“Moon get out!” I hear Al yell from behind Kyle.

“You need to get out too.” I say pointing at Kyle.

“I took Wolfsbaine, Get out!”

Now I want to hit Kyle but I just run out the door. Kyle runs after me but I’m in the backyard when I start to change and I can’t do anything. My mind begins to fog up all I can see is Kyle running at me before I change.


   The breath was knocked out of me when I was pushed against a tree. The large blond wolf is standing there growling. I am not backing down. He put me through so much pain and nearly killed me.    I may be half he’s size but I easily take him down with the fresh anger flowing through me. He doesn’t back off and bites at my neck. The large scar breaks and blood drips on his blond fur. I lash out and cut his stomach.      He pushes me of him and I fly back into a tree. I at least broke two ribs; still I push back up and attack. I pounce for his neck and miss. I was about to pounce again until I hear a familiar howl come from the woods.     I turn and growl at the wolf and run into the woods howling for my friend. Only he can comfort me now. I start to limp and I’ve lost too much blood. I howl as loud as I can and fall to the ground. I hear a whimper and my friend lies beside me. All I remember is that I am safe around my friend.


I gnawed at myself for beating up Grace. I wanted to look for her but she would have attacked me and I would have put her in more pain.  I just sat and howled. Is this the pain I put her through when I left her? She had just lost her last family member and I’m making it worse. But yet she wants me around.  I lie down and stare into the darkness of the woods hoping a sign of Grace would appear.


What have I done? I just put Grace in more danger from leading her out this far. I transform back into a person and lean up against a tree. I start to weep to myself. My dad would tell me you did the right thing but it doesn’t feel like it. I look up in the sky and see the consolation of Sirius. My god-grandfather who died saving my dad’s life. I look at Grace’s nearly limp body; taking shallow breaths struggling to breath. I pray she can make it through the rest of the night; if not it’s blamed on me. I just sat there and watched her chest slowly rise and fall. Her neck was only dripping blood now, but her chest and back legs were scratched to hell and back. I’ve been around Scorp to long. I wonder what set Grace off. I couldn’t see much of the fight but I could hear the cries and growls from Grace and Kyle. I wish Lily wasn’t there; she’s tough and all but seeing someone she looks up to being thrown against a tree and nearly killing a person isn’t something I want her to see. The moon slowly drifted behind the trees and the stars faded away. Grace was growing human again. The scars across her legs and chest were deep. I put my jumper on her. It was too long for her even though she is tall for a girl. I still clearer her by at least four inches. I lifted her up and she groaned and mumbled.


“I have you.”

“Thank yo…”

She passed out again. I slowly walked back to Rose’s house. I couldn’t go faster than a walk. Grace couldn’t take any more than that. She’s light and felt fragile in my arms. When I finally make it out of the forest the whole family is there. I don’t mean my family, Rose’s, Scorp’s, and Kyle. I mean the whole entire Weasley clan.

“Is she ok?” Kyle says

“She was awake a moment ago, but passed out again from pain.” All I can do is look down at her blood soaked face. Grandma came and took her out of my arms; I wanted to protest but she was speaking before I could.

“I dealt with Remus on bad moons during the war I can take care of her.”

I stare into space as everyone left. My dad led me away.

“Are you ok?” were standing in the woods.

I slide down the trunk of a tree. “I did this.”

“What? Saved Grace’s and Kyle’s life, Saved Grace from losing her last family member, brought her back without any help? Albus you saved her from killing herself.”

“I couldn’t help her when she was lying on a pile of leave slowly dying dad!” I shout I don’t know where this anger came from.

“I blamed myself for killing the people I loved for a long time.” He says softly “I can still give you a list of people who died for me.”

“I couldn’t help her dad, you were busy saving the wizarding world, and all I could do is stare at her and at a constellation.”


I can only nod. I looked him in the eye.

“If she dies it’s my fault.”

“You know your grandmother did things for me that I couldn’t give back in a lifetime. She took me in as her son when I was abandoned and shunned from my aunt’s house. She let me live with her only knowing for a day, she has saved my life so many times that I don’t know what to say. You should know the only reason that some of the people you love today are here because of her. Uncle George lost an ear and didn’t need to go to St. Mungo’s because of her. Let’s just say Grace will be ok.”

I stand up and all I can do is hug him.

“Thank you.”

He takes my shoulder and walks me back to Rose’s house.  Kyle is standing outside looking out at the forest. I can’t go in yet.

“I’ll stay out here with Kyle.”

Dad nods and walked in the house. Kyle looked down at me. He’s intimidating and treats Grace like a sister. I’m pretty sure I’m out to get a speech.

“You saved our lives.”

I shrug “It doesn’t feel like I made a difference.”

“You made a load of a difference; one of us would be dead right know if it weren’t for you.”

“I’m going in the house.” And I walk away.


 “You scared me you know.” A familiar voice comes from above me.

“Mrs.Ginny?” My eyes snap open and you could say I was in a room full of red heads.

“Call me Ginny”


“This one has manners Rosie! How does she get along with you?” George’s voice fills the room.

Rose rolls her eyes and looks at me from over the back of the couch.

“How are ya Moon?”

“Feels like a broken a couple ribs, you?”

A grin spreads across her face “Almost had a heart attack a couple times. Other than that fine.”

Mrs. Weasley comes in the room with a cup of something

“Well you have broken ribs and an ankle. Also you have cuts all over your body. Drink this.”

I take the cup and sip it; oh the wonder taste of Skelly-Grow. The bitterness isn’t bad when you have it a couple times a year. I guess the face I made was funny because the room started laughing. Mrs. Weasley shakes her head and starts to clean the blood off my neck. The scar on my neck opened again and is blood red from what I can tell from looking down because it goes down to my last rib.



“Where’s my necklace?”

She pulls the leather cored out of her pocket and puts it in my hand.


She just shrugs and walks to our room. Mrs. Weasley tells everyone to leave so I can talk to Ron and Hermione.

“What did I do?” I ask as soon as everyone leaves.

“Well, you almost killed your cousin and were thrown against a tree.” Says Ron

“Ronald!” Hermione and Mrs. Weasley say at the same time.

Hermione tells me what she knows.

“So I was thrown against a tree!” I say Ron laughs and the dining room.

“I said no extendible ears in my house!” Hermione yells

“Sorry ‘Mione.” George says.

Hermione rolled her eyes and with a flick of her wand a flesh colored string was in her hand. She stuck it in her back pocket.

“Can I sit up?”  I’m getting tired of laying now.

“For a while” says Mrs. Weasley.

I slowly sit up and Ron and Hermione leave. I find my book on the coffee table and start to read. Mrs. Weasley leaves but comes to check on me often. The back door creeks open and I hear James yell something but the person totally ignores him. Al stood in the doorway.

“Dang Moon got my jumper bloodied up.”

“Well it’s mine now!”

“That’s fine I grew out of it anyways, I’ll get a new one this year.”

He comes and sits on the couch. I lean my head on his shoulder.

“It’s been a bad month.”  Is all I can say.

“Let’s not talk about it.”

I shrug “I’ll remember it by the white scars.”

“Remember the time we both ran out of ink and quills?” Quickly ending that conversation.

I laugh “And the Room of Requirement appeared and had all the supplies we needed.”

“We grabbed all the parchment, ink, quills, and anything else we could find.” I smile into the fire.

The rest of the night we talked about our First and Second year and what was to come the next. No one bothered us for the rest of the night except for Hermione or Mrs. Weasley. I fell asleep on Al’s chest. The warmth and beat of his heart causes me to fall into a dreamless sleep.   

A/N Soooo this was a violent chapter. Anyways I hope you enjoyed please review that’s how I know I’m getting better. Thanks and keep reading!!

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