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             “It’s not that hard, just apologize already!” I heard furious whispering coming from in front of me. I was currently relishing my breakfast and the normalcy it contained up until this moment. Last night had been anything but average, being trapped by Peeves inside a broom cupboard with Remus. It definitely wasn’t what I had scheduled for my nighttime activities.

            But, even though the poltergeist did trap us in a tiny room for hours on end, he was honest. At dawn, just as Peeves had said, the closet door opened, revealing the rising sun, which was quite a shock to my eyes that were adjusted to complete darkness. I woke up to find I was resting my head on Remus’s shoulder. He hadn’t woken yet, so it wasn’t too awkward. Plus, he is surprisingly comfortable, not that I’d ever tell him that.

            When I realized that we were freed from our prison-like cell, I basically fell onto the ground of the corridor, my joints stiff from a night of being scrunched up. The air was cool and fresh, unlike the warm, stale atmosphere the closet contained. I gasped for breath, lying on the floor in a dramatic fashion. “Oh how I missed open spaces! They’re so… open!” I cried joyfully, basking in the dim sunlight that shone through the window adjacent to the cupboard.

            “Nice use of *insert yawn here* adjectives,” a voice came from within, and Remus climbed out, stumbling a bit. He stood up tall and stretched out his sore limbs, raising his arms above his head. This caused his shirt to ride up the teensiest bit, revealing a toned stomach, and let me tell you, I wasn’t complaining. “Finally we got out of there,” he sighed, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

            “I think I’ll head back to my dorm, grab a quick shower, maybe sleep a few minutes in a real bed, before getting breakfast,” I informed him, standing up from my surprisingly comfortable position on the ground. He nodded in agreement and I started towards the Hufflepuff common room.

            After freshening up a bit and changing into a new uniform (my other one was wrinkled and smelled a bit like sweat), I decided to make my way down to the Great Hall. I nixed the idea of a cat nap, knowing that I’d be too tired to get up and 20 minutes would turn into an hour and so on until I’ve slept till dinner! It was Sunday, but because of my excursion yesterday with the Marauders, I needed to catch up on forgotten homework and studying. Today was going to be all about me.

            The breakfast they were serving consisted of just about every delicious food imaginable. It was like my birthday morning when my mum would cook all of my favorite dishes. There were pancakes, waffles, sausage, eggs, quiches, pastries, oatmeal, muffins, toast, and loads of pumpkin juice. The enormous selection confused me, but then again, it was only 7:30, and I usually don’t make it down to Sunday breakfasts until 10, at the earliest. Maybe I should just be waking up earlier.

            And everything was going fine; I was loading my plate with multiple servings of waffles and deeply enjoying them, when I was rudely interrupted by the incessant whispering of unknown people. Although, if I had to guess, I could tell you who they were. It is the third time it’s happened this week, after all.

            “Do it.” I heard a command, which sounded similar to Remus’s voice. I looked up and saw him pushing James towards where I was sitting. James looked reluctant, which was a bit ironic, considering Gryffindors are supposed to be brave and all.

            “Merlin, why did you do this to me? I just wanted one ‘me’ day. One single day, and I couldn’t even have that,” I sighed, putting my head in my hands. I’ve spent the past 24 hours with at least one Marauder at all times and it is exhausting.

            “Hey Ronnie, long time no see!” James approached the table like you’d approach a ticking time bomb or wild lion, with heaps of caution. I glared in response, which apparently is the new invitation to continue speaking. “Well, about the whole Lake thing, pretty crazy, right?” I continued to glare and he looked back at Remus, who shooed him on.  “Yeah, um, sorry about that. So we good?”

            I stared at him for a few moments; he had a dopey expression on his face and was running his hand through his untamable hair. “As sincere as that was, I’m going to have to say no, we’re not good. In fact, we bad!” I mocked him. I knew that eventually I’d forgive him, I’m terrible at holding grudges. But it would be nice to see him actually apologize and grovel for his dignity a bit.

            “Oh, you want sincere?” James asked in a challenging way and I didn’t exactly like where this was going. “I’ll show you sincere.” And then he climbed on top of the Hufflepuff table, grabbing a goblet and spoon as he stood up.

            “Hi, can I have everyone’s attention? Hello!” James yelled, clanging the spoon against the goblet. “Oi! Look up here! Yeah, even you two, snogging at the Ravenclaw table. Okay, thanks, this will only take a moment. I am up here to make a formal apology to Miss Veronica Susanne Ross. Wave to the people, Ronnie.” He gestured at me and suddenly I was on the spotlight, being looked at curiously by the entire population of Hogwarts. Talk about embarrassing. “I was a total arse, a complete jerk to Ronnie and I feel the obligation to apologize to her. I’m sorry that I pushed you into the Black Lake and all of the other stupid, annoying things I’ve done to you. Of course, this doesn’t mean I won’t do more stupid and annoying things in the future, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Anyway, I am truly sorry, Ronnie, and I will also stop badgering you to do that one thing, even though you totally should to it because it be so great. Friends?” He looked down at me expectantly, along with everyone else in the Great Hall. Even though he sort of embarrassed me, he embarrassed himself even more, so I felt like I should accept his apology.

            “Friends,” I nodded and James hopped down from the table. “On one condition! No one can bother me today, many you four, because today is a me day.” He seemed okay with that and headed back to the others. Now I could finally finish my breakfast, the first time I’ve been able to finish a whole meal since Friday night.

            After breakfast, I decided to collect my books from my dorm and do my homework in the library. The library was a good study spot, not too crowded, resources at your fingertips, and quiet. In fact, I probably spent more time in the library than in my common room. Merlin! I was becoming a Ravenclaw. Of course, a majority of the time I’m not actually doing work. I have this problem with goofing off and day dreaming. I prefer to say I’m imaginative.

            Two hours had passed and I had just finished up my Charms essay on animating objects, which in all actuality should have taken me 45 minutes max. And I still had to study for a Transfiguration test coming up and write a Defense Against the Dark Arts essay. By the time I would be finished, it’d be late afternoon. But that’s why I needed a “me day,” not a “me two hours.”

            “Um, it’s Veronica, right?” I looked up to a familiar redhead standing a bit awkwardly in front of my table with a questioning look on her face. Why was the infamous Head Girl Lily Evans, object of James’s affection, seeking me? We’ve literally never spoken before.

            “I go by Ronnie,” I replied, although that is completely untruthful. No one has called me Ronnie up until James and Sirius gave me that nickname. But I guess if I’m going to go and have friends, I might as well use the title I’ve been given.

            Lily sat down and sighed, not responding, so I unsurely asked, “Can I help you?” I was cautious of the red head, having heard tales of her infamous temper.

            “Not to be rude or anything, but I need to ask you a question. What’s the deal between you and James?” Lily asked timidly, almost as if she was embarrassed to even utter those words.

            Me and James? Did she think there was something going on between us? The mere thought made me want to laugh and vomit simultaneously. But I felt like that would be a bit rude and I should just answer the poor girl’s question. “We’re… friends? I guess?”

            “You guess?” She questioned, worry written all over her face. Did she think we were friends with benefits or something equally as disgusting?

            “If that,” I assured Lily, which seemed to calm her down a bit. Why was Lily getting so worked up over the relationships of a boy she supposedly loathes? Unless… The idea was borderline ridiculous, a shot in the dark, really. “Do you,” I paused, wondering if I should even dare to continue. “like James?”

            The color seemed to drain from her faces, giving her skin a sickly green tint that clashed horribly with her hair. “No! Merlin no!” She protested in  a shout, causing the librarian shoot the evil eye and shush her. I raised a single eyebrow, a feat I was extremely proud of, and Lily’s complexion quickly turned tomato red. “It’s his fault, really.” I began to explained, angrily. “He has these qudditch biceps that are just so toned I can’t deal with it. And Merlin, that hair! I basically defies gravity!” Lily pause for a breath of air, looking extremely flustered.

            “His hair is really messy,” I mused, thinking about the raven mop that stood upright. As for the muscles, I never thought about them and hoped I would never have to again.

            Lily continued with her rant, picking up speed as she went along. “I honestly just find him attractive. I can’t help it! I’m a teenage girl with hormones running wild! Stupid puberty.” She cursed underneath her breath. “But I certainly do not like James Potter.”

            I was entirely unconvinced; every word that left her mouth was a show of complete denial. “Mmhmm.” Out of all the things Lily Evans was, she was not a good liar.

            “I don’t even know why I’m trying to convince you. I don’t even know you!” She glared at me as if I had somehow forced her to like James Potter.

            “Seems more like you’re trying to convince yourself.” I nodded knowingly, which only earned me some daggers. “I think that you just don’t want to admit it. Why else would you seek out a complete stranger, just to make sure I wasn’t involved with James?” My logic was spot on, and if I were alone, I’d give myself a high five. Unfortunately, I was in company so I had to settle for a mental high five, which was much less satisfying. But Lily’s next words quickly made them up.

            “I don’t know, okay? Are you happy now?” She exclaimed dramatically, and I almost felt sorry for her, guilty that I was putting her under such emotional stress. But instead, in a sick twisted way, I enjoyed breaking her into confessing her love for James. This deeply concerned me, and in the future I’d have to try harder to suppress my inner Slytherin. Maybe the reason I’m in Hufflepuff is because I’m doing all of this not for my benefit, but to help Lily and James. I’ll go with that.

            “Boys are too mentally straining,” Lily sighed, slumping in her chair. “For the past six years I’ve been completely satisfied with focusing on my studies and my friends. I’ve never even had a boyfriend before.” She whispered the last part as if it were some sort of major scandal. “Of course James has always shown an interest in me, but it was so much easier to reject him in the beginning, seeing as I just wasn’t looking to date. And then, as time went on, he became more persistent and annoying, so I was rejecting him because he was an obnoxious git. Anyway, I was planning on making through my entire seven years at Hogwarts unscathed, but all of the sudden, it’s like my hormones have caught up to me. Now, every time I see a couple, I feel jealous and lonely. And whenever I see Potter, instead of finding him repulsive, I’m attracted to him! I’ve spent the past six years loathing him and now I can’t look at him with wanting to snog his face off!”

            She seemed so distressed, so I tried to help. “So you’re only attracted to him… physically?”

            Lily sighed again. “That’s just it. I thought so at first, but this year he’s been so much more bearable. At Head meetings, in class, even at meals he doesn’t even ask me out! Plus he’s been spending time with, even talking about you with Sirius. I guess I’ve been a bit jealous.”

            “Honey, you can have him,” I assured her. “The whole reason he’s even become friends with me is because he wanted to set me up with Remus.” I’m not sure why I was confessing this to her, but she told me a secret, so I felt like I owed her one in return.

            “Again?” She exclaimed in surprise. “They said they would stop after Helen Podge last year. Those to will never learn.”

            “Well, after my constant complaining and threats, James decided to stop. Remus is great and all, but I prefer to form relationships on my own, but forced by others.” I conceded.

            Lily pondered for a moment before giving her unnecessary opinion, “You and Remus would look cute together…”

            I felt a involuntary blush coming on. “Stop right there.” I held out my hand in protest. “You are hear because of James, not Remus.”

            She let out a sigh, “What am I going to do?”

            “You could always drag him into the nearest broom cupboard and snog him senseless.” My suggestion earned me a smack on the arm and a fierce glare. “Okay, okay! If you want, I could always talk to him for you.”


A/N: Hey guys! Thanks for sticking with me this far. There is more to come soon and I'd love to hear feedback, positive or negative.

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