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 “Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey!” A voice floated into my ears.

“Mom, its Saturday. Go away!” I groaned, shoving my head underneath my cool, refreshing pillow and attempting to return to my dreamless sleep/

“Oh, isn’t that adorable? She thinks we’re her mother!” The voice cooed again, sounding a bit masculine, but my brain did not process what was going on. I was too tired.

“Why am I here?” Another voiced asked grumpily. Okay, that one was definitely male.

“Padfoot, we are in this together. Not quite whining and help me wake up Ronnie.” Padfoot? Ronnie? My eyes flashed open, only to see James and Sirius standing on either side of my bed. James had on a smile that rivaled the Cheshire Cat, while Sirius obviously did not want to be here. He reminded me of a toddler about to throw a temper tantrum.

“What the hell?!?” I shouted, horrified. How did those two idiots get into the Hufflepuff girl’s dormitory? I quickly looked around and was slightly relieved to find that all of my other roommates have left for breakfast. But that relief was short lived when I glanced down and saw my blanket on the floor, revealing my makeshift pajamas, a bra and panties. The ones covered in pineapples. “GET OUT!”

“I guess she’s not a morning person,” James commented to his friend, as if I wasn’t in the room. Sirius just rolled his eyes, and for once, I whole heartedly agreed with his annoyance.

Frustration bubbled inside me. “Why are you here? How did you get up here?” Unlike other common rooms, Hufflepuff didn’t have any special riddle or password to get inside. No one really cared enough about us to want to break in. Still, you’d think someone would see Potter and Black and think “Gee! Those two prats aren’t supposed to be here!”

James just laughed, “You are spending the day with us! We thought about ambushing you during breakfast to tell you the good news, but you never came down.” I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 11:27 and I had slept through the first meal of the day. “But before you get all pissy and start protesting, you are going to hang out with us today. No question about it.” I stared at him in horror. Breakfast earlier this week was hard enough, and that was about 15 minutes. I would not be able to last until dinner.

“No.” James thought he was getting the final say in this, he was so wrong. Sirius laughed at my protest, but I shot him a murderous look. “The last time we ‘hung out,’ I broke your nose. So unless you want much worse to happen to a much more sensitive region of your body, I suggest you let me go back to sleep.” That shut him up.

Unfortunately, James wasn’t as easily persuaded. He jumped onto my bed and put on his infamous puppy dog face. “Please? Remus will be there!” As if that was supposed to persuade me.

“Really?” I feigned excitement. “I don’t care about Remus! I don’t like him, and he doesn’t like me, so stop trying to be a matchmaker!”

“That’s not true!” James protested. “Yesterday he basically said he fancied you.”

“No he didn’t.” Black and I shot back at the same time, although his was out of confusion and mine out of annoyance.

“Well when I asked him what he thought of you, he said ‘she’s a nice girl.’” James acted as if that was a profession of love.

I rolled my eyes. “Oh! Well if that’s the case, that you better start planning the wedding!” My voice oozed with sarcasm.

“Veronica Susanne Ross, get off of your lazy arse and take a shower or so help me Merlin!” He yelled sternly before throwing a towel in my direction. Then, he opened up my wardrobe and started eyeing up my clothing selection with severe distaste. “Maybe we can nick some stuff from her roommates,” he whispered to Sirius.

As much as I wanted this to all go away, I knew I’d never be able to get back to sleep, even if the boys left. So, I slid out of my bed, grabbed the towel, and stomped into the bathroom. As much as I hated to admit it, a shower seemed perfect right about now; something to wash away the sleep. I turned on the water and slipped in. Outside of the bathroom I heard “Don’t forget to shave your legs!”

“Fuck you!” I yelled back. There was a few seconds of silence before he responded, “Above the knee, too!” A frustrated groan escaped my lips. How did I get myself into this mess?

After a refreshing 20 minute shower, I wrapped myself in a towel, hesitant to go back into the dorm. They had already seen me in my underwear, and a towel was more coverage, but I was still self-conscious. I had nothing to be ashamed of, and as I liked to remind myself on a daily basis, I looked perfect because I was a strong, independent woman. But that didn’t mean I wanted everyone and their mother seeing me exposed.

I padded back into my dorm room to find what seemed to be a robbery, if I hadn’t known better. My entire wardrobe was scattered on the floor and the assorted cosmetics I owned were piled onto my desk. Sirius was lounging on my bed, flipping nonchalantly through the latest issue of Witch Weekly. I hadn’t even read that yet!

Sirius looked up from the magazine with a smirk donning his lips. “Nice singing in the shower. The high notes were a bit pitchy, but overall I’d give it a 7.” He had heard that? Damn it! I can’t help it if the warm water brings out my inner rock star.

James, on the other hand, was assembling outfits and holding them up for Sirius’s judgment. “How about this one?” He asked, referring to a button up shirt tucked into jeans, and with a cardigan to top it off.

“Too preppy,” Black responded, showing his disapproval all over his face. He then turned back to the magazine and scanned an article. “It says here that button ups are out and peasant tops are in. Do you own any peasant tops?”

I frown in disgust. “You couldn’t catch me in one of those flowy shirts even if I was paid.”

“How about this? The blue would really make your eyes pop.” James held up a pair of dark gray jeans, and a bright blue short-sleeve shirt. I hate to admit it, but it wasn’t half bad. Sirius gave a thumbs up, indicating his approval. The outfit was thrown at me, but thanks to my cat-like reflexes, I caught it. “Change into this and then we’ll attempt to work with… that,” James ordered, looking thoughtfully at my face and hair. I returned to the bathroom and slipped on the outfit. In the time I took to change, the boys had used magic to return all of my clothes into their proper places. Now it was time for makeup.

“Now, your hair is unruly, but it gives you that whole sexy bed head image. We just need to put an anti-frizz charm on it and then we can move on,” James spoke with the tone of a hair stylist, not a seventeen year old boy. Sirius read aloud the charm from the magazine, and the next thing I knew my mahogany brown curls were sleek and bouncy, not its usual bird’s nest.

The two then proceeded to apply lotions and potions on my skin, some that were no doubt stolen from my roommates. Every few minutes, I questioned why I was allowing them to make me over for a day that wasn’t even a date with a guy that I didn’t even like. But I learned it was better to accept it and move on than ask questions.

“Voila! My masterpiece is finished.” Sirius spun me to face the mirror while James bowed and blew kisses to an imaginary crowd. The makeup wasn’t too heavy, but there was a noticeable difference and you could tell I was wearing it. “Now put on these sneakers and let’s go down to lunch before it’s over.” James handed me my trusty red converse and I laced them up, ready to make up for the meal I skipped. “Oh, and don’t bring a jacket,” he added.

“But it’s late October!” I protested, slightly confused. He just winked and claim that he “had me covered.” Whatever that means.

We headed down to the Great Hall for lunch and upon arrival, earn quite a few odd looks from fellow students. I knew that they didn’t expect to see me with 2 of the 4 Marauders; a week ago I wouldn’t have either. But there’s a first time for everything, right?

“There you two are! Where have you been all morning? After breakfast you just disappeared,” Remus exclaimed when seeing James and Sirius. He was already seated at the Gryffindor table, along with Peter Pettigrew who was gnawing away at a chicken wing. 

“We just had some stuff to do,” James answered vaguely. I tried to suppress a laugh because what would the world think if they knew that the stuff he was doing was my hair and makeup. “But, look at who we bumped into on our way down here?” He gestured to me. “Ronnie will be joining us for lunch and our post-lunch/pre-dinner activities.”

“Hello Veronica,” Remus nodded as we got ourselves situated. He leaned in a bit, studying my face before saying “You look nice today.”

“Um, thanks,” was all I could muster before James started hitting me excitedly. Remus and Peter looked at him half concerned, half judgmental because of his bizarre behavior.

“There was a, um, a bug on her arm,” James tried to explain, lowering his voice to compensate for his overly-feminine actions. Our table mates didn’t look completely convinced, sans Sirius, who looked very amused, so I was hit again. “There, it’s dead now.”

“You’re an idiot,” I muttered, plate in hand, ready to stack it with today’s lunch. I grabbed a ham sandwich and some mashed potatoes with gravy. As I sat down, my stomach grumbled in protest, so I reached for another sandwich. One for breakfast and one for lunch.

“That’s a lot of food…” Peter commented, eyeing my plate in half awe, half disgust. The others looked just as shocked.

“I didn’t have breakfast, calm down!” Great, now they probably thought I was so fat pig. But, my worries about my image would have to wait, because I had a sandwich that was calling my name and another one after that.

The Marauders chatted on animatedly, taking pauses to laugh, eat, and gesture wildly. Not that I didn’t have any input on the topic they were discussing, but I felt better just observing on the side lines. They were planning some elaborate prank against the Slytherins (surprise surprise). From what I gathered, it involves 200 balloons, 5 gallons of honey, and 30 packs of dung bombs. It’s all supposed to go down Tuesday night, after classes, so I guess we’ll see how this turns out.

“What do you think, Ronnie?” Remus asked, pulling me out of my daze. Unfortunately, I had no idea what they were talking about and what I was supposed to be thinking about.

They all looked at me expectantly. “Um, what?” Smooth.

“Sirius was just saying how Madam Pudifoots is the worst place to visit in Hogsmede.” James explained, his mouth full of mashed potatoes. “Personally, I like their tea cakes, but they should really tone down the frilly pink.

“I’ve never been there before, so no opinion…?” I’ve heard stories about the café from my roommates, both good and bad, but I personally can’t say. But it doesn’t really sound like my cup of tea.

“You’ve never been to Madam Pudifoots? Lucky, lucky girl. My last girlfriend was in love with the place so we went every single time there was a Hogsmede trip. And on Valentine’s Day? Don’t even get me started. Cupids everywhere.” The memory of it seemed enough to cause Sirius to vomit up his lunch, and I can’t say I blame him. It sounds like a horrible place.

“Well, Marauders plus one,” James glanced at me as he stood up. “Time to have an adventure! Rule the school! Make this the best Saturday afternoon in history!” I looked over a Remus, who rolled his eyes but was smiling at the same time.

“He always does this,” he whispered to me. “You’ll get used to it.”

“Let’s head down to the usual spot,” Sirius suggested, heading out the door with James. I wasn’t close to finishing my food, I wasn’t exactly a fast eater, but got up and followed them anyway, Remus next to me. We’ll see what the day brings.

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