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Chapter 48 “What did you see Meg?” Atticus asked as she withdrew her hands from the dog’s flanks. The boarhound stood waving his tail in the air and trying to lick Megan’s face. “Well, I know what’s been happening to all the ducks.” Megan smiled at her husband. “And I know what will continue to happen to them.” She gave the dog a severe look and he tried leap up and put his paws on her shoulders. “Anything else?” “Yes, it’s just like with all the other animals, everything from womb to tomb, so to speak.” Megan seemed relieved. It had taken longer than she would have liked this training. Voldemort had risen again and the Death Eaters, while nowhere near as bold as they had been in the past, were flocking to their master’s side all over the country. Arthur Weasley had nearly been killed at Christmas but all reports were that he had recovered strongly. It was hard on Atticus, not being as active in the Order as he would have liked but after they had told Dumbledore what they were doing he seemed to understand. “I could prevent you from doing this Atticus, you know that.” Albus had said. “I know you could, but please don’t.” Atticus answered. “She did as you asked once, now I think the time has come to do as she asks.” Dumbledore had stood, his hands behind his back, his head inclined so that his long, crooked nose seemed to be a mile long. “I cannot see that this will change anything, nor I am certain that it should.” But Atticus knew that he had one thing in his favor, Dumbledore cared dearly about that boy. He’d sacrificed so much and Albus, while incredibly powerful, was still very human at heart. If there was even a chance this might help save the boy from further pain it might be worth it. “But I will not stop you. All I ask is that you give your word that you do not seek to alter the future…too much at least. A gentle suggestion would not be amiss I suppose.” So Atticus had returned to the North and begun training Megan again. It had taken months of study for him to even begin to attempt it but she was determined and Atticus Sliverton had the trait many good husbands did; he could not truly deny his wife anything. “Do you think you’re ready then?” Atticus asked. She’d gone through a period where she couldn’t touch the children and it had confused them terribly until two weeks into it Atticus had realized what he could do. He’d set to work on the project immediately, creating a second skin for Megan in the form of a thick ointment she had to coat herself with each morning. It would instantly vanish into her skin but would act as a barrier. Megan could no longer feel touch, but at least her children could feel hers and she was an affectionate mother, always cuddling her children, or kissing their cheeks. Much to the dismay of Seraphim who was nearly fourteen now. “Get away mum!” He’d laugh as she hugged him each night before he went off to bed. Usually before sneaking off onto the grounds and playing pranks. He’d managed to turn Custard into something that looked like a horse once and had barely managed to turn her back by sunrise. “I’m taller than you now, you don’t need to cuddle me like a baby.” “I hug all of you, and it’s once a day. Put up with it.” She’d grinned at her son who, if it were even possible, looked more and more like Sirius as he grew. When she was training she could not wear the ointment. Other than that late at night she would bathe thoroughly using the specially developed counter-gel. Then she could touch and feel her husband as much as she liked. It was a strain on her partially because Aristotle was still little, not quite five and she missed feeling his little arms around her whenever he fell but it was comforting to know that he could still feel her. Still know he was loved. The dog went scampering back to his fellows and Megan turned to her husband. “Close to it, very close I’m thinking.” Megan grinned devilishly at her husband. “You know, Phim’s studying, so is Aurelius. Boxen’s taken Aristotle for a good old fashioned exploration in the woods with Daisy.” “Oh?” Atticus feigned surprise. “So what did you have in mind m’lady?” Megan walked forward, pulled her husband’s lips down to hers and said, “Umm. You. A great deal of you.” Atticus laughed and took her hand, leading her back to the house and towards their bedroom. Long ago they had put a silencing charm on their suite so that they could never be overheard. The portrait figures knew to withdraw and go elsewhere to visit. “You’re quite scandalous at times. I rather like it.” Atticus and Megan had made love for hours that day so lost in each other’s bodies and touch that the sun was going down before they were finished. They would rest and nap in between and whenever Megan would cling to him her body shaking with pleasure, Atticus would hold her tightly and kiss her deeply. He knew what this marathon love making session was about. She was finally ready, she wanted to go and see Black. She was trying to prove to him that she would never leave him and perhaps she was trying to prove it to herself too. “Atticus…” She began as she was finally pulling on her clothes. “It’s all right, I do know.” Atticus stood high above her, towering over her by slightly more than a foot. “I thought you might.” One thing that had always been special about the two of them was that there were no secrets and they could predict each other’s actions. “When?” Atticus asked and although in a battle his nerves were of steel, when it came to his wife and the thought of losing her he was as vulnerable and tenderhearted as the best of men could be. “Tonight, I think.” Megan had the photographs tied together in a packet already. “When would you like me to follow?” He asked, trying desperately to keep his voice even and calm. “Atticus, is an hour all right with you?” Megan looked anxiously at her husband. It was a long time to leave her alone with the man she had never quite been able to stop loving. Atticus did not sigh, or shrug. Instead he smiled kindly at her. He knew that you could not force someone to be by your side, no matter how dearly you loved them. He knew it would break his heart should Meg choose to stay rather than return home but he’d been preparing himself for this for years now. Atticus Sliverton had nearly had his heart stopped in a battle many years earlier and when he had just recovered, he’d come with them to rescue her and nearly lost his life again. He had a strong heart, and a good one, he was ready. “Yes Megan, I think an hour is more than fair.” He smiled gently. “Then we’ll come along.” :::::::::::::::::: It had been a slow process, preparing Seraphim to meet his father. They’d done it over the course of a year. First they had to tell him that Atticus was not his natural father. He’d surprised them both by taking that news well. “Well I don’t look much like any of you.” He smiled, never telling them that he had been collecting the newspaper clippings now for two years. They had thought that all copies of the Daily Prophet had been destroyed and that Phim had never seen any of them. They had no idea he’d been slipping down to the kitchen and nicking the elves’ copies before the trash could be incinerated. He knew full well who he looked like, there had been pictures of Black as a younger man in some of the issues. “Did you find me in a cabbage patch then?” At first it had troubled him terribly, the fact that Sirius was wanted for murder but when his mother explained to him all that had happened, he had felt an odd sense of pride. Sirius Black had to be one of the strongest men in the world to endure all that he had. He even knew that he had come here once, seen that his mother was happy and left, so he knew he was honorable also. Life was a bit complicated for Seraphim Sliverton. He loved Atticus just as any son would love their father, perhaps more because he knew Atticus was a very good man. In a way he felt himself lucky, most people were lucky if their father was a decent bloke that didn’t knock you about for the tiniest thing. He had two fathers and they were two of the best men in the land. So when Megan came to him and began explaining that she had to go and see Sirius he had grinned at her. He had no reason to share his adopted father’s fear that she would never return. In fact, he was excited by the prospect of finally meeting this man who lived for him only in hidden newspaper clippings. That and what his parents had told him. “All right mum, you go, I’ll come along with dad later.” “Don’t get into any mischief while I’m gone.” Megan had warned. The portraits in the hall were still a bit leery because Phim had managed to cause a blizzard within the paintings. Athena Moxfroy had stood in the howling wind and blowing snow yelping ‘young man, this simply will not do, we can still feel cold you know’ then she had pelted him with a magical snowball and run off laughing. “And so can you!” The portrait yelled triumphantly as she disappeared from sight to the safety of an upstairs bedroom portrait. “Mum, do I ever?” Phim tried to look innocent. “The question here, my fine boy is actually, do you ever not?” Megan said but had smiled in a distracted fashion. ::::::::::::::::::::::::: Remus Lupin was worried for his longtime friend. It sometimes seemed that Sirius had taken to dwelling in the past so entirely that his mind had become a bit fogged as if he would confuse the past and the present not realizing the difference. It even seemed that sometimes he forgot that Harry was not James. This wasn’t true actually. Sirius understood the present fully well, he was just tremendously restless and he looked for signs of James in Harry’s every known movement simply because he missed his old friend and wanted to believe that he had not really been taken from them. He loved Harry for who he was, but he did miss James terribly. He urged the boy onto adventure because a part of his mind simply wanted for the boy a world where the worst that could happen would have been a stern punishment. He hated that this had never truly been Harry’s world. The boy had too much to bear. Plus, there were the dreams. He could remember them now that the dementors were not present to suck away the joy he felt in them. Night after night he would visit his memories in his mind. He would see James and Lily. Talk with them even be granted their forgiveness. He would chase Pettigrew in the street and in the dreams, he would catch him. He was able to watch Harry grow up, loved and protected having defeated Voldemort but never having lost his parents in the process. He would also dream of Megan. Sometimes the dreams were peaceful, and like the others they would contain the life he had thought he would lead with her. He would dream of touching her, kissing her, being with her in every way and those were the most wonderful in some ways for him. He was lonely only during the day and he desperately wanted to fight more actively. Voldemort had robbed him of everything he had ever wanted and loved. He had caused those Sirius loved best to pay a terrible price also. In his waking hours he would seem pensive and sometimes surly but in truth, a part of him was always a bit anxious to return to his dreamland, where all was well. ::::::::::::::: Megan stepped out of the fireplace and looked around the kitchen. Remus and Moody were seated at the table, talking urgently about something, cups of quickly cooling tea in front of them, completely forgotten. Moody spotted her first and was on his feet, his wand out and his magical eye spinning madly. “What the hell is this?” “Ah Moody, haven’t changed much have you?” Then she took in his mutilated state and realized there was even more missing from his nose. “Hit you again in that beak of yours did they?” Her tone was affectionate though. It was good to see the crusty old Auror. Moody was confused. It truly seemed to be Megan Hogan and none of his protective devices had been set off, the foe glass was as clear as it ever was. “You’re the most solid ghost I’ve ever seen.” Moody’s eye spun some more and took her measure. “How did you find our location?” “Well that would be because I’ve little in common with a ghost, what with having a pulse and all.” Megan grinned at him. “Dumbledore, Alastor, he told me.” “Alastor, I think you know Anne Sliverton, actually.” Remus supplied. “Names change but people don’t.” Moody glanced at the younger man and comprehension began to dawn. “Faked your own death, did you? Well good for you girly! That’s the way to fool him!” Remus understood why Megan was finally there and he knew that she had waited a long time for this. He cut the old Auror short and said, “Come along Moody, let’s go visit with Sophie for a bit. She’ll be glad to see you.” “Sees me at the Ministry all the time.” He huffed but Moody was not as emotionally dense as he often appeared. “Fine with me, let’s go. Maybe you’ll finally let me exorcise that chair of yours.” “Try that and she’ll take another chunk out of your nose, Alastor.” Remus grinned. He turned to Megan. “He’s upstairs, asleep I think. Fourth bedroom on the third floor, you can’t miss it. Oh…and watch out for the portrait by the door, she’s a bit touchy. Not to mention she screams like a banshee.” “His mother?” Megan smiled at the memory of Sirius describing his mother to her. “The one and only. Thank God.” Remus grinned and headed towards the fireplace. “You needn’t worry about that house elf Kreacher either, he’s been busy sobbing over a thimble he picked out of the trash all afternoon.” “I don’t think I’ll be bothering with asking about that.” Megan smiled. “I wouldn’t if I were you.” Remus called as he and Moody left together. Megan paused and looked around the house. Lord what a gloomy place it was. She began moving swiftly through it, looking for the stairs. Luckily for her the portrait was emitting snores as she ran lightly up the stairs and to the bedroom where Remus had directed her. :::::::::::::: In the dream Sirius was just sitting down to Christmas dinner with Megan and their children. Lily and James were there with Harry and his siblings. The candlelight was warm and everyone was happy. He reached over to hold Megan’s hand and she smiled beautifully at him. He jerked awake someone was holding his hand. The room was dark but he knew her scent, knew the curve of her face. “Megan?” His voice was barely a whisper, if this was a dream it was the best he had ever had. “Hello, I hate to wake you Sirius, but I’m long overdue for a visit.” Megan tried desperately to keep her tone light but her heart was pounding. She’d stood watching him sleep for a few minutes, her eyes stinging with tears. But time was pressing down on her and although she could have watched him forever she could not. His face was changed a bit, but it was still there, the shadow of the handsome young man she had loved for almost her entire life. She’d noticed him when she was a first year but it had taken him years to notice her in return. “Oh God, Megan!” He’d launched himself at her, holding her tightly and she had not resisted, she returned the embrace, but when he moved to kiss her she had drawn back. “Sirius, please don’t. I have to talk to you.” Megan was so confused she felt like weeping. She knew that despite the fact that she had never stopped loving this man, she loved her husband too. “Now, put on the lights please. I’ve got some things to tell you.” Sirius had drawn back reluctantly. God, he wanted to touch her everywhere. He wanted to hold her and never let her go. “Well, I can see that you still don’t wear a stitch while you’re sleeping.” Megan tried to joke. “I’ll just turn around so you can get some things on.” He’d illuminated the lamps after quickly pulling on some clothing. In the light his eyes never left her face, she was almost exactly the same. “Meg, you could be eighteen years old, I swear.” Megan smiled gently at him and took his hand again, “But I’m not Sirius and a great deal has happened since then.” Sirius dropped his gaze, “Are you very angry with me? I didn’t want to hurt you. I never wanted to hurt you, ever. I had to though, the way you were acting you might as well have been in Azkaban with me.” “I know that Sirius, and no, I’m not angry with you.” Megan raised her chin, trying to quell the emotional war within her. Part of her so wanted to reach out and touch him but part of her thought only of the tall, kind man who had given her love and understood her so well. Atticus had given her all that he had in his heart and nearly everything in her life that she considered worthwhile. Nearly. “It’s all in the past. I’m sorry for all you’ve been through though.” Sirius didn’t know how to respond. In so many ways he felt like his old self again, just being near her. He sat on the edge of the bed feeling as if strength was flooding through him, as if he were as close to something divine as he could ever get. “Sirius?” Megan knew that the clock was still ticking forward as much as she wanted time to halt for them. “What do you remember about our life together?” “I remember everything. Every moment.” Sirius looked at her again. He was speaking the truth. “And you know that I have children?” She asked gently. She had to tread lightly here. “Yes.” For a moment bitterness tried to rise within him but it quickly vanished. He was happy for her. “I saw them, both of them. They looked like fine lads.” “They are,” Megan answered quietly. “I’m so proud of them all that my heart could burst. All of them are wonderful in their own way. All three of them.” Three? Sirius sighed, well Sliverton had certainly kept her occupied but he knew it was what Megan had wanted. “I’m happy for you.” He said trying to keep his tone even. “Thank you, that’s right generous of you.” Megan’s tone was completely earnest. She meant exactly what she said. It showed what a good man Sirius was that he could actually be happy for her life without him. “Sirius, do you remember how sick I felt right before…right before you went away?” Sirius frowned. What did this have to do with anything? Yes, of course he remembered and he nodded. She’d been tired all the time and throwing up. She’d had a bad virus or something… Oh God. Fatigue, nausea, the constant grogginess. Why had he never thought… “Megan,” His voice was trembling badly now. He dared not even hope that she might say the words he prayed she was going to. “How old are your sons?” “Aristotle five, Aurelius is nine,” She paused and drew breath, “And Serpahim is very nearly fourteen, Sirius.” Sirius had his head in his hands. He could do math as well as anyone. He knew what she was telling him. He also knew that Megan would never have been unfaithful to him. “Sirius, he’s your son.” Megan had to speak the words. Sirius was nodding fighting tears. He turned to Megan, gently placing his hands on her shoulders. “Megan, let me kiss you, please? I swear I won’t do anything else.” She knew why he wanted to kiss her. It was what any man would wish to do to a woman he loved, who had borne him a child. Her eyes were misty with tears as she promised Atticus in her heart that she would never be untrue to him in any way, ever again. Then she nodded and leaned towards the man she had thought she would marry many years ago. As Sirius’s lips found Megan’s at long last he held her face in both his hands. Kissing her gently but firmly trying to make sure that he held his passion in check and did not do anything that would truly betray Megan’s heart or the man that Sirius knew immediately had raised his son well. He kissed her for several minutes but could take no more after that, he knew he would begin touching her. His heart acknowledged that she would not allow it and he even felt that it would be the greatest of wrongs to do anything further. Sirius Black and Megan Hogan had finally been able to kiss each other goodbye after all. ::::::::::::::: “God, look at him.” They were downstairs now, the pictures spread on the kitchen table. Sirius had been deeply engrossed in them for the last thirty minutes, peppering her with questions. “He flies well too?” “Like an ace.” Megan smiled. It was bittersweet but it was all still beautiful. “And if you haven’t noticed, he bears a striking resemblance to a certain young man I used to know.” “Resemblance? God, he’s the spitting image.” Sirius was still lost in the pictures. The boy looked happy, and Sirius had to smile as he saw that he had a rather wicked grin. “Does he get up to much mischief?” “You’d be proud, I assure you.” Megan said and giggled. “The name Seraphim turned out to be slightly ironic, he’s the very devil at times.” But she spoke with great love. “Glad to hear it!” Sirius hadn’t felt this happy, this purely joyful in so very long. Megan hadn’t been without him all those years, she’d had a daily reminder of him and Sirius had a son a strong fine son by the look of the pictures. “Is he bright?” “Too bright for us sometimes.” She teased. “He outwits us all the time. Last Christmas he made the Turkey stand up and sing just as we were sitting down to dinner.” Sirius paused then. Christmas dinners together as a family, it hurt his heart a bit. She’d already told him that he got on well with his brothers, although of course he liked to claim that he didn’t. She told him that they had they hardest time keeping him on the estate and he’d prowled beyond it’s limits more than once, sending them all on frantic searches. She did not however tell him that Remus had been his tutor. That was for Remus to tell and explain if he liked. “I’d love to see him.” Sirius said wistfully. “Well, you should get your wish in about five minutes. Atticus is bringing him here.” Megan had saved this information, not wanting Sirius to be distracted by nerves for too long. “Atticus is bringing him?” Sirius’s heart was beating strongly in his chest. He needed to ask Megan. “Megan, he treats you well, doesn’t he? Atticus, I mean.” “He treats me like a queen.” Megan answered honestly. “He’d do anything in the world for me.” He’d even let me go without trying to stop me if he believed it was best for me, just as you did she thought. The next was difficult to ask. “Do you care for him?” Megan Sliverton hesitated but the truth was always easier as far as she was concerned. “I love him Sirius. I love him very much.” Sirius Black was not a stupid man. He knew if he asked what came to his mind next that it would only hurt him or her depending on the answer. He did not ask her if she loved him as much as she had loved him. Instead, he sat waiting with his old love for their son to arrive. ::::::::::::::::::: “Hello, it’s very nice to meet you.” Phim had thought this would be easy, but it wasn’t. Once there he found that he didn’t know what to say. Sirius was still managing to fight back tears, “I wish it had been long before this. I wish it had been since the day you were born.” Phim nodded and began to feel better. He looked intently at Sirius. “Uh, do you like Quidditch much?” “Love it, always have.” Sirius had to stop himself from embracing the boy before him. He was so tall, taller than Sirius remembered being at that age. He was broad through the shoulders too. His dark eyes had a twinkle to them. “You have a favorite team?” “Ireland, I have to or else mum would beat me until I couldn’t grow any more.” Phim grinned. Atticus Sliverton stood with his wife by his side watching all this. He had not touched Megan since they had arrived and had trouble meeting her eye. He could tell she wanted to tell him something. He watched the poor hunted man in front of him finally meeting the son he should have known from birth. A lesser man might have felt bitter but he had always believed in justice. This was the just outcome at long last and it was long overdue. . “You two ought to go into the living room, having yourselves a good gab.” Megan prompted. She knew that both Phim and Sirius would be feeling a bit awkward in front of her, and particularly Atticus. “Is there any butterbeer about?” Sirius looked at her gratefully as the boy smiled. Then he looked to Sliverton, standing straight and tall, smiling at them both. Sliverton nodded, “I think that’s a wonderful idea.” “I’ll grab some butterbeer!” Sirius grinned as he rustled in the pantry, emerging with four bottles. Both Megan and Atticus took one as the two remarkably similar others headed out of the room, talking as they went. “You have to be careful you know, she’ll have you knitting shamrocks if you aren’t careful.” Sirius teased the boy. “It’s all right, I can just enchant them to sing Scotland the Brave, drives her batty.” Their voices were trailing off. Megan turned towards her husband, whose head was down, examining his butterbeer label very carefully. “Atticus?” Megan began fearfully, “I have to tell you something.” It was suddenly difficult for Sliverton to breathe but he continued to read the label for a moment before looking at Megan and replying calmly. “I thought that might be the case. What is it Megan?” Her eyes were bright with tears. She’d broken a marriage vow perhaps just in minor way, but still. She swallowed heavily, “Atticus, I kissed him.” “Kissed him?” Atticus blinked and then began to smile. “When did you kiss him?” “After I told him about Phim.” This was horribly difficult. “He asked to kiss me but I’d be lying if I told you that I didn’t want to.” “You wanted to kiss the father of one of your sons, after having to wait more than a decade to tell him that you two had a child?” Atticus was still smiling. “Well, did you want to keep kissing him after that?” “No.” It was the truth. “I wanted to be with you. I do love him Atticus, but I love you just as much.” She was terrified, nearly shaking. He had every right to be furious with her. Megan Hogan had spent much of her youth hunted, fighting or hiding. She had lost the first true love of her heart, now she was terrified that she would lose the man who had come after him. The man who had helped patiently repair her heart. “I see.” Atticus said quietly and she seemed to have no idea that she was finally putting his heart to rest. “Well then, I have something to tell you.” Oh Lord she thought. “What is it?” “Do you remember Elizabeth Fortesque?” “What?” Megan stared at her husband and realized he was grinning. She knew they had only been great friends nothing more. “What about her?” “I kissed her.” Atticus was grinning. “Long before I met you but I know I’ve never told you before. Hardly comparable I realize, but since we’re baring our souls, I thought I should get that out in the open.” “Did you now?” Megan was beginning to smile. “Yes, we were practicing kissing. We were both fourth years and you know, that tongue thing was exceptionally difficult to master.” He was trying not to laugh. “Want me to show you? I think I’ve got it down now.” Megan couldn’t help but laugh. “Oh, I’m well aware of that but perhaps you should remind me.” As Atticus began to lean forward he suddenly stopped and teased, “Wait, should I ask you on what part of his body you kissed him?” “Stop it you daft bugger, kiss your wife.” Megan said and Atticus did with gusto. After he pulled back he said: “I love you, Megan.” They seldom used endearments for each other but the way he said her name was like a caress. “I love you too, truly.” Megan answered. “Thank you for understanding Atticus.” But he had always understood her so well. :::::::::::::::: It was time to go and they all stood in the doorway. Sirius was looking a bit bereft already. “I’ll come again.” Phim said eagerly. He liked this man. He was funny and clever. He didn’t seem old like so many adults did. “I mean, mum, I can come again, can’t I?” Megan looked at Atticus who nodded easily. “Yes, of course.” “I’ll see you soon then…uh…Phim.” It had been on the tip of Sirius’s tongue to call the boy ‘son’. Phim had already talked to Atticus about this and knew that he was to call Sirius whatever struck him as being most natural. He looked too his surrogate father for a moment and Atticus nodded encouragingly. “I’m so glad to have met you…dad.” The boy’s eyes were bright with tears and then he walked forward swiftly and quickly embraced his actual father. Seraphim Sliverton had his true father’s looks and his inclination for mischief but he did resemble his mother also, on the inside. He had a very affectionate heart. Sirius felt a tear escape his eyes as he answered, “You too, son.” Megan smiled at them both and said, “Come on Phim, let’s head home.” They left together first both with a backward glance at Sirius who looked and felt happier than he had in years. Atticus Sliverton was moving swiftly towards the fireplace now and Sirius had to be quick to catch his arm. “Atticus,” He began and it didn’t cost him anything to say this, “Thank you. It takes a big man to do what you’ve done. Not just with Seraphim, with Megan.” The two men looked at each other for a moment. They could never have been great friends. Sliverton’s nature was too contained with most people to suit Sirius. Yet, in a way, Sliverton had done as much for him as he could have ever asked his greatest friend to do. “You’re welcome, Sirius.” Atticus’s eyes were kind. “Thank you also. Besides, it’s an easy thing for me. Came quite naturally. It was also my pleasure, truly.” :::::::::::::::::::: The next day at Hogwarts, Harry Potter was trying to concentrate on his History of Magic OWL when sleep overcame him and he had a dream before crashing to the floor of the Great Hall. It set in motion a string of events that led to one of his greatest challenges, to save his Godfather or so he thought when he began the journey. In the end, he would lose him and mourn him so deeply that the emotion was almost savage. He had watched the closest thing had to a parent in his memory fall dead through the veil, murdered by that mad woman with the horrible laugh. He had no way of knowing that Sirius had died as happy as he had been in years nor did he did he understand why. At least, not until a day in mid July when the heat would be so stifling that even the insects were too stultified to fly. He also didn’t know what had awaited his Godfather on the other side of that veil. But if Sirius could have told him, he would have. It was everything he had ever been denied in life. It was bliss. Next up: We travel with Sirius beyond the veil. James, Lily and nearly every other character who has died within this story appears briefly and Sirius finds all that is possible in the land invisible.

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