her face changes, she looks over her shoulder then back quickly, a look of terror in her eyes. She motions to herself with her finger, then lays her hand on her heart, then points at me before closing it quickly.


I could have sworn I saw a flash of familiar long golden hair in the doorway before Hermione closed the locket. Could it be? No way. He is supposed to be locked away in Azkaban. Without wasting another moment, I approach the fireplace, grab a handful of the powder, and travel back to McGonagall's office.


Professor McGonagall looks up from her desk as I tumble out of her fireplace. She takes in the frantic look in my eyes, and stands up when she realizes that Hermione has not followed me. "Where is Miss Granger? Why is she not with you?" She sounds frantic.


"I do not know what happened Professor. She left me to say goodbye to my mother and when I went to find her, she was gone. I thought she had gone back to the waiting room. The healer said he saw her go there. Then she was not there." I explain about the pocket watch and how I knew her to be in the dungeons at Malfoy Manor. I did not choose to mention the flash of blonde hair, because I just knew it was not possible for it to be who I thought.


"We need to contact the ministry immediately Mr. Malfoy." The headmistress turns to a portrait behind her. "Albus, will you please go into your painting at the ministry and tell the minister I need to speak with him right away."


"As you wish, Minerva. May I suggest that you have Mr. Malfoy contact Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley. Whoever has captured Miss Granger may come after them as well."


"Of course, Albus. I will contact Molly to see if she will allow Mr. Malfoy to floo to the Burrow, I believe they are all still there." The portrait Dumbledore turns and is gone. McGonagall leans forward placing her face in the fire saying "The Burrow" before placing her nose into the flames.



Ginny and I are sitting by the fire, enjoying the down time after a busy Christmas with the Weasley family. It has become our favorite thing to do at the end of the day. I have vowed to make the most of his time with her while it lasts. After the new year, I will begin my auror training and Ginny will return to Hogwarts. I hold her close, stroking her long red hair. We both nearly jumped out of our skin when a face suddenly appears in the fire. I immediately run to kneel in front of the fire.


"Professor? What is wrong?" I ask the fiery face before me.


"I think it is better if Mr. Malfoy explains it to you. Could you allow him to floo there?"


"Of course Professor, when should we expect him?" I glance back at Ginny who's puzzled look mirrors my own.


"Immediately, if that is alright."


"Oh, alright professor." And she is gone as suddenly as she had come. I wave his wand in front of the fireplace, muttering the necessary charm. I step back and looked at Ginny. "You had better go wake Ron. It has to be serious if she is sending Malfoy here at this hour."


Without hesitation, Ginny runs up the stairs to Ron's room. They return moments later to see Malfoy dusting off his robes in front of the fireplace.



I look deep into the grey eyes in my locket. I do not know how it could be possible for him to find me. I had not been able to give him much information, other than that I am in some sort of a dungeon. I hear the sound of someone coming down the stairs. I do not want Travers to realize that I am able to communicate with Draco so I do the only thing she can think of. I point to myself, then lay my hand on my heart, and then point to Draco's face in the locket. I love you Draco, I think before closing it and facing my enemy.

I turn around to see two men coming through the door into the dungeon. The face of the man that comes with Travers stuns me momentarily and I am unable to move. I know those grey eyes, that pale blonde hair. I know it is impossible, yet here he stands before me. Lucius Malfoy is no longer in Azkaban.


"Ahh. Miss Granger. Welcome back." He smiles the most evil of smiles.


Back? I have never been here before, have I? "I have no idea what you mean." My voice was dripping with hate and disgust.


"Oh, that is right, while your fellow scum were whisked here to my dungeon, you stayed upstairs to have fun with my lovely sister-in-law." His grin widened as he glares at me. He is enjoying the utter horror that is plastered on my face.


The memory of that day at Malfoy Manor comes flooding back into my mind. The searing pain as the word was carved into my arm, the evil laugh of Bellatrix “Where did you get that sword?” she had asked over and over, the look of horror on Draco's face as he stood watching the events unfold in front of him. I grasp my arm where the scar still shows beneath my sleeve. It burns like it was fresh again. My heart is racing, my breathing shallow and quick. I try to calm myself as his hand connects with my cheek.


“That is for my son.” Slap “You are a lying tramp and you took him from me.” Slap “If it had not been for you, he would be by my side!” The hardest hit so far.


I can see the black creeping into the edges of my vision. I try with all of my being to remain standing. It was no use, before I could endure one more blow, everything goes black.



I stand up, dusting off my robes. I am in a small, cluttered kitchen. I had often wondered what the Weasley house looked like. Harry is standing in front of me waiting for me to speak. Ginny and Ron are running down the stairs. They all stare at me impatiently imploring me to explain my presence to them. "It's Hermione. They've got her." I fall to his knees once again, putting my face in my hands. All I can think of is the horrible things that have happened in that dungeon, and now my Hermione is there, without me.


"Who has her? What are you talking about Malfoy?"


I look up at Harry, tears are flowing from my eyes. I usually would not allow Potter to see me weak like this, but I know he loves Hermione as well and will not think less of me for it.


"I don't know. All I do know is that they took her to Malfoy Manor." I tell the story once again of the pocket watch and what I had seen in it. I again withhold the portion of the story about the person I hope I had not seen in the locket.


"We have to save her!" Ginny says, tears pooling in her eyes. "We have to leave now!" Ginny grabs onto Harry's arm, trying to move him towards the fireplace. I suppose she thought she could just floo to the manor, as if it would be that easy. Harry stands still, his face is like stone. Apparently he understands just how difficult this will be.


"Gin, I know you want to save her. We all do. But we need to be prepared. I don't think it is going to be just as easy as popping in to get her then back out. We need to make a plan. Also, I think we will need more than just the 4 of us. I will contact the minister directly, his auror department is not as strong as it once was, but along with us, I think we can do this.”


“McGonagall has already contacted the minister. I believe they will probably meet us here.” I should have stayed to listen to McGonagall's meeting with Shacklebolt.


“Good, now we need to know as much as we can about where she is being held.” Harry turns to me. “Malfoy, what kind of protections are set up?"  


"There are wards around the entire property. No one can apparate in or out without a Malfoy allowing it." I stopped, realization dawning on me. There are only 3 Malfoys left. My mother is ill in St. Mungo's. I know I have not let anyone in. That means one thing. I had not been mistaken. I had seen my father in the watch. How? How is it possible? I do not have time to contemplate.


Harry narrows his eyes, apparently following my train of thought. "So that means that either yourself, your mother, or your father has her. Right?" I nod slowly, the pain in my heart was growing stronger by the second.


"My mother is in St. Mungo's. She regained consciousness today for the first time in many months. She is unable to walk. It could not have been her. Obviously I did not do it." I hesitate and then decide to tell them. "There is something else I saw in the watch. I did not tell you before because I thought it was impossible. I think I saw my father right before Hermione closed her locket." Everyone in the room gasps in horror.


Before anyone can say anymore, the fire in the fireplace turned green once more as the Minister of Magic arrives in the kitchen. “We need to act fast Mr. Malfoy. I need to know exactly what wards are set up on the manor, and how we can get it without being detected.”


“Minister, we have another important piece of information that you should know. We have reason to believe that Draco’s father, Lucius Malfoy is the one who has Hermione. The wards are set up that it takes a Malfoy in order for anyone to apparate in or out of the manor.” Shacklebolt looks at me, questioning the validity of Harry’s statement. I nodded in agreement.

“Very well.” The minister sends a patronus immediately to Azkaban for an immediate search of father's cell. “Draco, we will need for you to allow all of us to enter the manor, preferably undetected. Is this possible?”


I was taken aback for a moment at the open communication between myself and the minister. The minister’s tone held no anger or blame, and for that I was grateful. I know I do not deserve all of the confidence everyone is placing in me, but I am determined not to let them or Hermione down. I decide to do everything within my power to make sure their mission, my mission, is a success. “Yes, minister. There are 2 apparition points within the manor. One is in the dungeons where Hermione is being held. The other is in the kitchen. I can make it so you can each apparate in one at a time. Once I am there, I can attempt to remove the wards, to make it easier for us to leave once we have her.” I turn to Ron next. “Weasley, do you have some parchment I could use?” Ron nods and quickly retrieves several pieces of parchment.


I take out my wand, touching each piece in turn. As I do this, a detailed map of the manor appears. “Each of you need only tap the parchment with your wand. A small dot will appear representing yourself as you move about the manor. The dungeons are here.” I point at the dungeons on the map. “The kitchen is here. The safest route is through this hidden hallway. When you are not using the map, simply tap on the parchment again with your wand, and the parchment will again appear blank. No one's wand except for the ones in this room will be able to make the map appear." I demonstrate, showing them how to make it blank again.


"Remember that you can only apparate from the dungeons and the kitchen, even once the wards are removed.” I look to each face as I hand them their map. Everyone seems to understand the gravity of the situation and each face is full of determination and gratitude instead of malice and hate like I almost expected. Everyone takes their maps and taps them with their wands before stowing them in their robes.


The minister then turns his attention to the group as a whole. “Very well, we will apparate into the kitchen. Harry, you and Ron will go first. Then I will go, followed by Draco. I can tell Ginny is going to object. She is probably wanting to go as well. I agree with the minister, she should stay. I know Harry shares my sentiment.


"Ginny, I want you to stay here and operate the Burrow as a sort of control center. I will send a patronus once the wards are down. I would like you to ask your mother and father if they would be willing to join us, as well as any other former Order members that you can get in contact with. Any aurors who were coming from home will be directed here as soon as they arrive at the ministry. I need for you to hold them here until the wards are down, then Ron will come back to side along apparate them, since they likely have never been to the manor." Ginny nods in understanding. Her role from the Burrow seems to satisfy her need to be involved.


"Mr. Weasley, I will have you apparate back here once you get back to the manor. As soon as any of them arrive, I need you to bring them into the manor, once the wards are down, before returning to get the next to arrive. I expect you to continue like this until you receive word otherwise from me. Do you understand?" Ron nods.


The minister then turns to me. "Mr. Malfoy, do we know how many of them there are?”


I wish I had more information to give him. “I do not know. I only saw my father. Although, he would have needed an accomplice to escape Azkaban, so we may not want to underestimate them.” I turned to face the group, swallowing hard before beginning.


“He is my father, I know how evil he can be. He will not hesitate to kill any of you on sight. Please do not underestimate him. He will be desperate not to return to Azkaban. Please everyone be careful.” I am trying hard to prevent the tears in my eyes from falling in admiration. The people before me are doing this for the woman I love. They are risking their lives, and they trust me to do the same. I know in that moment that everything I have ever thought about this group has been wrong. I now trust them with life, and more importantly, the life of the woman I love.



I can feel before I can move. I feel ropes biting into my wrists and ankles. I am laying on my side on a cold hard surface. My face and ribs are aching. I can feel something wet trickling across my cheek. I can hear voices coming from behind me, seemingly in an adjoining room.


"Did you kill her?" I think this is Travers voice. "What are we going to do now? Draco will never join us if he finds out you killed her!"


Realization hits me like a brick. Lucius has been the one sending the letters. Draco is what he thinks I have taken. I remain still, listening.


"I didn't mean to kill her. I just could not control myself." It is Lucius's icy voice this time. "That filthy mudblood took my son from me. I had him ready to take his place at my side. Together we could have brought back together the Death Eaters. We would have carried out the dark lord's dream to bring the purebloods back to their rightful place as rulers of the magical world. Now it is all ruined."


I can just imagine his nose pointed in the air as he keeps talking about his "rightful place" and it is almost more than I can do to keep myself from jumping up to attack him right then. I know I do not have my wand, and judging by the growing pain in my ribs, I will not be moving well enough for that any time soon. I decide to bide my time, and gather as much information as possible. If Draco is coming to try to save me, the least I can do is have some information to help him.


Somewhere deep inside a thought is creeping its way to my conscious mind. What if he joins with his father again. He thought his father was gone for the rest of his life. What if he stops loving me. I cannot stop the tears that fall silently down to the floor. I am silently grateful that I am facing away from them.


"What are we going to do?" Travers speaks again.


"We leave her there for now. Our contact at the ministry says they have called all available aurors to the ministry for an emergency rescue. That means our plan is working. They will all show up to save this filth. Once we call the other Death Eaters here, we can finish off the rest of that department, enabling our takeover of the ministry. I only pray that idiot Shacklebolt shows up so I can finish him."


"How will they be able to get in, Lucius?" Travers seems apprehensive of Lucius' plan. "I thought a Malfoy had to allow someone to be able to enter?"


"I know that you idiot! I have heard that my dear son has developed feelings" This word comes out as an expletive, full of disgust. "for this mudblood. I have little doubt that he will enable their entry."


"Why don't we call the others now? What if they show up before we are ready?" Travers continues to question Lucius.


"You fool, you dare question me? What do you think will happen if I call them here, and Draco and his new friends do not show up after all?" Hermione stopped breathing. Even Lucius had considered the fact that Draco may not come. Travers did not answer, I guess he was finally satisfied. The two of them exited through the doorway. I could no longer hold off the darkness that was closing in and everything went black once more.



I side-along apparate Harry and Ron, as they had not been to the kitchens in their visit to the manor. The thought of their last time here haunts me still. I turn to both of them.


"I'm sorry. For the last time you were here. I am sorry I did not try to stop her." They both nod, understanding when and who I meant before Harry steps forward, standing directly in front of me.


"Draco, don't. If you had tried to stop her, someone may have called Voldemort and we would not be alive. I appreciate all you did for us that day. Let's move past that and focus on saving Hermione." Harry extends his hand and I shake it.


I wish them luck and then apparate back to the Burrow for the minister, bringing him back with me again. Harry and Ron are awaiting our arrival, and Ron apparates away, as the rest of us turn towards the door. I open the door into the corridor and jump. There is a dark figure leaning against the wall to my left. He slowly looks up, and I recognize him.


"Travers? What are you doing here?" I cannot hold back the disdain from my voice. I had never liked Travers. He had always disgusted me. He is constantly dirty, smelly, and has none of the self-respect or pride that usually is characteristic of a Death Eater.


He slowly turns toward me an evil grin on his face. "Well, that was a touching little moment you had with Harry." I move towards him but feel Harry's hand on my shoulder. I stop, glaring at Travers, who just smiles his yellow smile at me. "Your father will be so happy to know you finally came to rescue your little mudblood."


I cringe at the word. "Why isn't he here then? Where is he?" I am angry, and can't help but think that if he is here with me, then he can't be torturing Hermione. As if on cue, my father comes strolling down the steps of the manor, into the room I had just begun to enter. I can feel Harry and Shacklebolt standing behind me, one on either side of me.


"My dear Draco, how wonderful it is to see you again." My father says, sarcasm obvious in his fake-pleasant words. "I see you have brought some of your little friends. Only these two though?" He looks behind me as if expecting to see more people. He then smiles, seemingly thinking that he had over estimated my support system. I am glad he underestimates us.


"Wonderful. This should be easier than I expected! Once the rest of my friends arrive, we will make light work of you three." An evil look comes to his eye, all trace of humor gone. "Let me call them." He presses his wand to the dark mark on his forearm. I can feel the matching mark on my arm burning. I cringe. My father notices and seems to enjoy my discomfort.


"Let's head down to the dungeons, Draco. I believe there is something you will want to see. We will meet the rest of our friends there."


I nod towards Harry and Shacklebolt to follow. We need to get away from kitchen so they do not know as others begin to arrive. We stay close together, wands drawn as we follow Travers and my father towards the dungeons.  I begin waving my wand slightly, removing the wards. Shacklebolt notices and I see a small silver lynx fly from his wand.



I watch Draco and the minister apparate away with a pop. Ron returns a few moments later. I immediately begin sending patronuses. "Lucius Malfoy has escaped Azkaban. He has Hermione. Come to the Burrow if you can help. I will give more instructions upon your arrival." I send one to my parents, they had gone to help Andromeda get all of Teddy's presents home. I send one to Neville, Seamus, Dean, Cho and Luna. After thinking about it for awhile, I decide to send one to Blaise and Pansy as well. They are Draco's friends and will be loyal to him.


The first to arrive are my parents. My mother rushes to me, wrapping her arms around me. I cannot speak as the tears begin to fall uncontrollably. She hugs me tighter.


Ron speaks up. "He has her in the dungeons at the Manor.  The minister, Harry, and Draco have gone ahead. We have contacted the DA, the minister wants you to contact as many of the order as you can. Once we receive the word that the wards are down, I will begin side apparating you in. Have everyone come here until then.


My father begins to send a patronus to his list of witches and wizards. His message is simple and to the point, like mine. He sends it to Bill, Charlie, Fleur, George and Percy.


One by one our allies begin to arrive. Neville and Luna arrive first, hand in hand. Luna comes immediately to my side. "She will be okay you know? She has the nargles to protect her after all." I cannot help but smile at Luna. She is so sweet and I can't help but feel a little more confident after her comment.  Neville shakes Ron's hand and they turn as Seamus, Dean and Cho arrive.


Cho runs into Ron's arms, crying. "I am so glad you are ok. I cannot lose you, Ron. It's like Cedric all over again." He takes her hand and pulls her to his side, so he can shake hands with Seamus and Dean.


"Just tell us where you need us." Seamus is eager as ever to be a part of battle.


The rest of my family arrive one at a time, with the exception of Bill and Fleur. They each take turns hugging me, George last. He holds on to me, squeezing me hard. "I'm here for you Gin. We will do all we can to save her. I know how it feels to lose your best friend. I will not let you lose yours." His voice cracks at the reference to Fred and my tears begin to fall again.


"Thank you George. I love you." He winks at me in a very George like way and we all listen as Ron again explains what he knows. We all wait in silence for the signal. It seems that hours pass, when I know it can only have been minutes before a white lynx floats into the room. The minister's voice speaks to us from its mouth.



I awaken to voices behind me. "Is she...dead?" I can hear the voice of Malfoy talking. He seems unhappy. I cannot move, only listen. I can feel ropes on my wrists and ankles. I try with all my might to break the hex as I continue to listen. I hear Harry's voice. He must be here to help me. I let out a breath and feel a stabbing pain in my side. What happened to me? Why don't I remember how I got here?


I can hear Lucius Malfoy's voice along with his son, Harry and the auror Kingsley Shacklebolt, I think. There is another voice I do not recognize as well. They are arguing loudly when I hear several pops as people apparently apparate to where we are. I hear spells being uttered. I wish I could move, help Harry and Kingsley. I am not able to move, though. I cannot help but think how Harry and Kingsley have no chance, being so outnumbered when I hear familiar voices coming through the door. It sounds like the whole Weasley crew is here. Also I hear Neville, Luna, Seamus, Dean, and Cho. There is another french sounding voice that I do not recognize, but she seems to be on the good side. I lay there, willing my limbs to move, to try to break free of the ropes, but they will not cooperate.


I hear more spells being yelled behind me. I cannot tell who is winning. The voices seem to get further away as everything goes black once more.



We walk down the stairs into the dungeon. I get shivers as I remember the many atrocities I have witnessed within these walls. As we get to the bottom of the stairs, I walk forward towards the cells. There on the floor in a small puddle of blood is Hermione. Her ankles and wrists are bound with rope. I start to rush to her side to free her but my path is blocked by my father as he points his wand at my chest.


"Is she...dead?" I am heartbroken. She is not moving. There is blood coming from her head and her back is bent at an unnatural angle. I cannot tell if she is breathing or not. Before my heart can break further, I hear pops of apparition all around me as the familiar faces of Death Eaters materialize around me. I jump away from my father's wand and to Harry and Shacklebolt's side. We stand side by side, deflecting curses sent at us, while trying to send some of our own. One of my spells connects with Travers, who crumples to the ground, stunned.


I worry how much longer we can hold them off when I begin to hear friendly voices behind me. I turn to see Molly and Arthur Weasley leading the pack followed by a sea of red hair, then Seamus, Dean and a few others from Hogwarts. I am touched. They are all here for her. My inner revelry is cut short by a spell, sent by my father at Molly Weasley. Arthur waves his wand, deflecting the curse. This effectively brings the battle back to action.


There are spells flying everywhere. I send another stunning curse at Rodolphus, hitting him the same time as one sent from Arthur. Rodolphus' face goes white before he hits the ground with a thud. I stop momentarily, realizing I just took part in taking someone's life when I feel a searing pain in my left arm. I look up to see my father smiling triumphantly. I send a stunning charm at him, successfully knocking him to the ground. I turn around to help Seamus, who is battling Yaxley, we successfully restrain him with a body binding hex. I turn around, it seems that we are winning. I help where I can as the last of the Death Eaters fall.


Shacklebolt immediately sends a patronus. "The last of the Death Eaters has fallen. Send the guards to apprehend the offenders. They will be held at Azkaban until their trials." Moments later, they arrive, taking the fallen Death Eaters one by one until only my father is left.


"Can I talk to him before you take him?" I ask the guard. He nods and steps back. I walk over to where my father lies on the floor. He is just outside Hermione's cell.


I point my wand at my father. "Renervate." He stirs. "Expelliarmus" His wand flies to my hand.


He stands up, my wand pointed at his chest. He just smiles at me. "Are you going to kill me now boy? Maybe you are evil after all. Go on then, do it. Make me proud." I stand there glaring at him.


“You are an evil man and a horrible father. Mother and I will be so much better without you. I hope they finally let the dementors perform the kiss on you.” His stone face seems to show a flash of fear before returning to its prior indifference. He narrows his eyes at me before looking down at Hermione's body. He looks back up at me, smiling before kicking her square in the stomach.


The next moments are a blur. I send a body binding curse at him, successfully knocking him to the ground. I hear a small moan escape Hermione's lips and realize she is alive. The guard rushes by me, apparating my father away before I can hex him again.

I immediately fall to Hermione's side. I wave my wand over her wrists and ankles, successfully removing the ropes. She is breathing but only barely. Molly rushes to my side, putting her hand on my back. "She needs to go to St. Mungo's Draco. Take her there. We will get everything cleaned up here and meet you there." I nod, taking Hermione in my arms and standing up. Mrs. Weasley hugs me, taking me off guard. "Go now Draco." I apparate us away.

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