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Hitting Rock Bottom by SydneyBlack
Chapter 10 : The Newspaper
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George sighed happily, brushing back the small tuft of dark curly hair away from his daughter's eyes. He glanced at his wife, who cradled their son in her arms.

"Is Nymphadora asleep yet?" Hermione asked, smiling down at the baby boy.

"Sound asleep" George whispered before kissing Dora's  forehead.

Hermione gently laid Remus in his crib, and smiled when his tiny fist clutched at her finger sleepily.

She and George got into bed, listening to the soft breathing of their son and daughter.

"When do you want to have more?"

"Go to sleep, George!"


Minerva McGonagall unfolded her copy of the Daily Prophet, as did some of the other staff members. As her eyes scanned the paper, she heard groans of terror coming from her fellow teachers, and glanced at the bottom of the first page. She held a hand to her mouth, setting the paper on the table in front of her.

A picture of Hermione and George Weasley, and what appeared to be two bundles of blue and pink cloth waved up at her. Hermione looked lovingly at the blankets, and George grinned cheekily.

Minerva quickly read the paragraph beneath the photo.

We are excited to report that Hermione and George Weasley, married last year, have had a healthy baby boy and girl!

Born November 3rd at exactly 8:34am, Remus Fredric Weasley weighing at 9 pounds ten inches, and Nymphadora Angelina Weasley, weighing at 8 pounds eleven inches. Both babe and mum are well, and resting at home.

McGonagall smacked her hand to her forehead, some of the students had taken notice of their teacher's distressed expressions, and were wondering what was wrong with them.  On her left, Pomona held a hand over her mouth.

"Minerva.." she whispered, "With her brains.."

"And his love for pranks" continued Professor Sprout who sat on her right.

McGonagall nodded, "We have eleven years to prepare," she held her head in her hands.

"Half the school will be made up of the Potter-Weasley-Granger clan" Pomona said quietly, laying down the newspaper.

McGonagall stood up then, "Excuse me, Professors. I think I need to lay down."

They watched as Minerva got up and walked from the hall.




It's over! Thank you to everyone who reviewed, and to everyone who read but didn't review ;)I'm not too sad that it's over, and I promise there'll be some oneshots about Hitting Rock Bottom up soon :) At first when I was reading George/Hermione fics, I wasn't that big a fan of the pairing (At the time my OTP was Dramione!!), but after reading A Building Love by weasleytwinlover2011 there was no turning back. I fell into a pit of despair(in a good way?)So thanks Jenna for inspiring me to write this, and thanks for reading and giving me support! Anyway, thank you for reading and I hope you'll stick around to read some George/Hermione oneshots! So now I'm going to go and crawl back into my pit of George/Hermione despair :)

I don't own Harry Potter, or the Beatles (*cries*).

See you soon,







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Hitting Rock Bottom: The Newspaper


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