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Here's chapter five, like four it's not very long but this chapter has a crucial part to the story in it. I hope you enjoy, please review :)



The silence was deafening as Sofia stood against the wall of the kitchen in The Burrow. Harry, Ron and Ginny were all sat around the wooden dining table, all boring holes into the walls and cupboards with their eyes. None of them looked at Sofia. None of them could believe that this was their Hermione. None of them wanted to accept it.


"I know this is a shock. Believe me I know", started Sofia. "But I'm still the same on the inside. I'm still the girl you have known since you were 11. I'm still me".


"We know. It's just hard to accept", came Ginny's reply. "It will just take a while to get used to is all". She glanced at Sofia and gave her a soft smile.


"Like hell we will accept it!", Ron shouted indignantly. "You're a ZABINI! SLYTHERIN DIRTBAGS! You are not the person we know and love anymore whether you like it or not! Look at you, you don't even look the same! You look like one of them. It's disgusting!".


Sofia was horrified by this. Her own boyfriend, the person she thought she was going to spend her life with, would not accept her. He despised her. However, it seemed like she wasn't the only one who disagreed with Ron as Ginny stood up and stood at Sofia's side.


"That is completely out of order Ron! Just because her looks have changed doesn't mean her heart has. She loves you and you can't even give her a chance! Well I will! Hermione is our friend. She's been there for you and Harry through thick and thin. You probably wouldn't even be alive if it wasn't for her. Yes it will be strange at first but I'll be there for her!". At this she turned to look at her dear friend. "I'll be here. No, I'll be here.. Sofia".


"How can you Ginny! What about our family, our pride? Fraternising with Slytherins will put you to shame, it will put all of us to shame. It's just wrong! She's not even called Hermione anymore! As far as I'm concerned she never even existed, after all she is a Zabini by birth", Ron spat. "I will never have anything to do with her".


"You're the one who is wrong, Ron! So much for your Gryffindor loyalty!", Ginny bellowed back.


"I could never be loyal to someone like her!".


Through all of this Harry had not said a word. It was only when he heard Sofia's soft voice say his name that he looked up. As much as he agreed with what Ginny said about Hermione, he couldn't bring himself to accept her yet. Her face was so much like her brother's that it made him sick.


"I can't do this. Not yet, Hermione. I think you should leave", he stated with a note of finality in his voice.


Sofia's heart ache at these words quickly turned to rage and she rounded on both of the boys.


"You know after everything I have done for you boys I honestly expected a little more support. This is hard for me too! Imagine waking up on your birthday and finding yourself looking completely different with a whole new family who you never even knew! I guess it's just too much to ask for you to be there for me when I need it! And you call yourself friends. Oh and Ronald, good luck finding another girl who will put up with your pig like eating habbits and dense conversation".


With that, she turned around and walked to the door but not before turning back to say her final words.


"And my name is Sofia, not Hermione".




As soon as they had apparated back to Zabini Manor, Sofia ran to her room and dived onto her bed. She couldn't quite believe what had just happened but the reality soon came crashing down on her. She was alone. After everything she and the boys had gone through together, they had thrown her away just like that. She now had no friends, apart from Ginny. "I really should owl her and say thank you. Maybe she would like to come to mine and Blaise's birthday party". This thought still left her hollow and empty though. Harry and Ron wouldn't be there. They would never be there for any of her birthdays now. They would probably stop Ginny from coming too.


A loud pop startled her from her thoughts and she looked around to find Caggie stood close to her bed.


"Caggie is sorry to interrupt Miss Sofia from her thoughts but Master Andre and Mistress Seline would like you to come to the lounge", the house elf said.


Sofia groaned at this and got up to make her way to her parents. Upon entering she saw the solemn looks on their faces and knew that whatever was about to happen would not be good. She took a seat on the sofa across from them and looked at them expectantly.


"Sofia", her Father started, "We would like to talk to you about the Malfoys".


"I think you found all you need to know last night", she responded, her voice hard.


"You're Mother and I were devastated to hear what had happened to you at the hands of Bellatrix LeStrange, and in Lucius and Narcissa's home no less. Had we known, we would never have taken you there and for that we are truly sorry".


Hermione nodded her head at this in acceptance at their apology. After all, none of them were to know.


"However, you should know that the Malfoy's truly did change during the war, even before you were brought to their house. By the time Lucius realised what he was doing to his wife and son he was in too deep. He tried to seek help but no one would believe him. Instead he did all he could to protect Narcissa and Draco from the atrocities of the war. On the battle field at Hogwarts, Lucius did not participate, in fact he tried his best to help the light. It is for these reasons that he was not sent to Azkaban but instead given 3 years of wand probation and a large fine. As for Narcissa and Draco, they were dragged into the dark arts by Lucius before he changed his ways and they could do nothing to escape should they have faced death".


"Just because he decided it was wrong does not change the things that he did before. He tortured people like me, well people like who I believed I was; muggle borns. I don't care if they have supposedly changed. Nothing will ever make me forgive a man like that", Sofia stated. She hated Lucius Malfoy and she was not about to have her opinions of him changed.


"Despite their past, the Malfoys really are genuine and kind people. They were brought up with all of that pureblood tripe so you cannot blame them for their old beliefs", her Mother began. "They have always been very dear friends of ours and have helped us through many difficulties in the past, especially when we had to give you away. They were also devastated when that happened as they are, after all, your godparents. Please give them a chance".


"Look, I can just about stomach Narcissa as if it wasn't for her Harry wouldn't be alive but do not expect me to even give Lucius and Draco Malfoy a chance. I detest them more than anyone else in the world", was Sofia's reply.


"Sweetheart, all we ask is that you try to look at them through our eyes. See the people that we see. If you try but cannot then we will all accept that, no matter how heart breaking it will be for them".


Sofia rolled her eyes at her Mother's words. "The Malfoys heartbroken, I highly doubt that". Seline saw her daughter's reaction though and spoke again.


"Do not roll your eyes like that Sofia. The Malfoys do love you very much and have missed you just as equally. They were extremely fond of you, especially Narcissa. She really is one of my only true friends. She has a very kind heart and would do anything to protect those that she loves. She is quite a laugh as well I might add. All of these are qualities I wished my own daughter to have and that is why I decided to name you after her. That is why your middle name is Narcissa".


So her original thoughts on her name were true. She was named after Narcissa Malfoy. She was not at all surprised but the knowledge that her assumption had been correct made her a little nauseous.


"Look, I will give Narcissa a chance as she proved herself when she saved Harry's life but the other two will never be a part of my life. There is too much history and too much hatred there to forgive and forget".


In response, her parents just nodded with grim looks on their faces.


"Your Hogwarts letters have arrived too", her Mother added.


Taking this as her cue to leave, Sofia headed for the door. On her way she realised that she had no idea where her Mother would have put her letter and so she turned back to ask. Just as she was at the door she stopped as she heard her parents say her name in what was supposed to be a private conversation.


"Sofia will never agree to this, Andre, what are we to do?", Seline said, clearly in a lot of distress.


"We will have to give it time, Seline".


"And after that?! What if she still doesn't want to know? What if she will not accept?".


"She has to", was the solemn reply of Andre, "She has to, or it will all be over".


Sofia's brain buzzed with annoyance. "What on earth were they talking about? What do I have to know and accept? What will be over?". These questions ran through her mind all the way back to her room. Upon her return, she noticed that her Hogwarts letter had been placed on the mantle of her fire place. Due to the dramas of the war, all seventh years were to return to Hogwarts to complete their final year and gain their NEWTS. Thankful for the distraction she proceeded to open the letter.



To Miss Sofia Narcissa Zabini,


I am glad to see that you are returning to Hogwarts in order to finish your education. As usual, term will start on the 1st September and the Hogwarts Express will leave Platform 9 and 3/4 at 11:00 am from Kings Cross Station.


Attached to this letter is a list of books and equipment you will need for your seventh year at Hogwarts. Due to the change in your circumstance it is also essential that you purchase a first year tie to wear on the first day back as you will be resorted at the start of term feast.


Hoping you are well,
Professor M.Mcgonagall
Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


P.S: I figured that you would not like the position of head girl as you may have enough on your plate and would like a chance of a stress free year at Hogwarts for once. However, if you would like the position do not hesitate to send me an owl.


Sofia didn't care about not getting head girl. Her headmistress was right, she did have enough to deal with, but she could not get 4 specific words out of her head; "you will be resorted". The thought sickened her. She did not want to move house and into another one. The thought of being in Slytherin shook her to the core. "No that cannot happen. I'm still the same so I will be in the same house. I'm a Gryffindor, nothing can change that". However, she could not shake the uneasy feeling that had made itself at home in her gut.


This feeling was only made worse when she remembered the conversation between her parents that she had overheard just ten minutes before. Although she felt at home with her family, she could not help but wonder what her Mother and Father were hiding from her and why.


Blaise soon interrupted her thoughts as he barged into her room and made himself comfortable on her bed.


"Got your letter then?", he smiled.


Sofia only nodded with distress staining her features.


"What's up? Don't you want to go back?", her brother questioned.


"Of course I do, it's just that, well, my letter said that I have to be resorted. I even have to by a first year tie to wear on the first day".


Blaise guffawed at this, his usually pale cheeks flushing red with mirth.


"What are you laughing at? It isn't funny, I don't want to change house!", Sofia demanded, outraged.


"It's not that", Blaise said between gasps of air, "It's just- first year tie- you'll fit right in, you're probably about the same size as them!". With that he laughed even more. He soon shut up, however, as Sofia hurled a cushion at him.


"Yeah well, at least I don't look like the BFG!", she shouted at him. Blaise only looked confused though, he had not grown up reading muggle books. "Oh never mind, you wouldn't understand. Anyway, what do you want?".


"It's time for lunch and Mum and Dad want to discuss the plans for our birthday party next week".


"Great, this should be fun", she answered sarcastically.


"Wait untill Mum is trying to put you in a big pink fluffy dress", Blaise smirked.


"Not a chance! I would rather chew my own arm off than wear anything like that".


"What's wrong sis? I think you would look spectacular, almost like a giant flamingo".


"You're such an arse, do you know that?", she scorned.


"Yeah, but that's why you love me", Blaise replied, flashing his brilliant white teeth.


"Yeah, like a hole in the god damn head".


"Sofia, that is enough with the cursing. It is not lady like and very rude", came the reprimanding voice of her Mother. Sofia had not realised that they had reached the dining room door but Blaise clearly had as he smirked at her for getting into trouble.


"Now first off Sofia, I want to talk dresses. You have to look fabulous for your party and I think I know just the thing", Seline stated.


Sofia rolled her eyes and glared at Blaise as he began to impersonate and walk like a flamingo behind their parent's backs. Oh she would get him later.


The BFG obviously belongs to Roald Dahl and not me and of course everything recognisable and Harry Potter related belongs to JK Rowling. Please review, I love it when people do :)

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