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Hi guys, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all of you who have been reading and who have left reviews. I really do love logging on and seeing that people have left reviews so please feel free to do so :) I have realised that I have made a big mistake in that Hermione/Sofia and Blaise shouldn't actually be 18 yet but I hope you can all forgive my little mistake. This is the next chapter and I hope you all like it :)


She had been at Zabini Manor for a week. A week was all it had taken for Hermione to accept her new life, her new family and her new name; Sofia. Life as Sofia was everything she had wanted and more. She had bonded with her parents exceptionally well but it was her relationship with Blaise that had taken everyone by surprise. They were inseparable and they got on like a house on fire. They argued and bickered just like any other brother and sister but the phennomenal connection they shared could only be present in the relationship of twins. It was so special and any one could see that they loved each other with every fibre of their being and would protect one another with their lives. It was whilst they were squabbling over a game of exploding snap that they were called to the tea room by their Mother.


"Now children, I want you both to be dressed and ready by 6 o'clock this evening. We have been invited to dinner by some very close friends of ours so I expect you to look nice and be on your best behaviour", Seline said. "Caggie will help you to get ready Sofia, she is waiting in your room".


Both children took that as an invitation to leave and headed off to their rooms to get ready. True to her word, Caggie was ready and waiting in Sofia's room when she entered.


"Hello, Miss Sofia. Caggie is here to help you get ready for the dinner tonight. Mistress Seline has asked me to lay out some outfits which you are to choose from", the small house elf sqeaked.


Sofia looked at the outfits with distaste; they were all dresses. Very lovely and no doubt expensive dresses but dresses none the less. Upon seeing Sofia's expression, Caggie let out a small chuckle.


"Mistress Seline said that you would not be overly fond of the outfits she picked but I am to tell you that Mistress has instructed Caggie to 'squash you into the blasted dress' if you do not cooperate". The elf's cheeks had gone slightly red at this but Sofia just laughed. Trust her Mother to use such creative means in order for her to wear a dress.


"Alright then,what have we got?", Sofia asked, smiling down at Caggie. She had accepted that the use of house elves in this house was not going to change and after seeing them treated kindly she did not object.


Caggie pointed to the 3 dresses laid out on Sofia's bed. The first one she saw was a definite no. She may be in Gryffindor but the red was just too bright, it actually hurt her eyes. The next one was far too girly for Sofia. It was shiny and pink, puffing out far too much at her waist and landing at her knees. The final dress, however, was so much to Sofia's liking that she quickly grabbed it and went to change in her walk in wardrobe. Upon her return Caggie gushed.


"Miss Sofia, you look so beautiful".


Sofia blushed at this and walked over to the full length mirror at the back of her dressing room. The dress really was beautiful. It was purple chiffon that reached her knees and had three quarter sleeves that had a row of diamonds around the edge at the end. The dress elegantly crossed over her chest and went in at her waist where a thin diamond belt was placed to emphasise her figure. The rest of the dress flowed gracefully to her knees. Paired with the thin diamond headband and strappy silver heels Caggie had given her, Sofia looked beautiful and elegant. Sofia was slightly worried though, she was sure everything she was wearing was worth more than her whole wardrobe that was hanging at the Granger's. A knock at the door soon took her out of her reverie and her Mother soon entered.


"Oh my darling, you look truly divine", Seline gasped with a tear in her eye for her beautiful daughter. "Now, I have something else that will finish the outfit perfectly. Well two things actually".


Seline pulled out a wide black box which held a silver tear drop diamond necklace and a diamond bracelet.


"My Mother gave me these when I turned 18. I know your birthday was last week and the party isn't for another few days but I couldn't resist. I knew you would choose this dress and these will finish the look off perfectly", her Mother explained.


"Wow. They truly are beautiful", Sofia responded, not taking her eyes of the exquisite pieces of jewellery.


Her Mother smiled at this and moved behind her to place the necklace around her neck and then the bracelet on her wrist.


"They are even more beautiful now they are on you", she smiled. "Now come, your Father and Blaise are waiting in the foyer. We are to apparate to the dinner so we better hurry or we shall be late". With that, they left Sofia's room and headed to the foyer.


"Oh my Sofia, you look wonderful", her Father complimented. "Now take my arm, you will have to side along apparate with me".


Sofia took the offered arm and soon experienced the squeezing sensation that she hated so much. Floo travel was so much better.


After a few seconds they arrived at the black front door of a very large manor. Sofia couldn't shake the feeling that she had been here before but for the life of her she could not remember when. A house elf soon opened the door and took the guests into the grand foyer. It was just as grand as hers at home although the walls were cream, the chandelier gold and the room reactangular.


"Pippin has been told to escort the guests to the parlor closest to the dining room so if you could follow me please", the elf said politely, bowing to the ground.


During the walk to the parlor, Sofia still couldn't understand why she felt like she had been here before but put it down to a sense of deja vu. Maybe she had dreamed of a place like this.


"Presenting Master Andre Zabini and Mistress Seline Zabini and their two children, young Master Blaise Zabini and Miss Sofia Zabini", the elf announced opening the double doors to the parlor.


When the Zabinis entered Sofia froze. The faces of three people looked at her smiling while walking over to greet her Mother and Father. They were faces that Sofia had wished she would never see again. Faces that were part of the terror that plagued her mind in her sleep. Faces that she detested. They were the faces of the Malfoys.


"Now, you must be Sofia. I cannot tell you how long we have waited for this day, the day that we could finally see our beautiful goddaughter again", Lucius Malfoy said, smiling at her with such love and happiness.


"Love and happiness! Lucius Malfoy does not know what love and happiness are! How dare he look at me like tha-! Wait! Did he just say goddaughter! Holy shit, the Malfoys are my godparents!". At this Sofia felt sick. These evil vile people were her godparents. They were the epitome of evil second to Voldemort and she hated them. All of them. Her disgust was more than apparent to everyone else as they all looked at her confused. All except Blaise. He knew she would react like this. He had tried to warn his parents but they would hear none of it.


"Sofia?", came the voice of Narcissa Malfoy, "Are you alright, dear?".


This only made Sofia snap.


"Alright? ALRIGHT?! I am in the same bloody house as the most vile people to ever walk this planet! DO YOU THINK I AM ALRIGHT! You people made my life hell! Especially YOU!", she screamed, pointing a shaking finger at none other than Draco Malfoy. "You made my life at Hogwarts a living nightmare and you stand there smiling thinking we are going to be friends! YOU'RE ALL BLOODY DELUDED! I detest everything this family represents! I detest every single one of you! I fought against your discrimination and idiotic beliefs since I was 11 and it was people like you that took away my friends and my family! I HATE YOU!".


Her normally white skin was red after her outburst. Red with anger and rage but everyone else only looked shocked. After a moment of silence Lucius Malfoy finally spoke up.


"Sofia, I do not know what makes you feel these things towards me and family but please believe me-".


"Well I'll enlighten you all then shall I! Two of you are Death Eaters which is worse than SCUM! None of you seem to have anything to say now but before you all had plenty! About the stench of my dirty blood sickening you! How I should BOW DOWN to you all because you were all so superior! Oh, and then there's few times you actually tried to kill me and my friends! Does the Department of Mysteries ring any bells Lucius?!".


Lucius paled significantly at this. He had indeed fought against this girl but he was still yet none the wiser of her identity before she had returned. Sofia caught on to his confusion and scoffed.


"I'll give you another clue then shall I? How about this. I WAS TORTURED, ALMOST TO DEATH, BY YOUR GOD DAMN DERRANGED RELATIVE IN YOUR BLOODY DRAWING ROOM! SEE THIS AND THIS!", she exclaimed pointing at the scars on her arm and neck. "THIS IS A REMINDER OF THE PAIN THAT I HAD TO ENDURE IN THIS GOD FORSAKEN BUILDING! A REMINDER OF THE TORTURE THAT YOU ALL WITNESSED AND DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT! You all ought to be ashamed of yourselves. You're nothing but cowards and scum".


Everyone in the room had gone a ghostly white as realisation and horror crept into their features.


"Granger..", came the whisper of Draco Malfoy.


Sofia couldn't say anything. She was out of words. She didn't want to be in this room any longer and so she ran out of the door away from the monsters that had caused her so much pain. It was only when she was half way down a different corridor that she realised she had no idea where she was or how to get back. Back in the parlor, the tension was still thick.


"What have we done", Lucious Malfoy said, shame eveident in his voice. "She hates us. And she has every right to".


"We can't give up", whispered Narcissa. "She's our goddaughter. We have to show her that we have changed. We have to show her how much we love her and how much we have missed her".


"Where did she go?", asked Draco.


"She went right, towards the east wing I think", was Blaise's reply.


"No", Draco said with fear in his grey eyes. "No, no, NO!".


"What's wro-", but Andre Zabini was cut off mid sentence as a piercing scream filled the air and Draco ran out of the room. Lucius and Narcissa soon caught on and followed their son. The sight they were met with would never leave their minds. Sofia was knelt on the floor, crying and screaming, running her fingers along the dents in the stone floor. The dents Sofia herself had created with her fingernails the last time she had been in this very room, as Hermione Granger, when she was tortured by Bellatrix.


Blaise quickly ran over to his twin but he could not stop the screams that came from her mouth. Images of the night she had been here last were flashing through her mind. The pain she had felt then was reliving in her very bones and she could do nothing to escape it once again.


"STOP PLEASE! I HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING! HARRY! RON! HELP ME!", she screamed over and over. Nothing could get her out of the trance like state she was in. A few minutes later she felt two sets of hands on her arms and she screamed even more untill she finally passed out.




She awoke to the startling blue eyes of her brother that were laced with concern and guilt. Remembering the ordeal of last night she quickly sat up and took in her surroundings. What she saw shocked her. Her parents were stood close to her and around the room were Mr and Mrs Weasley, George, Ginny, Ron and Harry. She was at the Burrow. "How on earth did I get here?".


Blaise swiftly picked up on her confusion and answered her questioning gaze.


"We couldn't seem to get you out of it last night and you just kept screaming for Harry and Ron, so I flooed here to get them. After you passed out, we brung you here".


She turned and looked at the two people she loved the most in the world. However, the expression on their faces were not ones that she wished to see. Harry was hard faced and his mouth was in a grim firm line. Ron just looked at her in disgust and it broke her heart. Her boyfriend, her first true love was looking at her like she was filth. Her family had clearly informed them of what had happened and their reactions were the ones that she had feared the most.


"Please", she said quietly with tears in her eyes. "It's still me, I'm still the same".


Harry looked at the floor away from her unsure of what to do and in disbelief that what the Zabinis had told him was clearly true. Ron's reaction said it all though. He scoffed at her words, shook his head and stormed out of the room. Harry swiftly followed him and Sofia turned to Ginny.


"Ginny?", she pleaded. But the red head just looked away, apprehension and sadness visible on her freckled face, and went after the two boys.


Sofia dropped her head into her hands, crying softly. Her worst nightmare had come true. Her friends and her boyfriend had all rejected her. They didn't even want to be near her. She was sure she heard the sound of her heart breaking into thousands of pieces. Just when she thought she could not go through anymore pain she felt the worst pain of all. The pain of knowing that the people she loved, with all of her being, hated her.



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