“I’m not in the mood to talk MacDougal so bugger off.” I said angrily as I stormed out of the school into the open courtyard. Luckily most people were in class so besides two third year Ravenclaws on the opposite end, we were alone. I flung my bag on the stone bench and paced angrily, too mad to sit still. 

Kane calmly picked up the books that had fallen out of my bag and sat down on the bench, his forearms resting on his knees.

“Calm down, Besin. It’s nothing to get worked up about.”

I stopped pacing long enough to turn around and face Kane.

“Nothing! You call Ethan kissing face with Lexus Nordlund…nothing! Giles won’t speak to anyone, not even me! He’s holed himself up in the library for days and will barely eat. And now! Now, they’re a couple. Rich isn’t it. The same Slytherins we’ve been complaining about for years, the blood traitors, and now he’s dating one of them! I can’t believe he’d do this to Giles I mean, they’re not ‘together together’ but-”

As soon as I realized what I was saying I stopped. I was horrified I’d been so careless, talking about Giles’ and Ethan’s relationship.

Kane didn’t look surprised at all though and the corner of his lip did an upwards twitch.

“Oh honestly, you don’t think I know? He’s my cousin, like my younger brother, of course I know.”

“But, his father?”

Kane chuckled mirthlessly. “Course not, my uncle sees exactly what he want to see and nothing else.”

“Right…and, Evander?”

He looked at me with a curious expression. “He knows.”

“Course he does,” I muttered.

I was silent, grateful at least that I hadn’t spilled a secret that wasn’t mine to tell. 

Kane sighed. “Listen, Ethan knows what he’s doing. It really doesn’t mean anything…Giles knows it too, just having a harder time accepting it.”

I stared quizzedly at Kane. “So why is he dating Lexus? You know who her best mates are. That awful Fontaine girl, Malfoy, Potter and Chambers…blood traitors, the lot of them.”

Kane simply shrugged, unwilling to tell me anything. “I can’t tell you but--”




“Course you can’t tell me anything! You’re just like Giles and Evander, only giving me the ‘need to know’ information but never trusting me with anything important. I’m done. Done with all of you.”






 I grabbed my bag from beside Kane and practically ran into the castle. I could hear Kane cursing behind me and calling me to come back but I ignored him.








The fight with Kane had hardly been the lowest low point of my week but it proved to be my breaking point. I was sick of all my friends treating me like a china doll that could easily break. Sick of being part of their circle yet not important enough to trust with any important information. I knew I was being irrational considering the fact that I hadn't told them my true identity but I really didn't want to listen to my rational side right now. All I knew was that I was sick of being a Besin...whoever that was. I was sick of being stuck with no past and no future. Sick of being treated like a dirty half or mud blood by all of the stuck up Slytherins. I was sick...well sick of being me....




I moved quickly throughout the castle only stopping once to hex a first year that got in my way. When I arrived at one of the abandoned classrooms on the third floor I locked the door and leaned up against it, finally allowing myself to just breathe. I raised my wand to sound proof the room, ‘Insulato’. Then and only then did I allow myself to break down. It was as if years and years of hatred that I’d bottled up came pouring out all at once.

Confringo!” I shouted and watched as the desk in front of me exploded. "Confringo!" I shouted once more destroying the pile of books left sitting on a near by desk.










I said the spell with more passion each time I said it, watching as the room around me exploded into several pieces. The desks splintered, the glass broke in the window panes, the chalkboard cracked and even the tile on the floor shattered around my feet. I covered my face and let the glass and wood rain against my arms and hands. It felt as though tiny pins were being forced into my skin, the wood splintering and the glass inbedding itself into my hands and arms.

The dust settled and I finally took my hands away from my face. I looked down at my arms to find them bloodied and full of scratches. I easily couldn’t have formed a shield around me to protect myself but I didn’t even care. I let the blood drip from my arms and hands as events replayed in my head. Ethan kissing Nordlund, Giles yelling at me and ignoring me, the Slytherin girls calling me a nasty half blood, the muggles boys at the orphanage leering at me and lastly, my father leaving and the image of my six year old self turned into my current self standing there alone…always alone.

It seemed as though I had stood there for ages but it had really only been moments before the door was quickly blasted open by an out of breath and irritable red head.

“Are you mental? What the bloody hell are you doing, Besin? Trying to kill yourself!?”

Rose Weasley stormed into the room uninvited, taking in the damage to the room then looking over at me. “You need to go the hospital wing.”

“I’m fine. Go away.” I said with as much strength as I could muster. The spell and events prior had taken more of a toll on me than I’d realized. “I’m fine, just need to sit down…” 

I tried to sit down where I was standing only to realize there was no chair. As I was falling Rose quickly conjured a cushy chair for me to fall into. She sighed and conjured another for herself before sitting down.

“Occlusion,” said Rose as she pointed her wand towards the door making it close.

“How’d you find me? I had the room sound proofed…” 

Rose just raised her eyebrow. “You may have sound proofed the room but that did nothing to stop others from seeing in the window AND to feel the explosion. I just happened to be walking by.”

Sleep sounded so good, if only Weasley would shut up. I really didn’t have the strength to make her go away though. 

“Really, what were you thinking? You at least could have shielded yourself. And don’t even try and tell me it was an accident. Unfortunately, I know you far too well to believe that.” 

I looked up to look at her in disbelief and anger. “You know nothing about me Weasley. Nothing. No one does.”

Rose just looked at me with a weird expression…concern maybe? compassion?

“Look, I know things probably haven’t been easy lately with Giles and Ethan fighting. I mean, I know we’re not really friends, Merlin, we don’t even like each other half the time, but hey, if you need to talk to someone…I’ll listen.”

I looked over at Rose who was shifting awkwardly in her seat. I was ready to bite back with a sarcastic reply but I realized that she really was being genuine.

“Err…thanks, Weasley. You’re not too bad.”

Rose laughed. “You’re not too bad yourself, Besin.”

We smiled at each other and for a second I wished that things could be different and that Weasley and I could be friends. Maybe in a different world. A world where I wasn’t a Travers and she wasn’t a Weasley. It would be nice to have a female friend for once.

“Here give me your arms. You should still see the nurse but I can patch you up till then.”

I didn’t even think about and held out my arms toward Rose. She lifted her wand and suddenly I felt a warming sensation as the cuts on my arms were slowly patched up.


I woke up with a start, taking in the bright white walls of the hospital wing and the person slumped over in the chair next to my bed, Giles.

I shifted, trying to get comfortable but the old mattress springs creaked loudly awakening Giles. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and immediately got out of his chair to come sit on the side of my bed. He raised his wand and quicky muttered, ‘Muffliato’, so no one else could hear us.

“Merlin, Belle! You’ve been out for a day. I’ve been out of my mind worrying about you!” He grabbed my hand then narrowed his eyes at me. “What happened? Weasley wouldn’t tell me anything, just that you were in the hospital wing.”

He frowned, apparently quite annoyed that Weasley knew something that he didn’t.

“Nothing. I’m fine Giles. I’m loads better now.” Which was true. My hands and arms were completely healed thanks to Weasley and I had been given a reviving potion so after a good nights sleep I was feeling almost like my normal self.

“Weasley didn’t…” said Giles with a grimm look on his face. 

“Gah, no! She helped me. It was my own stupid fault I got hurt but she showed up in  and helped heal me arms. It’s really not a big deal and it’s over with now so can we please just...forget about it?”

He reluctantly nooded and let go of my hand. 

“So, how have you been. We haven’t really had a chance to talk since…well, you know.”

Giles was still staring off into space but he finally pursed his lips and relunctantly turned to face me. “Yeah, I know…”

“I talked to Kane. You want to tell me why Ethan is dating bloody Nordlund?”

“I know…it’s complicated, alright. I know Ethan doesnt’ really like her but I hate it. I hate that it’s so easy for him to be with her and yet…yet impossible for us. I hate seeing him with her.”

“You still haven’t told me why, Giles.” I said softly. 

“I can’t--”

“Ugh. Either I’m your best mate, or I’m not. Either you trust me, or you don’t. What is it?” 

Giles stared silently at me, weighing my ultimatum. “It’s not that I don’t trust you. Merlin knows I trust you with my life. And you’ll always be my best mate but there’re things that I can’t tell you! Not that I don’t want to but that I can’t. Too much is a stake and I don’t want to put you in danger.” Giles appeared even more agitated and ran his fingers through his hair.

“Why Lexus Nordlund? Why her?” I said forcefully.

Giles reluctantly sighed and gave in.“Her father is Hugh Vangloch.” 

My eyes widened in recognition. Vangloch was the force behind the new security measures of Azkaban after the Battle of Hogwarts. The Ministry felt the dementors couldn’t be trusted anymore so they had to come up with new ways to protect the prizon and hold all of the new prizoners from the war. Vangloch was perhaps the only living person who knew how to defeat the defenses that guarded Azkaban. Not even head auror Harry Potter knew how to. 

Giles cut off my ‘But’ before I could even get the whole word out. “Look, the Yaxley’s would kill me for even telling you that. I don’t know what information Ethan is seeking or how they found out who her father is, only Ethan and his father know.”

I slowly started to piece to gether everything I knew…What Giles overheard this summer, Yaxley’s promotion, Ethan’s involvement with Vangloch’s daughter, even Evander and Kane’s incident with the Atwood girl…What if Ethan did succeed in his mission? What did Yaxley Sr. need from Azkaban? How or did my father even fit in this equation?

Even since I’ve been at Hogwarts, I’ve used a good deal of my free time researching in the library. I found out my father and Rowle had been arrested when I was eight for conspiracy against the British Ministry. I found out that my father was friends with Yaxley, Jugson, Nott and Rowle when he was at Hogwarts. They were all in Slytherin of course, my father had even been a prefect.

I couldn’t allow myself to get hopeful that my father was in any way involved in this but none the less I felt in a better mood than I had in days.

“Ugh, are you okay? You look a little crazed right now.”

I smiled brilliantly at Giles. “Don’t be daft. Come on I’m starving.”  I undid the muffliato charm with a quick swish of my wand and stood, if somewhat shakily, for the first time.

Giles just continued to look at me with an almost cautious expression before following me out the door.


Giles and I were rather silent at the Ravenclaw table that night. Both of us kepting glancing over at the Slytherin table and looking at Ethan who was sitting with his new ‘girlfriend’ Lexus and her mates Fontaine, Malfoy, Potter and Chambers. I was happy to see that Giles and I weren’t the only ones displeased with the new relationship.

The three Slytherin boys, Malfoy, Potter and Chambers were shooting daggers at Yaxley. Ethan kept making it worse by not so subtly putting his arm around Lexus’ shoulders and kissing her on the cheek. Lexus would revel in the attention and give a pointed look at Chambers. As for Fontaine, well she looked bored at the spectactle Lexus and Ethan were making of themselves.  She finally had enough of it apparently because when Mason Nott, another sixth year Slytherin, came over to ask her something she immediately got up and went with him not even bothering to say good bye to her mates.

I snapped out of my musings when I felt someone staring at me across the room. I turned and met the eyes of Evander. He simply raised his eyebrow and jerked his head towards the door. Kane sat sitting next to him, refusing to make eye contact with me.

Ugh. I really didn’t want to talk with Evander at the moment but I knew if I didn’t meet up with him he’d just find me some other time.

“I’ll meet you back at the common room,” I said to Giles as I got up and smoothed my skirt.

“Hmm?” said Giles, finally peeling his eyes from the Slytherin table to pear at me and then Evander who had already left his table.

“Ahh….right.” His eyes darted once more between the two of us before looking once more at the Slytherin table with disgust. Ethan was holding Lexus’ hand and whispering what looked to be sweet nothings into her ear. 

“It’s fine. I’m done anyway. Catch you later.” With that Giles stood up abruptly and left, leaving his untouched dinner plate behind.

I stepped outside into the cool night air to see Evander sitting on one of the stone benches waiting for me. I walked towards him and as he noticed me he rose from his seat.

“Isabelle,” he said with a nod.

“Evander,” I replied back if somewhat uncertainly and sat down on the bench. Evander immediately followed my lead.

“You’re better, I presume?”

“Quite. It was a silly accident of no consequence. I’m fine.”

“Good…Listen, Belle--”

"It’s fine Evander,” I said cutting him off. “I don’t know what Kane told you but it’s fine.”

“It’s not fine Isabelle! You deliberately tried to harm yourself today.”

Evander's steely eyes glared at mine before he grabbed my hand and held it in his, his eyes slowly softening. “I don’t like seeing you upset, you know that. I’ve done a lot of thinking today and I realized that I can’t possibly expect you to trust me if I’m unwilling to trust you."

I looked at Evander with a curious expression on my face. Surely he couldn't mean what I thought it did.

"You'll tell me anything I want to know?" 

He shifted uncomfortable but then with a serious expression nodded. "Within reason...yes."

I knew I was pushing my luck and should just take it but the curious Ravenclaw in my couldn't help but wonder why.

"Really...why the sudden change of heart? You guys have always stopped your serious conversations when I enter the room or tell me 'I wouldn't understand' or 'I can't tell you. I've done nothing but show my loyalty and friendship to all of you."

I tried to wrench my hand out of Evander's grasp but if anything he just held on tighter and turned my hand face side up so he could lightly trace his fingers over my wrist.

"I'll admit, I did question your loyalty and I questioned Ethan's and Gile's association with you but..."

"But...what?" I asked impaciantly when it appeared he was stalling.

He simpy smiled and lifted my hand to touch it to his lips.

"But, I've done the most impractical thing imaginable by falling for you. So you really leave me no choice. I want you to be happy and if you're going to be questioning anyone in the group I'd rather it be me."

Evander held me captive by his eyes and I suddenly felt like my entire body was blushing. He's fallen for me? What?! I felt like I should have seen this coming but nothing could have prepared me for this moment. Guys like Evander Yaxley just do not fall for penniless orphans with an unknown blood line. Evander should have been falling for Isabelle Travers and not Isabelle Besin, it just didn't make sense.

I couldn't meet his eyes any longer and as I quickly turned his head he chuckled and dropped my hand from his. He leaned back on the bench against the cold stone wall and waited paciently for me to say something.

"Right well...you said anything, right?"

He smiled. "Within reason."

"Why's Ethan dating Nordlund?"

I already knew the answer, obviously, but I wanted to see how much he'd actually tell me.

Evander pursed his lips as if pondering the right way to say things.

"Call it a...favor...he's doing for our father. Her father's important to us and just needs to be reminded of why he's so important."

When I still looked questioning at him and grinned lazily. "I told you within reason, for now that's all I can tell you."

"Fine," I smiled mischievously. "So what did you say to Malfoy to get him to stay away from Rose. She's mad that you did 'Almost too good of a job'".

Evander gave a low dark chuckle and shook his head. “Let’s just say Malfoy isn’t quite the blood traitor that his father and friends assume he is."

I raised my eyebrows at this. Come on. Malfoy was best mates with the son of the savior of the wizarding world Mr. Harry Potter himself. My sceptism showed on my face because Evander smiled and leaned forward more to tell the story.

 "Believe it. Lil Scorpius was caught at a rather prominant old society gathering. Tried to use a false alias but we found him out and he’s tried to deny it ever since...Can you imagine what Potter would say if he knew his best mate has been dallying in the dark arts for years?...Or his father?”

I “Guess there’s more than one person with a secret to hide,” I whispered.

Evander simply gazed at me thoughtfully. “Everyone has some sort of secret, but they always have a way of coming out when you least expect them to.”

"Come on, it's getting cold out and you need your rest. You can ask me more questions later but for now let me walk you to your common room."

I tried to protest but he was insistent on walking me to the tower. We walked in silence, each pondering our own thoughts and when we finally reached the tower he simply smiled and wished me good night before walking off into the darkness.

I tried finding Giles in the Common Room but he'd already went to bed it looked like. I sighed, I knew it would take me forever to fall asleep tonight. Evander's words kept playing in my head and deep in my gut, I knew that what he said was true. Every secret finds a way to come out when you least expect it to. 

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Ch. 6 has even more drama on the way as Slytherin and Gryffindor have their epic Quidditch match. Everyone loves a good game so stay tuned! 



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