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The Silver Lining by K_Bear
Chapter 7 : Crazy Wonderful
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“I’m off, Mother,” I said, standing in front of my Mother’s office.

She turned around, a measuring tape slung across her neck and a pencil in hand. “Okay, Samantha. But before you go, a word.” She beckoned me in and I grudgingly obeyed.

“You do realize the only reason I am agreeing to this… excursion is because you dedicated yourself to your piano this week.”

I nodded. I spent the whole week doing nothing but practicing piano. I owled Lily when I took breaks, and if I went outside for a breath of fresh air, James or someone was always at a window waving to me. It was nice having friends for a change.

“And I expect you to practice when you get home,” my mother added.

“Of course, mother,” I replied obediently. My mother seemed happier now that I wasn’t contradicting everything she said. Or as she told father one night when she thought I was practicing, my “rebellious stage was over”.

She smiled. “Okay, have fun.”

I jolted in surprise. Have… fun? Okay, my mother had obviously hit her head on something. “O-okay.” I backed out of her office and into the hallway, still confused.

I walked down the stairs and found my father in the living room, reading the news on the sofa. “Are you leaving?” He called out to me.

“Yeah! I’ll be home around nine,” I answered, reaching the door.

He looked up from the paper and gave my outfit a once over. “Good, not showing too much skin.”

My mouth dropped open, but I was smiling in amusement. “Father!”

“I’m just saying boys have hormones. I should know, I spent my entire school life in some type of boys dorm- I’m familiar with their way of thinking.”

I rolled my eyes in a playful way. I had decided (since this was a reunion and most likely casual) to be simple. I wore jeans (not the blood stained ones), a dark blue fit hoodie, my glasses, and a pair of nike kicks. All in all I felt pretty ballin. Is that what the kids say now a day? Ballin?

“I’ll be fine father. The Potter boys are sweet.”

“All boys are sweet until they see weakness. Then they strike like a cobra!”

I laughed at my father. “Okay, I’m leaving now.”

“Tell them I’ll castrate them if they try anything with you.”

“Goodbye, father!” I called, closing the door behind me.

I stuffed my hands into the pocket on the front of my hoodie and strode to the Potter’s house. It was pretty cold for a summer day. It wasn’t freezing, but cold enough to make me wear long sleeves.

I skipped up the steps and knocked on the door. Part of me (admittedly) was hoping this would play out sort of like last time. You know, where Al answered the door shirtless. Oh, his abs were so delicious.

Sadly, lady luck was not shining down on me- but when does she ever? James answered the door and gave me a bright smile. “Sam! I see you decided to play it safe and dress normal today. Good choice.”

I frowned. “What do you mean normal?”

James didn’t answer. He pulled on my arm and I tumbled inside. He closed the door and called out, “Sam’s here!”

I heard thumping and Lily came running down the stairs. She stopped on the last step. “Damn! Even in jeans and a sweat shirt you manage to look cute!”

I grinned and gave her a hug. Check me out! I’m hugging people now! “Where’s the rest of the family?”

“Don’t you mean, Al?” Lily whispered so only I could hear. I shoved her shoulder and flushed. Our letters back and forth had consisted of many conversation topics, Al being one of them. She kept bringing up how I fell off the fence and how he caught me, and our short date at Diagon Ally.

I was really vague in my responses, which seemed to piss Lily off. I was still trying to figure out if Al was a player or not. I tried to ask Lily about his past with girls but she was also really vague. I only grew more confused when I received the occasional letter from Albus. Our conversations never lasted long, but they were funny and playful and I don’t know what to do! Curse you adolescence and all your confusion!

James looked at Lily and I in befuddlement and shook his head. “I will never understand women.”

“That reminds me, James. Have you ever had a girlfriend?” I asked casually.

“Me? Yeah. I’ve had tons of girlfriends. Why?”

I shrugged. “Well you said you don’t understand women, and you run away from them-“

“That was just from Amanda,” James corrected. “And in my defense, she’s a psycho.”

“What about Amanda?” Oh, good Lord. Lady luck obviously feels bad for her poor treatment of me in the past and is now making it up to me.

Al came trotting down the stairs in some loose fitting jeans. Oh, god. I can see his boxers. His polo was thrown over his shoulder, meaning he was shirtless. He was rubbing his wet hair with a towel and his upper body was still damp. Oh, good lord. Must. Refrain. From. Licking. Perfect. Abs. GAH!

“She’s a psycho.” Lily answered, clearly oblivious to her brother’s level of hotness.

“Hell to the yes on that one.” Al stopped and flung his wet towel over the banister. He seemed to notice me, and gave a playful smirk followed by a small wink. “Hey, Sam.”

Oh, lord! Please, stop torturing me Al and just put the damn shirt on! I think I gave a weak head nod.

He gave me a once over. “You look good,” he said casually. It wasn’t like the last time he said it, where he was obviously shy. This time he’s cool and confident even- dare I say it- cocky.

Despite this all, I’m finding myself flushing as my heart beats quickly in my chest. Even though I know it would be bad to get tangled up in him if he is a player I can’t help but be drawn to him. I have a terrible feeling that no matter how hard I try I won’t be able to get over him. And maybe I don’t want to.

Lily frowned and I thought I saw her shoot Al a warning glare. But that doesn’t make any sense.

“Thanks,” I replied, still kind of weakly.

“Stop whoring yourself out man and put on your shirt.” James grinned at his younger brother.

Al rolled his eyes, but smirked. He stuck his arms in the sleeves of his shirt. “Just giving you a little eye candy, James.”

“How kind of you.” James grinned, reaching over to shove his brother. Al retaliated and the two made their way to the living room, shoving and hitting each other.

“Children, please!” Mrs. Potter said sternly.

Mr. Potter came walking in and gave his wife a kiss on the cheek. She lit up, and any irritation that had been there before evaporated. I gave a small smile. My parents loved each other but they never did stuff like that.

“Okay, we best be off!” Mr. Potter clapped his hands together.

“Why don’t we appararate?” James asked, a smug smile on his lips.

Mr. Potter shook his head. “Not gonna happen.”

“Oh, come on!” James argued. “I can apparate now, and Lily, Albus, and Sam can just side saddle along with each of us!”

Mr. Potter looked at his son as if he had declared his secret desire to be a mermaid. Pah! Funny mental picture. “Sam nearly threw up just going through the floo. You expect her to handle apparition any better?”

I held up my hand is if I was waiting to be called on. “I’d rather not be sick right on your families doorstep when I’m first meeting them.”

Mr. Potter motioned to me as if to say I had proven his point. “Okay, this time you’ll go with Lily.” I grinned and linked arms with my new friend. “James and Al, you go first.”

James huffed. “Fine!” He stepped into the fireplace and screamed, “The Burrow!” before throwing down the floo powder. He vanished in a burst of flames. Al was next, and he too disappeared in the flames.

“Why don’t you two go first?” Lily said to her parents. “I’ll prepare Sam for what she’s about to see.”

Her dad grinned and walked hand in hand with his wife to the fireplace. They stepped in, said, “The Burrow,” before disappearing like the other two.

Lily turned me to face her. “Okay, Sam. This is going to be unlike anything you have ever experienced! My family is huge. Emphasis on huge!  And we’re all kind of insane.”

I snorted and rolled my eyes. “Come on, it can’t be that bad.”

“Sam,” Lily’s grip tightened. “I’m serious. You’re going to be exposed to a lot of the magical world all at once. Oh, and fair warning my granddad is nutter for all things muggle, so he’s going to be asking you a lot of questions.”

I felt a little less confident now. “Um, okay,” I said nervously.

Lily smiled encouragingly. “Don’t worry. Even though it’s going to be insanity from here on out, my family is one of the sweetest ones you will ever meet.”

I nodded, still feeling anxious.

“Deep breath,” Lily advised.

I followed her instructions and took in a few deep breaths. “You ready?” She asked when I was done. I nodded again, and we linked arms.

We stepped into the fireplace and Lily grabbed a handful of floo powder. “I suggest you hold you breath,” she said before throwing down the powder. Thankfully I had followed her advice, and did not suck in any dust this time. “The Burrow,” Lily said clearly.

And then, just like last time, we were spinning. I handled it much better though. I closed my eyes, and slowly let out my breath. I knew we were there because I no longer felt the flames licking at my arms and legs, and the spinning sensation had stopped. I opened my eyes.

We were looking out into a living room, that much I could tell. My mother would call it cluttered. I would call it cozy. It had a sofa and plush armchairs scattered around the small area, complete with a little old lady sitting on said sofa. She was plump with a kind face. She had a few strands of white that were struggling to overcome the mass of red on her head. Her bright brown eyes crinkled in joy upon seeing us.

She stood, and I noticed she was much shorter than I thought she would be. We stepped out and she enveloped Lily in a hug. “Hi grandmum,” Lily mumbled into her grandumum’s shoulder.

She released Lily, gave her a loving smile and patted her cheek fondly.

Lily turned to me. “Sam, this is our grandmum, Molly.”

I smiled and stuck out my hand. “Hi, Molly. I’m Samantha but you can call me Sam.”

She looked down at my hand and for a few terrifying seconds I thought she was going to reject it because I was a muggle. Instead she smiled and placed her hands on my side. “Please, call me grandmum Molly.” And she pulled me into a tight hug.

My eyes widened in surprise. This was her first time meeting me- a muggle I might add- and it’s like I was always a part of their family. I batted away tears that had suddenly snuck up on me and were prickling the corners of my eyes. I wrapped my arms around her and returned the hug. “Okay,” I mumbled into her shoulder.

My grandmother never treated me like this. For starters, she made me call her grandmother- that should tell you enough. Even my mother rarely hugged me. Grandmum Molly pulled back and gave me the same loving pat she gave Lily.

She motioned with her hand to the rest of the house. “Everyone else is in the kitchen. They’re all very excited to see you.”

"Okay,” I said again, whipping my nose on my sleeve.

Grandmum smiled warmly and led the way to the kitchen. My heart thumped nervously in my chest. I was going to meet their family. Scratch that. I was going to meet their huge family. Oh, god. What if they didn’t like me? I think I might actually be sick after all.

We entered the kitchen and I was surprised to see only adults.

“Everyone, this is Sam,” Grandmum Molly said, gently pushing me forward. I recognized a few people. Of course I recognized Mr. and Mrs. Potter. I also recognized uncle George who smiled and said, “Nice to see you again, Sam.” And then there were Rose’s parents. I knew it was them because I had a chocolate frog card of her dad.

I waved, “Hi!”

Lily came to stand beside me. “This is uncle Ron and aunt Hermione- Rose and Hugo’s parents.” They smiled and waved and I smiled and gave a little wave back. 

"You already know my parents so we can skip them,” Lily said impatiently.

"Hey!” Mr. Potter said.

I smiled, “Hi Mr. and Mrs. Potter.”

Mrs. Potter gave a little laugh. “Hi, Sam.”

"You already met uncle George,” Lily continued, “but this is his wife Angelina.”

Angelina smiled. She was pretty with dark chocolate skin and a beautiful smile. “Hi, Sam.”

"Hi!” I waved again.

Lily turned me to the other half of the group. “Uncle Percy and his wife Audrey.”

They both smiled warmly. “Hello,” Percy said, nodding his head.

"Hello!” I replied, giving another wave. Bloody hell, I’ve been waving a lot.

"My uncle Bill and his wife Fleur,” Lily plowed on.

If I had to choose the coolest looking couple it would be this one. Uncle Bill had long hair, a tooth hanging from one ear and a long scar running down the side of his face. His wife was gorgeous. No, like, not even kidding. She was a freaking goddess. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was Aphrodite herself. She had long silver hair that rippled down her back, porcelain skin and soft features.

Uncle Bill nodded to me. “Hey, Sam.”

Aphrodite- I mean, aunt Fleur gave a brilliant smile and nodded. “Bonjour, Sam.” I was surprised to hear her thick French accent. I should have guessed however. Fleur was French for flower. That’s right, I took French when I was a child. What up! Of course I failed and my parents declared me a disappointment. Details, details!

I turned to the last person there. “This,” Lily said rushing up to give the elderly man a hug, “is granddad Arthur.”

"Hi, I’m Sam.” I held out my hand to him.

He smiled. “I assume you already met my wife, correct?”

I looked to Lily in confusion. Was he going to shake my hand or not? “Um… yes?”

He chuckled. “Then I assumed you know that we don’t shake hands in this family.” He opened his arms for a hug.

My face spread into a huge grin. “Okay!” I squealed, giving granddad Arthur a hug.

He pulled back and grabbed both of my hands in his. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Sam.”

"It’s a pleasure to meet you too!” I replied excitedly. “Wow! You’re all a lot friendlier than my family! You’re also a lot bigger!”

"How big is your family, Sam?” Uncle Ron asked, leaning against the counter.

"Hm… let’s see…” I placed a hand on my hip and put a finger on my chin in thought. Then I began to tick off my family members on my fingers. “A set of grandparents, my mother and father, my uncle and his wife, and finally my brother. So, not including me, seven.”

Everyone looked shock. “I- is that it?” Uncle Bill said incredulously.  “No cousins or anything?”

I shook my head. “Nope. And my only brother is off at university. I don’t even know if he’s coming home for the summer.”

"That’s… so… sad,” Aunt Angelina said.

I shrugged. “Eh, I don’t mind. He’s a butt face anyway.”

The adults began to laugh at my frank response. “Hey,” Lily turned to her grandparents. “Where’s uncle Charlie? Not to mention Teddy and Victoire.”

Victoire… That was French for victory. I’m willing to bet that she was Fleur’s daughter.

"Your uncle Charlie is coming later on tonight. It’s not easy for him to hitch a ride from Romania. And Teddy and Victoire are out with all of the kids,” Grandmum Molly explained.

"Romania?” I asked in disbelief. “Why did he move so far away?”

"It’s the only way he was able to work with dragons, dear,” Grandmum Molly replied cheerfully.

I felt my eyes widen. “He actually voluntarily works with dragons?” That man must have a death wish.

"Yeah, that’s where I got my dragon tooth earing.” Uncle Bill turned his head so I could see his earing more clearly.

"Holy S-“ I covered my mouth so I wouldn’t let the rest of the profanity slip out. “That’s a dragon tooth?” I gave a little squeal.

Lily smirked. “Sam didn’t handle the news about dragons well,” she informed the rest of the kitchen, who nodded in sudden understanding.

"I… so did… handle it well,” I shot back pathetically.

Lily looked at me. “No you didn’t.”

"I know,” I huffed sadly. The adults chuckled.

"Sam,” Aunt Fleur called. I willingly looked over to her. “You remind me of zomeone I onze knew wheen I weent to school.”

"Oh! Did you go to Hogwarts?” I asked.

"No, I went to Beauxbatonz Academy of Magik.”

I frowned. “There’s more than one magic school?”

"Of course, Sam,” Lily answered.

"Anyway, ze girl you remind me of waz a few yearz younger zan me.” She explained. “You look very much like her.”

"Really?” Aunt Fleur nodded. “I hope that’s a good thing,” I said.

Aunt Fleur shrugged. “Eet iz. She waz attractive… for a mortal.” She added as an after thought.

I tried to grin, but it wavered. “I’m… sorry. Mortal?”

"Aunt Fleur is part Veela,” Lily said as if it explained everything.

"Oh…” I trailed off, pretending that I understood.

"Love,” Mrs. Potter said to Lily. “Maybe you should tell Sam what a Veela is.”

"Oh!” Lily turned back to me. “A Veela is basically super good looking but turns into a giant bird when angered.”

"Oh!” I said, slapping my palm to my face. “That explains why you’re so gorgeous!”

Aunt Fleur smiled but looked as if this was not news to her. “Zank you.”

"You know,” I continued, “I feel really stupid because I was really considering asking you what kind of concealer you use. But now that I know you’re part Veela, I realize there’s really no hope for me,” I said lightly.

The adults thought this was really funny. Score one for Sam! I’m already connecting with them! Woot, woot!

"Sam,” I turned my attention back to granddad Arthur. “Can you explain to me the use of cellular phones and this thing the kids are doing now a days... uh… taxing.”

I frowned. “Texting?” I don’t really know any kids who tax people.

"Yes!” Granddad Arthur snapped his fingers.

"Granddad!” Lily huffed. “Sam needs to meet the rest of the family too!”

"No, I don’t mind Lily.” I turned back to granddad Arthur. “Um… cellular phones, or cell phones, are portable versions of regular telephones. They’re much smaller and most are now touch screen- meaning they don’t have any buttons.”

"Mhmm,” Granddad Arthur said, signaling her understood so far. Man, this was fun!

"Texting is when you send messages from one phone to another. If you don’t feel like calling them, you don’t have time, or the question isn’t worth calling about, you can text someone. Um… It’s kind of like a letter. Texting is convenient because you don’t have to respond right away. It’s also an excuse to butcher the English language,” I added.

"Fascinating.” Granddad Arthur exclaimed, nodding his head. Man! I have a feeling I’m going to love talking to this man if everything I say is fascinating! “Now, explain to me-“

"Sam! There you are!” I’m just in high demand today! I turned and saw James coming in a door from outside. “It’s about time you got here!”

"We got here, like, five minutes ago. Get with the program, James.” I grinned and turned back to Granddad Arthur.

"You’ve done enough talking to the adults. Come meet all of our cousins!” James said eagerly, grabbing my arm.

"James, I was talking to your aunt’s, uncles, and grandparents. You can’t just barge in and- What?!”

James had scooped me up and flung me over his shoulder. “Let’s go meet everyone else!”

"What the bloody hell? James! I can freaking walk on my own!” I began to bang my fists against his back.

"That actually feels like a soothing massage. Thank you,” He called back to me.

"Put. Me. Down!” I beat each word into his back. I finally accepted my fate and hung my head in submission.

"That’s more like it,” James said, opening the back door.

"Oh! Nice to meet you all!” I called back to the kitchen. I heard the soft laughter of the adults before the door closed behind a grinning Lily. I noticed that ancient cauldrons and old wellington boots surrounded the back door. I grinned a little. I couldn’t help but love the little cluster of chaos. It’s something you would never see at my house. 

"Everyone,” I heard James call out. “This is Sam!”

"Right now we can only see her arse, mate.” A pleasantly deep voice replied.

"Oh! Right.” James put me back down and turned me around.

We were standing in a garden. I love gardens! It was overgrown with that same sense of chaos, but that made it all the more beautiful. There was a pond! I freaking love ponds! Are those frogs? Yes! A field stretched out behind the big group of people standing in front of me.

Holy crap that’s a big group of people! I immediately ran a hand through my hair and straightened my glasses. I saw very few faces I recognized. Rose smiled and walked up to me, giving me a hug. Man! Four hugs in one day? I am on fire!

I saw Hugo who waved to me. I also saw Scorp who gave me a good-natured wink. Al was standing next to him. He whispered something into his friend’s ear and Scorpious laughed in response.

"Okay!” Rose said, clapping her hands together. “You already know Hugo, Al, and Malfoy.” I tried not to frown. Rose, you need to address your future husband by his first name. It’s how things are done.

"This idiot right here,” Rose pulled forward a boy standing next to Al and Scorpious, “Is Louis.”

"Oh! They mentioned you!” Really brain? That’s the first thing you say to the kid? And what an attractive kid he is. I mean DAMN! This kid has to be Veela. Who else could be that supernaturally attractive- besides Al. Plus, you know… his name is French. He also has his mother’s silver blond hair, which is short but still had that I-just-rolled-out-of-bed look.

"Only good things I hope,” he joked, rubbing the back of his head. Man, it should really be illegal for boys to wear fitted t-shirts. His biceps are way too distracting.

I shrugged. “Well, they did say something about unicorns.” I said it as if I was trying to remember the exact words used.

Louis’ eyes widened. “What?” He whipped around to look at Albus who was looking at me like I was insane.

"No we didn’t!” Al shot back defensively.

"No, I’m pretty sure you said something about unicorns… and pixies and other girly things.” I smirked a little.

Al was grinning now. “Is this pay back for the ice cream thing.”

I gasped and snapped my fingers. “No, it wasn’t but thanks for reminding me! I’ll have to start thinking about some form of pay back.”

Scorpious and Louis began to laugh as Al threw his head back and screamed a word that may or may not have started with f. Grandmum Molly could be heard from inside calling out, “Language!” The rest of the kids chuckled or smiled in amusement. Holy crap, there really were a lot.

"Oi, Sam!” James grabbed my head and turned my attention towards him. “If you’re planning revenge on Al, can Fred and I help?”

"Fred?” I questioned.

James turned my face back to the group of kids, and my eyes zeroed in on another attractive bloke. What was up with these Potter/Weasley kids? Was it biologically impossible for them to be un-attractive? I must look like a cow in comparison to them. Maybe it’s just because I’ve never really seen this many blokes before so to my untrained eye they’re super attractive.

James ran up and slung his arm around the boy. “This is my best mate, Fred. I call him Freddie. This is a privilege that I extend to you.”

I grinned and placed my hand over my heart. “I’m touched,” I said sarcastically.

Freddie smiled- it was like his mothers smile. In fact, he resembled his mum more than he resembled his dad. He had deep caramel colored skin and black hair. His hair was kind of like Louis’. It was short, but still long enough to be messy. He was also very, very fit. Why were all these blokes bloody fit?

Freddie elbowed James in the stomach. “You lied to me, James. She’s hotter than you said she was.” I recognized his voice as the one from earlier who told James that they could only see my arse.

I felt myself flush slightly. “Yeah. You see, James gets jealous of me and my looks, so he usually downgrades my beauty to raise his self esteem,” I explained casually, flipping my hair over my shoulder.

Freddie’s shoulders shook with laughter. “Wow she really pegged you.”  

"What the hell, Sam! You weren’t supposed to tell anyone that!”

I laughed at how quickly James caught on.

"You know what, I take it back! You can’t call Fred, Freddie. That is now a privilege that only lies with me and his father… and the rest of our family.”

"Too late, already gave it to me, okay next!” I said in one breath.

"Hi.” A cute girl with red hair (just like the whole bloody lot!) came up and offered me her hand. I took it gratefully and gave it a quick shake. “I’m Lucy.”

"Sam,” I replied, “but you already knew that because I’ve been introduced like, fifty times.”

She grinned. “You have a good sense of humor. That’ll definitely help you survive in this family.” Wait a second… did she just say I was family? So… she was basically giving me her blessing. Shut up, she said it I’m counting it.

"Merlin knows it’s hard enough with just these two clowns behind me,” Lucy gestured to James and Freddie who immediately came forward and embraced her.

"We love you Lucyyyyy!” They sang in unison.

"Godrick, get off of me!” She yelled through squished cheeks.

"Not until you say you love us too!” Freddie cooed, squeezing her tighter.

"Dom!” Lucy screamed out.

There was a bunch of yelling and blond hair flying and the next thing I knew, James and Fred were off Lucy, rubbing their arms and mumbling under their breath. The girl kept her back to me as she straightened Lucy up again.

"How many times have I told you to stop suffocating Lucy?” She snapped at the two boys. They only muttered swear words in response.

The girl sighed and whipped her head around. I immediately identified her as one of Fleur’s. She was just as stunning as her mother. She ran a hand through her long silver blond hair - not that it needed fixing - and sent me a dazzling smile.

"Hi,” she held out her hand. “I’m Dominique, but you can call me Dom. I’m Fleur’s daughter.”

I grinned. “I could figure that much out on my own.”

She frowned in confusion. “What gave it away?”

"A couple things really. Your blond hair, your French name, the fact that I look like a cow in comparison to you. You know, small stuff.”

A tinkling laugh escaped her lips and she turned to Rose. “I like her.”

Yes! Another blessing! It won’t be long until Al and I are married. Excellent!

Rose clapped her hands. “Okay, who’s left? Merlin, there really are a lot of you. Maybe we should just off a couple and these introductions could go much quicker.” This earned her many angry shouts of protest.

"Okay, here we go let’s speed through this.” Rose tugged me along and shoved me in front of- whom I assumed was- Freddie’s sister. She had the same caramel skin, and short choppy hair that had the same I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-look look as her brother's. There was also a distincitve trouble maker glint in her eyes.

"Sam, this is Roxie. Roxie, this is Sam,” Rose said quickly.

I held out my hand. “Nice to meet- oh!” Rose pulled me away from Roxie before I could properly introduce myself.

"No time for that, on to the next one.”

"We so do have time! You just don’t have the patience-“

"Sam, this is Molly. Molly, this is Sam,” Rose interrupted me, yet again. “She’s Lucy’s older sister and graduated Hogwarts last year. Fun fact, she’s working at Gringotts.”

"Oh, nice to meet you. You know, I went to Gringotts for the first time a few days ago and your cousins had a real laugh about it. They’ve probably already told you about-“

"Moving on!” Rose dragged me away from a grinning Molly and up to the last two people.

Rose huffed and slapped her hand on the boy’s shoulder. “This bloke-“

"Has blue hair!” This time it was my turn to interrupt Rose. “How could I not have noticed that straight off the bat? I mean, out of this whole group of people, I notice you last!” I threw my hands up in the air. “I must be going blind. They say your sight is the first thing to go.”

The boy (who I now realized was more of a man) chuckled and stuck out his hand. “I’m Teddy Lupin. I don’t suppose they mentioned me at all.”

I shook his hand. “No, I think you came up in conversation once.”

He smiled and looked back to James and Al. “Only once, huh? I see how much you love me.”

"That’s such a lie Teddy!” James said immediately.

"Yeah, we talk about you all the time!” Al said desperately. “You probably weren’t listening, Sam.”

I cracked a smile. It was adorable how defensive they were over this. It was obvious Teddy was someone they cared about deeply.

I nodded. “Well, I wouldn’t be surprised. I mean, obviously all of my bodily functions are failing with age. It’s only natural that hearing would leave too.”

Teddy laughed, his eyes crinkling in joy. He (just like all the rest of these bloody blokes) was very attractive. But, he didn’t have the same features as the Potter/Weasley boys. His jaw was a little more chiseled than the others, and his nose was slightly crooked. He also had, you know, blue hair.

"I have two questions though. One, why is your hair blue? And two, why is your last name different?”

"Teddy is our god brother!” James looked like a little puppy the way he jumped onto Teddy.

He laughed and pushed James off. “Down, boy, down! I’m the one with dog like tendencies, not you.”

I raised my hand. “Follow up question.”

Teddy smirked. “I have blue hair because I’m a Metamorphmagus. I can change my appearance at will.”

"Get out of town! Show me!” Now I was like James, jumping up and down in excitement.

Teddy grinned and squeezed his eyes shut. I watched, completely awestruck, as his hair steadily grew darker. It changed to a deep auburn and then began to lengthen. Soon he had long, chestnut hair that stopped around the middle of his back- my hair.

"What?!” I squeaked, a permanent smile on my face.  I ran my hand through one of his strands. “It’s real and everything! And might I add, great look.”

He smirked. “I figured I might give it a try since it worked so well on you. Plus it made James jealous.” He turned to James. “How do I look, James?”

James laughed and shook his head. “I’m so hot for you right now, Teddy.”

Ted flipped his hair over his shoulder. “I know, babe. I think I’ll put you out of your misery though.”

He squeezed his eyes shut and his hair shortened, turning dark blue again. He sighed and ruffled his re-shortened hair. “And to answer your follow up question, I’m part werewolf.”       

My mouth dropped open. “You just became the coolest person here.” He grinned and shook his head in amusement.

I turned to the last person and smiled. “Hi, you must be Victoire.”

The beautiful girl looked shocked but took my outstretched hand regardless. “How did you know that?”

I pointed back to the burrow. “Inside they said Teddy and Victoire were out here. Here’s Teddy,” I motioned to the man standing next to her. “You must be Victoire. I also noticed that you’re inhumanly beautiful, making you Fluer’s daughter.”

James nodded, looking impressed. “Nice deductive reasoning, Sam.”

I grinned and tapped my temple with my finger. “I used something called the old noggin. Mother would be proud.” Probably not… but whatever. I’m proud of me!

“So!” Rose clapped her hands. Man people have been doing that a lot today. “You’ve met everyone and seen everything.”

“Not everything. I only saw part of your hou-ouse.” I had turned around to look at said house and nearly tumbled backwards. It was my first time seeing the outside of it, and let me tell you, it was huge! But not horizontally like my house. More like vertically.

I had to take a few steps backwards to see the whole thing. It looked really rickety and unsafe, but seemed to hold together perfectly fine. Magic had to have a part in that, I’m sure. Wait did it have four chimneys? 

“Holy crap!” I exclaimed.

Al came to stand next to me. “This is the Burrow. I know it’s kind of small on the inside, and looks less than safe on the outside, but it’s home.”

I scanned the crazy house that was all different kinds of wonderful and said the only thing I could. “I love it.”


So... yeah. Sorry for the sluggish update- I'm at school and it's just gotten a little hectice. But I promise not to leave you guys hanging on either this story or the other one! (Famous last words). But who knows! I might even put up another story! 

So Sam meets the family! What did you think about the introductions? Show the comment box some love!! The next few chapters are going to be about the family reunion. :)

Until next time lovelies!


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The Silver Lining: Crazy Wonderful


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