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 Baby Arabella wakes Hermione many times in the night to feed, so when Hermione opens her eyes the next morning she has bags under them. Draco is already awake and rocking the baby as he drinks a strong cup of coffee, as he is a bit tired as well because the baby woke him up with her crying as well.

Hermione pulls on the same white robe she wore after her bath last night and walks into the kitchen groggily to find something to eat.

“Already made eggs, ham, and bacon love,” Draco tells her as he follows her in the kitchen, the newborn still in his arms.

“Oh wonderful, thank you,” Hermione thanks smiling at him. “I guess it’s not so bad living with you. I’m surprised you can cook.”

“And why is that? I cooked for you once before,” He protests grinning.

“You are a Malfoy, you get your arse wiped twenty-four seven at home!” Hermione jokes with him.

“Maybe, but I wanted to learn how to cook when I was young so Elaina taught me and I told her I wanted to cook today,” Draco tells Hermione.

Hermione walks to him and kisses him on the cheek. “Well… Ron never cooked for me. I was always doing stuff for him,” Hermione complains matter-a-factly.

 “Well, you aren’t with Weasleby anymore for good reason!” Draco tells her with raised eyebrows.

“True,” Hermione agrees.

“So what do we need to get for our dinner party?” Draco wonders.

“Hmm… wedding bands, and food.”

“Wedding bands?!” Draco questions, his eyes widen as he looks at her in shock.

“Yes, why don’t we just elope tonight in front of our friends and family?” Hermione inquires with a huge determined smile.

“Erm, I don’t know. Everyone wanted to plan things-” he trails off, not feeling sure about this.

“Oh Draco, you and I aren’t about all the glamour and stuff with a normal wedding,” Hermione says, rolling her eyes.

“We have been engaged for two days,” He tells her, concerned what everyone will think but not wanting to hurt her feelings.

“Draco, if you are ready, let us get married for our baby! Tonight!” Hermione pushes on, her face looking serious.

“You’re right, fine, who cares what anyone thinks. It's our bloody life,” Draco says, agreeing with her now. He realizes that it was going to happen in a month anyway.

“Brilliant, I’ll owl for one of the judges from the Ministry and then you and I can go find wedding bands,” Hermione murmurs as her heart races from excitement and adrenaline. She then picks up some parchment and a quill and starts writing a letter to the Wizarding Court. 

Draco doesn’t feel so sure about how they have been engaged for two days and now Hermione wants to elope. He knows one thing is for sure, Hermione is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with, so why wait?  And who cares what the others will think? They are happy, in love, have a baby, and are ready to wed with each other in front of their friends and family tonight and for baby Arabella. He is just afraid everything is happening too fast and they will regret it later, but if it will make Hermione happy to elope tonight, so be it.

Hermione sends the letter off to the Ministry with Draco’s black barn owl and they wait for a response. She then calls Elaina the house-elf in the room to ask if she desires to help with the food. “Yes! Good heavens yes!” Little Elaina exclaims, scurrying off to the kitchen to gets started already since Hermione requests several types of entrees and a few appetizers as well.

Putting in so much effort, Hermione is surprised that she is getting things done so quickly being two days out from having a newborn baby. But she is excited to be Mrs. Malfoy as it will be like everything in the past made sense to get her to where she is today and not only that, but she will have the same last name as Arabella and Draco.

After a few hours of thought and after the owl returns with a yes from the Ministry, saying a judge will apparate there tonight  to marry them, Hermione decides she will confide in one person. Her chosen maid of honor since she has no sister, her best girlfriend, Ginny. She picks up the mobile and dials her number. She is a bit nervous as to what her reaction might be.

“Hello?” Ginny’s light voice answers.

“Hey Gin,” Hermione replies nervously.

“What is it Hermione, are you okay? Need help with Savanna?” Ginny wonders, a little alarmed.

“No it’s nothing like that. It is a good thing, but I hope you think it is too.” Hermione says rather awkwardly.

“Oh God Hermione, you aren’t pregnant again are you?” Asks Ginny as her voice threatens to rise.

“No! Isn’t that impossible when you just had a baby like the other day? Anyway… no… erm… we are err… going to get married-” Hermione tells Ginny, her nervous hand shaking the mobile phone. 

“I know that, I was there when he proposed to you both times,” laughs Ginny.

“No, you don’t get it. We are going to get married… Tonight.”

“WOW! Really? Are you sure you want to do this?” Ginny asks frantically. 

“Yes. With everything that is happening in our lives I think it’s the right time. I know he’s the one,” Hermione gushes as she smiles at Draco, who is already looking at her.

“Okay well I’ll go get the décor and be there at around three, sound good? Do you have the judge and everyone?” Ginny is in maid of honor mode and she doesn’t even need to be told that this is her role, she already knows. 

“Yes, I have everyone important notified and our house-elf, Elaina, is cooking. Thanks Gin! I don’t know what I’d do without you-” Hermione tells Ginny, sighing in relief that she isn’t mad.

“I don’t know either actually,” Ginny jokes. “Can I tell Harry?”

“Yes but no one else!” Hermione begs because she wants it to be a surprise to everyone else. Ginny agrees and they then got off the phone after the girls converse where to get the decorations at and decide to meet at a dress store at eleven, and it is already ten now.

Draco laughs at Hermione’s commitment to getting everything done quickly as he just rocks his sleeping daughter in the sitting room chair, barely doing a thing.

“I am going to ask Dean to be my best man because he has been the best coworker anyone could have.” Draco says suddenly.

“Good, do that,” Hermione agrees with him, knowing Dean is a good friend to many.

Draco owls Dean and asks him to be the best man and Dean replies within half an hour. Draco plans to wear black dress robes and Hermione wants to go buy a wedding dress even though it is traditional for a witch to wear dress robes as well.

Knowing Hermione generally doesn’t have much money to her name, Draco takes out a bag from the closet when Hermione starts to feed Arabella before she has to leave. He hands Hermione a thousand galleons and she accepts hesitantly of course after he begs her to take it.

It is nearing eleven and Draco agrees to watch the baby as Ginny and Hermione go to the Muggle bridal store in downtown London. Hermione kisses her daughter and Draco, she then walks to the front of the house and apparates.


Hermione lands in front of Blushing Bride Bridal Store and Ginny apparates there at almost the same time behind the building. The girls startle each other and laugh as they almost run into one another.

“I can’t believe you are getting married tonight!” Ginny booms excitedly, remembering why they are here after they get over their laughing fit.

“I know! I never in a million years planned to marry Draco Malfoy but funny how things change and how life plays out,” Hermione admits, smiling at the thought of being Draco’s bride as the girls walk into the bridal store.

“Oh how I want to get married again, these dresses are beautiful! I had to wear a secondhand dress robe that mum had!” Ginny exclaims, running her hands across a beautiful beaded wedding dress.

“You still looked beautiful,” Hermione compliments her friend, remembering Harry and Ginny’s wedding day well. And she isn’t lying as Ginny looked stunning on her wedding day.  

A bubbly, young woman with long blonde hair bounces over to them in large high heels. “Hello ladies! Who’s the lucky bride?”

“I am!” Hermione exclaims excitedly.

“Congrats, when is the day?”

“Tonight,” Ginny tells the woman, giggling at her face when she says that.

The woman does a double take. “Oh my! Girls usually come in at least three months before!”

“Well, erm, it was kind of unexpected,” Hermione apologetically implies.

“Oh honey, that’s okay. We will get you in a beautiful dress!” The woman promises, grabbing Hermione’s arm and bringing her into the wedding dress aisles.

“Is this your maid of honor?” The lady asks.

“Yes, she sure is,” Hermione says, smiling at Ginny.

“Oh sweety, go find you a dress as well!” The lady beckons toward Ginny, who then disappears to the other side of the store.

“So what kind of dress are you looking for?”

“Uhm I never thought about it,” Hermione starts in thought.

The woman sighs rather rudely. “Honey, we’ve got to start somewhere.”

“Okay well how about chiffon? Empire waist? Beaded?” Hermione asks, starting to imagine the dress she wants in her head. She tried on a few when she was with Ron but she can’t remember what the dresses were like, that seems ages ago.

“Of course!” The lady booms and she then disappears after giving Hermione undergarments to try on.

Hermione walks into the dressing room and applies the needed undergarments and waits. The woman doesn’t take long, as she lays two beautiful wedding dresses to hang on Hermione’s door to try on. Since Hermione doesn’t have much time to decide, she tells herself she will pick between these two unless they are ugly on her body. She did just have a baby the other day so she still has a post-baby pooch that unfortunately magic can’t fix unless you want to spend a lot of galleons.  

She tries on the first dress and it is mind-blowingly beautiful. Hermione absolutely loves it as it fits with her body perfectly and hides her new curves she gained with baby Arabella. She then opens the door of the dressing stall and walks into the room full of mirrors to see every angle of the dress.

It is perfect and Hermione didn’t think she would go with the very first one. But this one is just… stunning.

“You look gorgeous!” Ginny exclaims from the entryway standing in a beautiful royal blue dress. The dress compliments Ginny’s ivory skin perfectly and she looks amazing as her beautiful long red hair flows over her shoulders around her barely hidden cleavage.

“So do you!” Hermione says as tears come to her eyes. She looks at her friend and then at herself again, noticing this dress makes her look just as beautiful as her best friend.

“Don’t cry because you’ll make me cry!” Ginny demands, smiling.

“I’m not. I just can’t believe I’m getting married.” Hermione says, refusing to let the emotional tears come to her eyes.

“Me either! And to Malfoy!” Ginny says, adding a chuckle at the end.

“I know!” Hermione says, disbelieving it herself.

“I have mixed feelings, you know why,” Ginny admits with a somewhat watery smile as emotion takes over her as well.

“I know Gin but we can’t take back the past and what Ron did.” Hermione tells her, not wanting to talk about her ex on her wedding day.

“You’re right. We are sisters anyway!” Ginny says, wiping a tear from her eye.

“Forever, yes we are!” Hermione agrees.

“I hope our children will get married someday,” Ginny says, day-dreaming about the future.

“Me too, that would be so adorable!” Hermione gushes with a huge smile at the thought.

“He’s a year old tomorrow!” Ginny reminds Hermione.

“Wow, you’re joking.” Hermione gawks, not realizing how much time has passed by in the past year.

“I know I need to plan a party!” Ginny tells Hermione.

“You do, it will be fun,” Hermione agrees.

The woman interrupts their conversation. “Do you like the dress?”

“I love it!” Hermione tells her. “This is the one I think!”

“It looks absolutely stunning on you ma’am, but are you sure you don’t want to try anymore on?” The lady asks, surprised that Hermione picked the very first one she tried on.

“Yes! I’m sure this is it.”

“Okay, well I will take it up front after you are done trying it on. And you madam?” She turns to Ginny.

“Oh yes, mine too, I love it.” Ginny says, glancing down at her royal blue, chiffon, sweetheart necked dress. And it is hard to get Ginny in dresses so she must really like this one.

“Well you both look gorgeous. Go take the dresses off and I’ll meet you up front!” The woman says, clapping her hands.

Ginny looks at her watch, it is already twelve forty-five.

Ginny and Hermione return to the dressing rooms, undress, and then dress into their normal clothes. Then the girls hang the dresses back up like they should be and walk together up front to the cash-register.

Hermione’s heart is racing as she pays for the dresses. She feels like she is in a dream, she is truly getting married tonight to an ex-Death Eater.  

The girls leave the bridal store and walk into a shoe store that is near the bridal store. They find shoes for the wedding and then apparate to a parlor to get their hair done.

Hermione is so happy with how everything is working out so fast as she gets her hair curled into elegant ringlets and Ginny has her red hair pinned up in a beautiful bun. The ladies that do their hair agree to do the girl’s makeup as well and Hermione and Ginny look almost like models that walked out of a magazine when the stylists are done with them. Hermione chose a beautiful shimmery brown eye shadow and Ginny a beautiful blue to match her dress and they also have very prominent eyes because of the expensive mascara and eyeliner. Needless to say, the girls are ready for a wedding.

"We should be on Witch Weekly!" Ginny jokes quietly as she glances at herself in the mirror when they leave the shop. 

It is about two forty-five when the girls are done with everything appearance and dress wise. Hermione calls Draco to check on the baby and he says she is a little fussy but is currently sleeping so he gives her the go ahead to go with Ginny to pick out decorations. The girls enter a store called The Gathering and there is everything imaginable for a party, wedding, you name it in the Muggle store.

“This is bloody brilliant!” Ginny says, impressed as she looks around in awe. Having grown up in a pureblood family she only knew of things in the wizarding world until recently after the war when Harry and Hermione opened up their Muggle world to her as well as the rest of her family.

“I know! It has everything we need basically!” Hermione exclaims, feeling more excited as they walk farther into the store.

Hermione loves blue colors, mostly ocean colors such as aqua so that is the main colors the girls start looking for. They acquire many plates, spoons, forks, knives, drinking cups, plastic wine cups, and everything galore that will feed plenty of people at a short time’s notice.

There are also cute wedding party favors that say “I Do,” and “Me Too.” And there are mints of every kind and the girls pick out a bunch of them along with candy and different kinds of punch drink recipes.

Finally the girls get everything they need and the cost turns out to be quite extraordinary, but Hermione doesn’t care as she only hopes to get married once.

They pay and then walk behind the building to apparate back to Hermione’s beautiful new house. Ginny squeals as soon as they land in front of it. “Hermione, this is prettier than my house!”

“We love it, but I think your house is just as beautiful,” replies Hermione, truly proud of her new home.

“How did you manage to get such a cute house?” Ginny wonders, looking around in awe after greeting Draco and baby Arabella.

“My Aunt Andromeda’s old house, she gave it to us. She hasn’t been in it for over a year, but my mum and she made it perfect for Hermione and me. It was a surprise for her yesterday as I knew about it but she didn’t.” Draco explains.

“Well Draco, this is just amazing.” Ginny compliments with a smile, looking around still in utter amazement.

“Thanks!” He says as he hands Arabella to Hermione.  His eyes take a moment to look at his bride in a loving way. “You look beautiful Hermione.”

“Well thank you Draco,” Hermione replies, blushing. She still can’t believe that they are getting married tonight and that she, Hermione, is the one who suggested getting married so quickly. But it didn’t work with Ron, who she was with for a whole two years, so maybe getting married fast is the right answer since she has a baby with Draco and loves him dearly, more than she ever loved Ron.

“Let’s get to decorating!” Ginny exclaims to them, interrupting their moment as she is excited to finally get started after the shopping they have done all afternoon.

Ginny starts to decorate the whole house by herself as soon as she gets a design idea in her head. She first decorates the pillars around the house with streamers of blue and white, she uses her wand to put air into at least two hundred balloons, and she magically acquires a lot of beautiful roses and lilies to decorate the whole large house with. 

Hermione charms the bottle that Arabella is drinking to hold itself up and then she starts to help Ginny. Ginny, who has gladly taken over the role of decorating, tells Hermione to decorate the backyard if anything.

When Hermione walks outside onto the front porch, she stands silently and closes her eyes for a few moments and imagines exactly how she has wanted her wedding since she was five. She then puts her wand in front of her and makes her dream wedding happen.

Beautiful rows of seats covered in satin white appear along with white roses dangling lightly off the sides. An aisle runner covered in more flowers falls to the ground out of thin air and unrolls itself. An archway pops up at the end of the aisle where they will get married under... and now to her it looks like this will be the fairytale wedding she has always dreamed of. 

Hermione then sets up a Muggle stereo she finds in one of the closets. She casts a spell on it to make it play a playlist full of everything, from the Weird Sisters to anything but Mrs. Weasley's Celestina music that she blares into unwanting eardrums around Christmas. 

After the music starts playing itself, Hermione surveys the backyard a second time and realizes how happy she is that the weather is just perfect for a wedding. It is sunny and cool for the first time in what seems like ages as it has been raining a lot lately. 

She walks inside to help Ginny finish the house which now looks almost like a whole different place with all the colors of blue and white around. A table is set up with all different kinds of candies and another table has Fire-Whiskey, Pumpkin Juice, and the popular beverages people drink around the wizarding world. 

With the house looking beautiful already the wedding decor makes the house look absolutely stunning as Hermione and Ginny finally  finish up a few last touches and sit down to rest awhile.

After resting, Hermione digs through all the new clothes of baby Arabella’s and finds an adorable white and frilly long dress that Narcissa had given to her. It is long enough to cover her little feet where Hermione places socks to keep her warm in case it gets chilly. 

As the hours tick by Hermione gets more and more nervous.

She has many thoughts going through her head… is this the right time to get married? Should they have waited like they planned? Will any of the family be upset? Will the parents do their jobs even though the wedding is a surprise? Hermione doesn’t know. All she can do is hope and pray that everything works out like they hope and dream this evening.

The questions don’t continue for much longer because Dean arrives along with Cho. They are in awe at the decorations and they congratulate Hermione and Draco with warm hugs. They also love the house a lot! Cho and Ginny apparate together as Hermione goes upstairs to get ready to get the cake that Ginny ordered not long ago that is now ready for the event.

Harry and James arrive next. “Wow, what a beautiful household you guys have. Andromeda was telling me about this place one day and you guys really got it all perfect for a little family like your’s.”

“Thanks Potter,” Draco replies to him with a big smile. He is proud of it all, his baby, his about to be wife, and his beautiful house. He feels he doesn’t deserve any of it but he is grateful nevertheless.

Mr. Jeff Granger and Mrs. Jean Granger arrived behind Harry and they are in total shock at the decorations for this ‘dinner party’. They understand a little more when Hermione explains to them that they have decided to get married since all the friends and family will be here anyway. They are happy for Hermione but Jeff of course glares at Draco just a little bit.

Neville, Luna, Ron, and Lavender arrived next. “What a lovely place! It’s almost as though you guys decorated for a wedding!” Luna says with a big smile, complementing the house.

“Well, surprise, we are in fact getting married tonight!” Hermione announces to the group, giving Draco a big smack on the lips making Ron coil like a serpent.

“Do you really want to stay?” Ron asks Lavender as this is the very last place he wants to be. He had no idea that they are getting married tonight and it will break his heart to watch it.

Lavender who is oblivious to everything says, “Yes! Ron! Don’t be rude! I want to stay; it will be a beautiful wedding!”

Ron shrugs and just follows Lavender wherever she goes by hand. He wants to be anywhere but here watching the girl he truly loves being taken away… for good.

Mrs. Weasley and Mr. Weasley come in next. Molly is also expecting this to be décor for a dinner party and thinks it is a bit too much, but Ginny explains that it is a wedding as soon as she arrives back with the wedding cake. Mrs. Weasley expresses that she is a little disappointed that she didn’t help plan it like she wanted to. But she can’t have possibly planned anyway in just two days! She seems accepting after a while.

So far, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves besides Ron. The food starts to appear on the tables at about five-thirty as Elaina finishes all of the dishes and people start to munch on the appetizers. There are hot wings, crab cakes, pumpkin pastries and people get ahold of the drinks quickly too.

Narcissa arrives with Andromeda and Teddy about an hour into the festivities. When Draco tells her that they are getting married that evening, she almost seems to want to feint. But she doesn’t… she puts on a smiling face for them and tells him she is very excited for him and Hermione. She even asks if Draco can walk her down the aisle. Draco of course accepts to walk her down the aisle first, as he wants his mum to feel important in the wedding too. He wants her to know how grateful he is that she changed some of the things she used to do and that she’s here for them now. 

Hermione is excited to see Teddy; she hasn’t seen him since right after he was born. He looks a lot like Lupin and Tonks together and it almost makes her feel like they are present at her wedding through their little boy who is now almost three.

To Hermione’s surprise, many more people come than expected. The guests start calling more friends and different people arrive when they hear of the news that Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy are having a wedding tonight.

Even Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zabini show up to Draco’s dismay and Astoria tags along with Pansy and her fiancé, pouting at the fact Draco is not hers anymore or ever will be again and has a baby with another woman. Draco of course doesn’t care at all whatsoever that the three of them are there, he refuses to acknowledge them.

The night seems to be a very big success so far. People are talking, socializing and having a good time. All but of course Ron and Astoria, who have both been sulking and pouting the whole night so far.

Everyone starts taking seats and Hermione and Ginny go in to change into their dresses with the help of Mrs. Weasley and Jean Granger of course.

Jean squeals in excitement when she sees her daughter in her beautiful wedding dress and then starts to cry all in the same moment as Hermione looks absolutely amazing. Jean helps get Hermione’s shoes and everything on too and did one more touch of hairspray to her hair so her ringlets won’t have any chance of falling.  

Ginny and Mrs. Weasley soon join them in the room and Ginny is holding baby Arabella because Draco says she is fussing really badly and wants to eat. After feeding Arabella until she coos happily with a full stomach, Hermione makes sure her own daughter looks beautiful as well before they get ready to leave the master bedroom and Jean agrees to hold the baby until almost the end of the wedding when Draco wants her up there with them.

It is finally about time to start the ceremony, the mums both left with the baby after kissing Ginny and Hermione. Then Jeff Granger came to do a father’s duty, to take his daughter down the aisle.

Hermione views the whole backyard from the upstairs master bedroom and she notices Draco patiently waiting for her after walking his mum down the aisle.

Hermione’s heart starts to race and Ginny gives her one last big hug before the major music starts to play and all the guests are asked by the Ministry judge to stand up.

Jeff takes ahold of his daughter’s left arm and Ginny walks in front of them with a big, beautiful bouquet of white wildflowers identical to Hermione’s. 

This is the moment Hermione can’t believe is coming, the moment she will marry Draco Lucius Malfoy, the man she loves.

They have actually been through a lot when you put it all into play. They were all a part of the same war, and Draco and Hermione were victims worse than normal witches and wizards.

Draco was expected to be a part of the Death Eaters that day, but that was the day that he decided he wanted to leave the Death Eaters. Hermione was the best friend of the man Voldemort wanted, Harry Potter. The two have been through a lot to get here- the best day of their lives when they unite in marriage. Voldemort is gone, the Death Eaters are all locked up or dead and the both of them have finally found happiness. They wouldn’t want to be with anyone else in the whole wide world but with each other and Arabella. And tonight they are going to make it official.

Jeff Granger and Hermione walk slowly out of the double French doors that lead to the back yard. Ginny is about ten steps in front of them and she proceeds to make it to the altar directly across from Dean Thomas, who is wearing identical jet black dress robes to Draco’s.

Hermione doesn’t look up at first because she hates when people stare at her. But today is different because she is the center of attention and for good reason, she’s the bride.

She is still in deep thought of everything that they ever had to go through when they hated each other, when they started to talk, when they became a couple… Soon the emotion of everything that is happening and the general emotion of the wedding comes over her and tears gather in her chocolate brown eyes.

Braving the way she feels, she finally summons the courage to address her eyes forward and look at her groom who is smiling at her with tears in his eyes as well. Yes, they have been together for a short ten months, but that is all the time they needed to find their true selves and find out they are each other’s soulmates.

Hermione is soon at the middle of the aisle way, almost to Draco, and her heart feels like it will fall out of her chest. And like it takes all the time in the world, they finally make it to the front of the altar and Jeff Granger grins broadly at Draco as he hands his only daughter’s arm to him.

“Who gives this woman to this man?” The Ministry judge booms.

“I and her mother,” Jeff Granger replies. And then he walks back toward where his wife is sitting after shaking Draco’s hand roughly.

Draco’s gray eyes look straight into Hermione’s brown ones and Hermione can see in his eyes in that moment how much she means to him as she has never seen him cry before, not once in her life. His tears are happy tears as he keeps a firm grip on her hands as they face each other.

“I am here today to join Draco Lucius Malfoy and Hermione Jean Granger in the rite of holy matrimony by the city of London’s Ministry if Magic-” The judge starts.

Then he moves on to the vows, and Hermione and Draco say them to each other with a big smile on their faces. Hermione is crying a bit too by the time the vows are said. This is an emotional process for her… and she still can’t believe this is happening. But she is so, so happy to be standing right where she is.

The couple then exchanges wedding bands that Draco had picked up earlier that day with Arabella when Ginny and Hermione were gone. He did a good job because Hermione’s band goes very well with her beautiful diamond engagement ring.

Then as fast as it seems to start, Jean hands Arabella to Draco and big “AWW!” comes from everyone… the judge says, “I pronounce you husband and wife, Draco you may kiss your bride!” And Draco kisses Hermione passionately like he never kissed her before.

Then the couple makes their way down the aisle and stops to wait to thank everybody.


Ron doesn’t know whether to cry or to be angry, he has never been so upset in his life. But despite all the pain this causes him, he is happy to see the girl he loves get a happy ending even though he wasn’t in it because he messed it up.

Astoria cries the whole time and her boyfriend, who showed up halfway through the wedding, eventually announces that they are leaving because he can’t stand her doing this anymore. And the couple leaves as Astoria weeps about not being with Draco and losing him.

Even Pansy wonders how her boyfriend puts up with her, but she will never say that out loud. Pansy also feels a little sad that Draco is married because he married a mudblood and also she wanted him too since they had started Hogwarts but at least she has Zabini now. Pansy can’t help but be happy for the couple too.


The people start to get up and come and hug and kiss the couple and baby Arabella. Lots of “Congrats!” come from everyone and no one says anything negative to their relief.

After everyone has come through to hug Hermione and Draco, people start to get in line for the entrees Elaina had cooked, which is an amazing tilapia and different vegetables and finger foods to go with. Hermione is very pleased with how everything is turning out so far and they too walk through the food line to get their food.

Draco and Hermione Malfoy sit down and Hermione cradles Arabella as they eat.  The food is amazing in Hermione’s opinion. Draco isn’t much of a fish eater but he survives it.

Then it was time for cake, and Hermione and Draco cut their buttercream flavored cake and throw it in each other’s faces so much that they have to use their wands to get stains out of their clothing. People laugh so hard and take many pictures as they did the whole wedding and eventually people get out on the floor and started to dance to the music Hermione charmed the stereo to play.

Draco hands Arabella to his mum to hold and asks Hermione for her hand when a slow song comes on. Hermione gladly takes it and they join their friends and family on the dance floor.

The new Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy dance and dance until their feet are sore. People start leaving because it was nearing midnight now and everyone wants to get home and go to sleep.

Hermione starts talking with Luna and Ginny and Draco goes to talk to Harry and Dean.

Ron, not being able to take the emotional pain of being here dragged Lavender away from the reception a while ago but suddenly he shows up again and his face looks downfallen but confident as he says, “Congrats Hermione.”

“Th-thank you Ron,” Hermione replies, unsure of what to say.

“You’re welcome. And everyone thinks you look absolutely stunning tonight, as always.” He adds with a weak smile.

“Aww Ron, thank you.”

“Hermione, despite what happened between us I hope that me and you can be friends again someday. It is too painful right now because I am still in love with you. But one day I will get over this and put my big boy shoes on and come be your best friend that I used to be,” Ron tells her, hugging Hermione to him.

Draco watches him closely, he knows Ron is probably torn up and he doesn’t know what he might try with Hermione.

“Thank you so much for that Ron, it means the world to me,” Hermione tells him and kisses him on the cheek. Ron can’t help but smile as if he just got something huge off of his chest.

Ginny and Luna watch with softened expressions on their faces. Ginny didn’t expect Ron to come do anything like this, it was very sweet of him and made the wedding night that more special.

Soon it nears two in the morning and the crowd is generally cleared out all the way. Only a few remain and they said their goodbyes by two thirty.

Draco and Hermione put Arabella to bed and then go to their room get ready for bed themselves.
When they were finished and get into bed, Hermione lays motionless still in awe that this is still happening and it isn’t a dream.

“I love you Mrs. Hermione Jean Malfoy,  It feels so right to say that.” Draco says, kissing Hermione passionately.  

“I love you Mr. Draco Lucius Malfoy. And I always will.”

A/N: This is the end of the story but not the end of Draco, Hermione, and Arabella's story. So please check out the Prologue of Winds of Abomination, my sequel to this story that was my very first story ever written on HPFF.
I know some don't support Dramione, so I will tell you things will happen in the next book that will make you question whether they will stay together or fall apart.

I always appreciate reviews but I am most grateful that anyone even took the time to read my little story here :) I hope you all like it and continue to follow their story.

Until next time... onto book 2! 






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