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Yeah guys, I'm actually J.K. Rowling and i have nothing better to do with my time than write fanfiction 

 “Halloween.” It was 8:27, which meant that it was almost half an hour after the party started. But then again, if I was going to pretend like I was a veteran party goer, I’d have to show up fashionably late. That was my excuse, anyway. The real reason I hadn’t gotten to the Gryffindor common room until now is something more along the lines of nerves. No exaggeration, it feels like my next door neighbor, Mr. Bishop, let his beloved lawn mower loose in my stomach. I had passed butterflies a long time ago. Also, getting together a last minute costume is surprisingly hard and time consuming.

            I was currently standing in front of the painting of the Fat Lady, patiently awaiting my access into the party. Unfortunately, when I gave her that password into the common room, she just smirked and went back to examining her nails. “Halloween,” I repeated, trying not to get frustrated. The first time Lily tried to bring me to her common room, it took a bit of cajoling on our part to let me through.

            “And what are you supposed to be,” she leered, eyeing me up and down. I self-consciously folded my arms and shifted foot, growing irritable at her changing subjects.

            “I know the password is Halloween.” I didn’t answer her question, attempting to shift focus back to my original task. It’s like she couldn’t hear me! I’m glad Hufflepuff didn’t have an obnoxious guardian to our entrance of the common room, because apparently paintings have some sort of grudge held against me. “Halloween,” I sounded out the word, like I was speaking to a toddler. Immediately, I regretted saying it so harshly, as she had clearly taken offense. I didn’t blame her for being so bitter. She’s spent hundreds of years opening and closing doors and she’s called the “Fat” lady! “I’m sorry, please let me in?” I tried again, a hopeful look in my eyes. “Halloween?”

            She eyed me critically, but finally sighed and swung open her portrait. I like to think it was because I apologized and asked nicely, but more likely her was under a strict set of rules to allow access to anyone who knew the password. Either way, I was finally in the party, and once taking one step, I had to physically stop myself from turning back around and leaving.

            The Gryffindor common room was one big sensory overload. The pounding baseline to whatever song was playing made it almost impossible to hear. Most of the furniture had been moved aside to create a makeshift dance floor, which was completely packed. A stench wafted to my nose that was strongly reminiscent of pumpkin spice, firewhiskey, and sweat, which is not a pleasant combination. The lights were dimmed a bit, and like a dance club, flashing in all different colors. The only hint that this was a Halloween party was a few floating pumpkins here and there (obviously borrowed from the Great Hall), candies bowls filled with assorted goodies, and the fact that everyone was in costume. Or some sort of lingerie, when it came to the majority of the female population.

            I survey the room, trying to find someone to talk to so I wasn’t that awkward girl who sat alone all night and drowned her sorrows in butterbeer and chocolate frogs. Thankfully, I spotted Remus and Sirius standing by what I assume to be a bar. It was really just a long table with some sixth year standing behind it, but there were stacks of liquor bottles and a growing line in front. I decided to make my way over, shifting through the crowd of drunken cowboys, fairies, healers, pirates, and mermaids, until I finally reach the other side of the room.

            “Ronnie!” Sirius exclaimed, engulfing me in a tight bear hug. I could smell the firewhiskey on his breath and started to gag until he released me. “See, Moony? I told you she’d come!” He leaned in secretively and whispered in a very loud voice, “He was all worried you wouldn’t show up.”

            “Oh!” I glanced at Remus, who was shaking his head and mouthing ‘I don’t know what he’s talking about.’ Sirius obviously was a bit too intoxicated to be taken, well, seriously. “You’ve been drinking, haven’t you?”

            “How’d you guess?” Sirius asked, astonished at my deduction skills, which apparently are more impressive once you’ve had a few shots of firewhiskey. “You should really get on my level! Get a drink!” He reached to a brand new bottle of who-knows-what, fumbling with the screw cap.

            “No, I’m good,” I grabbed the bottle out of his hands so he wouldn’t drop it, and placed it back on the bar. I was not cleaning up after him.

            “You two are no fun,” Sirius pouted, crossing his arms. “I’m gonna go dance.” He then started to walk away, simultaneously busting a move, which meant waving his arms around like he was on fire. Very attractive. I can tell why so many girls like him.

            “He’s a fun drunk,” I mused, walking towards Remus while still watching Sirius make a fool out of himself.

            “It only gets better as the night goes on,” Remus promised, taking a swig from his butterbeer. “I reckon in an hour or two, he’ll show off his not so amazing karaoke skills.”

            “Oh, and his costume suits him perfectly,” I added, referring to his muggle prisoner costume. He had on a black and white striped shirt and pants, plus one of those boards you hold when getting your mug shot hanging around his neck.

            “James is dressed up as a muggle cop, to go along with him being a crook,” Remus stated, and I laughed at the idea of James and Sirius doing a couple’s costume. What did Lily think?

            “Are you sure James and Sirius aren’t the two that are dating?” I jokingly asked, before grabbing a bottle of butterbeer from the bar behind us.

            “I ask myself that way too often,” Remus replied, shaking his head in mock seriousness. He then looked at my chosen nonalcoholic drink and asked, “So you don’t drink?”

            “I don’t see the point in making a fool of myself more than necessary. Besides, the only time I’ve ever gotten drunk was with my cousins at a holiday party in fourth year. I woke up with a killer hangover and I decided the ends didn’t justify the means.” I explained, remembering that fateful night. All of our parents had already hit the liquor, so it wasn’t that hard to swipe a few bottles here and there. I didn’t even like being drunk; it was too weird seeing double. Plus, I was more clumsy than normal, and woke up with an odd set of bruises on my arms and legs. Merlin only knows how many times I tripped trying to get up the stairs.

            “I’m usually the designated sober friend when it comes to these parties.” He chimed in, referring to his own bottle of butterbeer. “I make sure Sirius doesn’t do anything too incriminating, life threatening, or humiliating, although I’m usually more lenient with the last one. And normally, I have to stop James from bugging Lily too much, but I guess since they’re dating, he’s not my problem anymore! And Peter is such a lightweight. He passes out after one firewhiskey,” Remus motioned to an armchair by the fireplace, which was occupied by a snoring Peter, who was curled up in a ball, occasionally nibbling at his hand, like some sort of rodent. Weird. “Well now we get to sit back and watch everyone else act like total morons. It’s honestly the best entertainment of the night.”

            “Cheers to that!” We clinked our bottles in a celebratory fashion then leaned against the bar in satisfaction. “Say, what are you dressed up as, anyway?”

            Remus had on an all-white outfit, white shirt, white pants, and white shoes, complete with what looked like a fine layer of baby powder covering his skin, face, and hair. He looked at me, astounded that I didn’t know what his costume was, but I was drawing a complete blank. “I’m a ghost!” He exclaimed, and the pieces started coming together.

            “Ok, I can see it. It’s a bit lame, but I give you points for effort and commitment,” I nodded, looking over his ensemble again. “I feel like you’d be more recognizable if you just wore a sheet over your head with eye holes cut out.”

            “Hurtful,” he mocked offense, before laughing. “And your costume is any better? What are you, a shadow?”

            “I’m a ninja!” I protested, glancing down at my half assed outfit. I basically just threw on everything I owned that was black; a black jumper, and black pair of pants, a black pair of boots, and a black bandana wrapped around my forehead in a ninja like fashion. I was wearing basically the opposite of Remus. “Maybe it’d be better if I had been given more than a 24 hour notice. We don’t all pack a spare Halloween costume in their trunk every year.”

            “No, I think it’s very creative,” he teased. “But tell me the truth. Did you wear that so you wouldn’t be caught when you had to sneak back to your dorm after curfew?”

            “No,” I mumbled, looking down at the toes of my boots. That boy knew me too well, it was creepy. And in my defense, the fact that ninjas are good at sneaking around was only a plus to the costume, not the main reason I chose it. The main reason was I had nothing else to wear.

            “Mmhhmm,” he scoffed, a smirk gracing his lips. But the slight smile quickly morphed into a frown, his brows furrowing in shock. “Oh Merlin, not again,” he began, looking not at me, but over my shoulder. I turned around, following his gaze, only to see a scary scene unfold.

            Sirius, because what sort of scene would it be without Sirius participating I some way, had drunkenly climbed at top a pushed aside table, constantly gripping the edge for support. He then proceeded in removing his costume shirt. This took about 2 minutes, because it got stuck around his head and he started to shout about being blind. But finally, after being half naked, much to the female population’s joy and the male population chagrin, he boomed, “Let’s get this party started!” The crowd, who was watching him since his struggle with his shirt, started to cheer wildly. I decided that Remus and I must be the only two sober, sane people in the entire room. But then again, don’t those two go hand in hand?

            Remus sighed, watching Sirius with both amusement and annoyance. “I should probably stop him before he does…that.” Black had jumped from the table, screaming “CROWD SURFING!” Unfortunately, the crowd that was so enthusiastic just moments ago, parted quickly, letting Sirius fall flat on the ground.

            “Oh shit!” I whispered, and we both raced to the scene of the crime, where he laid, face first, on the ground. I observed that if there was a chalk outline around his body, everything would be complete. I then mentally scolded myself for thinking that and knelt down and poked Sirius’s arm. “Are you ok?”

            “Owwww,” he moaned in response, rolling over onto his back. “Everything hurts.”

            That’s probably be because he threw himself off of a table, but I didn’t say that out loud. “Is anything broken?” I asked tentatively. Remus knelt down next to me, studying his hurt friend.

            “My pride,” Sirius whimpered, sitting up and stretching out his legs. He dramatically rubbed his back and moaned a bit more for effect.

            “He’s okay,” Remus stated, standing up and pulling me up after him. “Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time he’s attempted crowd surfing and failed. You’d think he’d learn, but this is Sirius we’re talking about.”

            I nodded in sage agreement, when who else would appear but a striking ginger cowgirl with her tipsy muggle cop boyfriend in tow! “Lily! How are you surviving the night?”

            She shot me a weary smile and stepped over Sirius, who was still situated on the ground, glancing at him for a quick moment. “Better that Black, although, not by much.”

            I studied her annoyed, tired face then looked behind her at James, whose fake mustache was crooked and falling off. “Is he that bad?”

            “He’s not,” she paused, searching for the right words, “terrible. He’s even kind of cute when he’s drunk. Definitely amusing. But he keeps asking me out and it’s getting really weird.”

            “Oi! Lilykins!” James shouted, right on cue. “I think you’re really pretty and your hair is like fire and your eyes are like grass and you smell really nice, like cinnamon. Do you wanna go on a date with me?” His words slurred together so everything was just one big, run on sentence.

            Lily rolled her eyes and sighed before putting on a large, slightly evil smile and turning towards him. “Oh, I’m sorry. I actually have a boyfriend, James Potter. Do you know him? He’s a really big, strong bloke, super jealous. You don’t want to mess with him. So I’m sorry, but no.” He looked completely crestfallen by her response, even though she basically just said he would beat up himself. He was beyond wasted right now.

            “Don’t you think that was a bit harsh?” I asked, referring to her boyfriend, who had lain down next to his friend and was starring wistfully at the ceiling.

            She just scoffed and rolled her eyes. Lily rolled her eyes way too often for it to be healthy. I was worried that someday she’ll roll her eyes and they’ll get stuck that way. Then, she can only look at the sky and how unfortunate would that be? Anyway, she leaned in close and confided, “I tried to explain to him that we are actually dating, but after the 5th time, I decided it was hopeless. Besides, if he wants to get super wasted at a party and make me take care of him, then I should be able to exploit his impaired judgment and vision for my own entertainment.” She had an excellent point.

            “Go, take advantage of James. I approve,” I nodded, pushing her towards her boyfriend.

            “Sirius, why are we on the ground?” James questioned, his voice seemed dazed. Sirius just shrugged and continued starring at the ceiling like it held the answers to life and the reason why he’s single.

            “C’mon, big boy,” Lily grabbed his hand and forcefully yanked him off of the floor. “Let’s go dance or something.” She then proceeded to pull James onto the dance floor with him waving goodbye to us.

            “Should we do something about him?” I gestured towards Sirius, who was still lying on the ground, making a bunch of nonsensical noises and groans.

            “He’ll be ok,” Remus assured me. I had a feeling that this is how parties usually ended up, with Sirius on the floor in pain. It was a bit concerning, but he was a grown up, he could take care of himself.

            After deciding that neither of us has the skill or the desire to dance, Remus and I made our way over to the only calm(ish) place in the entire common room, which was the fireplace. Of course, Peter had already claimed the armchair to himself and he was still passed out, despite the deafening music that quite literally made the entire room shake. I nudged him a bit with my foot, to make sure he wasn’t dead, but he just swatted it away and mumbled something in his sleep.

            “You’re friends are really a piece of work, aren’t they,” I judged, thinking of the past hour and what had happened.

            “Hey!” Remus protested indignantly. “Don’t try putting this all on me! They’re your friends too, you know.” I didn’t think that having friends who failed at crowd surfing, ask out their girlfriend, and pass out after one firewhiskey were exactly the crowd I wanted to roll with, but it still made my smile.  

            “If you told me I’d be friends with these boneheads at the beginning of the year, I would have laughed in your face,” I admitted sheepishly, chuckling a bit. Remus, on the other hand, did not look amused. His face was etched with confusion.

            “Wait,” he paused, thinking furiously, “The day that we met, James and Sirius said something about not having seen you in forever. I just assumed that you had been friends for a while.”

            There it was. Remus had caught onto my continuation error and called me out on it. Internally, I was mortified, embarrassed beyond compare. But I held my composure. I guess now is as good of a time as any for the truth to come out, since he doesn’t know it already. It’s no big deal, anyway. We’ll have a good laugh about it. He might get a bit cross at James and Sirius, but it’s their fault in the first place. Besides, I have to say I’m impressed that Remus could remember such minute details about meeting me for the first time.

            “If you count one day prior as a long lasting friendship, then I’d say we’re old mates.” I laughed nervously, but Remus didn’t respond, only looked more confused. “Confession time! Your brilliant friends saw it fit to set us up and that’s why they introduced you to me. Completely against my will, mind you. Eventually they dropped the whole idea and just let me be, but by then I was in too deep. Forged too many friendships and what not.”

            After my short blabbering rant/apology, I piped up, anxiously awaiting his reaction. How I figured it, he could A) spontaneously combust with anger, yelling, screaming, breaking fragile object in a fit, B) laugh the whole thing off, confiding that he knew all along and didn’t want to say anything, or C) do exactly what he was doing now, which was remain silent with an impassive expression on his face. Personally, I’d much prefer option B over anything, but right now, even option A would have been better than this waiting.

            “Did you break Sirius’s nose?” He asked quietly, after a few minutes of contemplative silence. “Because he came into the dorm one night with it bleeding everywhere and I had to fix it. Plus you keep making not so subtle threats about it breaking again.”

            That’s what he got out of the conversation? That I broke Sirius’s nose? I couldn’t even tell if he was mad. “Um, yeah.” I confessed warily. “He made an arseheaded comment and I might have just punched him? I don’t know, I wasn’t really thinking it through… Are you mad?”

            Remus looked at me oddly, like I was speaking gibberish. “At you?” He looked at me incredulously. “It’s not really your fault. My mates are just idiots, but I feel like they’ve gotten what they deserve. Broken noses are punishment enough.”

            “But, but,” I stammered, surprised he wasn’t the slightest bit angry. “I could have told you. That night in the cupboard, I could have said something about it.”

            “It feels like you want me to be mad at you…” he laughed at my shocked expression. “I could always pick a fight with you but I’m afraid you’d win. You have a killer right hook.”

            “I’m usually a pacifist,” I muttered, a bit embarrassed. Granted, it was a nice compliment. If I ever get mugged, I know what to do. Just rough him up a bit. “No hard feelings?”

            “Nope. I just have to tell James and Sirius to stop being so nosy and evasive.” Remus laughed, shooting me a shy smile. The amount of relief I felt was copious. I hadn’t even realized how guilty I felt for lying to him. Again, I really am a terrible liar.

            “Oh shit!” I gasped, getting a glance outside the window into the night sky. There was no moon in sight, enhancing the appearance of the stars and constellations they created. I never missed out on new moons. Ever.

            “Is ‘oh shit’ you’re catch phrase or something?” Remus joked, not understanding why I was shocked and surprised by the goings on outside. I didn’t want to be rude by ditching him here to dash off and stare at the stars, but I couldn’t not go.

            I paused a moment, mulling over my choices, before turning to my friend with an adventurous smile on my face. “Do you want to see something?”

            “I bet now you’re glad that I’m dressed as a ninja. It would have been virtually impossible to get up here without my sneaky moves and natural stealth. I should quit being a witch and transfer to ninja school. Except I’d be teaching the classes because I’m that good.” I had dragged Remus through the hallways, determined to avoid Filch on our journey.

            “We’re in the Astronomy Tower. It’s on the same floor as the Gryffindor common room. We basically just walked five feet,” he corrected me, looking around at his surroundings with confusion. On our journey to the Tower, I may have shushed him every time he question where we were going, so I don’t exactly blame him for being a bit snippy.

            “Another reason why your common room is in a prime location,” I wistfully sighed, then turned my head and looked out into the night in a dramatic fashion like they do in the movies. “Then again,” I perked up, “We are closer to the kitchens in our common room.”

            “So is there a reason you brought me up here? You’re not going to seduce me, are you?” Remus joked, although he didn’t look like he was joking. He looked more nervous than anything, which was a bit rude and only reiterated the idea that he was embarrassed/disgusted by the idea of dating me. Rude.

            “That would be great,” I nodded, mimicking his jovial tone. “But I’ve actually brought you up here to murder you. Sorry, but from the moment we met I’ve despised you. I was actually planning to push you off the tower and make it look like an accident, but if you’d rather I’d kill you in a seductive way…?”

            “Odd, I have this weird feeling to never go near a ledge ever again,” he spoke with confusion.

            “Ha ha ha, stop it, you’re killing me with your sharp wit and outstanding humor,” my voice was about as flat as a board. Instead of answering his original question, walked over to the area of the Astronomy Tower were there was no ceiling, the best spot for stargazing, and lay down, like I had, so many times in the past years.

            “That looks comfortable,” Remus mused, referring to the stone. He was obviously being sarcastic because it was terrible and made my back hurt something terrible. But it was all worth it when you saw the view. No pain no gain.

            “I guess you’ll just have to lie down and see for yourself,” I murmured, too caught up on the emerging stars to actually look at him. Ever since I discovered my secret nerdy love for stars, planets, constellations, the whole deal, and that the Astronomy tower is the best place to study them (duh), I’d make a trek up here on the new moon and just observe. It was sort of magical, and that’s coming from an actual witch who uses magic.

            I realized how much time had passed filled with silence when Remus spoke, “You’re really into this stuff?” The sound of his voice so close made me jump and I looked over to see him lying next to me. In my daze I hadn’t even notice that he had moved from his standing spot. His question could have been mocking, but he said it in such an earnest way, so I just nodded and continued looking.

            “Sometimes I come up here when I’m upset and it puts everything into perspective, I guess. It sounds weird, but I can’t really be too sad or angry when I’m looking at the sky. Look at all those stars! It’s a powerful thing. Like, if I’m worried about getting an O on my potions essay, losing 5 pounds, or getting a boyfriend, it all puts me in my place. I realize that the world doesn’t revolve around me, that I’m part of a bigger picture. It’s kind of silly…but hey! It works.” He was silent after my little heart-pouring-out session and I was too. I just started mentally pointing out the constellations and stars visible, also mentally hoping Remus wasn’t about to burst out laughing or was thinking that I was a complete idiot.

            And there’s Sirius, the stars Sirius is named after, or I’m assuming. It makes up the Canis Major. There’s Gemini and Taurus and Pegasus and I had to look at him. I had to see the expression on his face, to know what he was thinking.

            Silently, moving my eyes first, then my entire head, I saw Remus. Although it was close to being pitch black, I could tell he wasn’t looking at the stars. His head was turned towards mine, making me wonder how long had it been like that. The expression on his face was faint, barely visible, but I could tell it was one I saw on him a lot. Like when we were drinking hot cocoa in the kitchens. It was a calculating, thinking expression, but there was something else to it. Something I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

            As I turned my head away, I was thankful for the darkness. Now he couldn’t see me blush.

A/N: I'm sorry that this chapter is so cliche! There's always a Halloween party, but Halloween is my favorite holiday and its my story, so i thought, why the hell not?

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