You cant hold onto whats the past

nothing is made to last

Everything ends

                     -Team Starkid, Everything ends.




Hermione sat down on the sofa opposite the TV. At twenty seven years of age, she had her life planned out already; she had her husband, a little one on the way and one already and now she had moved into a bigger house to compensate for the new arrival. She looked around at her surroundings. It was home; their home. The front room was beige in colour, giving the room a warm feeling. They had decided on a three bedroom house for when the baby arrives, they would have a room waiting for they when he grew up.

She looked down and patted her nearly ready bump, she had now one week to go and Merlin, she was feeling it. It was the middle of summer and England where experiencing a heat wave. She took a sip of her lemonade and looked up at the time; they would be back soon enough. She looked around and picked up some last minute files she had to send back to the Ministry. She had recently been promoted to the department of Magical Law Enforcement becoming a senior personnel. There had recently been an Auror mission and she needed to complete the last bit of the report. She quickly scribbled down the last few sentences and got up slowly, making her way over to her tawny owl, she attached the file in the new letter compartment she recently bought Nugget (yes her owl was called Nugget). She charmed it to feel lightweight and giving it one last affectionate stroke, it hooted and flew out the window, knowing where to go.
She quickly made a cup of tea and saw back down, remembering how she got here in the first place. She thought back to that night and smiled at the fond memory.

*Don’t you remember Hermione? I told you, I would be there to make sure you don’t fall."

Hermione looked up from where she was being held, Draco’s arms supporting her back. She shuffled her way out and stood up by herself.

She looked up at him wide-eyed. 

"What" she stammered. 

Draco smiled down at Hermione. "I distinctly remember me telling you that." A twinkle in his eye.

Hermione gasped, she felt her heart hammering in her chest. She started to feel dizzy. The people around her suddenly became a blur, she walked back a few steps and made her way through the crowd and ran down the corridor. She stopped, taking off shoes, and resumed running-not stopping until she felt a stitch gathering in her side. She slowed, and eventually stilled, leaning against a wall and sliding down.

She sat on the floor, taking in deep breaths. She closed her eyes, she didn’t know whether it was some sick joke on his part or if he did remember; she hoped it was the latter. She didn’t know how long she had been sitting there, but she only opened her eyes when she heard approaching footsteps stop in front of her.

Opening one eye first, she looked up and saw the one man she ran from. She opened both, and gestured with her head for him to join her. He sighed and slid down the wall, always watching her, but she refused herself to look at him

"You know, when I was planning on how I would tell you and how you would respond, I didn’t think you would run away from me." He looked down, Hermione could hear disappointment in his voice.

She still refused to look at him as she spoke. "When?"

"When?" he asked, puzzled.

"When did you start to remember?" her voice was shaky.

"I... I remembered last week, the day I saw Lucius. When we came back I went for a fly but my broom went haywire and I fell, I suppose the knock jogged my memory."

Hermione felt a stab at her heart. "All this time?" her vision went blurry.

Draco bowed his head. "I'm so sorry Hermione. But I wanted to tell you in a special way. Merlin, I sound all mushy, but it’s true. I wanted to make it up to you for being such a dick to you these last two months." He lifted her chin up, so her eyes met his. He wanted her to see the sincerity in his eyes.

Hermione looked into his eyes, she believed him. "I didn’t think you would remember, especially with you being an arse lately." she laughed smally.

Draco smiled at her, standing up and holding out his hand, which Hermione took. She stood up and faced him, she was still so much shorter than he was. She looked down and Draco had intertwined his hand with hers.

"Can I show you something?"

Hermione nodded, and they walked silently toward the Heads' dorm.

They soon arrived, and Dumbledore smiled fondly at the pair, he greeted them with a nod, and let them in.
Hermione gasped as she made her way into the common room. Hundreds of lit red candles had been placed around the room, the room was filled with a rosy scent.

"Is this what you’ve been doing all evening?" Hermione turned and looked at him.

"You noted my absence then?" he smiled cheekily.

"Yes…I may have hated you, but I still got concerned when you were not where you are meant to be."

Draco’s eyes darkened as he took a few strides towards Hermione. "Do you still hate me?"

Hermione looked up at him and shook her head, knowing she was telling the truth. He smiled broadly and picked her up, throwing on the sofa as she giggled.

She got her breath back, and sat up as she watched Draco make his way over and kneel in front of her. The atmosphere suddenly changed, it was intense. Hermione sat opposite Draco, putting her hands on both of his cheeks and watched as he started to speak. 

"I'm sorry for being an arse lately." And with that, he placed his hand on her right hand. 

"I'm sorry for calling you names I wish never came out of my mouth." He did the same with the other hand. 

"I'm sorry for forgetting." He kissed her lightly on her right cheek.

"I'm sorry for dying" he kissed her other cheek, "twice."

"I'm also sorry for the mishap in your bed." Hermione let out a small laugh at this.

He looked her in the eyes. "Thank you for not leaving me, not giving up on me, helping to educate me and even help heal my wounds. Thank you for loving me, even when I was being nasty to you."

"Thank you for remembering." She smiled at him.

"I love you Hermione Jean Granger." Draco smiled.

"I love you too Draco Lucius Malfoy." She smiled and leaned into to kiss him.

Draco quickly pulled away, he looked at her hair, taking out the pins that held back some of her hair. He leaned in again and kissed her, giving her all he had. He wanted to tell her how sorry he truly was and how much he loved her, hopefully she got the message.

Hermione’s brain started to kick in when Draco’s hand slithered underneath her dress, she pulled away, shaking her head. 

"Not…not yet." She looked down, feeling guilty.

Draco looked at her, his heart swelling as he watched the beautiful girls cheeks redden.

"It’s fine, I just miss you." He moved a strand of stray hair away from her face.

Hermione smiled and looked up at the grandfather clock, it was nearing on midnight, the ball would be over soon.

"Can you help me out of this dress, well, un-zip it?" She smirked as she saw a hungry look in his eyes.

He sighed and did just so and watched as she picked up her shoes, and scurried off into her bedroom. She quickly stripped off her dress and took off her makeup. Putting on her pyjamas, she looked in the mirror. She was her usual self now and everything was working out. She smiled and walked back out to Draco, who was too, in his pyjama bottoms, and nothing else.

"Why did you never tell me it was you who gave evidence at my trial?" He frowned as she sat down next to him, tracing patterns on his buff torso.

Hermione closed her eyes. "It never mattered. It still doesn’t. It wasn’t your fault and all I did was make the jury see that. All that matters was you were found not guilty." She opened her eyes and bent her head to look up at him.

He sat up and looked at her in the eyes. "It matters Hermione, without you, I would have been found guilty and who knows if I’d even still be alive in that place." He frowned at the thought.

Hermione sighed, feeling guilty, she looked back up at him. "Don’t go there. I don’t want to think of what would have happened."

"Hermione" he trailed off, putting his hand on her chin.


"Look at me." He lifted her chin up so she was facing him. "Thank you."

Hermione flickered between his eyes, "Sod it." she whispered, and bought him in for a passionate kiss, she wanted him badly, she missed him with everything she had.

Draco leaned into her, bringing Hermione on his lap, trying to tell her wordless thoughts in the kiss. He wanted to express how sorry he was and how much he truly loved her. He put his fingers and tangled them in her hair, while she pressed against him; wanting to be close as possible. He pulled back and looked at her, asking the silent question, he was reminded of the first time they spent the night together. She nodded and he picked her up and carried her to her bedroom. Hermione wrapped her legs around him as she was about to welcome back the man she loved. Draco lied her down on the bed, his eyes blazing into hers.

"I love you Hermione, so much."

Hermione looked at him from above her. "I love you too Draco." she smiled, and pulled him down for another kiss.*

Hermione smiled as she remembered that night, to her, it was one of the best ones out of all they had shared together.

They should be back soon, any minute...

Harry eventually asked Ginny to marry him seven years ago and they had been married six, with little James and another (like Hermione) on the way. Hermione looked down at her ring finger, spinning the two bands around. Her wedding was an event to remember, she even thought she would back out at one point.

*Pacing the floor, Hermione had one hand on her forehead, and one on her hip. She was nervous. When he proposed she was caught up in the moment.

I'm only twenty-two, how can I get married at twenty-two? Am I ready to make this commitment? YES.

Her mine screamed at her.

Of course I am, I love him, don’t I? Of course I do.

Hermione sighed. She was getting frustrated and flustered. She was due down the aisle in twenty minutes and she hadn’t even got her dress on. She changed out of her joggers and loose top, and dumped them on the arm chair. She walked over to the bag and unzipped it, she took out the dress looked at it before stepping in.

"Ginny!" she shouted, she needed someone to help her.

"Yes?" she shouted through the door.

"Can you come in here please?"

The door opened and Ginny walked in. "Yes Hermione?"

"Can you do the buttons up please?" Hermione started to fan her face, she was feeling too hot.

"Sure." Ginny frowned at Hermione’s solemn face as she zipped it up.

Hermione sat down on the sofa and slipped on her shoes.

"Hermione, what’s wrong?" Ginny frowned, standing in front of her.

Hermione looked up, "Ginny" she sighed, "I don’t think I can do this."

Ginny bent her knees so she was eye-level with the bride-to-be. "What do you mean?"

"I'm twenty-two! I don’t think I'm ready for this! This is a big commitment!" Hermione’s eyes filled up with tears, she saw Ginny wave her wand. "What did you just do?" she asked.

"I put a waterproof charm on your makeup, and you are ready Hermione! Of course you are!" Ginny took Hermione’s hands. "Yes you maybe twenty-two, but it doesn’t matter! You love Draco! That’s all that matters! Do you want to spend the rest of your life with him?" Ginny asked. 

Hermione nodded. "Well then! Summon up your Gryffindor courage and go marry that man!"

Hermione giggled at Ginny’s determination. "Thank you Ginny. Do I look okay?" she said as she stood up.

Hermione had on a white dress that had rose lace sleeves that ended with a curve at her wrist, it also covering her shoulders and chest, but with a plunge v neckline. The dress was fitted till the top of her hips, and went out in an a-line skirt. The top and skirt were covered in a fine lace, the same as the ones on her arm, but this had a tint to it, to give of the impression that it shimmered. It was simple, yet all that Hermione had wanted. Her hair was curled into soft waves, and put up into a bun with tendrils. Parts of her hair were pinned in with tiny silver pins that sparkled, her garter halfway up her leg under her dress-it was her something blue. Her makeup was soft, and her shoes were covered in white lace to match, (It was her something borrowed and her dress was her something new). The only piece of jewellery she had on was the necklace Draco gave her many years back at the start of their relationship-her something old.

Ginny gasped. "Hermione, you look beautiful, Draco will be gobsmacked." Ginny showed a toothy grin.

Hermione patted down her skirt. "You think so?" She frowned.

"I know so! Now let’s get your arse married!" Ginny said- who was wearing a simple coral coloured strapless dress that flowed to her feet. Her hair hanging down her back in waves.

Hermione picked up her bouquet (red roses) and put on her veil and made her way out of the room with Ginny. She soon met Mr Weasley, as she had asked him to give her away as her father was no longer around. He gave her a big grin, complimenting her, before standing opposite the white oak doors that separated them and the hundreds of guests.

Hermione breathed, in and out, in and out. She kept reminding herself to do it. She was about to get married and there was no turning back. Not now, not ever. This was the man she loved, the man she would love till the day she died. She was ready.

She heard the music start to play from a gentle piano, located somewhere in the room that was before her. The white oak doors opened, and Hermione bowed her head. Her cheeks started to blush as she could feel eyes on her, and several gasps escape some mouths. She dared to look up and through her veil, she could see Draco was still facing the front.

The room was set in a manor house and it was white in colour, the windows draped with  mint green curtains and the celling was the same colour. The guest sat in rows of 7, and all of the twenty benches were filled with family and friends of the couple.

Her self and Arthur took steps to the rhythm, while Ginny and Luna were behind them. Hermione felt herself blush as she neared Draco. She was about to become Mrs Malfoy. Hermione Granger was going to become a Malfoy. If someone had told her that ten years previously, she would of put them straight in St Mungos.

She looked back up and saw she was where she needed to be, at the end of the altar. She handed her flame-haired maid of honour her flowers and turned to face Draco. She saw Ron and Harry behind him. Draco lifted her veil away from her face and put it behind her so he could see her face.

Hermione saw Draco stiffen, but he soon melted and a wide smile appeared on his face.

"You look beautiful Hermione." Hermione could see pure lust and love etched on his face.

"I love you Draco.’’ She whispered back. Draco was wearing a pure black muggle tux with coat and tails. His hair left to its usual ruffled state.

"I love you too." He whispered back.

"Shall we get started?" said the greying vicar.

The couple nodded, not leaving each other’s gaze.

‘’I am here today bring together this man and this woman in this glorious occasion.’’

"Do you, Draco Lucius Malfoy take this woman; Hermione Jean Granger to be your wife, according to God and Merlins hold decree; do you promise to be her loving and loyal husband, to cherish and keep her in sickness and in health, and, forsaking all others, to be faithful to her as long as you both shall live?" The vicar looked at Draco.

Draco smiled at Hermione. "I do." He nodded.

He turned around as Harry passed Hermione’s wedding ring and he gently slipped it on Hermione’s finger.

"And do you, Hermione Jean Granger, take this man; Draco Lucius Malfoy to be your husband, according to God and Merlins hold decree; do you promise to be him a loving and loyal wife, to cherish and keep him in sickness and in health, and, forsaking all others, to be faith full to him as long as you both shall live?"

Hermione looked shyly Draco. "I do." she blushed.

She got the ring from Ginny and placed it on Draco’s finger. The pair locked eyes.

"I now pronounce you, man and wife. You may now kiss the bride." The vicar stepped back.

Draco grinned and pulled in Hermione. He kissed her gently, but her held her there for a long time. Her hands placed on her chest. She laughed and pulled away.

"Don’t worry, there will be more later." He growled into her ear quietly.

Hermione felt herself blush as she took his hand, she looked up at him. "You know I love you?"

"Yes, and I love you too, more, even."
Hermione playfully slapped him and the newly married pair made their way down the aisle, to go to their reception.

In the carriage, Hermione felt Draco staring at her, she looked up at him and saw him watching down her.

"What?" she asked.

"I just can’t believe I'm married to you, that’s all-Mrs Malfoy." he said in awe.

Hermione looked down and blushed, "Since when did you become all mushy Mr Malfoy?" she laughed.

"Since the day you agreed to go out with me." He grinned, before pulling her into a kiss.

Hermione looked down at her wedding ring, it was a band of white gold that had diamonds circling the middle. Inside read a message no-one other than themselves would understand. In hers was 'I will pick you up when you fall'. She had chosen 'memories always come back in the end' for Draco’s.

"Hermione!!" she heard a call from the front door.

Hermione heaved herself up from the sofa and waddled to the hallway, 

"Draco, is that you?" she shouted.

"Mummmyyy!!" she heard her son- Scorpius shout.

She soon saw her blonde haired son being carried by Draco, she walked forward and greeted them both with a kiss on the cheek.

"How’s my favourite boy?" she took Scorpius in her arms while he hugged her tightly. He giggled as she set him down in his play pen in the front room.

"How was work?" Hermione asked as Draco came in from the kitchen with two cups of tea. She leant up to kiss him on the lips.

"It was good, we made progress with Harvey, the illness seems to be going." Draco smiled, he rubbed his eyes and took a sip of his tea.

Hermione smiled. "That’s brilliant! How are you? she raised an eyebrow.

Draco sighed. "I'm fine, just tired." He rubbed both his eyes with his thumb and first finger.

Hermione pursed her lips, she wished she could just kiss away his tiredness.

"MUMMY!!" she heard a scream.

"Did Scorpius have food at your mothers?" Hermione asked.

"Yes, some toast and a bit of plain pasta."

"That’s good, I’ll put him down for bed." 

She managed to get herself up and off the sofa. When she returned twenty-five minutes later, she found Draco asleep on the sofa. She smiled to herself, he looked much younger asleep. 

She sat back down and reached for her book when she felt a twinge in her stomach, she brushed it off as false labour pains, that’s what she had last time.

Opening her book, she fell into the story and plot when she felt another twinge, but it was more pain full, shaking her head, she brushed that off also.

"Hermione?" she heard a tired voice say her name about twenty minutes later. She looked to her left and saw Draco’s face scrunched up in pain. She set her book down and took his hand. 

"Draco…Draco wake up. It's fine." 

Even after the many years had gone by they still had nightmares about the war. He stirred a little at Hermione’s voice.

"Draco, wake up." She shuffled closer and took his face in her hands, caressing his cheek with her thumbs.

"Hermione?" he muttered, his voice becoming more clearer, when his eyes flew open.

"Draco, I'm here." she gave him a warm smile.

He sat up quickly and pulled Hermione as close as he could to her.

"I love you so much." He whispered into her ear. He nuzzled into her hair.

"What happened?" she pulled back and took his face in her hands.

"You left and I couldn’t get you back." He looked down and placed his hand on Hermione’s swelled belly.

Hermione kissed him. "That’s never going to happen. After nearly ten years if I was going to leave, I would have done it by now." She smirked, but her smirk soon faltered when she remembered that she nearly did leave him once. It was when she was pregnant with Scorpius. Draco had become very distant, he was pushing Hermione away to the point he slept in a different bed.

*Hermione dropped her bag in the hallway, she was only 5 months gone, but she started to feel it. She looked around and saw that Draco wasn’t home yet. She looked up at the clock, it was now past five o clock, he finished work at three, so why wasn’t he home yet?

She waddled into the kitchen and poured herself some water, while summoning a quill and parchment, she wrote:

Draco, where are you? I haven’t heard from you all day.
We need to talk.

She wanted to talk to him about the way he was acting lately, how he was never around anymore and how she was scared he wouldn’t be around for the baby. She finished off her water, put the cup in the sink and went for a lie down on the sofa. She'd had a long day at work, trying to get in a law for house elves.

As soon as her head touched the pillow she was out like a light, it was more than two hours before she woke.

Fluttering her eyes open, she rubbed them and looked at the clock. It was now almost eight. 

"Draco?" she called out, but there was no answer. 

Frowning, she got up and peeped out of her window for any sign of her husband walking along the path. She could only see the dim light of the street lamps creating shadows across the darkened street. The full moon was starting to make an appearance from behind a cloud, it always reminded her of Remus.
She sighed and shut the blinds, and waved her wand so the rest in the house would shut the blinds automatically.

She walked in the kitchen to see if she had a reply from him, but her owl Lottie just hooted, signalling no reply.
Hermione felt her heart break, she had warned him that if he did this again, she would leave. Many times she threatened him, since he started doing this, but she never stuck to it because she loved him too much. That was her problem, she loved him too much and she felt like she loved him more than he loved her.

This was the final straw. Tears streaming down her face, she turned around and made her way up the stairs. She headed to the main bedroom and summoned the suitcase. She turned on the bedside lamp and began to take out all of her clothes, there was no turning back now-it was her last resort but it needed to be done, it wasn’t fair on her or the baby. She was sure Ginny would let her stay the night, otherwise she would have to check into a hotel. Thoughts rumbled through her mind, trying to process what was happening.

She charmed the three bags to feel feather light and float behind her as she walked. She stood underneath the door frame and looked around the bedroom once more. She turned off the light and made her way to the front door, holding her stomach as she did so. She felt the baby move, they say babies can feel the mothers distress, she needed to calm down, it wasn’t fair on the little bump (that’s what she nicknamed him). She took in a deep breath as she fished out her keys, unlocked the door and walked out. Closing the door behind her, she heard a faint pop come from inside the house.

"HERMIONE?" she heard her husband call out.

She closed her eyes and walked over to her car when she heard the front door open.

"Hermione, what are you doing?" Draco asked, frowning.

Hermione felt the tears escape her eyes. "I'm leaving." She wiped them away with the back of her hand as she closed the car boot.

"Hermione…I…" he trailed off. 

He scratched the back of his head, muttering a silence charm around the two.

"You what? What Draco? I am tired of coming home to an empty house every day. I’m sick of you not talking to me anymore, not contacting me, merlin, you won’t even sleep in the same bed as me!"

She crumpled, she had tried to keep up her guard. Merlin, she hated pregnancy hormones.

Draco sighed. "I'm sorry." He whispered.

"If you were sorry, you wouldn’t do it again. I've heard you say that hundreds of times! I told you, I told you that if you kept it up, I would leave and that’s what I'm doing." She took in a deep breath and opened the car door.

"Don’t go!" Draco took a step forward, he couldn’t let her leave.

"Why shouldn’t I? I've given you plenty of chances. Why shouldn’t I leave?" she snapped.

Draco knew she was right, he had been acting like an asshole.

"Do you still even love me? Is that it?" she whispered, not knowing if he heard or not.

Draco’s head snapped up, anger filling him. "Of course I love you! Merlin Hermione for a clever woman you can be so stupid sometimes!" he snapped.

"Then why won’t you talk to me! Why are you doing this?" it was almost like a plead, Draco felt his heart crumble.

“I…I can’t tell you." He murmured.

Hermione let out a whimper and climbed in the car,

"NO! Hermione, don’t go!" Draco ran and stood in front of the car so she couldn’t leave. "It’s because… it’s because I'm scared."

Hermione looked up from her lap too him, she saw the confusion mixed in with the tears.

He drew another breath. "I'm scared of being like him. Like Lucius." 

He closed his eyes for a brief second, leaning down on the bumper when a breeze bought him back to his senses and he walked back in the house.

Hermione wiped her face and followed him back in, she couldn’t leave, not now.

"Draco Lucius Malfoy, you will never be like him." She told him once she found him in the living room sitting on the sofa.

Draco hung his head. "That’s why I've been distancing myself, because if I did turn out like him, it would have been easier for you to have left." He sniffed

Hermione felt an explosion of love for him in her. "Hey, look at me." 

She took his face in her hands. Draco felt something wet on his cheek, never had he felt so vulnerable.

"You will never be like him. You are kind, gentle, sexy, beautiful and you have a big heart." She pointed to his chest-tears starting to flow again. "I promise you, you will be one hundred times the father yours ever was."

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry Hermione, can you forgive me?" he looked into her eyes. Merlin, he loved her so much.

"I forgive you." She nodded, taking his face in her hands.

"You’re not going to leave?" he asked.


"I love you Hermione Jean Malfoy."

"I love you too." She smiled.

"And I love this one too." He bent down and kissed Hermione’s stomach.*

"What’s wrong?" Draco frowned as he saw Hermione’s expression falter.

Hermione snapped out of it, and turned to him. "Nothing." she shook her head. "I’m fine."

He looked at her thoroughly. "I don’t believe you, but okay."

"Are you still tired?" she asked him.

"A bit, why love?" he raised an eyebrow.

Hermione smirked, he had rubbed off on her a lot. She pulled his face towards hers and smacked her lips on his. She blamed it on the pregnancy hormones.

Draco stilled, taken by surprise, but soon melted into the kiss. He put one hand on the middle of her back to support her, while the other explored her body. Hermione’s tongue grazed over his bottom lip, asking for entry which was granted. Hermione was just about to lie down when she felt a pain go through her stomach, she yelped back.

"Hermione, what is it?" he leaned back, searching her eyes for some sort of reason for the yelp.

Hermione froze as another wave of pain struck through her stomach. "I think…I'm having contractions." She looked up at him wide eyed, hands on her belly.

"Are you sure? They’re not false like last time?"

Hermione had stood up by now and was pacing when she felt a surge of water movement, she froze again. 

"Draco, my waters just broke. Defiantly having contractions!"

Draco started at wife. "We’re going to have a baby! Another baby!’’ he kissed his wife hard on the lips.  ‘’We need to get you to St Mungos! I’ll call my mother and get her to look after Scorpius. Go get the bag and don’t have that baby yet!" his voice getting louder as he spoke. Draco started busying himself.

Hermione stood watching her husband in admiration, she was so proud of him. Her love for him swelled. She soon turned around and went off to find the bag when she soon heard Narcissa enter.

"Hermione dear, good luck! Now go! Go to the hospital! I’ll owl the Wesley’s and the Potters." Narcissa shoed Hermione out after she had kissed Scorpius goodbye.

"Thank you!"

"Goodbye mother!" Draco called as Hermione and disappeared in the fireplace.

They soon landed with a tumble in St Mungos, Hermione gasped as more pain flooded her stomach and back, the August heat hitting her.

"My wife’s gone into labour!" Draco called out as he helped Hermione into a wheelchair, they were soon swamped by Healers.

Hermione was wheeled off to a ward room, Draco hot on their heels, when he heard her cry out in pain.

"Hermione!" he called. He upped his pace and caught up with her, excusing a Healer and taking hold of her hand. "Hermione, it’s going to be fine, okay? I want you to trust me. I know the pains getting worse, but the Healers are going to make it better!" he spoke to her as they walked along.

Hermione took deep breaths as they entered an empty ward. The healers helped Hermione on the bed and went to get Hermione’s Midwife.

"How are you?" he asked her as he perched on the side of the bed.

Hermione smiled partially. "Better. The pains gone for now."

"Good. What do you think it will be?" he placed his hands on her stomach.

"I'm hoping another boy. But either way I wont mind." She smiled, patting her bump.

"I don’t mind either."

Hermione scoffed. "We both know you want a girl so she can be Daddy’s little princess." She smirked.

Draco raised an eyebrow, smirking. "Yes, but I also don’t mi-"he was cut off by Hermione letting out yelp in pain.

Hermione’s Midwife walked into the yellow coloured circle room. "Mrs Malfoy, please lay back, I need to check whether you are ready or not, and please, call me Eloise."

She nodded and helped Hermione lie back. Draco sat in the chair, never letting go of her hand. It was another three minutes before the Midwife stood back up and faced them.

"Surprisingly, she’s ready. Mrs Malfoy, you are one of the lucky ones who haven’t experienced much pain. I’ll wheel you in. " she smiled while waving her wand. 

The bed started to wheel itself out of the room and into a birthing room.
The room was full of cartoon drawings, Babbitt rabitty, more wizard fairy tails, and even some Muggle ones like Cinderella. 

"Who’s that?" Draco pointed with a confused look.

Hermione laughed. "That’s Cinderella, she’s in a Muggle fairy tale."

"What’s it about?" he raised an eyebrow.

"Mr Malfoy you will have to find out later, take your wife’s hand." Eloise told him as she was setting up the equipment.

Draco felt his hand being crushed, he knew Hermione was going through the pain again. He started to notice it was a lot quicker that Scorpius birth.

"Draco it hurts." Hermione whined.

"I know love, I know. It will be better, soon." He bent down and kissed her on the forehead.

The next couple of hours passed quickly and before Draco knew it, it was eleven pm. They had been there six hours, and she still hadn’t give birth. So much for being ready. Draco thought.

"Push Hermione!" Eloise demanded. Hermione cried out in pain, she had labour pains in her back now. "One more push!"

She pushed and then there was a small scream,

"Congratulations, it’s a girl!" 

Cariana Marianne Azalea Malfoy was born.

Draco was given her and he held her in his arms. So far, he could see a mass of curly blond hair on the top of her head. His heart swelled as he looked down at his daughter, she was beautiful.

"Hermione, isn’t she just beautiful" he left the sentence; he couldn’t stop looking at his daughter who was nestled into his arms.

When he didn’t get a response, he looked up at her. "Hermione?" her face was full of pain and hurt. Her eyes were closed.

"We need to take Cariana for an overall check." A healer told him. He nodded and kissed his new daughter on the forehead.

"Hermione?" he went over to her and shook her arm: nothing, he couldn’t stand seeing Hermione in pain. 

He shifted his eyes and looked down the bed, he could see blood starting to seep through the sheets.

"Err, Healer, that’s not normal!" his heart started to race. He looked at Hermione’s face and her eyes were closed, the colour drained from her face.

"Mr Malfoy, you will need to leave the room." She stated as other healers started hurrying in the room.

"No! I won’t leave her!" he cried, his breathing started to get deeper. 

I can’t lose her, not now. Not ever. Hermione you told me you would never leave me, please stay with us.

Tears started to fall, he knew what was happening, even though no one was telling him anything.

"Mr Malfoy you NEED to leave!" she started to push him out of the room.

"Hermione!" he shouted as they closed the door on him.

"I NEED TO SEE MY WIFE. LET ME IN!’’ he pounded on the door but with no answer, he lent his forehead on the door. "IF SOMETHING IS GOING ON WITH MY WIFE, I WANT TO BLOODY KNOW. WHY CANT I SEE HER? WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER? WHY DONT I GET TOLD ANYTHING AROUND HERE?" he shouted, trying to get any healers attention, but received none.

"Draco? What’s going on?" Ginny asked him as she turned the corner.

Draco tried to hold back a sob. "It’s Hermione, something’s wrong. There was blood. So much blood." Draco said in a whisper.

"WHAT?!" Ginny shouted, running over to him. "Is the baby okay? A healer told me she had a girl?"

She put her hand on his shoulder as Harry, Ron, Lavender, George, and the rest of the Wealsey’s entered the crowding hallway. Ginny quickly filled them in, receiving gasps and murmurs in reply.

"Her name, her name is Cariana Marianne Azalea Malfoy." Draco sighed, he missed his daughter, he had no idea how Hermione nor his daughter were when the door he was leaning on, opened. Draco stood back as the Healer stepped forward,

"I'm afraid Mr Malfoy, you will need to say your goodbyes." she looked down.

Draco froze. "No" he started to shake involuntary.

He didn’t look at the crowd, he couldn’t face them, he wiped away the tears that now stained his face, and walked in the room. He didn’t know how to deal with the situation.
He looked in and saw Hermione’s pale figure lying on the bed, beside her, a small cot with a now cooing Cariana. The tears started to fall harder as he saw she had her eyes, her muddy puddle eyes.

‘Hermione, wake up.’ Hermione heard a voice as she fluttered her eyes open, bright white light flooded her vision, causing her to squint.


Hermione recognised the voice, it was a voice she hadn’t heard in a long time, it was Fred’s voice.

‘’Fred?’’ she whispered.

She fluttered her eyes open fully, her eyes adjusted to light. She sat up and looked at her surroundings, she was back in her heads common room. She looked around and saw she was sitting on the loveseat that was once the surface of Draco and her’s lovemaking, she  felt like she should blush, but no emotion passed. She remembered she heard Fred’s voice.

‘’Fred?’’ she called out.

‘’You’re awake, I thought you went all Sleeping Beauty on me. Being dead gives you a lot of time…’’ Fred shook his head and laughed, ‘’anyways, how are you?’’

Hermione followed the voice up to her bedroom steps and saw Fred, ‘’Fred!’’ she looked at him, stunned.

‘’yes, I’m Fred, one half of Forge and Gred.’’ He smiled.

Hermione looked at him, ‘’am I dreaming? This can’t be a dream, otherwise I would know, did I die?’’ her eyes widened.

Fred laughed, ‘’No Hermione you haven’t died, not yet anyways.’’

‘’Yet? What do you mean yet?’’

‘’Well, while you were screaming your head off,’’ Fred imitated her, ‘’someone up here wanted to make a joke, no, it wasn’t me before you jump and bite my head of which is now physically impossible, BUT you have a choice.’’

Hermione frowned, ‘’what do you mean I have a choice? What is happening!’’ she demanded and got up. As she got up, she saw her reflection in a mirror, she was back to her seventeen year old self. ‘’Fred, what’s going on!’’

‘’Hermione, you’re smart, figure it out!’’ he chuckled.

Hermione looked around, ‘’am I in some sort of middle ground? Like when Harry died and he was at the station?’’ she frowned. Fred nodded, ‘’have i?’’ she trailed off, not wanting to admit it.

‘’Yes kind of, I don’t know, stop putting doubts in my head! BUT, like I said, you have a choice. Being a professional prankster, I made a deal, let you have a choice and I will teach that person a few tricks of the trade.’’ He smiled.

‘’Why wouldn’t I choose to live? I’ve just had…what, how did I die?’’

Fred’s smile faded, ‘’you’re forgetting already, no, that’s not meant to happen.’’ He looked up angrily and marched over to Hermione, taking her shoulders and putting his face near her’s, ‘’Hermione listen to me, you can’t forget, you can’t forget your life. You’re going to meet some people, but you can’t forget him, Hermione, tell me who you married…’’

Hermione looked down at her ring finger, she still had the two bands on, she spun them around, thinking hard, ‘’I…I married…I married Draco!’’ she said confidently.

Fred nodded, ‘’good! Name me your first child’s name.’’ his eyes flickered In between hers.

Hermione’s face was confused, ‘’i…I have a child?’’ she looked at him dumbfounded.

Fred shook his head quickly, ‘’you can come in.’’ he muttered.

Hermione looked around, ‘’Who are you talk-‘’

But she was cut off by a middle aged couple walking down the steps from her old room,

‘’Mum? Dad?’’ she looked at them, not believing what she was seeing.

‘’Hello Hermione.’’ Jean smiled at her daughter.

‘’But…how? You…’’ she tried to blink back the tears that threatened to escape.

‘’That doesn’t matter Hermione.’’ Wendell, her father, spoke.

‘’Hermione, dear, we are here to tell you, that you have a choice, but we want you to go back, you need to go back to him, to them, to everyone.’’

‘’To who exactly? What’s going on? Why are you here? What am I doing here!’’

Jean looked at her husband, ‘’Hermione, we can’t speak of their names, but you need to remember. You have to choices, are you listening to me carefully?’’ Hermione nodded, ‘’you can either stay here and not remember some of the awful things that happened, but be with us, Lupin, Fred and the others, or you can remember and go back to them.’’

‘’But whose ‘them’? why would I want to go back to ‘them’ if I didn’t know who they are!’’ she was getting frustrated now, her hair was starting to frizz more.

‘’Because,’’  Wendell spoke, ‘’they need you, more than you need us. You will miss us, and we don’t know if you will remember this, but we love you, and we forgive you for what you done.’’

‘’What did I do?’’

‘’it doesn’t matter now, but you need to remember, close your eyes my beautiful clever daughter, you can remember I know you can.’’ Jean spoke softly to her daughter.

Hermione looked at them, trying to figure out if she should or not, but decided to trust them, (they were her parents…) and closed her eyes.

‘’Focus on your life Hermione, focus on things that you can remember.’’ Her father spoke.

Hermione took a deep breath, and closed her eyes, trying to focus on all the things she could remember.

What did Fred tell me to remember, it was…a name…of someone important to me. What did it begin with? A…B…C…D…E..F- D! it began with a D.

‘’I remember something important, a name, beginning with a D.’’ she told her parents, she heard them mumble something to each other.

Who do I know that begins with D, Dumbledore, Draco Malfoy, Dean, why does Draco stick out.



It hit Hermione like a fast moving muggle train!

‘’Draco, Scorpius, the baby! I need to get back!’’ she opened her eyes and saw her parents and Fred smiling.

‘’You remembered!’’ her mother beamed.

‘’Mum! Dad!’’ the realisation hit her, and she leaped on them, hugging them, not wanting to let go. ‘’I’m so sorry, I’m so so sorry.’’ She cried into them.

‘’Hermione, it’s fine, we understand why you done it. I just wish we could goodbye, but we have now.’’ Jean muffled into Hermione’s hair.

Hermione pulled back, ‘’what if I don’t want to go.’’ She whimpered.

‘’Hermione, you need to. Yes you have a choice, but make the right one. Look what you’ve got to go back to! Two children, and a husband who is currently crying by your bedside, just…listen, say your goodbyes and listen, you will go back.’’ Her father looked at her; he knew she would make the right choice now.

Hermione nodded, wiping away her tears walked up to Fred, ‘’he misses you, you know, every day.’’ She looked up at him.

Fred nodded and took a deep breath, ‘’I have his ear for company’’ he smiled, patting his pocket. ‘’Can you…if you remember, tell them I love them, and that I’m sorry. Of all the things, a stupid falling rock.’’ He laughed smally.

Hermione nodded, ‘’you were brave though Fred, and I will. If I remember, I will tell them.’’ She hugged him and made her way over to her parents.

She sighed, ‘’I guess it’s goodbye.’’ She managed to say through tears.

Her parents nodded and embraced her in a hug, ‘’goodbye Hermione. We forgive you, we love you.’’ They both said together.

Hermione pulled back and wiped her face with the back of her hand. She turned away from the three people and closed her eyes, listening, just listening for him;

"Hermione" he whispered as he took her hand, sitting on the chair, "you can’t leave me, please. Please. I love you Hermione. You promised, YOU PROMISED!" he started to get angry, but soon calmed. "You promised me Hermione that you would never leave me again, not then, not ever. This counts as ever, please wake up, please Hermione, we have so many things to do, don’t die, please, don’t go. We still need to see Scorpius and Cariana grow up, you still need to see Cariana."

With every sentence, his heart grew heavier. "She looks like you Hermione. She has your eyes, your curly hair, but it’s blonde like Scorps. We're still yet to renew our vows, become grandparents, so don’t you dare leave me now Hermione Jean Malfoy, don’t you dare. Merlin, is this what it felt like when I died then I'm so sorry, I wish I could take back those seven years before we got together if it meant we would have more time together. Our time was so short Hermione, and for that, wake up, it can’t be over, not yet…please." he whimpered. 

"I'm so sorry Hermione, please wake up, even if you do wake up with memory loss, I would know you loved me." He wiped his face with the back of his sleeve, one hand holding his daughters hand, the other, his dying wife’s. "Hermione, I love you, if you can hear me, wake up." Draco closed his eyes and prayed and wished to every wizard and Muggle god there ever was for her to wake up.

Hermione smiled to herself, she heard him. She could feel herself getting lighter and lighter before hearing her husband shuffle around in his chair.

"" he heard a mumble.

His eyes snapped open and went to Hermione’s face.

"Hermione?" he got up and walked over to her, "you’re awake!" his heart swelled.

Hermione chuckled weakly. "Why wouldn’t I be?" she weakly sat herself up.

"The healer told me you were…that I had to say my goodbyes." 

He frowned but turned around and picked up his daughter, holding her in his arms, he turned back to her. "I heard you calling my name, I was being dragged down but you kept me from going under. Is this...?" she trailed off as she saw the little bundle in his arms. 

"It’s a girl." Hermione beamed, colour flooding back into her face, "can I?" she held out her shaky hands.

Draco chuckled. "Of course you can."

He bent over and kissed Cariana’s forehead and handed her to Hermione, he kissed her on the lips. 

"I’ll be right back." He looked at Hermione’s beaming face and left the room.

He faced the crowd, he could see some of the women crying. "She’s awake." He beamed.

"Really?" Harry gasped.

"Yes, it’s a long story, but when she’s released, you can all come round and see her and the baby, does anyone have the time?"

"It’s one in the morning. Give Hermione our love." Ron stated.

"Thanks Ron, will do and if you want to see her soon you can wait. Can will someone let the Healer know she is okay while I go spend time with my wife and new born, also, Ginny, could you owl my mother please." And with a nod, he went back in the room.

"I can’t stop staring at her." Hermione whispered.

She was now fast asleep in her mother’s arms.

"She looks like you." He smiled he shuffled into the bed next to her.

"I know, I heard you say." She looked up into his silver orbs.

"Thank you, Draco. Without you, I don’t know if I would be here. I love you so much, and I'm sorry for the scare, I can’t remember what happened..." she scrunched up her face.

He scratched the stubble on his chin. "Neither do I, apart from the fact that I was waiting hours, but it felt like minutes."

"Well, I'm here now and we have Scorpius and now Cariana and nothing is going to stop us." she smiled down at the baby.

"Let’s make a deal, that neither of us will die again, until we are really old and wrinkly and 200 years old, okay?" he looked down at her.

She looked up and planted a kiss on his mouth. "Deal."

Even though all good things come to an end, it’s never really the end. Light can be found in the darkest of places and they were each other’s light. There love uniting them until the very end.

Yes this is the end, but in a way,

 It’s just the beginning. 






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