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In the Light of the Moon Eleanor Trainer sat outside of her home admiring the view from on top of the small hill at the end of Hogsmead village. She looked down at the rows of little houses dimly lit by the rising moon, a full moon, as she noticed. She decided to get up and go for a stroll around the village, it was after all such a beautiful night. She walked down the steep path leading from her front gate and began to wander aimlessly. As she approached the west end of the village, the forest loomed ever nearer. The leaves of the many trees reflected the light of the full moon gloriously, she thought to herself. But her wandering thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the sound of leaves rustling a little bit closer to her than she would have liked. "Don't be stupid" she said to herself, "There's no one there." As a child she had always been afraid of silly things such as darkness and monsters. Although there were monsters in the wizarding world, none of them, she reassured herself, currently resided in the dark forest, she hoped. She began to walk away, when the noises from behind her became more pronounced and Eleanor knew that she wasn't being stupid, and that there definitely was something behind her, in the darkness she had only recently overcome her fear of. "Who's there?" she said faintly, hoping that her husband would jump out and scare her, for he knew that for the longest time she had been afraid of the forest. But it was not he, if only it had been he, so much would be different. Eleanor couldn't take this any more. So she ran. She ran as fast as she could, an untamable fear welling up inside her that made her heart beat so fast it hurt. There was a snarling coming from behind her, something had been there, in the forest, and it was chasing her. She wanted to look behind her but something inside of her stopped her. She had reached the bottom of the hill that lead up to her house, but her strength had run out. There was no way she could run up that steep hill without slowing down, and slowing down was not an option. She turned sharply and dashed out into the patch of woods behind her house, it was her last chance, she couldn't run, but she could hide. She hid in an opening of an old gnarled oak tree, hoping that some how, in some way, whatever was chasing her would pass her by. Her whole body shook with a mixture of anticipation and fear. Tears ran down her face, it was all a dream, she thought to herself, if only it would end, if only this thing would go away. Please please let it go away. She listened as hard as she could for approaching footsteps, but none came. Silence, maybe it was just her imagination but this silence was so complete there was no way it could possibly be real. Slowly, with baited breath, she peaked around the edge of the tree, to see if she was alone. Her heart nearly stopped. Two burning yellow eyes peered at her from only a little way away. She prayed that those piercing eyes hadn't seen her, tears flowing even more fiercely down her face. She didn't remember deciding to do it, but she ran. Deeper into the woods. Her heart beat frantically as if it was trying to escape from her chest. The snarling and grunting from behind her was getting closer. She was sobbing beyond control now. She knew she would never have another chance to hide, but she wouldn't give up. She was a fighter, she always had been, and she wasn't going to give up now. She could taste the blood in her throat that was throbbing. She didn't know how much longer the fear of the thing behind her would keep her running. Whatever was behind her let out a low rumbling growl. Eleanor reached a stream that she knew lead to a sewer pipe just big enough for her thin body to squeeze into. "The drainage pipe!" she said to herself. It was her last chance. She sprinted, and then suddenly stopped, she turned around so sharply that it cracked her neck. She could have sworn that something had been behind her seconds before. Fear still coursed through her body, weak with tiredness but alert with adrenaline, but now that she wasn't being chased her body didn't have anymore energy to give. It was pitch black now that the moon was blocked by the canopy of the forest, and Eleanor realized that she was a lot farther away from the drainage pipe then she had thought. She began to hobble along the stream, being as quiet as she possibly could. She could just make out a dark hole about twenty feet away. It grew steadily closer, she finally reached it, she was safe at last. She bent down making sure to mind the small stones at the bottom of the tunnel that would make a terrible amount of noise if she was to trod on one. She knew the echo would carry for ages. She stopped to wonder what exactly it was that was chasing her. Then decided she would rather not know. She supposed it would be best to stay the night in this dark tunnel, mostly out of fear for her life. Suddenly her attention was jerked away from the thing chasing her. She could see a small light far down the tunnel. She wanted to cry out for joy, every month or so muggles would come to clean the pipe. "Help!" she yelled, not believing her luck. Then she realized that there was not one light but two. Eyes. No, it couldn't be, whatever it had been obviously knew the surrounding area as well if not better than she did. How could she have been so stupid to yell out where she was going. She prayed to anyone who would listen that this mistake would not be her last. The beast at the end of the tunnel pounced. Eleanor ran but took off too fast. Her foot trod on a moss covered rock near the stream and she slipped. She lay on her stomach trying desperately to get up when she felt claws dig into her back. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sirius was standing out in the Hogwarts grounds with his friends , his dog ears pricked up, but he didn't need acute hearing to hear what it was that broke the dead silence of the night. A flock of birds took off from the forest near Hogsmead and Sirius jumped slightly at the sound of a high pitched, terrible, blood-curdling scream.

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