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Whispers by Snitcher101
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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 Why are we at a muggle airport, Al?” I shrieked causing some muggles to cast wary glances at me.

Al had apparated in my two bedroom apartment with Rose Weasley at 4 o’clock in the morning, while its still dark mind you,  barged in my room and promptly dragged me out of my bed and dumped me in the shower, still gormless from sleep. I had then spent the next fifteen minutes blinking like an owl struggling to comprehend what had just happened. Meanwhile Rose had taken out some clothes from my closet and barged into the bathroom uninvited, turned on the shower all the while shrieking, “We’re late! Hurry up!” She then cast a spell on me that caused my limbs to work on their own accord and turn on the shower while I undressed (Rose had left by then). I then partially woke up and finished showering and put on the clothes rose had hung up. And then Rose had barged in again (honestly this barging in is getting old now) dragged me (that too) to the door and without my consent whatsoever side along apparated with Al.

We were currently standing in front of ‘London International Airport’. And I was now fully awake and a tad bit hysterical.

“You come barging in and literally drag me to a muggle airport?! Will someone please tell me what the hell going on here?!”

I was not a morning person.

Al gingerly comes near me as if I’m some rabid animal, “Calm down Ape-“ 

“Do not call me Ape! I am not a monkey!” I yell at him causing him to jump back. Where is my wand?

“Okay, okay April,” he stresses the name and I glare at him, “ we are at a muggle airport because your best friend Domnique decided to come from Romania through muggle transport called an airplane,” he explains slowly like he’s talking to a three year old. I huff and glare at him with more intensity my eyes narrowed to slits. But then I register what he just said and laugh.

Of course Dominique would do this kind of thing last minute.

“When’s she arriving?” I ask Rose as we make our way through the airport towards the arrivals area. “She was supposed to land at five but her flight got delayed, so one more hour,” Rose replies.

I nod and we sit on some chairs. Al had gone to the men’s lavatory.

“So how’s your work going April? You look tired. Have you been getting much sleep?” Rose asks and I sigh inwardly, except Al and Dom no one knew that I was a ‘Psychologist for the dead’,  ”Yeah its going fine but it can be hectic sometimes, what about you? How’s healer training? Heard there’s some work going on in St.Mungos?” I inquire; I couldn’t talk much about my job because I was an unspeakable too along with being a psychologist.

“Oh healer training is busy, as usual, but now that it’s the last month I’m kind of relieved. I mean Hr. Thomas can be pretty demanding at times and St.Mungos is so busy now that there’s a new ward building up that it’s a full time job,” she sighs but then quickly brightens, “Oh did Al tell you? Scorpius is an unspeakable now too! He passed all his tests!”

I frown and remember seeing a dirty blonde haired guy who al was talking to yesterday, “No Al didn’t tell me-“

“Al didn’t tell you what?” a feminine, yet deep voice said. I looked up and saw a woman with Silvery blonde hair, tanned skin and glittery blue eyes smiling down at me.

“Dominique?!” I ask, surprised.

“The one and only, although I still wince when you say my full name” she laughs. I stand up and hug her, hard. But then I frown and pull back, “I thought your flight was supposed to be an hour late?”

She looks at me in confusion and shakes her head, “No, my flight was on time.” I look accusingly at Rose but she has the same expression of confusion on her face too, “Al told me about Dom’s flight.”

“April’s Fools!” a voice exclaims.

We look towards the voice and see Albus laughing. He comes up to me and whispers, “Pun intended by the way,” he winks and I smack him across the arm, “A bit late for that, don’t you think Albus?” I ask sarcastically.

He laughs again and puts up his fore finger while nodding sagely, “It’s never too late for a laugh.”

I roll my eyes and smile nonetheless. I then look towards Dom and note how beautiful and radiant she looks, “Wow Dominique, you look amazing! Romania’s done you good eh?”

She giggles and winks at me whispering, “More like Romania’s blokes have done me good.”

I raise my eyebrows at her silently enquiring if she meant someone specific, she just shakes her head and mouths ‘later’.

After ten minutes of chitchat and catching up with each other we finally make our way outside and call a cab. Rose had to go saying she had training in an hour, “I’ll meet you guys in the evening at my place yea?” we all nod and bid goodbye and get in the taxi.

Thirty minutes later we arrive at Dom’s apartment and Al carries her luggage upstairs while me and Dom slowly make our way up the stairs, “So April how’s the job going? Albus tells me you’re having problems?” she glances at me meaningfully and I sigh, “Its fine Dominique it’s just that it can be a bit stressing and sad sometimes, I mean I’m surrounded by death everyday so it kind of takes a toll on me. But anyways tell me about yourself what’s this about a guy I hear hmm?”

She sighs and gets dreamy look in her eyes which so unlike Dom. She’s about to tell me but were interrupted by Al shouting down the stairs, “Will you stop gossiping like grandmas and move you’re arses! We don’t have all day you know!” we simultaneously roll our eyes and giggle while moving faster up the stairs.

“Don’t get your panties in a twist Al!” Dom teases back.

We arrive in time to see Al huffing and struggling to carry Dom’s heavy luggage through the apartment door, “God Dom, what do you have in here, bricks?” Al strained out.

We helped Dom settle in, well I helped Dom, Albus sat in front of the television watching quidditch. Dom had many muggle artifacts she loved muggles and muggle things. She most of the time did stuff the muggle way too. Like traveling in a plane and taxi instaed of apparaating.

Dom’s flat was surprisingly very homey and feminine. But that was all for show because she had an interior designer come decorate her flat, but her room was a total pig sty. One would think a boy lived here.

“God Dominique clean up your room once in a blue moon would you.”

“Well tell me when you spot a blue moon would you?” was the cheeky answer. She then pushed all the clothes lying on her bed to the floor fell face down and started snoring.

See what I have to live with?


Albus and I left Dominique crashed on her bed ten minutes later after I left some coffee for brewing. God knows Dom turns into a Domzilla if she hadn’t had her fair share of coffee.

We were making our way down stairs when I stopped dead in my tracks. Albus kept going not having noticed my sudden halt but he too stopped and turned back to me confused, when he saw my face, concern flooded his face, “Hey are you okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

The irony wasn’t lost on me.

Because I had, indeed, seen a ghost or for more an accurate term, a Spirit.

Hello Miss.





A/N: oooo cliffee! any of you remember marcus?? soo how was it? bit short me thinks but itll get better :)

so please read and review and thankyou ! means a lot!


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Whispers: Chapter 3


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